Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dreams, Flying Birds, and That's Life!!!
Have you ever wondered if you were dreaming and awakened to find you were?  Or, better yet, how do you know that you're not still dreaming, and only awake while living in your dream? 

(Oh, God, is Rich getting philosophical with us 
this week?)

What if none of us have yet to be born?  Could our entire life be a fantasy while we're still in the womb?  Could we still be a fetus, consumed in adult thought patterns, which would better prepare us for the life ahead once we see the light of day?  

(Kind of makes your number of Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers 
insignificant, doesn't it?)

And, "No, I haven't been doing acid." 

(At least not since the 70's.  Where's the damn flashbacks when you need them?)

I'm guessing that you have had at least one dream that influenced your life. 

(Oh, c'mon, I'm not talking about when you awoke 
from your first puberty experience.) 

I'm talking one in which something happened to which you woke up saying, 
"Damn, I know what to do now!" 

Whether it prevented you from doing something dangerous or embarrassing, or pushed you to travel beyond your safe zone, it had an affect on your life.  You're either a better person for following it, or a better person for recognizing that your subconscious wanted you to go forward and you should not have failed to listen to it. 

(We all learn from our mistakes. 
I've learned to always keep one's drug supplier's phone number safe,
if I can ever find one again!)

I remember dreaming that I could fly.  It was a beautiful summer day and one of my friends was running towards the back of the yard.  I was running behind him, and suddenly found that by holding out my arms and waving them, I was gliding in the air.  The harder I "flapped" them, the higher I rose.  I had been given the gift of the bird.  It was a gift I'd attempt to share with others my entire life.

(In fact, I can't tell you how many people I've given gift of the bird to over the years!)

It truly changed my life.

(Especially, in my "troubled teenage years" 
in many high school yearbook pictures, lol).

No, This Isn't Me ...
I Slipped In Mine In Much Cooler Ways!!
Anyway, this is another Finish The Sentence Friday.  Here is the obligatory JPEG listing the wonderful people hosting this hop, as well as the rules of the hop:

Each week, the hosts (or, "hostesses" if you may), start a thought with an unfinished sentence.  It is then up to those of us that participate to complete the thought with creations either from our past, present, or our deepest fantasies.  This week, the thought to get us started is:

"If I could go back and do something over it would be..."

So, this is supposed to be where it gets good.  

(My God, how do we ever live up to all the hype????)

"If I could go back and do something over it would be … 
to do it the same way."

I've had a tremendous amount of fun in my life.  I never looked at it as fun while I was doing it, but after it was over, it had to be classified as that.

Okay, so what am I talking about?  Have I really gone off the deep end this week?

Perhaps, but let's look back. 

I've always tried to live my life to the fullest.  True, I haven't amounted to much in the eyes of those who measure success by wealth.  (Of which I've squandered many times.)  Yet, the experiences I've shared are more than many would ever imagine doing in their lifetime. 

No, I've never been in a porn movie … yet!

During my high school days, I got to enjoy the perils of being in school politics (Student Body President, Class President 2 years, and Student Council), multiple clubs, sports teams, and other so called "popularity contests."  During this time, I also held jobs mowing lawns, breaking horses, and working in a grocery store. And, "Yes", I always did have a girlfriend.  

(Maybe I should revamp this post.  I did have a time in a high school Sociology class that I could do over.  It concerned a former girlfriend ... sitting next to me ... and whose top rose up exposing a bare small of the back.  Daringly, I reached over, and slowly worked my hand (and then arm) down and inside the back of her jeans.  Suddenly, a knock at the door occurred and my present girlfriend of the time (who was an office assistant that period) entered with a note for the teacher.  Immediately, my former girlfriend sat straight up quickly, nearly breaking my arm!  When I was finally able to get my hand and arm free, that one took some explaining, lol!)

One might say that I was a little busy during those days. 

(My grades showed it too!  lol)

College, and military days intertwined as I used the G.I. Bill to go back to school after having visited many countries throughout Europe and Central America.  There are many things I did (both in college and military) that cannot be discussed openly, but the experiences they provided made some adventure movies look boring by comparison.

(Does jumping out the window of a campus building that's been taken over 
by students to escape the authorities storming the building count?)

Next, came a career in radio announcing, followed by stand-up comedy and then business.  Times were good, bad, exciting, and lonely.  The third time I was engaged I finally got married.  It was the charm as I inherited two kids when I selected my wife. I've enjoyed their love and endured their pain.  Walking the oldest down the aisle to be married has been my life's proudest moment.

(Followed closely by the first time my wife ever reached the peak …
and I was actually there!)

I Captured This four footer In SE Arizona ...
Watch Out, Terrye!!!!!
The many phases of my life contained trying different adrenalin packed experiences.  These included snow skiing, water skiing, skin diving, sky diving, dirt track auto racing, high performance car racing courses, attack dog classes, hurricane disaster team, and firearms training.  My specialty tended to be working with (and hunting in the wild) venomous reptiles, as well as performing venom extractions (milking) for the research of others into cancer treatment and Alzheimer's Disease.  (This nearly took my life a couple of times.)

(Yeah, I know …..   "Ewwwwwwww, you dummy!)

So, what's next?

I'm still looking into bungee jumping off of a bridge over a river. 

(I may be old, but I'm not dead!)

I've enjoyed life, instead of simply going through it.  No, I've never reached the heights that many thought I'd achieve when I was younger.  Primarily, it's because I always wanted to reach higher and in another direction.  If it's there and worth doing, then why not do it? 

Yep, I'd do it all over again and not change a thing.  

Well, maybe I wouldn't have lost the number to my drug supplier, but besides that …..

555-1964 ... 555-5465 ... no ...
555-6567 ... no ...555-2323 ... no ...
555-6776 ... no ... 555-4345 ... no ...
Damn it!!!!!!