Friday, December 18, 2015

LOVE, Christmas And Ten Things Of Thankful Holiday Edition

L-O-V-E …

What is it?

Could it be a blending of various emotions and human characteristics such as desire, obligation, happiness, trust and mankind's need to feel wanted?

For example, a mother needs to feel that her family needs her. That feeling of need brings about happiness within. It also reminds her of her obligation, or responsibilities that must be fulfilled in order for that same family to return that feeling to her. That desire brings about a closeness of the central core group and a reminder of how necessary the family unit is to continue the core successfully as trust, or knowledge of each of the core's members intent provides a security blanket for all.

In simple terms, by doing what a mother is expected to do, love is created. The same applies for a father, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and so on and so on. The circle's strength provides for mistakes to be made and forgiveness to be provided to the “Black Sheep” of the family, or those that recognize too late what family actually means.

We are in the season of the “Family.”

No, I'm not talking Godfather style.
But, stay with me and I'll make you a deal you can't refuse.

Christmas was wonderful when I was young.  Unfortunately, my mother passed when I was thirteen.  Christmas seemed to lose its luster for a few years.  I drifted away from its true meaning, even though my actions were in support of its true meaning.  

Confused?  So was I.

It was a time I rejected my satellite family. I was young and rebellious and knew everything. Being a member of the “Peace, Love, Dove” Generation, I knew that love for all was a false facade only spoken by those naive enough to believe in fairy tales and Gilligan's Island. The military, the loneliness, and some of its required tasks, had removed me from the ranks of the naive. Thus, a bitterness filled the void.

Returning to civilian life, I moved 20 miles away from my core family. Christmas arrived as usual that year and I refused to drive the distance to be with them. It was an act I repeated for two years. Why? Because my family used to taunt each other, flaunt their gifts, and see who out did who in the presents department.  It was pride instead of love, or so it seemed.

I spent those Christmas days alone in my apartment, smoking dope, trying to find something to eat besides a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and feeling sorry for myself.

I was a fool.

If the future could only have been viewed for a split second I would have changed my mind immediately. To know that my grandparents would both be dead within only a few short years, soon followed by an aunt and uncle, would have been reason enough. To recognize that all of us kids were growing up and would never again sit together, as we had, sharing
laughter and tales of Christmas morning would have been helpful, too. And, knowing that never again would the feast that my Grandmother would prepare (turkey, roast, ham, all types of vegetables, oyster bread dressing, dumplings, yeast rolls, and several cakes and pies and cobblers) would never be seen again would have been the final reason to attend.

Yet, in my protest to what I saw as greed weakening the season's main reason for being, the birth of Christ, I missed out. Now, only memories are all I have left to remember those family times.

What I think I seriously ignored was the love that they provided. From the smiles on the faces of those receiving gifts to the laughter the family provided when my Grandmother figured out I'd tied her apron strings to the back of her chair, love was the true feeling in the air. We were as one, enjoying the day and each other as if it would never end. Unfortunately, as sure as the coffee will run out on your day off, each day had its end. Now, the days remembered are only remembered. That time of my life is over.

So, as there are so many that don't believe in Christianity these days, so many that have switched faiths these days, and so many that don't believe in anything except arguing these days, we have forgotten the one thing that we need so desperately to remember.


Don't miss out while you have the chance. Enjoy it! Feast on it! Drink more than your fill of it and don't worry about its hangover! Love will not give you a headache or add to your waste line. No, it will give you an inner warmth that you'll never lose.

This season, as in every season, there will be those on Social Media blasting the day. If they don't like it, I more than welcome them to go to work for regular wage (since it's not a holiday for them) and bitch to those who want to hear it. Let their bitterness be quieted, one day, by a realization that they are not the superior beings. Or, let their screams be heard in the afterlife. We've done all we can.

Don't be selfish with your love. Give to all those you can give. You'll get so much more in return in the memories it provides.

And, if you find you've got some left over, I'll take any handout I can.
(I'm not proud.)

And, with that uncharacteristically sober opening, 
let's get on to the Christmas edition of

This Week I'm Thankful For ...

1)the Winner of The Voice Is Jordan Smith!

Okay, many of you know I don't care for these type of television programs.  Any public "call in" voting can be rigged one direction or the other.  This is one of the few times that the voting was unable to go any other way.  Jordan Smith, the second winner in a row from Kentucky, was so far above all the rest of the entries in the area of true vocal ability that the playing around with the results would have instantly been obvious to a hearing impaired person.  
(Now, let's see what happens next season.  Oh, and remember, previous winners on the show have only had minor success afterwards.  Jordan's goal is to sing the National Anthem at the Superbowl.  Okay, so he's done a song by Sia and one by Beyonce, so I guess he could record it for playback like Whitney Houston did years ago!)
Episode XXVII coming
in 2079!!!!
Buy Your Tickets Now!

2)  … Star Wars “The Force Awakens footage is being leaked online. Okay, dragging out a movie and its sequels for over 40 years is ridiculous. Obviously, some fans think so as well and are leaking footage out online of the new Star Wars film.
(It's subtitled in Indonesian so these are obviously Jar Jar Binks fans who are pissed off over being overlooked in the film. Damn, and I spent my high school years in Latin Class instead of Indonesian. Hindsight is indeed 20/20.)

