Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri ... A riot a day keeps intelligence away!

There was rioting in Ferguson, Missouri last night.  

Of course, many of those rioting were not from Ferguson, but they decided not to wait on the Black Friday specials and get their Christmas presents for free.

What timing!  

Some thought that it was a fire sale.  Trouble was, they grabbed all the merchandise out of the stores first and then started the fires.

Someone should teach them the difference.

Protesting has been a way of the world for centuries.  I hope it never comes to an end.  It is a way for voices to be heard, opinions given the opportunity to be formed, and forces governments to enact changes.

However, the advance threats of, "You either indict this police officer or we're gonna riot" are not protests.  They're demands.  Demands that were based upon so many falsehoods and fantasies that Walter Mitty would have a difficult time understanding them.

Still, there are some who desire violence.  Usually, they are those that have something to gain by the rioting.  Theft of merchandise, public notoriety, and even wealth gained from rebuilding could all be reasons to incite the crowds.  It cannot be vengeance, for they rioted in the neighborhood the shooting took place, instead of the area of the wealthy.  It has to be financial gain.

But, also, it has to be a total disrespect of one's brother.  If you're mad at City Hall, you simply don't attack the homes and businesses of those that stand with you.  That's foolish, disrespectful, and just simply downright ignorant!

And, yet, the rioting will continue.  No, last night's will not be the last.  Those that have no other obligations will find the time to stir things up and continue probably tonight, tomorrow night, and well into the future.  

Extremists love these activities.  White extremists feel as though they are indicative of the blacks inability to rationally think and blend into society as violence is common to all of their race.  Black extremists use them as the "Race Card" and continue to play the "White Society Is Evil To All Blacks" game, accuse every white police officer in the world of abuse, and think anyone that looks at both sides of the issue is a racist.

Both White and Black Extremists are ignorant, racist, and so emotional in their beliefs that they cannot listen or understand the other side.  We should put them all in a cage and let them fight it out to the death.  Then, whichever group survives that battle, gun them all down mercilessly.

Maybe then, the rest of us can live our lives in peace and harmony.

See, most people don't steal from convenience stores or attack police officers.  Personally, I don't care for the police as they get to the scene of the crime way too late and become defensive when questioned.  There are officers who were bullied in school and now use their badge to bully others.  

The Gestapo?  The KGB?  The TSA?  Anyone in authority is going to be pushed time and time again.  You have to leave "who you are" at home and become "what will control the masses" when the badge goes on.  If it were fun, all of us would want to do it.  

But, we don't.  We underpay them, avoid them, and tell them to do their jobs.  We call them names, hold them in contempt, and expand upon stories when discussing them.  We do our best to make them the bad guys for picking up our kids who are breaking the law and take them to jail for discipline.  Discipline they never got at home.

And, whose fault is that?

Ferguson, you have two options.  The first would be to continue upon your path and ruin your sons and daughters.  You are providing the role models for your children.  True, you may have come home last night with a new LED Television, but remember, your home may be the next one broken into and personal goods stolen.  And, it may be either your neighbor's kids or your own doing it if they follow your queue.  

Option Two would be to surprise everyone and stop the violence.  Work for harmony in a peaceful manner, making efforts to blend society instead of segregating it.  Work for a world where color doesn't matter.  After all, colors are only different shades of mankind.  

Key word: Mankind.

All of society needs to stop looking for excuses and blaming others for their woes.  The military has provided many a means to escape the ghettos of the world and mind.  Continuing education assists one in seeing that blame is only an excuse for failure, and not a reason for success.

Take the night off, Ferguson.  Tonight and every night spend at home with your family, teaching right from wrong, common sense techniques, and the basics of loving your brothers.  It may be the start of something new.  Something that can make your city a better place to live.  A place to be safe, raise kids, and prosper.

Take tonight and every night off, Ferguson.

Take the night off!