Friday, February 27, 2015

Don't Trust Anyone Over 30, Twisted News, and Ten Things Of Thankful

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Back in the late 60's, there was an expression that many of us teenagers lived by:

"Don't Trust Anyone Over 30"

Of course, there were other expressions that filled the posters that covered the walls of my room.

"Canada Wants You!"

"Peace, Love, Dove"

"Freewheelin' Franklin sez 
Dope will get you through times of no money better 
than money will get you through times of no dope."

"Man made alcohol and God made marijuana.  
Who do you trust?"

... and so on and so on and so on.  There were also black light designs and patterns to go along with my four foot long black light (NO!  I never had the dogs playing cards poster!), and my original Woodstock poster (that I somehow lost over the years ... damn it).

I could go on, but let's get back to my original thought which has yet to be discussed.  Of course, you already know that unless you're a psychic and can predict where this is going next.  In that case, you're a better person than I as I'm lost as hell right now!

Since I am now double 30 in age (that's 60 for those of you still involved with learning core math) I have to question the first slogan I posted.

Remember?  "Don't Trust Anyone Over 30"   (It's up the page towards the start.)  Many of us are in a position of having to trust someone over 30.  Be it a wife, a son or daughter, a boss (no, never a boss), friends (well, some friends ... you know the ones that won't try to get it on with your spouse and such), and a few choice others.

Then I started to wonder, 
"Can we trust anyone under 30?"

Let's be real, with the education and upbringing that most of that generation has received, it's a wonder that they can even trust each other.  Or, can they?

Bullying is at an all-time high be it physical or mental (over the Internet).  Metal detectors are installed at the entrances of many schools to reduce the chances of guns and knives being brought into the building.  Plans for arming certain teachers are in place to help in protecting unarmed kids in case of a shooter or two going wild.  More and more of today's youth are attempting to go overseas and join ISIS.  And these are just the most visible instances of trust becoming a lost cause!

As there is no honor among thieves, there seems to be very little honor of any type.  Advertising is twisted, politicians are hypocritical, and education is skewed towards the dumbing down of America.  The majority doesn't rule, it's the government's responsibility to feed, clothe and house those that wrongly take advantage of social systems meant to take care of those truly in need, and the police have found it easier to kill a suspect than to go through a legal system slanted in favor of the criminal which will eventually allow the criminal to go free.

Sports stars with little to no education make more money than the educators, Hollywood stars are experts on how to run the country, and YouTube displays films that show atrocities the government chooses to ignore as they're not profitable ventures to pursue.

So, "Who Do We Trust?"

Our currency still states, "In God We Trust."  

But, do we?

Proclamations of God is dead, there never was a God, and God is of a different religion fill the air.  The government eliminates God from our schools and public buildings, but preaches we are a Christian Nation.  We came from a speck of space dust seems easier to believe than an all powerful God creating us.  God wants us to fight for our religion, yet, God has killing listed as a major sin in his Ten Commandments.  Is God a hypocritical politician?

It seems as though we really can't trust anyone these days, doesn't it?  So much for the trusting of those under 30 or those over 30.  Very few outside of our personal circles have earned any of our trust, and probably never will.  We are an armed society of non-trusting individuals sworn to protect ourselves at any cost.  We can only hope that there is one saying still around that we can believe in.

Exactly like the one that hung on my wall!
Could this be the slogan of the future?
"No mom, it's only parsley!
Like wow, it's really good parsley, too!"
Yes!  Those were definitely the days!
If we could only go back in time...

Anyway, it's time for another edition of being 
thankful ten times over.  That's ten times of 
being thankful for more that just the memories.  
Perhaps, we might even find ten times of thankful trust.  
Okay, okay, let's not ask for miracles.

It's Ten Things Of Thankful!!!

