Thursday, November 7, 2013

FTSF: Time for Free The Soul Freak ... Finish The Sentence Friday!

Well, it once again time for Free The Soul Freak and let loose with all types of personal secrets that have been cast aside either due to embarrassment or too much drug usage during one's younger years.

Oops, that's Finish The Sentence Friday.  
My blunder.

Just speaking my mind, I guess.  It is such a terrible thing to waste even though I really try hard.

Normally, I sit here and ramble about something for a couple of minutes before getting into the topic.  I hate to say it, but sometimes that tends to be the best part of the post for me.  


Hell if I know!   Never really thought about it before.

You were expecting some answer besides that one, weren't you?

The actual reasoning behind it could be creativity.  Instead of being shackled into one theme, freedom of expression enters the picture and allows the mind to flow freely into the world of the asinine.  One or two people have expressed that they enjoy these moments of rambling.

I'm betting there could be one or two that skim through it to get to the meat of the post.  (Think I'm underestimating or just being kind?)

Still a Virgin?
Pearls of wisdom could be lying in wait in these ramblings.  I doubt it, but they could be.  Mostly, it may be me just going on and on about some event that occurred recently that a person could somehow relate to.  I may even discuss the first time a person lost their virginity.  

Everyone's done that, right?

Well, maybe not Hillary Clinton.  
(I understand Bill is always busy losing his elsewhere.  They could have adopted secretly!)

Did you ever wonder about the people you think you know on the web and when they lost their virginity?  Probably not.  But, now that its been mentioned, will you?

There are some I might and some I definitely won't.  (Sorry, MJM!  There are some things in life better left unknown.  Enjoy your cheese stix.)

Anyway, this week's theme / prompt / sentence to finish / etc. for Free The Soul Freak ... sorry, Finish The Sentence Friday is:

When I was a little kid I thought ...

Isn't this almost an oxymoron.  Do little kids actually think, or do they just react to what they've been led to believe through environmental conditioning?  

Heavy thought, huh?

I'll let you delve into that more and waste away your day.  I've got a post to write.

There were many things that entered into my mind when I was young.  Many have been proven wrong over the years.  (And a lot of years that includes.)  Still, many still hold true in an optimistic way of thinking, regardless of how many times society desperately attempts to prove them wrong.  So, without further ado, let me begin.

"When I Was A Little Kid
 I Thought ...."

1)  ... "Please" and "Thank You" were polite expressions that were supposed to be utilized to prove you weren't an ignorant, self-centered ass.  This was obviously a falsehood as not even drive-up window operations adhere to it these days.  If I pay for an item, I expect a "Thank You" to be uttered in response.  No, it doesn't have to be a major, "Thank You Sir for your contribution to keep me and my family able to pay the electric bill this month and keep the place where I work in operation."  Really, a simple "Thank You" will do.  "Hey, McDonalds and Wal-Mart, do you think you might be able to teach this to the obvious ignorant people you hire since you two tend to be the biggest culprits in neglecting this simple task?"
Grrrrrr ...
Damn Those Magic Covers!!

2)  ... monsters were only in the movies.  Of course, we all had the "magic covers" that would protect us from Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and other creatures of the night whose only instinct was to find and kill little children who didn't have magic covers.  We didn't know that there were actually monsters that looked like normal people that would kidnap and either kill or hold hostage little kids for their own maniacal reasons.  Oh, we knew not to accept candy from strangers (except on Halloween), but we never imagined that humans could turn out to be worse than the Hollywood monsters on the big screen.  

3)  ... one could survive a fall if they landed strictly on their feet.  My thoughts were that the ribs could easily be broken if one landed on their side, so just land on your feet and you'd be fine!  To prove this, I decided to jump off of the second story of a split level house that was being built next door.  I awaited the end of the day when the construction crew finished and left, and made my way up to the highest point of the house roof.  Looking over the edge was somewhat scary, to say the least, but my mind had been made up.  Teetering back and forth, I finally leaned forward enough that there was no point of return.  I jumped forward and found myself airborne.  Kind of nice for the second or two it lasted!  Then, my feet found the ground.  “Sting” just doesn’t quite describe the pain that was received.  I was lucky in that my jump was to a downward slope, and I somehow rolled forward alleviating some of the impact.  I had learned my lesson the hard way, and blame my 31” inseam today on that jump!

