Thursday, April 24, 2014

Georgia's New Gun Law ... Ya Gotta Love It ... Or Hate It!

As Colorado and California have led the way for the legalization of marijuana, Georgia is leading the way for carrying loaded weapons.

Talk about a real smoking gun!

Georgia’s Governor has signed a bill that would make it legal for the state’s citizens to carry a weapon almost everywhere.  Of course, government buildings are still off limits, as well as the airport (even though vengeance against certain rude and obnoxious body searching TSA agents seems justified).  But, now, one can carry a weapon into bars, shopping malls, and other public places without fear of imprisonment.

Why is this good?  It’s simple … with more citizens armed, there are more weapons to fight crime!  Yep!  It's "bang bang shoot 'em up time!

Let’s be real for a moment.  If a shooter starts firing maniacally in a mall at innocent people, wouldn’t you like to know that his time will be short as ten others open fire on him?  There would be no fifteen to thirty minute delay as the police are called, finish their donuts and coffee, and finally arrive to act shocked and count the dead.  No!  The police could finish their lifestyle snacking, pause a moment to wipe the icing from their uniforms, and leisurely drive to the scene of the crime to tag the shooter’s toe and award good conduct medals to those who participated in saving the justice system thousands of dollars on a trial in which mind doctors will blame his crime on a sad upbringing and have him spend the rest of his living days in a mental institution at the taxpayers expense!

Think Twice About Raping Me Now,
Won't You!
Gang members shooting up a home on your block as they drive by?  Open fire from your front porch with the rest of the neighborhood and make it a fatal gauntlet for them!  

7-11 robbery in progress?  Wait until the culprits exit and let loose with the volunteer firing squad!  (Watch that Slurpee splatter!)  

Meth addict robbing your neighbor’s home?  End his addiction (and career) immediately and show him the true meaning of blow … as in “Blow Your F**king Head Off!”

Remember, you still have to be licensed to carry a gun legally, so be careful until you get that plastic badge of honor.  Those that break the law have no regard for those who preach, “Justice will be done.”  In fact, they laugh at them and make plans to rob, ruin, or rape those who fail to protect themselves. Many develop these plans in their institutions of higher education, better known as our prison system!

Guns Are Not A New
Invention.  However, Man's Lack
Of Accountability And Validation of
Violent Acts Preceded Guns
By Centuries!
In class, you’ll learn proper gun handling techniques, how to keep your weapon clean, and how to aim to kill the bastards!  You’ll also make contact with those that can help you plan out fool proof excuses for shooting lawbreakers, how to acquire a non-registered pistol to plant on them, and how to set yourself up to beat the best of forensic blood spatter experts!  (Yeah, real life Dexters.)  Plus, this is where you'll be able to pick out your favorite type of holster, belt, shoulder, or pantie!

Opponents of the bill state that innocent people will be killed.  They also fear an attitude of the Wild Wild West will prevail.  And, there is a fear that crazies will be able to more easily procure guns.

Let me ask you this, “Are innocent people being killed now, doesn’t a crazy going into a school or theater shooting indiscriminately mirror the gangs shooting wildly as they rode their horses into town in the Wild Wild West, and what crazy has ever been stopped from getting a gun because of any law on the books???"

Let’s face it, man is a violent creature.  From stabbings to crushing others with 3,000 pound moving vehicles to shooting, he will find a weapon to kill when he wants to bad enough.  It is not the weapon that says, “Hey, I think I’ll shoot that kid over there”, it’s the individual that feels justified because he had the same upbringing as the other three maniacs that performed the same act before him!

The Wild Wild West Might Not
Be Too Bad At That!
So, what’s going to happen next?

My guess is that several states will follow Georgia’s lead and do the same.  Then, the Federal Government will step in and say, “You can’t do that.  We’re going to come up with our own laws.”

However, police departments, now having a break in the action since most criminals are cowards at heart and are now afraid to commit crimes for fear of being shot, will back the states rights and fail to enforce the Federal regulations.  This will piss the Feds off big time!

The Feds will threaten to hold back any and all monetary funding and support unless compliance takes place.  Armed military will come in to disarm the citizens.  Frustrations will grow to the breaking point and many will be killed on both sides.  Marshall law will be instigated, and hangings and other death by executions will be performed in city squares throughout the United States.

After this, the government will proclaim elections void, and award the President a lifetime position.  (Michelle is already picking out her dress for the occasion.)  Still, with man being a violent creature, he will demand violence.  In order to quell the masses, an annual sporting contest will be created.  Members from various locations will be chosen at random to participate in these life and death struggles with only one survivor becoming the champion.

Yeah, ever hear of the Hunger Games?

I’m cheering for J-Law.  
How about you?

**I personally don't believe Georgia's law is the answer.  Still, I feel much safer knowing I have a weapon in the house when I go to sleep at night than I did when there was none.  As I get older, I see more and more of the seniors robbed and worse as they have become easy victims for those that use violence to get what they want.  Parents have failed to raise their children properly, psychologists fail to recognize the need for discipline, and the value of a person's life is less today than ever before.  Given the alternative, I'll take my chances armed.  At least I have an equal chance that way.