Friday, February 15, 2013

FTSF: Oh how I hate.....

It's Friday again!

(As if you didn't know it.)

That means that it must be "Finish The Sentence Friday" ... again!

The choir is singing, 

"Hallelujah!,  Hallelujah! 
Finish the sentence Friday!  Hallelujah!"

Fireworks are now blasting in the sky above!  The birds are gleefully chirping in unison! Squirrels are bouncing from tree limb to tree limb chattering their voices in cheerful sounds of nonsense!  Alvin & the Chipmunks are singing "Celebrate" as Kool & the Gang never could,  Sister Sledge has reunited for another version of "We Are Family", and Gloria Gaynor belts out "I Will Survive!"

(If I were to be so lucky.  I hated disco!)

"Celebrate Good Times, Come On!"

Disco music provided the same beat ... over and over and over again.  It was the forerunner to today's techno, and pop dance music, in that it was formulated by record producers instead of true musical artists.  Never did a song have deep meaning, as that would've been too much to handle for the brainless, cocaine snorting crowd that visited the disco establishments.  Some called disco "feel good" music.  Most, with brains, called it monotonous.  

The meaning of some popular songs of the era:

  1. KC & The Sunshine Band - "I'm Your Boogie Man"  (I love stalking. Don't you wish everybody did?)
  2. The Miracles - "Love Machine"  (The 70's Playa's national anthem.  Ego's reign supreme for those that didn't have relationship building capabilities.)
  3. Andrea True Connection - "More More More"  (The female retort for those touting "Love Machine" inadequacies.)
  4. The Village People - "Macho Man"  (Proof that you didn't have to be hetero to be macho.  Boy, did the word "macho" ever take a nose dive after these guys came out of the closet!)
  5. Donna Summer  -  "Last Dance"  (I know your cocaine's going full blast but the club's closing and it's time to get your tail home!)
  6. A Taste Of Honey - "Boogie Oogie Oogie"  (Who the hell knows!!!!)

How did I ever get on that topic?  

This is supposed to be about "Finish The Sentence Friday!"

Today's hostesses for this magnificent event that only comes around so rarely once a week are:

The gist of this event is to finish a sentence or topic they provide with the deepest, most secret thoughts.  These will then be scrutinized by the head examiners at the University of Moscow in downtown Brewton, Alabama, and used to increase the fertility of male laboratory monkeys, as if they needed an increase in fertility.

Today's sentence, of which we are to complete, is:

"I get so frustrated when..."

(Sounds like a fun filled day of sunshine and blue sky topics will follow!  Oh well, 
I guess everyone needs a day 
to bitch a little.)

So, let's get started!

I get so frustrated when I see the stupidity and incompetence in today's society!

No, this isn't another old person sitting on their butt talking about the "I remember when" days.  (Although I am an old person sitting on my butt, hmmm.)  This is just observing what society has come to be.  

  • Political Correctness laws have replaced manners!   Somewhere along the way, parents stopped teaching their kids manners.  I think it was somewhere in between Nixon and Rap Music.  We obviously have many that don't know when to keep their mouths shut, and what not to talk about.  So, the our of work lawyer surplus figured out that they could reap huge benefits by suing these people.  In doing so, legislatures decided that they could propose legal bills and amendments to guarantee no one would have the ability to speak their minds and develop individuality.  So, as the decades have passed, we are closer than ever to becoming Devo clones.  (No, Devo wasn't disco music!)  Phrases such as "Thank You", "You're Welcome", "Excuse Me", and "Please" are no longer necessary, or a viable part of humanity.  Our culture has reverted to the days of cavemen and clubs, now call "deadly weapons".   I guess even civilization goes in circles.  
  • Employment Opportunities are now decided by those that have never done the jobs!  Believe it or not, people were once chosen to fill positions by those that knew what the position was all about.  Now, individuals that have never performed any of the position's responsibilities are choosing who can best do them.  This follows the theme of democracy, in that the people choose the leaders of the land by elections based on popularity and who can tell lies the best without getting caught.  So, in essence it is the American way.  Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but to challenge it is obviously to criticize the United States!  Perhaps that explains why we're in the fix we're in these days!
  • The Poor expect the The Rich Politicians to represent them!  Since when have the rich ever worked in the best interest of the poor?  Never!  It is the goal of the rich to become richer.  That's it!  No postscripts!  Once you have money, you simply want more and more of it.  So what if the people are suffering?  You're not and don't ever plan on it!  That's why political campaigns have become something only the rich can afford.  As long as the corporate leaders can keep it this way, inept CEO's, traitorous corporations that move overseas (cutting American jobs but still selling products to Americans), and the political players will continue to watch each other's backs, and put a knife in the backs of those "lower income level" individuals. 
  • The "Race Card" is still being used!  I'm sorry, but in the 60's I marched for civil rights.  It's been a long time since then and many have proven that you can make it in society regardless of what color you are.  I have no mercy for a 16 year old that has three kids, screaming she can't get a job because she's one color or the other.  Neither do I have compassion for a drug dealer being sent to prison because he only did what he did because he came from a broken household.  You're in the position you're in because of the decisions you made.  If you screwed up, admit it, get your act together, and stop expecting support from everyone else!  I don't care if you're white, black, red, yellow, green, purple or tangerine ... quit your bitching, take personal accountability for your life, and make something of yourself!  (That way, you can help to support me in a few years and keep Social Security going!)
  • Parents bitch about others doing the job they won't!   I have a lot of love for teaching.  Yet, I know that the teachers of today have it extremely difficult dealing with the kids.  Years ago, you'd be sent to the Principal's office and get your tail whacked with a wooden paddle when you did something wrong.  Nowadays, the teacher is suspended if they even look at the child wrong.  Parents have become so stupid that they won't teach their children right from wrong, and have limited a teacher's ability to also do that.  Yet, society wonders when kids pick up a gun and go on a shooting spree.  We have a group of youngsters that have been raised without guidance, and we're wondering what's wrong with them.  Perhaps, we should be looking in a mirror, asking ourselves why we didn't do our jobs as parents, and again, start taking personal accountability.  Of course, that would mean admitting we weren't perfect.  Oh my God, how could we ever do that?
Okay, that was the serious stuff.  Now, here are the Top Fifteen frustrations I deal with:
  1. Hair on a restaurant hamburger.
  2. Coke machines that distribute cans with such force they explode in your face when opened.
  3. Dumbass semi drivers going 65 mph that pull out in front of your 75 mph car, on the interstate, to pass another semi going 64 mph ... up a hill.
  4. Restaurant drive-thru workers that don't know how to say "Thank You!"
  5. Promos for future programming on the TV screen as you're trying to watch a program.
  6. Cashiers that couldn't count change back if they had to.
  7. Customer service reps with foreign accents telling you their name is Charlie.
  8. Stupid people that blame inanimate objects for the acts of stupid people.
  9. Grits on a breakfast plate.
  10. Neighbor's rap music at 2 a.m.
  11. Waxy, non absorbent, public restroom toilet tissue.
  12. Dog owners that use parking lots to let their dogs urinate on every one's tires.
  13. New movies that only copy old ones.
  14. Commercials that warn of four hour erections.    
  15. Resealable packages for single serving food items.
Of course, we're always going to have to deal with minor frustrations in our daily lives.  Perhaps, in the afterlife, some of us will even have to deal with high temperature issues, heat irritations, and dry skin.  It will give us something to complain about.  

That's what makes us happy!  Right?