Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July To Our Changed Country

Gays can now marry in all fifty states!

So what?

I've nothing against gays.  But, why the celebration?

I never knew what happiness was until I got married.  Of course, I then discovered that it was too late to do anything about it!

Getting married is no big deal, especially in today's fast moving society.  Marriage is only a temporary state of being for most.  It's a time period that people spend together, acquiring the things they both want, so that they can sell them and split the profits when they file for divorce ... after the lawyers get their share, that is.

A lot of people on Facebook are changing their profile pictures to reflect a multi colored rainbow.  Personally, I'm one of the few people in the world that could care less about promoting Skittles.  Sorry, I'm keeping my picture the way it is.  It's a matter of laziness.  Why go to the trouble of changing it now when the fad will soon wear off and I'll have to go back and change it back?

Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against gays marrying.  I hope they all get married.  Just imagine the divorce courts in about ten years.  They'll be overbooked and locked in stalemate as the system attempts to determine which one should get the house and which one should get the shaft.

New topic ... the Confederate Flag.

An extremist goes into a church and starts shooting an hour later.  Obviously, the sermon didn't impress him enough to change his attitude.

Nine people are dead when it's all over.  

Gun control advocates are going crazy!  

"It was the gun that did it!  Ban all guns!"

I'm scare to death.  All of my guns watched television that day and witnessed what happened.  I'm terrified they'll all be mentally affected and shoot me in my sleep.


Not the guns?  Well then, lets blame it on the Confederate Flag!

Flags are notoriously bad when it comes to killing people.  They whip around in the wind and hypnotize anyone that stares at them for more than two seconds.  This creates a zombie like horror that influences the individual to go out and kill anything and anyone it comes into contact with.

And, of course, we were all taught wrong in school.  See, I learned that the Civil War started over the topic of state's rights, and the desire of several states to secede from the Union.  Slavery only later became a topic of concern, mostly when Lincoln presented his Emancipation Proclamation.  

Damn, so much for being educated.  I sincerely need the dumbasses in the media to sensationalize and teach me the proper history I've been void of understanding.

Today is the 4th of July.  Our forefathers had enough common sense to see the horrors of lies, propaganda and illiteracy.  They wanted to establish a land where education, personal freedoms, and common sense ruled.  You can debate that all you want as it's your right to do so ... thanks to them.

Today, we do our best to limit rights.  Ban this, ban that, I'm offended, don't show that ... all limitations that remove rights and freedoms.  Common sense has been lost.  Ignorance and stupidity thrives.  

Today, let's sit back and really look at what is happening.  Let us ignore excuses and look at what humans have become.  Selfishness and lack of tolerance reigns supreme ... understanding and compassion is in hiding.  People are responsible for their actions, not inanimate objects.  Personal accountability for one's actions needs to be at the forefront of the legal system, not blame shifting.

We are one race, the human race.  Color only brings us variety which should be the spice of life instead of the blinders of racism.  Love is for all, regardless of their preferences.  People are responsible for themselves and the acts they perform.  To say otherwise is to only seek an excuse to hide the truth.

I, and many others, have to work on this holiday while corporate personnel and owners enjoy the holiday.  Still, I wish them no ill will.  I am responsible for my position in life, not them.

I wish you a Happy 4th of July.  

Let's mark today as a day to end the insanity and mark a new beginning.

Let's bring about a return of common sense!