Monday, January 20, 2014

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: Dance Away ... Far Away ... No, Further!

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I make no secret about it.  
For the most part, 
I don't like dance music. 

Oh, I can dance.  In fact, I've surprised many people with my ability.  In fact, many have commented about my ability to keep rhythm and such.  (Having been a drummer, keeping rhythm was my bag, so I've never considered it a big deal.)  So, I've been out on the dance floor, doing the whatever dance of the times, and having all conversation stifled by a beat so loud it makes no sense to anyone halfway intelligent.  

But, it's not something I enjoy doing. 

However, this is not about me.  No, this week's blog is dedicated to someone very special.  A young lady by the name of Kirsten Anne Kovaleski Piccini has just lost her brother.  He was a huge Dance music fan and even DJ'd some.  So, instead of concentrating on my likes and dislikes, I'm going to "suck it up" and use what knowledge I have to hopefully get his toes tapping on the clouds above.

The Disco Craze Years hit hard in the 70's, during the heyday of cocaine.  Please don't tell me you never knew that.  Coke freaks had to do something since they couldn't sleep, so discos held the crowds most of the night.  Here's a few of the biggies during those years.

One of the special ones used to entice guys to dance was this one.  Ladies would act it out like if the guy would dance with them, there might be a little something more for them as the evening progressed, along with their chances of a hot evening.  
It's the Andrea True Connection!

The Commodores were one of the big bands back then.  Here's one of their biggest dance hits, along with Lionel Richie in one hell of an Afro, "Brick House."

Mixing Classical Music with Dance Music didn't seem to make it most of the time, but Walter Murphy scored a real winner with this one, "A Fifth Of Beethoven."

Okay, so terrorism hadn't hit the U.S. back then.  If you were to bring this up in a club today, you'd have the CIA, FBI, NSA, and George Zimmerman coming after you.  Who can ignore the Gap Band and "You Dropped A Bomb On Me"?

And who could ever forget this one:

And, there was only one sickness you could admit to.  
At least only one when the Sylvers took the stage.

A one hit wonder of the day (or the predecessor to Dance Aerobics), The Silver Convention!

Studio 54 came and went, but Dance Music continued (as did coke freaks).  
In 1986, Cameo came out with "Word Up", and started everyone saying, "Word."  
Made no sense, but everyone did it.

And of course, there's always David Bowie!

Well, that's my journey into the land of dance.  I hope it makes you happy.  
I'm off to make a wish to return to my homeland.



  1. Groovy! These remind me of roller skating, they played these over and over. Brick House.though, that was my sister's wedding jam. They played it 5 times and now all I can picture when I hear it is my barely 5-ft tall sister in a giant poofy wedding dress. Do with that what you will. Now I have a slight hankering to roller skate. If that still exists.

    1. Joy - What's happening my roller skating mama! lol That was another one of those activities that I never participated in. Usually, back then, I was smoking some things that made walking difficult, little lone skating! I'm not going to ask if your sister had roller skating take place at her wedding in that poofy dress. There are some things better left unsaid. :) Many Thanks!

  2. I'm was a closet disco music lover until I started this blog hop and admitted it during our trip through the decades. Love these songs and Word Up was a particular favorite to dance to.

    1. Dream - OMG, this blog brought you out of the closet! Jen's going to be honored! lol Out of all of them, Word Up was the one I could handle the easiest. Cameo's fav of mine though was "She's Strange" (the long version). Don't know why, but I kind of liked it. I must have been going through a short but dangerous phase. :) Many Thanks!

  3. For not liking dance, you definitely put a nice list together.

    1. SAM - Actually, I had a very good friend in radio by the stage name of "Bruce the King Of Soul" that I'd go listen to his show at his station from time to time after I'd get off the air at my station. He did a great job of getting through to people and bringing them together, even if it was at his record shop. I picked up a lot during those evenings together. Poor guy died of cancer during that time. But, he's one of those people you'll never forget, and smile when you remember. Many Thanks!