Friday, January 23, 2015

TTOT ... Are You Being Watched ... legally ...also, ISIS, Kentucky Bonnie And Clyde, and Doomsday Clock! Smile!

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In 1949, George Orwell had the vision to see the future.  

It was not an optimistic vision.

In his novel, "1984", he forecast a day when the government would be able to control mankind through a network of inspection points, video monitoring, and other means.  

Could this be happening now?

You laugh ... or chuckle and shake your head "no" at that.  But, do you really believe that it's not occurring?

What do you say, "Let's get paranoid!"

It is speculated that the future will depend on a new technology.  This isn't a technology of voluntary efforts, but rather one that tracks everything you do in life.  A technology that will collect information about you in all facets of your life.  

There will be NO SECRETS!   Nor, will there be any privacy (as if you have any now if you're married).

If you go to a porn site on the web, this will be collected into your personal history.  If you talk badly about the government, this too will be entered.  If you use your credit card to purchase feminine hygiene products, you'll find this also in your collected history. 

Okay, guys, that makes you wonder about picking up those "special" items for your wife at the department store, doesn't it?

The information collected will be used to build a new "status" for eachindividual.  This status will be called, "Collected Reputation."  

Now, guess what it will be used for?

Employers will use this information for the purpose of deciding to hire you or not.  Talk badly about big business and you might find yourself in the unemployment line for a long time.  Speak harshly about the government and the NSA may be knocking on your door.  Use profanity on Facebook and the masses of the religious may swarm to your door to show you the way to repentance.  

And, that's just the beginning.

Personal privacy will become nonexistent.  The chips in your arms, the cards in your wallet, the phone in your pocket, and the travels on the Internet will all become public information.  "Will all become" ... excuse me, "ARE" public information.

Now, aren't you sorry you went to that porn site last night?

Already, tracking cookies are following you.  Have you noticed how the advertising you see on Facebook generally comes from places you've visited on the web?  Yep, they know you've been there and want you to come back.  So, while you were there, a tracking cookie was attached to you.  Now, it can follow you, see where else you go, count the number of times you return to its location, and present more of its products to you in the side advertising bars of various websites like

Technology ... Big Brother Is Watching ... and "Where You Lead I Will Follow!"  Just another way to control the populace and take away man's rights to privacy.  Remember, cattle have no secrets on the way to the slaughterhouse!


Oh, and be careful going to porn sites!

Anyway, it's time to be thankful, tens times over and ten times under!  There are so many items to discuss this week.  Let's see what we can come up with!


1)  ISIS Video Productions.  Could ISIS be getting into faking video productions?  Experts are looking into the fact that the recent video taken of two Japanese prisoners seems to have been faked!

Although stated that the video has been taken in the same surroundings as the previous ones, experts are looking at this and finding that there is light coming from two sources.  Now, unless the Earth has changed solar systems and we are now receiving light sources from two suns, this video was obviously made indoors with a backdrop of the desert.

"It's my guess that the security agencies are spending most of their time investigating the "change of the solar system" idea, 
rather than the other.  
Perhaps George Lucas should be consulted.  
If he's not available, there's always Jar Jar Binks!"

2)  Northeastern Snowstorm.  A snowstorm is forecast for this weekend to hit the Northeastern United States.  Some say that as much as eight inches of snow may fall.  The storm system was created because it is Winter and things like this happen during this season!  Duhhhh!!!!

"Anyone here wanna shoot an ISIS production video?"

3)  McDonald's To Eliminate Menu Items?   Allover the nation, McDonalds stores are screaming for corporate headquarters to eliminate two major areas of the menu.  

"Get rid of the Cafe" and 
get rid of the Happy Meals!

Parents and kids are screaming all over the world, "Don't get rid of my Happy Meal!"           

It seems that neither product seems to be a major area of concern to the company who feels best looking at a plate full of profits, instead of a plate or cup full of product.

So, have we seen the last of the Happy Meal?   

Remember, this is the meal that hooks many of our children on McDonald's in the first place.  Hooks them into the world of fast food munchies and obesity.   The meal that gives a token toy for inhaling the food that is bad for children and adults to consume.

I think I'm going to go purchase a Happy Meal right now, 
and be prepared if they do cut these food items.  
Let's see, I wonder if a Happy Meal will have 
enough preservatives to store it until 2034?  

