Friday, January 17, 2014

Ten Things Of Thankful : Yep, It's That Time Again!

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There's a child screaming outside.  No, they're not screams of pain or anguish, they're screams of entertaining oneself.  

I wonder if I haven't missed out on something by not screaming over the years?

Kids don't mind screaming.  In fact, they enjoy it.  Check them out in the supermarket sometime.  There are screams of boredom, screams of frustration, screams filled with anger, and screams of hurt because they're not getting what they thought their screams would get them.

There are times these screams get to me.  In fact, most of the time I would prefer no screaming at all.  No eardrum piercing, shrieking, sonic rattling screams would be a Godsend for me.  Of course, for that to happen, children may have to disappear.  

"I Want I Want I Want I Want I Want I Want..."
No, I'm not talking about doing anything bad to kids.  

(Although, now that I think about it ...)

Can you imagine if all the children of the world suddenly disappeared for a week?  Let's say that an alien spaceship was to appear overhead.  Telepathically, they communicate to each person on Earth that the children will disappear from our world for a one week period, after which they will be returned completely unhurt or unaware that they were even gone.  These aliens are hypnotic in their message, so no parent or person seems concerned about the kids disappearing for a week.

What would you do that one week if worry and fear were completely alleviated from your psyche?

I am curious as to this answer.  Would the military take advantage of not having to worry about child deaths and attack the enemies without mercy striving to gain a battlefield superiority?  Would the government stop subsidizing the school lunch programs?  Would your favorite daycare still charge you even though none of the children could attend?

Or, would you simply party your ass off?

Would this be a week that you could let loose and get drunk each day since no one had to pick up the little bastards after piano/basketball/soccer/dance/gymnastics practice?  Would it be a week that couples wanting to initiate an affair do so without fear of the little tykes wandering in and catching them in the act?  Or, would it escalate more changes to McDonald's Happy Meal menu?

"Gee, Aliens write in English, too!"
What I really question is how the adults will react after when the children return?  Will there be guilt to deal with that will be taken out on the children, since nothing would happened if they’d never left in the first place?  Will the adults look at the kids in a new light as becoming unwanted obligations instead of family responsibilities?  Or, will everyone simply going back to their same old boring life, picking up, washing, feeding, and harboring nonsensical question after nonsensical question?  

I wonder if some would even realize they were gone, or that they’d come back home?

By the way, did you see the spaceship flying in the sky above you today?

Anyway, this is another edition of Ten Things of Thankful.  This is where we all tell you the things that made us thankful (as if you couldn't derive that from the title) over the last week or so.  Most of the entries in this hop are filled with joy and compassion.

You're in the wrong place for that here!  Still, news wise, it's been a tough week.  Not a lot happening.  But, not one to give up, let's see what we can do.

So, without further ado, let's get this thing moving!

I'm thankful for:
"Let's screw them all over
and make some big money
... as your next President,
that is!"

1)  ... greedy lawyers.  There is a case in Southern California that is beginning to make national news.  Seems a Little League Baseball coach is suing one of his players for $500,000 for throwing his helmet.  Seems this helmet came down on his leg and tore his Achilles Tendon.  He was only going to sue for damages, which would be $20,000, but his lawyer put down $500,000 on the paperwork.  

Now, since most Little League participants sign paperwork relinquishing liability for flying balls, bats, etc., the case really doesn't have much to stand on.  Here's a kid that crosses home base to win the game that tosses his helmet in the air.  Now, unless the helmet weighed 50 lbs, the chance of it injuring an adults Achilles Tendon is slim.  (I'd say the adult coach injured it jumping up and down in elation after his player won the game!)  

But, here is this greedy, money grubbing, sleazeball lawyer who wants to hit his own home run in the courts and files for 25 times the amount the idiot coach originally asked for!  If the case was settled for half that amount, the lawyer just made $50,000 at a 20% contingency fee basis, and all of our insurance costs rise!  (Careful folks, sounds like the next Presidential Candidate in the making!)

