Monday, November 4, 2013

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: Remember These?

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The door is open wide and the wind is blowing through the house.  Papers are flying off the table and
landing half open and scattered throughout the living room.  The cats are running wild across the furniture as they seed to find the ghosts in the ceiling that they keep seeing, while my wife and I only can imagine.  

At least that's what is occurring in my mind.


Jen did it to us again!  Instead of giving us a theme or direction, she's stated that this week's Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday is a Dealer's Choice!  In other words, do whatever theme you desire.  OMG, the possibilities!  Which direction should I go?  What should I choose?  What would another person enjoy listening to?

And, what am I willing to use here instead of in another of my Wednesday postings on Raised On Radio?

I believe that every person that has ever been a disc jockey in radio has favorites that didn't quite make the normal playlist rotation.  These might have been songs that were too long, didn't fit the station image just right, or simply didn't appeal to the masses at the time.  Oh, some would have probably hit in later years, but the narrow minded program and music directors made decisions that hid some of these songs for years.

Now, my problem is twofold.  First, I must consider songs that today's audience might like.  Something that isn't so dated that people will turn it off after a few seconds and say, "Oh yeah, I heard a million like that on some oldies station!"  Second, I've got to be able to find these on Youtube in order to share them with you.

So, let us give this a shot.  Since I write from the seat of my pants and haven't investigated the availability of these yet, this may become a long evening.  Hopefully, it will be a good one for you.

First, a group that not many have heard of.  The first released their self titled album in 1968.  It did okay, especially locally in the Detroit area from where they were discovered.  In 1969, they release an album that did much better.  The album was called "Milestones" and the group was SRC.  On milestones, they found several songs that fit the FM format of the day, but instead, chose on releasing two songs that would never make the Top 40 Charts.  The first song was one of an child angel, sitting on a cloud in Heaven, looking down at humans on Earth.  Having had no childhood of his own, the angel proclaimed that he would forsake all of Heaven if he could just have a life of his own.  God was listening and granted his wish, but with the stipulation the angel would have no memory of Heaven.  The song was simply entitled, "The Angel Song."  

The bad thing is, there is no good video of this song.  A 2012 reunion of SRC on tour video exists, but the vocals are fuzzy and the music almost sounding as if someone with a cell phone recorded the event.  However don't fret.  This next song of theirs is worth a listen, too!  It's called, "Hall of the Mountain King / Bolero" and yes, it is the same as the classical music offering you might have heard in music appreciation class.  Did I say the same?  Well, it's the song, but done with electric guitars and instruments of the time.  Folks, this is the best rocking version of the song I've ever heard.  Don't stop until you've listened to the whole thing.  I know you'll be impressed!

Everybody's heard of the Doobie Brothers.  At least, anybody that's listened to real music, instead of the manufactured Pop of today.  Yes, the Doobie Brothers got their name as they were a biker bar band before becoming popular, and when they started playing, the doobies got lit up.  Patrick Simmons told me that in an interview decades ago.  If it's not true, don't blame me.

The Doobies had pop hit after pop hit.  My all time favorite song of theirs is "South City Midnight Lady" which shows a greater depth to their music than pounding out the standard beats.  However, even that song received good air play time.  So, in keeping with my theme, I give you another song that really demonstrated their abilities as complete musicians, "I Cheat The Hangman."

In 1973, Leon Russell toured the United States and created a double live album.  I was lucky enough to see the show at the Exhibition Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Leon was a classic musician, and had gained great notoriety touring with Joe Cocker on the Mad Dogs And Englishmen tour.  Earlier that year, he had released a song called "Tightrope" that lit up the charts and finally got him the attention he deserved.  Even in recent years, he collaborated with Elton John in creating an album.  Elton has stated he was in total awe of the man during the entire effort.  I say I learned how to speak Southern by listening and copying Leon's Texas accent, and believe it or not, that's the truth!  Still, the inner soul of the man comes out best in a slow song describing his earlier experience with Mr. Cocker.  Here's the title track,  "Ballad of Mad Dogs And Englishmen."

The double album of "Jesus Christ Superstar" came out while I was in high school.  It was one of the first rock operas done to a religious theme.  I can't tell you how condemned it was by small town churches throughout middle America.  I remember freaking people out in Latin Class as he and I would look at each other and sing, "What's the buzz, tell me what's happening" over and over.  Of course, the teacher would look at us and make one of her notoriously sarcastic threats, "I'm going to become a mad, raving, raging tiger and slash out with my claws and slice both of you two up if you don't stop that!"  Yeah, she was a cool hippie, too!

Yvonne Elliman, probably best known for her disco hit, "If I Can't Have You", performed a song as Mary Magdalene in this production that wasn't necessarily looked at for its religious association, but more for lovers during times that weren't exactly perfect.  Here's a song that was played fairly heavy back then, but seems to have been completely forgotten by radio today, "I Don't Know How To Love Him."

Let's travel back to 1973 again.  Tampa, Florida's baseball field (don't even think about asking me the name of it), was a concert that was more kick ass than ever anticipated.  J.Geils and his band were the headliners, Spooky Tooth was the middle, and some unknown band called White Witch was the opener.  White Witch?  Who the hell is White Witch?  Let me just say that White Witch was a kick ass band that never got the airplay it deserved.  Why?  Probably because of this song.  

This is a song that is still played at concerts today, either in the recorded music before the show, or as you're leaving the show.  I heard it leaving a Megadeth concert several years ago, and it immediately brought back memories that made me smile so huge my wife thought I was on something.  (I was, but that's another story.)  White Witch released two psychedelic albums that demonstrated much of their talent.  Sad things was, it was all over the place.  They could do anything.  So, I guess one could blame their failure as a band on a lack of focus.  Still "It's So Nice To Be Stoned" didn't help them getting airplay, as radio was somewhat afraid of playing that one, or having that one requested for airplay.  Just easier to eliminate any of the band's offerings I guess.  Enough talk.  Here's the classic, "It's So Nice To Be Stoned!"  Listen to the words in this one!  They will create a smile, guaranteed!

Radio has a way of destroying music.  It's called lets talk the artists into shortening the song.  Loggins & Messina released "Angry Eyes" in 1972 on their self titled album.  It was seven minutes and forty-two seconds long.  Most stations refused to play it.  So, Loggins & Messina shortened it.  To me, it ruined the song.  To them, it got people to listen to it, buy the albums, and hear the complete version.  To hear them play the full song in concert was bliss.  The quality of the musicians, the intensity of the music, and the lull of the rhythm pulled you into a world of Loggins & Messina that ended when their partnership did, and Kenny Loggins went his way into pop stardom.  Well, they got back together and are still kickin' sand in the face of walker with wheels music directors.  From 2012, this is Loggins & Messina with the full concert version of "Angry Eyes!"  Enjoy!

And that's it!  Gotta save some for future posts.  Hope you enjoyed these.  Please visit the rest of the great writers in this hop and check out their "Dealer's Choice" posts.  Yep, could be damn interesting to say the least.  So, leave here and go do it, but first, please leave a comment!  I'm going to listen to White Witch again and remember the good old days, or at least, what I remember of them.  Something blurred them somewhat.  Oh well, back to White Witch!!!!


Okay, okay, just in case you wanted to listen to "The Angel Song" by SRC, 
here's the video.  Again, I remind you, it's not the best, but the song if fantastic!!