Friday, September 13, 2013

FTSF: B.F.D. and Teenagers In Summer

It's been a busy week! 

Like that's 
something new.

Actually, I've been busy in the blogging world this week.  This will make the third blog in four days.  For me, that's a record.

Sure, and next I'm going to swim from Cuba to the U.S.
 at Mach 6 speed.

In addition, I've worked 50 hours in four days at my day job (a must since this doesn't pay worth a crap since I'm against advertising my blog to death).  In other words, "I'm quickly trying to burn myself out even faster this time!"

As if there was a mind to burn out!

Have you ever wondered about the phrase, "Burn Out?"  If something "burns out" doesn't it mean that it's done burning?  And, if it is done burning, wouldn't it be ash?  And, if it's ash, there would be no way to get it burning again, would there?  So, given that thought pattern, if a person went through "Burn Out" once, and their brain turned to ash, how could they ever start thinking again?  Of course ... they couldn't!  So, isn't "Burn Out" a little too extreme to describe a weariness of the basic thought system?  Perhaps, instead of "Burn Out", we could call it "Brain Function Disease", or B.F.D.   So, in reality, it's really no B.F.D. to have B.F.D. because sooner or later, we'll all go through it and be cured!  See, it's really not a B.F.D. after all!

So, now you know all about Brain Function Disease!


What is a B.F.D. is that it is once again FTSF!  Yep, Finish The Sentence Friday comes around every Friday thanks to our kind hostesses listed below with the rules of the FTSF.
And, this really is a B.F.D!

This week, the prompt we are to follow, or finish if you will, is:

"My best summertime memory this year was ..."

So, here we go once again!

My best summertime memory this year was remembering summers of my youth.  

What?  Are you crazy, Rich?  What about this year?

Dogs and Boys ... the only
difference is what they
grow up to hump!
Actually, this year has been a nightmare.  Days off are things of the past and 11-12 hour days have replaced time off.  Can't complain about the money as the bills are being paid and my cd collection continues to grow.  Still, there just hasn't been any free time to do any of the normal things one would consider doing during summer.

So, I reminisce.  

I think about the summers of my youth.  The friends that played baseball and football and basketball from morning to evening darkness without somehow suffering from heat exhaustion.  Sitting with my dog discussing all the secrets of the universe as his fleas found new feasting ground on my legs.  Going to the lake every Sunday and returning home sunburned and blistered as I never tanned as most, confirming my beliefs that I was from a different planet whose sole purpose was to figure out what in the hell an anal probe was, and luckily, never finding out!  

As I grew into my teenage years, the yearnings of female flesh entered the picture.  What better way to view the ever changing bodies of my female classmates than looking down upon them from a lifeguard stand at a pool?  Forever the cry, "Bikini's Forever" will be close to my hard heart!  And, when finally given consent to proceed to the ultimate goal, how quickly the teenage memories flash by.  (Funny, I seem to remember my partner saying the same thing!)

Summertime was a time to ignore haircuts, letting the locks grow well beyond the coach's restrictions.  To feel the wind blowing through them was a sign that freedom was mine.  That is, as least until football season practices began.  Driving around town in my own car listening to the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, James Taylor, Carole King drew stares and frowns from my elders at stop lights, especially when they heard Frank Zappa talking about the "Steamy hot succulent drippy runny gooey ever widening type of a hole that gets off being ..." well, anyway, Zappa wasn't for everyone!

We did it then, why aren't they
doing it now?
After high school, the demonstrations for equal rights and peace started taking up my days.  It seemed that we were always marching against something that was so wrong, yet, so right in the eyes of adults.  We weren't afraid of speaking out loud for what we felt was right in our hearts, but were afraid of jail and would run like cheetahs when the pigs cops arrived to break it up.  By the way, jumping out of a first floor building window on campus that's being stormed by the authorities is a lot higher jump than you'd imagine, especially when wearing sandals!

And, who could ever forget the summer nights at the drive in theater with the one you were ready to spend your whole life with.  We became experts at getting off bra's without removing tops so that access would be much easier as the evening progressed.  Still, we were human and did get tired.  Have you ever had to explain to a girlfriend's parents how you fell asleep during The Ten Commandments and didn't get her home until two in the morning?  

This year's summer event?  I guess you might say going up to Indiana and trying to make a day of laughter for my Stepmother that won't be around much longer.  She doesn't smile much anymore as her memories are leaving her one by one.  She may have already forgotten my visit, but at least I know she enjoyed the day while I was there.  Bringing a smile is the best feeling one can have.  

I hope you found one creeping out while you read this, too!

Now, want to know how to do the bra trick?