2)  ... Russian computer virus developers.  It's been discovered that the virus that compromised personal and confidential information on credit and debit cards at Target, Neiman Marcus and four other retailers was developed by a seventeen year old Russian that then sold it to hackers.  Millions now have their information floating around in the hands of these identity theft and bank account robbing hackers.  

"Take the Olympic Credit Card Cash And
Let's Go To Vegas!!"
In a month, the Olympics will be held in Russia.  I'm betting that if you watch the events, you're going to see ads from Visa, MasterCard, Discover and many more credit card companies.  Also, there will be people from all over the world using credit cards there.  Makes one wonder how safe these folks are going to be if that seventeen year old had any friends like himself, doesn't it?  ("What do you mean I spent $8300 on Russian porn sites????   I was there and none of the girls were worth looking at!!!)

3)  ... Hiroo Onoda.  This was the Japanese soldier that stayed in the jungle for almost 30 years after World War II because he didn't know that the world was over.  He died this week at 89 years of age.  I imagine when he finally came out and discovered the war was over, he was asked multiple times why he didn't come out earlier.  I suspect it might have been, "I knew if I waited long enough my mother-in-law would be dead!"   (You have to be a guy to love that one!)

4)  ... Michelle Obama.  The First Lady turned 50 years of age on Friday.  Said her husband, "She doesn't look a day over 50."  It's suspected that the Vice President will be sworn in as President as soon as the courts decide to turn off the artificial life support systems.

5)  ... Ohio's new execution drug.  This week found Ohio experimenting with a new drug to execute those on Death Row.  Dennis McGuire, convicted for raping and murdering by stabbing a newlywed, Joy Stewart, took over 25 minutes to die once injected with the drug combination.  Although some proclaim this to be cruel and inhumane punishment, supporters of the death penalty see this as a way to proclaim "Overtime" and sell more tickets since the show will now last a little longer.  (Yeah, like I'm gonna feel sorry for a rapist and a murderer who had no mercy on his victim!  C'mon folks, you know me better than that!)
"Whose damn cats are laughing?"

6)  ... Westminster Dog Show.  After 138 years, the show is finally going to allow mixed breeds into the competition.  None will be allowed for the Best Of Show title, but they will be used in the new agility trials at the next show.  The German Shepherd/ Pug mix will compete against the Dachshund/ Pit bull mix in the "Let's see who can make it over Niagara Falls on a wire" event, and the Collie/ Terrier mix will compete against the Russian Wolf Hound/ Beagle mix in the "So, you think you can ride the electric bull" event!"  All survivors will be awarded a bowl of Purina Dog Chow and a vasectomy.  (My cats are laughing their asses off at that one!)

7)  ... Apple and Samsung.  Without these two companies, neither the I-Phone or the Android would exist.  Where would we be if we had to stick our heads outside to see what the weather was doing, calculate math problems longhand, or actually put on a CD to listen to music?  In a study this week, it was revealed that these two companies are leaving all others in the dust with their advanced technology and have combined 68% of the market.  I'd be happy to continue this information for you, but I lost service on my I-Phone just as it was getting good.  Seems they've just built another tower close to where I live, but the signal is too high to connect to with my phone.  (Guess I'm going to have to go out and buy a 2,000 foot ladder to order a pizza!)

"Okay, you distract him with the veggies, and I'll
screw him out of his change, and we'll split
the profits!  It's called the Subway Tango!"
8)  ... Subway.  Nearly two weeks ago, I was double teamed by their cashier and sandwich maker and cheated out of $5 change.  I waited a week for the owner to call me, and never heard a thing.  So, this week, I visited their corporate site and filed a complaint.  Granted, it's only been five days, but I still haven't heard a thing.  So, unlike many of their competitors, Subway has basically told me that customers don't matter.  In turn, I'm telling them, by writing here for them and all others to read, that they don't matter to me.  I hope they take that $5 and jam it up Jared's sandwich release tube as there are many other places to eat that don't screw over customers.  (Gee, I feel much better now!  Anyone for tacos?)
"Rich, I know you're one
hot man, but I'm married!"

