Monday, November 25, 2013

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday #35 ... The Behind Bars Edition

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Here we go again ... 

another Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday!

On this week in which we are to be thankful to our ancestors for fooling the native Americans into thinking we came in peace and were really good folks that believed in sharing, we honor a topic of which the Native Americans know the white man well for ... things that should put us in jail!

When I was young, I used to argue with my history teacher who preached the concept of "Manifest Destiny."  He would stress that the white man felt it their destiny to span across the globe and seek out new lands to nurture.  

Of course, never being one to be quiet and accept El Toro Defecation, I would argue that the white man simply stole old lands from the original inhabitants and continued to steal everything they could get their hands on.

He didn't like me much!

I wish I could tell him today that things haven't changed much.  The only difference is that the color of the skin really doesn't matter anymore as the greedy and wealthy will steal from anyone and everyone they can get away with.  Oh, and that they do it either under the guise of being a "big business" or "politician."

Gee, sounds like "The Establishment" is stronger than ever, doesn't it?

Then, why don't they end up in jail?

You know the answer as well as I do.  The people who rule the legal system are wealthy, too!  It would be a travesty of justice to put one of their own in jail.

Give Martha Stewart an ankle locator and let her stay at home under house arrest, for God's sake!  Why, if you were to put them in jail, they might learn something!  (Or, teach something to those already there!)

Stealing?  Since when would that get you in jail?

And, we all know if one commits murder they'll end up facing life imprisonment 
or the electric chair, right?

Of course, we could possibly declare ourselves legally insane 
and face the woes of an asylum.

Even suicide can get you locked up if you're not careful and fail to complete the job.

But, sometimes you just get totally fed up with the American justice system 
and feel like you've got to do something about it.

So, you can either try to accomplish your act, and possibly go to jail, or, you can say, 
"The Hell With It" and party.  But, be careful how and where you party.

And, if you're not careful, even pleasuring oneself 
can get you in trouble and land you in jail.

Of course, there's always the conventional way of curing your ills 
and having some extra spending cash.

Just remember, guys like this are waiting on you.

So, why not just be good for a change, enjoy a little time with family, 
and have a