Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rambling Tuesday: 50 Shades Of Grey, Homosexuals, and Gun Registration

Today is Tuesday, 
so it must be time to ramble!

(As if I don't any other day.)

As I was driving home last night, I started thinking about what I might ramble about today.  All sorts of topics ran through my mind.  

(Decisions, decisions)

First, I could talk about my wife.  I figured that must be an acceptable topic, since many of the wonderful ladies in blogging talk about their husbands ... day after day after day.

Not that I mind it.  In fact, I find it somewhat funny at times.  What makes it difficult is commenting on their blogs without sounding like a male chauvinist.

How does one comment about a sexual evening when dealing with the opposite sex in blogging?  Oh, I guess there's the humorous remarks, but when and where does one draw the line?  

Lets be real for a minute.  If a female makes somewhat racy comments, it's funny.  Yet, by the same token, if a male makes those type of comments, all of a sudden he's a sexual pervert that only has visions of nudity and the physical act taking place.  

Watch out, here comes the blog police!!!!

It's kind of like the book 50 Shades of Grey.  If a man were to discuss this book, he would be viewed as only seeing the sex.  OMG, guys only see porn in books like this ... not the beauty of love and relationships and togetherness!  Draw your curtains, grow the hedges, and lock the doors ... a man is present!

Yet, Ellen, Oprah, and many other females openly discuss this with humor, sexual innuendoes, and extreme raciness.  

I've nothing against this book.  No, I haven't read it.  My wife doesn't shop much (Thank God!), and I've yet to build up the courage to face the old ladies at the cash register with this publication, whom judge as if the Golden Throne was a piece sitting in their living room.  Nor do I feel like lying about it and asking them, "Is this any good?  My wife has wanted to read this for the longest time."

Should I even let her read this?

To a man, it might get her in a mood that one would rather avoid. 

 (How do you know when a man is lazy?  When sex becomes work!)

Or, am I speculating about something that wouldn't happen?  

(How many years has it been?)

No worry.  There's a couple of cd's coming out today that I'd rather spend my money on.  Maybe next week ... doubtful ... but maybe next week.  I'll have to check and see what blue-rays and cd's come out then.

(I mean, after so many years, what's another week ... or month ... or year ... or decade?)

But see, now I've gone too far.  All of a sudden, there are some who are starting to feel uncomfortable.  All of a sudden, this unknown entity is becoming a ... should I say it ... a man!

Oh, The Humanities!!!   

Pack your bags, lock the doors, and run to the hills ... gender bias has come home!  

Don't worry ... my walker with wheels will only go so fast.  However, next week, the electric scooter cart arrives!  I can't wait.  Wal-Mart females, beware!   I'll be traveling at seven miles per hour ... up and down the aisles ... reaching out ... pinching and grabbing ... and laughing as the store manager chases me out the door!

Okay, so I'm not that old.  
Scared you for a minute though, didn't I?

(Or, are you disappointed?)

Yep, another typical male comment provided for your benefit.  I had to give you what you expected.  Right?

Anyway, let's take a look at the news and see what's happening around the world.

  1. A crazed maniac drove his car into two other cars and then crashed through the front of a Wal-Mart in San Jose, California yesterday.  Once inside, he jumped out and started attacking shoppers and workers with a blunt instrument.  (In retaliation, the Politically Correct California State Legislature is drawing up a bill that will make all motor vehicles and blunt instruments dangerous weapons, and to be outlawed as illegal.)
  2. Aurora theater shooter, James Holmes, proved he was sane by having his defense request a plea bargain for his life.  However, the prosecution has turned down this request and will pursue the death penalty.  (Looks like the dumbass finally outsmarted himself.  Only a sane man would plead for his life, so the defense just blew the insanity plea!)
  3. Thirty-five teachers and administrators in Atlanta have been charged with cheating to increase their students test scores.  (This is truly showing the students that education does it’s best to see that no child gets left behind.  Students were informed about the case verbally, since most had not yet learned to read by the time they graduated high school.)
  4. An Italian scientist has proclaimed that vaccines make people gay.  He claims that the chemicals prevent a child from discovering who he or she is by creating a chemical shield that blocks proper brain and personality development.  He also warns about increasing numbers of homosexuals in the future because of this.  (Bruno Tonioli, judge on Dancing With The Stars, calls this “the worst proclamation he’s ever seen as the form is wrong, the toes not pointed, and the effort inferior and extremely butch.”)
  5. President Obama and family attended Easter Sunday services and were entertained by the Reverend Luis Leon making political remarks about conservatives holding on to outdated views on race, gender roles, and immigration.  (The collection plate was then passed, after Luis commented that food stamps, unopened condoms, and fake green cards would be greatly appreciated.)
  6. Connecticut has become the first state to require mandatory gun registration of all guns and magazines.  (Next on the agenda, mandatory outlawing of motor vehicles and blunt instruments.)
  7. Norway has been chosen as the best place for a person to retire, followed closely by Switzerland, Luxembourg, Sweden and Austria.  The United States came in 19th.  (Walkers with ski runners are much cheaper than walker with wheels and mobile scooters.  In addition, lawsuits involving elderly gentlemen grabbing customers as they drive up and down the aisles of smaller Norwegian department stores are minimal.)

And that’s going to do it for this week’s Rambling Tuesday!

Keep your chin(s) up, the smile huge, and donations coming!

Anyone got an extra copy of 50 Shades Of Grey?