3)  … J. Birnbach Inc. jewelry store tosses diamonds. When employees are pulled away to do things that are not necessarily their jobs, mistakes generally occur. When employees are told to move boxes (which entails physical labor), they will generally find a way to shorten their efforts. Throwing out three wooden boxes was the decision made by employees of the J. Birnbach Inc. jewelry store. Unfortunately, these boxes contained over $5 million worth of diamonds. Fortunately, a security guard went through the trash and found them. Unfortunately, the only reason he found them was that he always went through the trash since his pay is a joke. Fortunately, the jewelry company didn't lose the diamonds. Unfortunately, they didn't reward the security guard as he was only doing his job. Fortunately, the security guard has lost his honest streak and will not be so quick to return missing items in the future.
(Moral to the story: Screw me and I'll screw you!)

"...and it only cost me twelve gas stations
and three camels!"

4)  … Saudi millionaire gets away with rape! (This happened in a British court, believe it or not, so let us forget about American courts being the only ones that provide stupid verdicts.) Ehsan Abdulaziz met a twenty-four year old and a teenager in a West End club, took them both to his apartment, had relationship with the older of the two, walked out in his living room, tripped, fell atop the teenager with his erect penis sticking out of his underwear, penetrated her vagina, which just happened to be wide open and uncovered, and is declared innocent of rape by a jury.
(Am I missing something here? Oh, yeah, the British court system loves to remind the U.S. about prison overcrowding. When is rape not a rape? I guess when Viagra gives you a four hour erection and you trip atop a teenager and poke her with perfect aim. I know what male enhancement I'm buying next trip to London!)

5)  … Obamacare under attack by Democrats! What? You thought Republicans were the only foes of the program? Not when big business money is involved. Confused? Okay, this is how it lays out. Obamacare depends on constraining the high costs of medical care. The Cadillac Tax, due to go into affect this year, is being fought by Democrats as high up as Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid. Why? Only they know for sure, but most of us are betting it's because of campaign contributions and the favors already promised to the medical side of big business.
(So, let's be real, for anyone that thought politician's really were different and that Hillary and company were the next holy triumvirate to save the United States from utter degradation … SURPRISE!!!!! She's just as dirty as the rest of them. And, it doesn't even take a British Court to await that verdict. )

"And, even though I'm a total dumb ass
that is hoping you get hit on the way back
to the car so I can collect insurance,
will you marry me?"
6)  … Man stops Interstate 45 traffic to propose. Ah, love makes a person do stupid things for sure. Still, stopping three lanes of interstate highway traffic in order to get out of the car and propose to his girl on his knees is something that the grandchildren will one day look back and say, “Damn, we carry his genes?”
(What's really sad is that this couple both exited the car in order to accomplish this. So, it's not a case of one set of bad genes, but two! Looks like a future president in the making!)

7)  … House Bill allows for more foreign “guest workers” to be allowed in U.S. Introduced into a current spending bill by a Democrat and a Republican, this will allow for almost four times the amount of “guest workers” to do the jobs that disabled veterans, single working mothers, and uneducated members of society normally do in the industries of hotel house keeping, truck driving, construction, and food processing.
(So, once again, the people of the United States are given the shaft by their government so that big business can bring in “guest workers” that don't have to have various benefits and taxes, as well as health care benefits paid. Big business profits, more Americans go on the Welfare lists and become dependent on government handouts. It almost makes me wish the military would indulge in a coup d'tat and clean house. “In with the good air out with the bad … in with the good air out with the bad.”)
And, since Christmas will preclude the TTOT next week,
a few personal notes to finish things up.
My buddy, Faletame.  (Gabriela is
camera shy ever since she gained weight.)

8)  ... two wonderful cats that give me joy all year long.  Faletame and Gabriela are the biggest pains in the necks there could be.  Yet, as Gabriela meets me in the hall each morning on my initial trek to the bathroom and begs for attention as I do my thing and smoke the day's first cigarette, and Faletame takes over after my shower and follows me back to the bedroom to get dressed and even rubs up and down my back as I put my socks on, they are as precious to me as any living creature.  

9)  ... a year in which I was able to purchase a new sports car, and when Summer was over, trade it in on a new Mazda CX-3 with All Wheel Drive for Winter driving.  I've had much better years financially, but am lucky in that I'm still not as bad off financially as many others.  

My new car and the one it replaced.  Who knows what next year will bring?
59 and still a blonde ...
how does she do it?
10)...a year in which I was able to: 
a)  leave a job that was starving me out and find another that has many future opportunities,  

b) recognize my love for my wife (pictured falling asleep at my dad's house after we'd stopped 
and brought him barbecue from Kentucky) 
even more than ever before, 
and the same for my family by my side, 

c)  get closer to my father who, though in dwindling health, is still alive and able to maintain the lifestyle he chose many years ago,

 d) finally see my cousins and still living aunt and uncle who have finally become a part of my life 
once more,

e) thank God for the friends that have stuck by me and continue to read my blog even though my ever worsening eyesight prohibits me from returning the favor as much as I'd like, and to Lizzi who tolerates my "sometimes here/sometimes not" behavior,

and finally 

f)  for the sun which always is 
shining whether the clouds are in the way or not.  

I am truly blessed.
I pray you are, too!


Spread the LOVE!!!