4)  Clinton Film Stalled.  A documentary film by Martin Scorsese about President Bill Clinton's time in office has bee shelved.  One would assume it's because of artistic differences, and the fact that Scorsese wanted to present things truthfully, to which no politician would agree.  

It's my guess that Hilary put an end to the filming.  It might not set too well to have old memories of infidelity and blue dresses brought up during her run for the presidency.  

Anyone need some mouthwash?

5)  Carl Jr's Superbowl Ad.  Once again, Carl Jr's will be doing it for the men at the Superbowl!  Yep, there's a regional commercial for the Western Untited States that shows an attractive young lady eating a hamburger.  Problem for some is that the hamburger is dressed up more than the lady!

I'm not sure what the hamburger name is, how much it costs, 
or if it's even available in this area.  It's not my business to 
tell Carl Jr's how to make their hamburgers,
 but, like most male members of society,
 I can't argue with the way they make their commercials.

Anyone for a hamburger?

6)  Bill Belichick.  The head football coach of the New EnglandPatriots seems to be getting lessons on how to avoid controversy from politicians.  Amid the questioning on why 12 of 14 footballs were found to have two pounds less air in them than allowed by the NFL (making them softer to catch and such), good ol' Bill side stepped and basically said, "You'll have to ask my quarterback, Tom Brady about that."

It seems as though even NFL coaches are not immune to society's curse of "Blame Shifting" these days.  Although, let's remember that Belichick has only been in the NFL for forty years, so there's probably a lot he doesn't know.  (cough, cough)

Just think, Bill, it's only two years until the next elections take place.  
That's plenty of time for you to tune up your game and run for political office.  You should do just fine!

7)  Doomsday Clock.   Due to global warming, the threat of nuclear war, and man's insistence to ignore all warnings, the Doomsday Clock is now set at three minutes to midnight.  Never has it been this close to forcasting total destruction of the human race.

The Doomsday Clock is operated by a group of Atomic Scientists who measure facets of society, the environment, and natural history.  It is their position to try to keep the world from avoiding catastrophic disaster.  Could it be that their funding was cut back that has brought forth this fury and wrath?  Or, could it be a real warning of things to come?

Hell, forget about paying bills and just party!  
It's all almost over!

8)  Abortion Bill Takes Funds.    It's called the "No Taxpayor Funding For Abortion Act" bill.  On the anniversary of "Roe vs. Wade", Republicans in the House Of Representatives passed a bill to cut any public funding for abortions.  

It should have been named the "You Play, You Pay" Bill!

No, I'm not a Republican.  Nor am I a Democrat.  I'm an American that is fed up paying for kids having kids and ignoring the fact that we all have a certain amount of personal accountability for us to be responsible.  

Still, let's remember that most of the kids being born these days are in homes where common sense doesn't exist.  Single parent households where the parent is still in junior high school for the most part.  Do we want to keep these folks from having a possible abortion and saving the world from having more and more stupid people?

I guess the government thinks so.  Just goes to show they really do want the masses to be more stupid.  Without active thinkers, it's so much easier to get over on the public!  Thus, forget any chance of the bill not passing in the Senate!

So, take the dip and breed another welfare slip!
You gotta love our country, don't you?

9)  Bill Cosby.  Damn it, did you or didn't you?  There is a few getting ready to take you to court.  Let's just put it all out on the table and be straight!  You're not a politician so that should be simple.  Sit down and have a cup Jello with me and we'll talk about this.  What? The Jello tastes a little funny?  And, you're getting sleepy?  Just out of curiosity, Bill, do you wear boxers or briefs?  

10)  NO, we're not Bonnie and Clyde.   This last week, a couple of teenagers from Kentucky (must have been inbreds) decided they were in love and wanted to get away.  So, they stole a truck, then another, and then another, went to a Walmart in Georgia and cashed a bad check, and were finally picked up in Florida sleeping in one of the stolen trucks.  Now, they're back in Kentucky getting charged for their crimes.  Trouble is, the girl lied to the guy time and time again, and told him she was of age.  Well, she was ... of age thirteen!  So, now the teenage boy has a rape charge against him, too!

Too bad she wasn't his sister!  They'd have gotten away with it then!

Okay, that's it for another week of being thankful.  Sorry this one may seem a little rushed (it was) but I completely ran out of time this week.  Give me another chance next week and I promise I'll eather do better or nothing at all!