Friday, August 23, 2013

FTSF: God's Armed Schools & Maybe, the Final Post
It is reported that Arkansas Christian Academy has 
armed its staff in an attempt to protect 
the children that 
attend school there.  

Bang! Bang! 
Try to shoot our kids
and we'll shoot you first!

This ought to bring the extremes from both sides of the "gun issue" out in droves.

So, is this a "good thing
is it a "bad thing?"

Does it matter?

Obviously, the administration of A.C.A. has already armed individuals to protect the Sunday services they provide.  (Wow, those must be some "kick-ass" sermons!)  Thus, one could assess that those that attend the religious services believe that there is not enough safety by prayer alone.  (Powerful enough to create the Earth, but not powerful enough to stop an idiot from shooting them.  Where's God's priorities, anyway?)

Not that one wants to be shot while praying, that is, but then again, if you really believe, wouldn't that be where and when you would want to go?  (Better than to be shot while reading a Playboy in the john!)

Or, would you rather your prayers gave you the sense to hire gunmen to kill those who might not believe the same as you?  (What?  There are those that aren't Christian?  You're kidding!  Not in today's world!)

The government in Arkansas ruled against public schools being allowed to have armed staffs, but allowed private schools to do as they wish.  (Guess that shows where the politicians kids attend, doesn't it?)  In other words, if you're not wealthy enough to have kids in private schools, you're kids aren't important enough to be protected.  Kind of makes you understand the philosophy of those we elect a little better.  (That should make you feel good the next time you go to the polls!)

Let's see ... you have to be protected by armed guards and staff in church and at school, so you must be one that could be targeted by the criminal element.  That could mean your attendees are wealthy, community business rip-off artists leaders, and extremely newsworthy that would either draw those interested in robbing or gaining infamous attention,  Either that, or you're so paranoid about the community in which you reside that you're going to extremes to protect your "flock" and their cash cow kids.

Instead of arming themselves, isn't it the responsibility of the church to reach out to the community and provide such a light of hope and goodness that no one would be tempted to do harm?  

Or, could I be living in a dream world where the church works to teach and provide, instead of to look at a P&L statement and send out tithing past due notices?

Somewhere, things really got screwed up.  
Welcome to 2013!

Anyway, this is Finish the Sentence Friday!  As always, this is where I provide the JPEG that show who our tremendous hostesses are and what the rules of the blog hop is.
This week's prompt is:
"I really wasn't myself when I ..."

So, now, I have to come up with something witty, charming, and intelligent to say, when I'm really not in the mood to do so.

"What, not in the mood?"

For the last week or so, I've been in one of those funks that just seem to take the humor right out of life.  In fact, I've almost decided that perhaps I may take an extended hiatus from the blogosphere.  Why?  Here are my reasons:
  1. Not enough time to read blogs.  We all know that you have to return the favor or reading others blogs.  It's really just good manners.  However, I'm working so many hours at my current job, I'm brain dead when I finally get home.  I get home, sit down, eat dinner, and fall asleep at the computer trying to either read blogs or write them.  It makes one wonder if it's all worth it.  
  2. I'm not entirely happy with what I've been writing.  It seems like the ones I feel are exceptionally funny get no respect, and the ones I toss together get all the views.  I almost wonder if people are really reading, or just skimming through.  As most that consider themselves "serious" about their writing, I'd rather not write than to have it skimmed.  
  3. Monday's blog (even though it was one about being tagged) got the lowest number of views I've had since I first started writing on Hubpages.  Normally, I receive a first day view count between 200-400, depending on the topics and the day of release, and many more after the release date.  Monday's received 22 views, and none since.  I know people are pissed because I haven't had the chance to get to their blogs, but if this is it, then let me just say, "Fuck it, I'm done!"
  4. I'm tired of looking at a mailbox full of unopened reminders about my inability to perform my responsibilities.  I have over 200 unopened emails staring at me from websites of friends and acquaintances that I haven't had the time to look at.  Not only is this frustrating to those looking for and deserving views, but to me for not being able to do as I pretty much promised to do.  This doesn't help for a positive mental attitude, by any means.
So, there it is.  I guess you might say "I really wasn't myself when I wrote this."  

Or, was I?  

Maybe it is time I say, "Goodbye" to the blogging world.  The "Never Give Up" inside of me tells me not to, but the shear facts given above tell me that is the answer.  

Perhaps, this Finish the Sentence Friday is my last post ...

.... or, will the sentence be finished sometime in the future.

Only time will tell.