Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: So, your life is like a Country Song ... Shake It Off!!!

So, you're feeling down and out.  The world is your enemy and your underwear is crawling up your butt.  No one loves you, you're all alone, and we all would be better off if you just committed suicide.  God, you're pathetic!

Seriously, what's got you so down and out?  Don't you know that you don't have to keep the weight of the world's problems on your shoulders.  There's many others that think the world of you that want to help.  Why not give them a chance?

When we're alone, everything seems insurmountable.  Still, like I just said a minute ago, you're not alone.  Give us a chance to share your problems and talk things out.  
We're here for you!

Get out of the house a while.  Get outside and see the world around you.  People aren't hanging around feeling sorry for themselves.  They're getting out and getting busy doing things they love to do.  C'mon, let's go have some fun!

You're still having a hard time with this, aren't you?  Why do you insist on looking at only the bad things in life.  There's a multitude of beauty around you.  The sun, the grass, the birds, the neighbor's kids!  Well, let's forget about the kids. (They're ugly suckers, aren't they?)  Still, get off your butt and experience another side of life!

I don't know about you, but this is really helping me.  Yeah, you're the one with the problems and depression, and I'm the one feeling better.  
Damn it, I can't help it … I Feel Good!!!

Time for you to come out of your shell!  Shed the old and accept the new.  Forget the past and look to the future.  Use what you've learned to make the years ahead some of the best years of your life! 

Now you're getting it!  Smile a while!  Add a little zip to your step!  Swing those hips and arms and let the world see that nothing's gonna ever get you down again!!

By jove I think you've got it!  Keep it going!  You've only just begun!

By the way, now that you're feeling better, what got you down?  You've gained a little weight?  Where?  Don't you know it happens to just about everyone as you get older.  Don't worry about it at all.  I like it!

Awww, c'mon, why are you mad, again?