This week, I'm thankful for:

1)  ISIS Destroys Ancient Artifacts.  
"Oh yeah, that looks like a really bad
demon one.  Lets see if we can find more
of them like that one!  Maybe a baby in a
cradle would be a good one, too!"
It seems as though ISIS isn't just happy slicing off people's heads with swords and burning them in public.  Their attacks have now spread to destroying ancient artifacts in Iraq.  Many of the historical sights at a museum where they filmed this destruction were copies, but there were some dating back centuries.  

Why?  Well, ISIS proclaims them as displays of heresy and thus should be destroyed.  Of course, many of the artifacts contain stories and depictions of events that took place centuries ago.  But, when your primary concern is creating a mental state of despair, it doesn't matter what you do.  What assholes!

  I guess if you don't know history, you don't have to worry about repeating it's past failures.  You might say, "Stupid is as stupid does."

2)  Kardashians Sign Four Year Deal.
"You want any more of
this you better get your
act straight, dumbass!"
It has just been reported that the Kardashians signed a contract with "E" to run their show for another four years for a fee of $100 million.   What has yet to be determined is who in the hell is their audience since most claim to never watch the show!

In a related story, Kanye West has just sent out tweets to Beck and Bruno Mars apologizing for his past actions.  He even tweeted that he'd like to work with Bruno in the future.

Now, what do you want to bet that "E" told Kanye to get his damn act together as he was jeopardizing the Kardashians future?  And, what do you want to bet that all the female cast members got together and told Kanye that if he thinks he's so damn bad, he hasn't seen bad until he's seen raving, raging, maniacal women bitching because he was the fool that cost them $100 million?  And, what do 
you want to bet that Kim told him that he ever thought he'd get another evening in bed with her, he'd better shut his damn mouth in public and say, "Yes Dear" at home?

"Yes Dear!" 

3)  FCC Pushes "Net Neutrality".
Internet providers must now act in the public interest instead 
of that of their pocketbooks as the Federal Communication Commission has pushed Net Neutrality down their throats.

What this means (besides higher prices for personal service and the government is now in the business of controlling the Internet) is that since all providers download at about the same speed, creating fast lanes to give the advantage to one over another for cash is illegal.  

So, if you're downloading from Amazon Prime and Netflix pays your provider a bonus to slow down that download and increase the speed on the Netflix one to get you to download from them, it is now illegal for them to do it!

In other words, enjoy your porn anywhere you want it! 
 It's all going to download at about the same speed 
so you can keep the rhythm you're used to!

4)  Greatest Depreciating Cars.
Yep!  I'm the worst of the bunch!
But, really now, what did you expect
from a Korean manufacturer?
No car is a good investment as they will all depreciate.  However, as a consumer, you want one that will depreciate less than the others.  Here is a listing of the greatest offenders and the amount they will depreciate during only their first year.

  1. Hyundai Genesis, 38.2%
  2. (Tie) Smart Car & Cadillac CTS, 36.9%
  3. ***see #2 Tie***
  4. Chevrolet Impala, 33.5%
  5. GMC Yukon XL, 32.8%
  6. Volvo S80, 32.6%
  7. Mercedes S Class, 32.4%
  8. Lincoln MKS, 30.4%
  9. Mini Cooper, 29.3%
  10. Jaguar XK, 29.2%
So, if you want a car that maintains its value, Consumer Reports now lists the top two brands as Lexus and Mazda.

Making people go to court to get problems fixed 
and hiding information about customer injuries 
due to malfunctioning parts seem to have caught 
up with basic Toyotas and Hondas!  

Buy a Mazda instead!  "Zoom, Zoom!"  

5)  KFC Introduces Edible Coffee Cups.
Great Britain, you are home to the experiment.  Should you decide to accept it, keep in mind you may soon be looking like many Americans.  If you ever wanted to eat your cookie coffee cup with sugar paper wrapping, you can!  KFC is bringing this treat to Great Britain to test it out.  

Enjoy, gain weight, look like Americans, and be sure to examine how clean the hands are of those who serve. 

Dirty fingernails?  Yum Yum!

