Thursday, April 24, 2014

Georgia's New Gun Law ... Ya Gotta Love It ... Or Hate It!

As Colorado and California have led the way for the legalization of marijuana, Georgia is leading the way for carrying loaded weapons.

Talk about a real smoking gun!

Georgia’s Governor has signed a bill that would make it legal for the state’s citizens to carry a weapon almost everywhere.  Of course, government buildings are still off limits, as well as the airport (even though vengeance against certain rude and obnoxious body searching TSA agents seems justified).  But, now, one can carry a weapon into bars, shopping malls, and other public places without fear of imprisonment.

Why is this good?  It’s simple … with more citizens armed, there are more weapons to fight crime!  Yep!  It's "bang bang shoot 'em up time!

Let’s be real for a moment.  If a shooter starts firing maniacally in a mall at innocent people, wouldn’t you like to know that his time will be short as ten others open fire on him?  There would be no fifteen to thirty minute delay as the police are called, finish their donuts and coffee, and finally arrive to act shocked and count the dead.  No!  The police could finish their lifestyle snacking, pause a moment to wipe the icing from their uniforms, and leisurely drive to the scene of the crime to tag the shooter’s toe and award good conduct medals to those who participated in saving the justice system thousands of dollars on a trial in which mind doctors will blame his crime on a sad upbringing and have him spend the rest of his living days in a mental institution at the taxpayers expense!

Think Twice About Raping Me Now,
Won't You!
Gang members shooting up a home on your block as they drive by?  Open fire from your front porch with the rest of the neighborhood and make it a fatal gauntlet for them!  

7-11 robbery in progress?  Wait until the culprits exit and let loose with the volunteer firing squad!  (Watch that Slurpee splatter!)  

Meth addict robbing your neighbor’s home?  End his addiction (and career) immediately and show him the true meaning of blow … as in “Blow Your F**king Head Off!”

Remember, you still have to be licensed to carry a gun legally, so be careful until you get that plastic badge of honor.  Those that break the law have no regard for those who preach, “Justice will be done.”  In fact, they laugh at them and make plans to rob, ruin, or rape those who fail to protect themselves. Many develop these plans in their institutions of higher education, better known as our prison system!

Guns Are Not A New
Invention.  However, Man's Lack
Of Accountability And Validation of
Violent Acts Preceded Guns
By Centuries!
In class, you’ll learn proper gun handling techniques, how to keep your weapon clean, and how to aim to kill the bastards!  You’ll also make contact with those that can help you plan out fool proof excuses for shooting lawbreakers, how to acquire a non-registered pistol to plant on them, and how to set yourself up to beat the best of forensic blood spatter experts!  (Yeah, real life Dexters.)  Plus, this is where you'll be able to pick out your favorite type of holster, belt, shoulder, or pantie!

Opponents of the bill state that innocent people will be killed.  They also fear an attitude of the Wild Wild West will prevail.  And, there is a fear that crazies will be able to more easily procure guns.

Let me ask you this, “Are innocent people being killed now, doesn’t a crazy going into a school or theater shooting indiscriminately mirror the gangs shooting wildly as they rode their horses into town in the Wild Wild West, and what crazy has ever been stopped from getting a gun because of any law on the books???"

Let’s face it, man is a violent creature.  From stabbings to crushing others with 3,000 pound moving vehicles to shooting, he will find a weapon to kill when he wants to bad enough.  It is not the weapon that says, “Hey, I think I’ll shoot that kid over there”, it’s the individual that feels justified because he had the same upbringing as the other three maniacs that performed the same act before him!

The Wild Wild West Might Not
Be Too Bad At That!
So, what’s going to happen next?

My guess is that several states will follow Georgia’s lead and do the same.  Then, the Federal Government will step in and say, “You can’t do that.  We’re going to come up with our own laws.”

However, police departments, now having a break in the action since most criminals are cowards at heart and are now afraid to commit crimes for fear of being shot, will back the states rights and fail to enforce the Federal regulations.  This will piss the Feds off big time!

The Feds will threaten to hold back any and all monetary funding and support unless compliance takes place.  Armed military will come in to disarm the citizens.  Frustrations will grow to the breaking point and many will be killed on both sides.  Marshall law will be instigated, and hangings and other death by executions will be performed in city squares throughout the United States.

After this, the government will proclaim elections void, and award the President a lifetime position.  (Michelle is already picking out her dress for the occasion.)  Still, with man being a violent creature, he will demand violence.  In order to quell the masses, an annual sporting contest will be created.  Members from various locations will be chosen at random to participate in these life and death struggles with only one survivor becoming the champion.

Yeah, ever hear of the Hunger Games?

I’m cheering for J-Law.  
How about you?

