Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Do We Laugh Or Cry?

The children are no longer here.  They've been taken from us by a madman that doesn't deserve to have his name mentioned.  His act is one that shame can't validate.  It was despicable and without cause.  Personally, I don’t care if he was mentally ill or not.  He was wrong in doing what he did, and anyone that tries to validate it with psychological reasoning is a fool.   

Don’t like that?  Sorry, that’s how I feel.  We’ve validated these crimes so long that we have provided them a proper pasture in which to thrive.  In the world, without lawyers, politicians, and big business widening the gray areas, there is a dividing line that stands clear between right and wrong.  The act last week was to the extreme in the “wrong” category.

After the initial shock, I got mad, and am still that way.  I’m mad because we look at an inanimate object and blame it for the massacre.  I’m mad because the “specialists” have told us for years how to live, and have obviously been completely wrong.  I’m mad because the news on television and web attempts to makes this killer a human being in finding “due cause” for his actions.  (He gave up being human the second he pulled the trigger.)  I’m mad because many people can’t see that the family is important in life, and have left raising children up to television, video games, and computers.  And, I’m mad because people can’t see the truth right in front of them, and continue to blame shift instead of change the behavior that had created the tragedies and violence we are experiencing much too often.

I’m mad because some good families have had their lives changed forever.  I’m mad because children will not know the joy of finding the one they love and having their own children.  I’m mad because life has changed for so many that were not directly involved.  And, I’m mad because I have friends that are looking at their children and being reminded that life is not guaranteed, instead of being able to enjoy life as they once did.

Yep, I’m pissed off!

Could I make jokes about this?  Of course I could!  Will I?  No, not this time.  I need to get over my fury and wrath first.  I need to see people enjoying their families and experiencing life as it was meant to be experienced ... with joy and happiness.  

I don’t blame God for this.  Oh, some say that it’s a warning of things to come.  God destroyed the twin cities of the past because of their sins and beliefs, perhaps he’s giving us a warning.

Sorry, even God has limits in his vengeance.  Killing innocent children is not his way.

No, God is watching from above, with children gathered around him, looking down upon mankind and wondering, “Why can the masses not see they are the cause of their misery?  They have failed to teach the children and have listened to the false prophets in seeking direction in raising the young.  They have become a society of the irresponsible, that seek to blame instead of solve.  Greed and power has destroyed the society of love and caring and equality.  They have allowed material objects to become the center of attention instead of family joy and togetherness.  I see samplings of goodness and care, but I see most forgetting and going about business as normal.  When will they learn?  When will they awaken?”

So, where do we go from here?

Do we go back to making jokes?   

“Congress is being held at gunpoint by gun control advocates to ensure the gun laws are changed.”  
“Top named department stores have changed the name of their children’s photography sessions from “photo shoots” to “picture taking opportunities.”   
“School officials all over the nation are experimenting with new ways to keep children safe while getting an education.  It’s called, “home schooling.”

No, it’s too soon.  Nothing is funny, only crude and without class.

It’s like saying, “What did the 33rd floor executive say when he say a jet coming at the World Trade Center?  “Damn, I knew I was going to miss my flight!”

Sometimes, it’s always too soon.

In 1955's "The Night Of The Hunter", Lillian Gish stars as the saving grace for two children as their mother was killed and they are being stalked by a vicious killer.  As the ending credits grow near, she looks at the camera and says, "You know, when you're little, you have more endurance than God is ever to grant you again.  Children are man at his strongest.  They abide and they endure."

Our kids will survive this.  And, in due time, so will we.  Life will go back to normal.  Blogs will be about little daily activities and the trials and tribulations of every day life.  We will laugh, we will shake our heads in disbelief, and we will finish with cute comments to the authors.

The sun will once again shine brightly.

And angels will smile.

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