9)  ... Jennifer Nettles.  Why?  Because regardless of the fact you may not like Country Music, and regardless of the fact she just released an album after just having a baby, you have to admit she's still one hot lady!  Of course, we're all betting she's been around the block a few times, but that's to be expected of an entertainer.  (I remember when I was on the road doing stand-up comedy and ... oops, almost told on myself!)

10)  ... Good Web Friends.  I do my best to visit blogs, especially in hops.  I usually do this when at work on my I-Phone, and since I hate fumble typing on the damn thing, seldom leave comments.  My views and comments on this blog continue to rise because of good people like you, the reader, that understand I work over 70 hours a week and have extremely blurry vision by the end of the day, making it hard to go back and comment.  I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you that take the time to read and comment here.  It means much more than you realize.  You're the reason I still do this stuff.  (That and Lizzie with her damn cat 'o nine tails!)  Sincerely, Many Thanks!

Yeah, I saved the mushy stuff for last.  Not really my cup of tea, but then I drink coffee or Diet Coke for the most part.  Tea is too gentle on the stomach.  I need something that eats away kidney stones!  Diet Coke has never let me down!



  1. Awwwh I promise not to use the cat too hard this week. These are fun, and I like that I LEARN through your lists, and not just about you.

    I hope the complaint to Subway gets resolved quickly - that's really sucky and mean of them.

    I don't like the new Ohio execution. That's all I've to say on that.

    And I'm glad I have NO interest in dogs or showing them.

    1. Sis! How the hell are you? For some reason, a greasy brown bag of fish & chips just came to mine ... without the vinegar, mind you. I think your tweets are the cat o' nine tails that comes to mind. As you're well aware, I'm not really up on the Twitter stuff. So, on Fridays, when the tweets begin with my name included, the pressure builds. lol Subway and I are obviously at odds. I've never been ignored by a corporation before when it comes to taking care of a problem. Believe me, I'm not done, yet! The Richmeister has just started his blitzkrieg! I'm not for torture, but I really think we've gotten too soft on criminals ... and that's why there are so many repeat offenders. This example may stop someone from going over the edge and committing another heinous act. If so, then I'm all for it. We've got to do something or it will just continue more and more. And dogs, well, I loved them when I was a kid, but mine weren't the type you pampered and showed at dog shows. They were my best friends and will always be remembered. Luv ya, sis! Many Thanks!

    2. I'm alright, weathering the weekend, yaknow? And I laughed when you said that fish'n'chips came to mind, being as that was my Friday teatime treat! But lots of vinegar for me. I know that y'all are weird and use vinegar for cleaning, and that puts you off adding it to food, but it's WONDERFUL.

      Ahhh the cat'o'nine Tweets. I like it. But this is NEVER an obligation. I just like to remind people it exists, and that they might like to opt to join ;)

      Husby and I once got a guy sent to 'Subway University' at our local franchise, after he kept pushing his gross sweaty hair out of his face with his gloved hands before attempting to go back for salad. We kept telling him to STOP! and change gloves FIRST. Then he'd do it again. Or not change his gloves between handling meat and the veggies. Idiot! I hope they threw the book at him!

      Glad you loved your pets. Perhaps I would've had a better relationship with pets generally if I'd had decent ones as kids. We were allowed gerbils, but you can't really be friends with a gerbil - they're too stupid.

    3. I'd go crazy for some "REAL" English fish 'n' chips. It seemed like each European country had a dish I favored ... and haven't been able to find a suitable substitute for since my time over there. In the three years there, I only ate McDonalds once, and that was in Amsterdam (I remember the lettuce was soggy on the Big Mac). I usually try to start these blogs on Thursday, my day off, this week I was totally blank. The tweet reminded me to get the brain functioning again. I never had a problem at most Subways before. I did have one in a mall short the meat a couple of times, but that's been it. I'm set to write them again tomorrow night, and I have a couple of other addresses to contact if that fails. I actually went to another location this week as I was rushed for time, and they had yet to receive a veggie delivery, so no tomatoes or cucumbers were available. C'est le Vie! I've always been a person to love all animals. For some reason, I was pulled towards deadly ones (snakes, alligators, big cats, etc.) for a while, but my youth was filled with dogs, cats, horses, and many different farm animals. I tend to trust them more than humans most of the time. lol Good to talk to you!

