Monday, October 28, 2013

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: Time for Spooky

So there you are ... so secure in your little home.  You've got your computer, your TV, your stereo, and once in a while, you even cook something decent to eat.

Sure, you've got the typical worries that most people do these days (bills, car repairs, food costs), but overall, you think life will get better if you give it time, don't you?

What if you don't have time?

Don't you know ... 
everything dies?

You're not as secure as you think you are.  Remember the late summer night when you had the windows open?  Remember lounging in your nightie as the breeze blew across the room?  Remember when you thought you smelled a man's cologne?

I had made a mistake and not showered that evening.  Remnants of the day's leftover scent of my Obsession were stronger than I thought.  I watched as you seemed to sniff the air, and then shake your head as if it wasn't there.  That could have been your worst mistake.

I've been watching your daily routine for months now.  I know what you buy at the grocery store and when you go there.  I love the black workout tights you wear three days a week to the gym.  Your boyfriend is a wimp and your little tan dog a joke.  You need a real man to make you feel like a real woman.  To use you up.  To drive you crazy with delight.  To take you without mercy!  

My wish and your nightmare, combined to satisfy my wants and needs.  
You went to the mall yesterday.  I was so close to you as you paused to window shop that I could smell your shampoo.  Herbal Essence, isn't it?  I thought you caught a glimpse of me in the window's reflections.  You turned, but I had already distanced myself from you.  Still, you knew something was amiss, didn't you?  

You kept turning your head, as if you knew someone was watching.
It won't be long before we get together.  I know how you like to take that dog out to the park every third Sunday of the month.  You usually go alone, don't you?  You usually stop off at the Quik Mart and get some munchies, and then make an afternoon of it, don't you?  Sometimes, you even sit on the river bank and gaze into the water for 30 or 40 minutes.  I wish I knew what you were thinking.  I'll bet you're just wishing someone would come and end your boring existence, aren't you?  

Remove you from this life right there at the water's edge.
I've got my plans and there's nothing you can do to stop them.  Only I control the day and the time.  You're simply a toy that I can choose to ignore, play with, or destroy.  Don't get too secure in your world of make believe.  Mine is the only reality that counts.  It may be soon, or it may stretch out and not occur until next year.  Whenever I decide is up to me.  Until then ...