Monday, November 10, 2014

Veterans Day 2014 ... No Thanks To Free Handouts

Veterans Day ... 

a day of honor for those who offered their lives for their country.

Just prove to us you did and we'll give you a handout.

Would you like for me to recite the articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice or just pull out a bayonet and demonstrate kill tactics on your employees?

Tomorrow is Veterans Day.  Big deal!

I don't say that to show any disrespect to any veteran.  God knows we did our time, served our country, and put our lives on the line ... so that we could be looked down upon when we returned to civilian life.  This is especially true of those that served during the Vietnam Conflict.

I say it because it's only an excuse for banks and federal offices to close.  Everyone else will go on about their day as if it was just a standard day.  In fact, the majority of veterans will be working at their jobs while many of their bosses, who never served, will be celebrating the day with bankers at the local country club.

Out of curiosity, I just perused an article that listed the names of various businesses that were going to be providing incentives for veterans to enter their place of business today.  Free entrees, free meals, a free donut and coffee, and a few other offerings were listed.

And, right along side the listings were the words, Proof of service or active I.D. required.

It is understandable that businesses don't want to be taken to the cleaners while attempting to demonstrate kindness and respect.  However, unless most veterans can dig out their old DD214 discharge papers, that proof is nonexistent.

When I left the military, I was given a pink I.D. card that was only good for the remainder of my active duty six year obligation.  That is long gone.  Besides the DD214, there is no proof I can provide to get a freebie.

It is sad is that businesses have to put this stipulation upon their offers.

The scum that would claim military service just to get a freebie they didn't earn are present in today's society in droves.  Instead of honoring those who did the time, they dishonor us by proclaiming themselves to be part of the brotherhood that served.  These dregs of society should be taken to Africa for four years and be forced to assist in the fight to end the Ebola virus.  At least then they'd know what it was like to serve in a battle zone.  Hopefully, most of them would never come back.

As I approach the age of becoming a "senior citizen", I hear more and more people saying, "You earned the freebies.  Take advantage of what is being offered."

Somewhat tempting at times, but this is not me.  I am not one to jump at freebies, regardless of the intent.  The military proved to me that you have to work to achieve.  Nothing is free as someone has had to pay the price along the way.  Sometimes, they had to pay it with their life!

Our country would do well to adopt this philosophy.  The freebies our government provides those that have never paid any price whatsoever are ridiculous.  So ridiculous, that we are now seeing the results of these actions in our "you owe us" society.

Folks, you aren't owed one damn thing unless you earned it.  Having a baby at fourteen, sitting on your ass trying to figure out ways to work the system, and falsely proclaiming you're disabled does not give you one damn right ... except to learn from your mistakes and get your ass busy doing something that will better your life!

Instead of a nation of the intelligent, we've become a nation of no common sense.  Political correctness came about because few were teaching their children right from wrong, how to be responsible and accept personal accountability, or even the standards of being polite and proper manners.  And, in the last 20 years, our government has decided to screw up the educational system and deny the intelligent a reason to excel as they're held back so others can continue to fail.  Of course, that's generally what government does, fail.

The fear of our forefathers was that government would get too big.  George Orwell, in his novel "1984" and Ray Bradbury in "Fahrenheit 451" both attempted to provide a warning to the dangers of government control.  Instead of listening, we've ignored.  Welcome to the land of "A Clockwork Orange".  I only hope personal choice wins out in the real world as it did in Anthony Burgess's novel.

Call me old, senile, eccentric, etc.   I really don't care as I've witnessed a country out of control.  A country, not proud and brave, but one in which fear rules the populace, tolerance has departed, the minority rules whenever offended, and belief that a politician is working for the people is like belief in the Easter Bunny ... a complete waste of time.

To all the businesses that are providing freebies to veterans ...

  "No Thanks" 

from this veteran.  

See, I earn my keep, work to support my family, and did my time in the military to protect the rights we supposedly once had.  Four years of my life weren't given away to get a free entree after proving I'd earned it.  No, I had more important things in mind.  Things that most, unless they've served, will never understand.  Things that still make me tear up when I hear the original version of the Star Spangled Banner being played.  Things that make me sad when I see the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. and its list of names, several of them past friends, who are no longer with us as they fought and gave their lives for a country that no longer exists.

There is pride in those who served.  Pride that doesn't need a handout.  Pride that says, "Public, treat us as you will, we've survived worse."  

It's not a macho thing.  Men and women that serve understand that only happens in the movies.  It's an understanding that we have, a shared experience, a sacrifice.

Veterans Day 2014.  
A day like any other for most veterans.  

Thank God we were able to ensure it 
would be that way for everyone.