6)  Gary Glitter Not Glittering.
"Rock & Roll, Pt. 2" vocal artist, Gary Glitter has been sentencedto serve 16 years in prison for sexually abusing three underage girls in the 70's by a British court.  Gary, who is now 70 years old, was a one hit wonder with his popular song that is still played in sports arenas today.  

Obviously, Great Britain has a much longer statute 
of limitations than the United States for such crimes.   Otherwise, Bill Cosby would be sweating much more than he already is.  
Drink anybody?

7)  Baby Box Drop-Offs.
A high court in Indiana is considering placing "Baby Box" containers in various places throughout the state so that mothers that don't want the children can drop the off anonymously for later adoption.  Officials are working on this concept to attempt to curb the high rate of baby deaths due to exposure and neglect.

That's right ... have a child, decide that you don't want it, and drop it off anonymously in the corner Baby Box.  Don't worry about child responsibility as the government will take it from there.  Of course, the child will have absolutely no way to track you down when they get older and start wondering about why you dumped them, but you don't care anyway.  

I'm sorry, but since when did deserting your child become legal?  

Don't you find it strange that the government is saying,
"Go ahead and have a kid.  We'll take it from there."

Next thing you know they'll be giving these same 
losers money for rehab, living quarters, and food so they'll have enough energy to do it again!

Don't you love this country?

8)  Need More Minorities For Marathon Bomber Suspect
"I know you have photos of my brother
and I carrying the bomb, and we did
participate in shootouts with the police,
but my lawyers say I'm innocent!"
Just as the trial was getting set to start, the Boston Marathon Bomber Suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, may be getting a rest.  His lawyers have filed a motion that states because of the rotation of the jury prospects, not enough minorities were questioned and/or chosen.

This seems to be just another ploy to delay the trial.  His lawyers have done everything to prove that there is no way for their client to get a fair trial in the Boston area.  

So, I say we move the trial to Laredo, Texas.  Once you're found guilty, after a fair trial of course, (cough, cough) you'll be allowed to run through a land mine course filled with the same type of bombs you planted in Boston!

'Welcome to Southern Justice, Sucka!!!'

9)  Evil Baby Is Too Aggressive.
"Keep at it kid and you can end up
just like me!  Buhahahaha!"
A daycare sent a note home to a baby's parents telling them that the child is too aggressive.  And, when the child was told to stop it, she would only present a smile and go right back to doing it again and again.  Of course, the child is only nine months old so the parents were a little concerned.

Time for an exorcism?

Child care specialists state that babies tend to start testing what reaction they'll get for the actions they perform around that age  (6-9 months).  So, in reality, the baby's actions should have been expected by the daycare center.  Then again, all a daycare center does is to take care of children around 360 days a year, so how could they be expected to know anything like that?  

Now if they can only get the toys to stop flying around the room all will be well!

10)  Leonard Nimoy Passes.
"We'll miss you!

Today, many of us lost an old friend.  Leonard Nimoy passed away after a long illness.  The galaxy seems a smaller place tonight.  Yet, there's something about age 83 that says, "You've had a good life. Don't be selfish.  It's time."

Star Trek's Spock will live in the memories of his fans forever.  Oh, as Leonard Nimoy, he did other things such as Broadway plays, narrations for television series, and even some other television gigs, but none ever brought him the exposure and popularity of Star Trek.

I'm sure many tribute's will be written for Mr. Nimoy. I'm also sure many will include the phrase, "Live Long And Prosper."  

Mine will simply read, 

"Goodbye my old friend.  
We'll meet again one day.  
You were a part of my childhood
you were a part of my life.
Now, you're gone, and it's sad
to have another reminder 
that soon so shall I be.
Life is fleeting, life is temporary,
life is here and life is gone.
Take your starship to heaven
and I'll climb the stairway with
the music playing in the background.
Our mortality is human, not Vulcan,
so, this is indeed the last voyage.
Doesn't logic suck?"