4)  ... you were paid for doing a job and not paid if you didn’t.  Unfortunately, today’s CEO’s have clauses in their contracts that allow them to scarf up millions if they’re fired for not doing the job they signed on for.  I’m looking for just one of those type of jobs and contracts before I retire.  Just one!

See!  I'm not the only one
that ever did it!
5)  ... I was invincible when it came to dealing with animals.  My parents used to get so upset with me because I truly had “no fear” when it came to any type of animal.  My grandparents farm, which was my backyard, provided many experiences with cattle and hogs.  In fact, I remember my family laughing loudly as I rode a large hog around the pond, bouncing up and down as its little legs run their hooves off!  I can’t tell you the number of times a young bull Hereford would start to charge at me as I walked close to the herd.  I’d stand my ground, throw my arms up in the air and roar back at it!  It always worked in stopping them!  

As I grew up, I found that I still don’t fear them, but I do give wild animals a little more respect.  After having been bitten by venomous snakes and had an Ocelot attack the back of my head, I found not all of them will stay back as the young bulls did.  Recently, a bat was found on the ground at work.  None of my co-workers would go close.  Thinking that it might have rabies, I went to my Ridgeline, grabbed my snake tongs and a container, and returned to where it was lying.  Attempting to pick it up with the tongs, it suddenly sprang to life and took off in flight.  The co-workers ran off in a flash, leaving me there laughing.  The bat had pulled the old “play dead” act until it figured I wasn’t going to fall for it, and had taken off to escape.  I’ll bet my co-workers were more afraid of it than the bat was of them!

6)  ... that life would always be safe and secure.  Unfortunately, losing my mother at my age 13, and seeing my best friend die after getting run over by a speeding car ended that belief in my life.  I learned that life is only a temporary state.  Yet, instead of living it in fear of dying, one has to continually try to achieve and experience all it has to offer.  If not, you might as well be dead.  I’ve done so much in my life that many look at me and just shake their heads at.  Yet, I’m still around to talk about it.  Which, of course leaves the old expression to echo, “Only the good die young!”

Can you imagine what would've happened
if I had become President?
7)  ... I could be President of the United States.  All through high school, my goal was to go to college, become a politician, and become President.  Crazy, huh?  Of course, that was when I thought that politics would be the honorable way to change the world for the better.  God, we are stupid in our youth at times, aren’t we?

8)  ... that all men were created equal.  I don’t know if it was my belief in God, my belief in civil rights, or my belief that just because you had money it didn’t make you better than anyone else, but I truly believed that.  I marched and protested for the cause in the homeland of the KKK, prejudicial district court judges, and small minded people.  I was threatened, called a traitor to my race, and came close to bodily harm many times.  Still, I continued onward, doing what I thought best.  

Today, I see many taking advantage of government programs that don’t deserve them.  I see excuses for failure being given as race, instead of lack of personal effort.  And, I’ve experienced the same type of racist comments, based on complete stupidity and ignorance, as was given others 50 years ago, strictly because of my color.

I’ve come to believe that not all men are created equal.  No, it’s not a matter of race.  Instead, it’s a matter of what you do with your life and how you blame your failures.  As all are required to go to school until age sixteen, why can some not read or write?  Why is the English language cast aside for that used in Rap music?  Why does one find it so hard to examine their actions and accept personal accountability for where they are in life?  And, what is it that makes a person stop trying to better themselves and sit back thinking that the government owes them?

I don’t care what the color, we all have a mind to develop.  What’s not equal is the desire one finds within to succeed instead of giving up.  The Silver Spoon Society will always be there, unless we pull another Communistic Manifesto coup, which really doesn’t seem likely.  But, we can’t give up or give in to their desires to see us wallow in the mire.  It’s not up to society.  It’s not up to race.  It’s up to you!

And, after carrying this post on way too far, I’ve reached the end of Free The Soul Freak ... damn it ... Finish the Sentence Friday on this blog for another week.  

Ready to test out my theory 
about jumping off a split level house?

Okay, on the count of three ... 1 - 2 - .......