Thursday, April 11, 2013

FTSF: Temporarily Closed For Repairs

The Time Has Come!
(No, it's not the 
 end of the world.)

It's been a very tough decision.  Yet, several factors have gone into this.  

Hopefully, you'll understand.

No, I'm not giving up blogging forever!  (Lord, that's the last thing I ever plan on doing.)  

However, I am going to have to take a break from the circuit.

You've probably already figured out something wasn't right, haven't you?

I used to be one of the most loyal blog visitors to all those that visited mine, as well as others.  (Of course, that was before Janine started writing 37 blogs a day!) But, recently, things haven't quite been that way.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at you feeling as though I'm becoming a blog writer that doesn't even visit the efforts of others that I've become very close to in many ways.  But, that couldn't be further from the truth!

There are actually three factors that have led me to make the decision that's been made:

  1. I feel guilty.  With my current employment, things are exceptionally hectic.  I've been able to read some of your blogs on my phone during the day, but commenting is an employment "no-no", as you well know.  I really haven't deserted you, but without commenting, you don't really know that.  I've tried to comment at night after I get home, but after a twelve hour day (sometimes six days a week), I'm doing good to make it through the evening meal without nodding out. (And, "NO", I'm not smoking that stuff anymore, so put that thought out of your mind.)  I can't expect you to comment on mine if I'm not commenting on yours ... as it's not fair ... and it also doesn't correspond with the FTSF rules.  
  2. My eyes are giving me trouble again.  As you may be aware, I recently had my eyes give me fits with double vision, blurriness, and partial blindness.  The doctors thought they had it taken care of.  (So much for doctors thinking!)  Anyway, it's coming back.  There are times where I can't even read your blogs with my screen at a magnified view.  So, instead of continuing to strain them, I've got to give them a rest, get them taken care of (hopefully "right" this time), and do what I've got to do to keep my vision.  (Damn, getting old is a pain in the ass, to say the least!)
  3. The home is in need of attention.  I've put many things on hold this last year as I've been writing.  Now, they're starting to catch up with me.  I've got to take some time to get them repaired before the house is a shambles (getting pretty close already, lol).  Very little time to do this is available with the schedule I'm working, and especially when you add in the writing and commenting.  

So, my options really are limited at this time.  To put forth the time I feel necessary to be a good fellow blogger and writer is simply not possible.  My vision won't allow me to do it and my wife is beginning to remind me about things around the house a little too often.  

Thus, I'm going to take about 
a month and a half off.

Don't shoot me, please!

I will be back June 1st at the latest.  Hopefully, some things will go better than planned (healing, etc.) and I'll be able to return sooner.  (I may even drop by from time to time just to bust the bubbles of those that are happy I'm gone, muhahahaha!!!)

Now, since that's out of the way, let's get to my last FTSF for a while.  I'll try to visit your blog this week and comment, as long as the vision holds out.  If I don't comment immediately, remember, I'm probably still reading it ... it just may take me a few days to do so.

So, here's the obligatory JPEG of the rules and the wonderful people that host this event.

Now, here's the prompt (or sentence to finish if you're picky about such phraseology):

"If I could live anywhere, I'd live ..."

Okay, now this is where I come in with my response. the past as a time traveler.

Just imagine, knowing what you now know about all the atrocities that took place in the past, and being able to travel through time to actually stop them from occurring.

My, you do look like a
pizza delivery boy, Adolf!
Why, a person could go to Germany and shave off Hitler's mustache while giving him a haircut.  Without his signature caterpillar, he'd be mistaken for a pizza delivery boy, robbed by the Nazi Party, and turn into a baby circumsizing specialist for the local Jewish community!  World War II would never have occurred!

Think about it.  I could go back to the 50's and become a small plane pilot.  When the Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens came to fly to the next show on that fateful night, I could've cancelled the flight and kept them alive producing Rock 'n Roll music into the current time, keeping the crap (and rap) that's on the radio today from ever having been heard!

Hey Charlie, I got some really good
stuff for you tonight!
Feel like bridge hopping?
A person could even be a drug pusher in the 60's, and provide Charles Mansion with some acid so mind blowing he'd think Helter Skelter was the name of an obscene halter top, lead him to develop a strong interest and get into porno films, be physically embarrassed during his first nude audition, and go out and jump off the San Francisco Bay Bridge.  Sharon Tate could have gone on making lousy movies, Jay Sebring charging too much money for lousy haircuts, and Abigail Folger and her boyfriend could have had coffee beans of their own!  

One could be the first to write an epic "How To" book on proper parenting for future generations!  By doing that, it would beat all the fake "mind doctors" that pushed permissiveness, video game experimentation, and religious mockery.  Just think, there would be no need for Political Correctness as manners and common sense would be common nature!  (Okay, so I'm hoping for miracles on this one.)

Think of being able to point out the boxcutters in the pockets of the 911 hijackers to security ... being able to stop Harry Whittington from going hunting and getting shot by Vice President Cheney in 2006 ... and even stop Kristen Stewart from messing around on Robert Pattinson while filming Snow White and the Huntsman.  (Nawww ... she's not worth the time token it would take to get there.)

Imagine ... free birth control pills in the drinks of the potential mothers of today's politicians ...  Ex-Lax in the pastry cooked for Oprah ... and proper vision care provided free of charge to all college basketball referees!   The would could be so wonderful!

No nuclear weapons would ever have been invented, special interest groups would have forever been banned from politics, and greed would be looked at as an evil.  Instead, man could learn to live together, politicians would actually work to help those they represent, and everyone could have their fair share for a fair day's work.  Nature would be looked upon as a gift from God worth preserving, police would only be necessary to direct traffic when the electricity went out during a storm, and everyone would chip in and help when a disaster occurred.  

This couldn't be done by only one person.  No, I'm not that naive.  But a group of persons, working together in complete secrecy to change the course of history, could create a Utopia for all to reside and thrive.  Families could be happy, communities loyal, and countries working hand in hand.

And if that didn't work, and time traveling was out of the question, 
well, how about the Bahamas?

I can see me in my speedo on the tropical beach, frolicking in the glowing sun of the afternoon, enjoying Pina Coladas endlessly with gorgeous tropical females.

Hmmmmmm!  Maybe I'll take the Bahamas!

See y'all in a month and a half!