Sunday, March 3, 2013

Guilty As Charged!

I've been a bad boy!
For the few of you that emailed me and asked if I was "okay" this week, I answer you now,  "Yes, I've been very busy, but I am doing fine."

In the kingdom of Blogdom, one might even say, "I've been a bad boy!"

Yes, I'm guilty!  I admit it!  I took a week off!  

I only assisted Gabriela last Sunday to get her Monday post out (which, by the way, will probably be her last), and I took a week to concentrate on business (real life stuff).  

I didn't write and I didn't read.  I'm a terrible person and will be damned forever because of this.

Actually, I can think of many more reasons why that might happen besides this one, but it sounds good here, "So what the hell?"

There are times in a person's life that they need to step back and observe.  Not just the world around them, but the internal and external world they're forcing themselves to reside within.  

You may ask, "OMG, is Rich starting to get into a deep conversation or just spouting superfluous crap?" 

I know what you'd expect from me.  But, what if I did get serious and philosophical?  Would it shock you?  

If it did occur, would all the bloggers in Blogdom find themselves in lost in a lost world without toilet tissue in time of need?   Or, would this just become another blog that is read by some, scanned by others, and ignored by many?

Probably just ignored by many.

Still, shouldn't we ask ourselves, "Is what I'm blogging relevant to anything, or is it just putting words down on the screen to fill an obligation to those that have chosen to follow?"  

Does it really matter?

However, if irrelevant, does the reader recognize the El Toro defecation it's meant to be, or, are they lingering on every world, analyzing and envisioning this creature of the absurd to be real?

I know ... you’re beginning to consider to scan by now.

Is this blog one of an imaginary intellectual being that has created an imaginary world through dictionary and Thesaurus search and selection?  

And, how many synonyms to "bullshit" actually do exist?

Why do we write?   Is entertainment, instructional, or drama the culprit that sends us down the stairwell of words into the guise of one who determines the life and death of their own  creation?  In other words, if we make a decision to begin something, isn’t it also allowable to change one’s mind in mid-stream and go another direction?  Or, would that be to much of a shock for the reader, whose expectations rely on common routes of travel?

"Let's see ... go up six blocks, take a right at the bakery, go another four blocks ..."

When does the character start or stop being reality?  Does the role we accept in Blogdom affect us in our daily lives?  Is there an obligation to always look at life in a certain manner in order to come up with the next installment?  When does Harry Potter stop becoming Harry Potter?  Must we perform in the nude to shed the image?  

For most of us, let's hope not.  
I, too, have a mirror!

But, if the role does affect us in our daily activities, are we losing out on observing what is really happening by limiting our field of vision?  When do we acknowledge we have blinders on? And, when does the need to shed them in order for deeper growth to continue take place?  Or, are we seeing the world as it truly is, unlike others that run through life so self absorbed that they fail to notice the ironies and false facades of those that govern, pretend to care, and pick their noses in private at those that offer support?

Of course, picking one's nose is justifiable in private, but not in public, 
or in a moving vehicle, regardless of how invisible you really think you are.  
So is burping, releasing gas, and peeing in the shower, 
as long as you don't tell people about it.  

So, I have supplied your head with questions that only you can answer.  Take your time.  It isn’t something that has to be done immediately.  In fact, if I were you, I would first ask myself, “Do any of these really apply to me?”  

If so, then you must decide on a course of action to lead you to the answer your heart desires to uncover.

If they don’t apply, then, don’t bother with them.  Just sit back, relax, and admit to yourself that this was sincerely one hell of a way to get your mind off the fact that I haven’t blogged or visited blogs in a week.  

My apologies.  

Guilty as charged.

Would it help if I said, “I’m sorry?”

Oh well, I tried.