Sunday, July 28, 2013

Serious Sunday #2: Users, Losers & Abusers

** This is the second in the Serious Sunday series.  Many of my friends are finding themselves in a position of questioning how they could have been so naive as to have trusted people on the web, or others, in life, that have since taken advantage of their kindness.  

This post attempts to address the subject from the viewpoint of accountability.  Please feel free to comment at the end.


Are you proud of your life's decisions?
Are you doing as you were taught?
Are you doing as you would want others to do to you?
Are you a user, loser & abuser?

Only you can answer this honestly.  

Will you?

Were you taught right from wrong as a child?  Did your parents ever discuss the differences between treating people right and using people to get what you want? 

Are you following those rules today?

Are you the accuser or the accused?
What put you in that position?
In business and politics today, stealing is somewhat acceptable ... as long as you don't get caught. The participants live up to the standard that there is no honor among thieves.  The dirtier your business tactics, the higher you rise upon the corporate ladder.  Stabbing people in the back is a practice most lawyers, businessmen and politicians are aware takes place and lose sleep over as they toss and turn wondering who may be getting ready to do it to them as they have done it to others.  

It's an endless cycle!

But, doesn't everyone use everyone?  Don't husbands and wives use each other?  Don't neighbors borrow tools and never return them?  Don't churches expect you to give them some of your free time for their special activities?

Most do to a small extent.  Some call it helping each other out, doing a favor, or relationship responsibility.  Still, it is using another person for a purpose and finding a viable excuse for doing so.

How could you do this to me?
I thought we were friends?
It is taught, "Winners have reasons for success and losers have excuses for failure."  Does this mean that a winner will pay the price for their successes by the processes of trial and error experimentation, proper educational studies, and apprenticeships?  If so, does the loser category include those who utilize friendship as a guise to steal ideas, learn due processes without payment, and jump into the competitive element after learning their trade under false pretenses?

As humans, whether we be naive and gullible or aware and fearful, we allow many to enter our private circles that have no business there.  We tend to be naive in our thinking that the person we assist will never stab us in the back.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.

However, we still find ourselves wondering how we could be so easily fooled.  Why did we ever trust?  How could that person do that to us?  What did we do to deserve being taken advantage of in this manner?

Does the nice guy always finish last?  Or, do things go around in circles?  Will something come back to nip these users, losers and abusers in the tail in the future?   Or, do we have to wait until death to see the guilty get their just deserts?

We live in a communication age.  The Internet allows for relationships to be formed and seen by all.  It, also, allows for all to see when a wrong takes place.  

Thus, the birth of the Huffington Post crowd that thinks everything is an injustice!

It's not so easy to get away unnoticed these days.  Posts and websites that call out those that don't follow the rules are commonplace.  Groups can easily witness the actions of its members and stand in unity to see they fail in their efforts to take undo advantage.  Schemers, thieves, and sharks can easily be called out and seen for the lowlifes they truly are.

Ask yourself,
"Where do I fit in?"
These individuals have lost the common decency that relationships depend on.  They use their so called friends to gain their trust, rip out souls in their actions, and then validate their acts with excuses.  They have forgotten the Golden Rule, their parents teachings, and the law of Physics ("For every action there is a reaction.")  

Where do you fit in this picture?  How are you changing the world in which you live by the lack of honesty and fairness you exhibit?  Are you the role model you want your children to follow in the footsteps of in their future adult life?  How would you feel if others did to you the same as you do to them?

Do you care about how your actions influence the opinions others have of you?

Or, are you simply one of the many that don't give a damn anymore?

When was the last time 
 used someone?

Isn't it time you stopped?