Monday, March 4, 2013

Gabriela Speaks: The Last Goodbye

I'm heartbroken!
(*You can start the video at the bottom 
so it plays while you read if you'd like)

This is the end,
Beautiful friend.
This is the end,
My only friend, the end.

Of elaborate plans, the end,
Of everything that stands, 
the end.
No safety or surprise, the end,
I'll never look into your eyes ... again.

In 1969, Jim Morrison of the Doors sang this tune during one of my early lives.  It was haunting then, and still leaves a defined impression of emptiness and sorrow.

It is exactly what 
I'm feeling inside.

Rich has pulled the plug.  He's beginning to sound like a television executive saying, "When the ratings are low, the showcase must go!"

(sob, sob)  The ratings were low, and so I must go.

No, he's not making me leave the family.  At least, not for the present.  I think he loves me ... but I'm too hurt to see it much right now.  In fact, while chasing my tail the other night, I thought, "If I could swallow this thing, I could eat myself and disappear!"

It didn't work.  I'm still here, suffering deep inside.  Damn!  There's times I really hate being a woman ... even if I am a cat!

I know I got carried away a little in the beginning and touched a sore spot in some of the mommies.  (I think it was the "P.O.P. thing,") I went over that line that Rich says is the difference between crudeness and good taste.  

How the hell was I to know where it was?  He never showed me the road map!
I'm so sad.
I'm so depressed.
My kids are gone.  My blog is gone.
Just let me lay on the cold tile floor and die!
At least until dinner time!

Rich says he's got something else planned for Monday mornings that will bring in more views and followers.  He also says that he might bring me back from time to time as a guest poster.  Rich says a lot of things.  I haven't seen an invitation as of yet for any further chances to talk to my lady friends!  What does that tell you?

Some of you have been so sweet.  And, some of you have even invited me to meet your kitties, or to come live with you.  Believe me, I've been considering the offers!  He's really ticked me off by cancelling my ladder to fame!

And, would you believe that not even me barging into the bathroom and badgering him 
every morning has changed his mind!

But, let me say this.  I know Rich really loves me deep down.  Seriously, even though he's being a pain in the butt about this whole thing, he cares about me.  He feeds me regularly, pets me whenever I wish, brushes my fur at least once a week, and talks to me like no one ever has before.  He even stops his typing at times to pet me when I climb up on the arm of the love seat and lie down.  I've never had anyone stop doing anything to give me love and attention before!

He's just really being an ass about this!

It's no good, Faletame!
I'm depressed ... it's a woman thing.
You just wouldn't understand.  
So, anyway, I'm being given a chance to tell each of you how much I've appreciated you coming to my Monday morning blog sessions.  I know each of you so well now, I almost feel like you'd run to the store and buy me some Little Friskies if I asked you!  I'm so touched.   Oh no, I'm almost starting to cry again!

To all my friends, I hope you'll pester Rich in the future so we can once again be together.  Remember, I'm going to miss all of you, but will forever hold each of you and your families in my heart  (which Rich says doesn't exist most of the time).  Oh oh, here come the tears.  I've got to go!

Luv Y'all! Take Care!

It hurts to set you free,
But you'll never follow me.
The end of laughter and soft lies,
The end of nights we tried to die.

This is the end.


Give this a listen for a real mood swing.

The Doors
"The End"