  2. Sorry about the Subway thing - that stinks! What ever happened to good old fashioned customer service?

    I have a friend who shows dogs and LOVES dog shows in general. I honestly don't get it. I try to picture my Rotten Cats doing all that stuff...and I just laugh and laugh. So do the cats.

    Have a great week! Try not to get too blurry-eyed!

    1. Lisa - Thanks so much for coming by! This is the first problem I've ever had at a Subway. They're usually more than great at customer service. This time, I think an employee needed a fiver and took a chance ... and won. But, he did lose his target for next time around as I'll never go back there again. My cats are rolling on the floor at the mention of a dog show, again. lol Faletame just looked up and asked me, "If I crapped on the carpet would you come along behind me and scoop it up and say good kitter?" He also says that he never dated a dog and never plans to! (He may be bragging a little there.) You have a great week, too! Many Thanks!

  3. Children removed for one week? That's a fascinating prospect. If it happened next week, expect a population explosion in October!

    1. Gary - Good to see you, my friend! I don't doubt that for a second. The only question that may exist would be what last name belonged to what child! lol Many Thanks!

  4. I am so disappointed by the subway lack of response... bummer... I like the idea of child removal for a would have been great when mine was a child although as Bryan has inferred it may have contributed to another child so...not so much... love the kid but love the ONE kid...the Westminster is in for a mutt fest... our pekingnese mated with a great dane lab mix... whew...UGLY so ugly they were cute ugly....

    1. Zoe - Really nice of you to stop in for tea today! Don't fret about Subway. I still have a few avenues to travel ... and believe me, I will! lol Of course, protection could have ceased more children from coming around. I remember the blackout in New York City years ago. When one father was questioned about his new son (nine months later), he said, "Hell, it was so dark I couldn't find the condoms!" :) I can't believe the combo you're talking about. For a better visualization of the strange mating process that must have taken place, which was the male? It's either a really big dog raping a smaller one, or one little one jumping up and down yelling, "Lay down, damn it!!!!" lol Many Thanks!

    2. The peke was the female...she was usually the one chasing sam the big guy ....I don't know when t hey got a chance to have sex...but a few months later there was no question. ..needless to say she only had two pups...they were huge! And she lived to talk about it...well to be spayed anyway...

    3. Now the visual is complete! Scary, but complete! :)

  5. Got to admit, Jennifer is hot. And hey, don't stress those eyes now. Am also grateful for Apple and Samsung!

    1. Michelle - Thanks for stopping in! I went to yours, but I couldn't comment for some reason. I was going to make a comment about walking the dog when you had a large enough HD TV to enjoy! :) Jennifer is gorgeous, but, alas, there are many and I am old. Eyes don't seem to be getting better. Some days better than others. Many Thanks!

  6. Enjoyed your list immensely. Found myself starting off with a smirk and breaking into a grin before I was through reading. ♥

    1. Kathy - Really appreciate you coming by! Be careful with your reactions. The next symptom will be uncontrollable shakes accompanied by some giggles at times during the day you least expect them (usually at work while overhearing a couple of idiots in a political conversation). After that, you start to sweat and continuously check this blog to see if I've added any new words of wisdom. You'll become frantic, jittery, and rude to anyone that questions your activity. But, you'll gain a feeling of relief when you arrive here and there are new pearls to absorb. lol Oh, if you get any of the above symptoms, get to the doctor immediately. I never have that type of effect on anyone! Many Thanks!

  7. wow! No filters! You got my vote ! jean

    1. Jean - Thanks for stopping in! The only filters in my life are in the furnace and attached to each cigarette that dangles from my lips as I type. I do try to speak my mind and avoid being politically correct whenever possible, as I attempt to maintain free/ individual thought principles instead of being just another herded piece of livestock. Glad you enjoyed! Many Thanks!

  8. I liked Item 2. It is a good insight into the change in the nature of hackers and hacking and all the other aggravating peripheral computer pains-in-the-ass.
    Actually, speaking of viruseses. the newest thing is 'ransonware' which a couple of the people in my office got with, basically the virus gets into your computer and encrypts *everything* and leaves you a note that says, 'If you want the key to de-crypt this computer send $300.00 to the following address'
    oddly enough, I found myself saying, 'well, at least this makes sense!' The kid in his moms basement sending out viruses that will lock up my computer and no one (including) the creator of the virus would know happened that just doesn't make sense.
    Holding my computer for ransom… hey that makes sense!
    good to read you Post

    1. Clark - Thanks for stopping in, old friend! The person that shares my computer at work tainted my computer with the crypt virus this week. I know exactly what you're saying here. It was completely frustrating and kept me from using it at all. It not only had its notification screen, but had a countdown screen in front so that you couldn't use any of the start screen icons. With our "I don't give a damn if I fix your computer or not I.T. person at work, it took days to get it done. I finally threatened to turn my computer back on and see if it could pollute every computer on the network to get his ass in gear. Sad thing is, 90% of the anti virus programs could take care of it, but the workplace considers themselves too expensive to use. Crazy! Many Thanks!

  9. My kids were not screamers, thank GOD. I have a few of them at preschool, though, only they are doing it out of glee while playing outside (when we aren't having a polar vortex and can actually GO outside). Doesn't matter how many times I tell them not to scream unless there is a bone sticking through the skin, screamers scream.
    If it weren't for the Russians, where would I get all those bogus blog hits from porn sites? Come on, they make my numbers go up, up, UP.
    I have never gone to Taco Bell and gotten the food I ordered. Never. Not once. At least I can SEE what they're putting on my Subway sandwich and in my bag.
    I love my iPhone. It's my Preciousssssss.
    Jennifer Nettles? Yeah, I'd do her. She's hot.

    1. Dyanne - Really nice to see you here today! Mine would scream only when I would tickle them in the ribs, thank God! Our neighbors kids were the worst. You never knew if they were playing or dying. Sadly, if they ever had of been hurt, it would have been like the boy who cried wolf too often ... we'd have never of noticed. The Russians haven't got to me yet. I end up with these weight loss special programs that use me as a link sometimes. Taco Hell is always a surprise, but at least they give you the correct change. Actually, this is one of the few bad experiences I've had at Subway. I hope I can report they've taken care of the problem soon. Yeah, I'd probably do her too, but that's only a dream, or so I tell my wife! lol Many Thanks!

  10. LOL I would watch every movie I haven't been able to watch since the boy was born 8 years ago. STRAIGHT.
    And hackers should be punished with life imprisonment. Or that new Ohio death drug.

    1. Jen - Really good to see you here! Just one week ... wouldn't it be Heaven? lol I agree with you about the hackers ... in all aspects. Why these idiots don't spend their time coming up with an effective antivirus they could market and make big bucks legally is beyond me. Many Thanks!

  11. The Counting Mutant feels the same about noise and screaming. He muddled through when the kids were smaller, but now... I think his head might explode with grandkids. Me, well I love it!!

    Lawyers. I can't add anything to that. Always looking for a law to bend.

    Hackers and that Ohio death drug... hmmm.

    1. Rebecca - Sorry, I just now saw you'd commented! My apologies for being so late in responding! I never minded them screaming as long as they were outside. Inside, the echoes didn't help my patience or anger management skills. lol Grandkids are cool as they're only there for a very short time. And, if you go to visit them, it can be even shorter!!! :) Really appreciate you stopping by. Many Thanks!