**I personally don't believe Georgia's law is the answer.  Still, I feel much safer knowing I have a weapon in the house when I go to sleep at night than I did when there was none.  As I get older, I see more and more of the seniors robbed and worse as they have become easy victims for those that use violence to get what they want.  Parents have failed to raise their children properly, psychologists fail to recognize the need for discipline, and the value of a person's life is less today than ever before.  Given the alternative, I'll take my chances armed.  At least I have an equal chance that way.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: The Last Dance



They say it's done, at least for now.

She's tired, stressed, wrinkled brow.

Twisted sometimes, sane with rum,

Some sang loud, for some a hum.

But can we truly say goodbye?

Gloria Gaynor answers way up high.

GLORIA GAYNOR - "Never Can Say Goodbye"

But if it's true and goodbye we sing,

In which manner do we make it ring?

This way or that, so many ways,

Train offers fifty, find one that stays.

TRAIN - "50 Ways To Say Goodbye"

The beauty of the music lingers,

like the beach's sand on dampened fingers.

No matter how hard we shake our hands,

Some grains travel with us to distant lands.

SEALS & CROFTS  -  "We May Never Pass This Way Again"

Don McLean once sang how the music died,

at times it may seem so in the world we reside.

Yet, when one peers deeply into the night,

music, like a candle, flickers bright.

ELTON JOHN  -  "Candle In The Wind"

Realization hits, emotions flare,

The time is close, does anyone care?

Ciao, Goodbye, I bid you adieu,

 Sad farewells, Dylan's words are true.

BOB DYLAN  -  "It's All Over Now Baby Blue"

So, has it died, these tunes we've shared,

the new, the old, even some duets prepared?

Is silence now our only friend?

Has the time arrived, the empty end?

The DOORS  -  "The End"

It has to change, we'd never survive,

without the music, no one's alive.

Only temporary, it's got to be,

The future has music, for you and me!

CHRIS REA  -  "Fool If You Think It's Over"


Friday, April 4, 2014

Yellowstone Super Volcano? What happens if ... (Fiction?)

“Vile, despicable creatures of the Earth … rise up and take your place amongst the living!”

Well, it sounded like a great first line to get attention.

Now, if there was only someone alive to read it.

The super volcano in Yellowstone National Park erupted one week ago, emptying its’ guts of ash and lava.  There is no more Central United States.  Gone is the only way to describe it.  

Yeah, none of us, if there really is someone out there besides myself still alive, have a clue as to what’s going on in the way of rescue efforts, if there are any taking place at all.  Doesn’t much matter as we’ll all be dead soon.  Air is so toxic to breathe anymore being filled with the ash all the time.  If we don’t suffocate, we’ll starve as there’s at least seven feet of ash covering the ground.  And, "No", you can't ski atop it.  

The shock waves shook the house like a 7.0 earthquake that April morning.  It was only a week, but seems so long ago.  I first thought one of the planes that flew overhead on its final landing approach to the airport had crashed prior to reaching the runway.  Power went out immediately.  I figured the lines had been slashed by the airliner.  It happened just as I was right in the middle of blow drying my hair for work.  “Oh well, late again” I figured.

Could It have erupted here in Yellowstone?
We'll never know!
It was the silence that followed that got me.  Silence after everyone shut off their damn car alarms that had been set off by the shock.  Slowly, as one by one they were shut off, the silence took over.  Eerie, almost, like something bad was going to happen.

If we’d only of known the truth of the matter, we might have been more than a little scared.

I finished dressing in the early morning light and made my way outside to survey the damage.  I didn’t see a damn thing there out of the normal.  So, I got into my car and drove on to work, or, I should say, “…tried to drive on to work.” 

I couldn’t go far.  Traffic was snarled up as all the stoplights were powerless.  Hell, I turned around and figured I’d go in later after the power came back on.  I couldn’t do anything there without power, anyway.  We've since surmised that the entire United States power grid was taken out.  And me without batteries ... of course.

Mt. Vesuvius erupted in the 1800's and ash was
spread for miles.  This would only be a pinprick
to a super volcano in Yellowstone.
The neighbors were standing outside when I drove back up into my driveway.  Common chit chat was replaced with questions concerning the noise we’d heard and the loss of power.  None of us knew a thing.  Finally, it hit me to pull out a laptop and turn it on.  Then I remembered that without power, I had no cable, which meant no Internet! 

The stupidity of my actions just pissed me off even more.  About that time, the emergency sirens began to scream out their slow, drawn out moaning.  Later in the day, local police cars were patrolling and announcing through their public address loudspeakers about the volcanic eruption of Yellowstone Park.  We were told to stay in our homes.  Little did we know they were to become our caskets.

My wife was at my daughter’s home fifty miles away when the ash started falling.  It was worse than a snow blizzard’s white out as you couldn’t see half a block away.  It just kept coming and coming.  I watched it, alone, from inside my house, as it climbed in depth from one foot to three, then to five, and then to the top of my picture window. 

Needless to say, I wasn’t going anywhere.

The geysers should've provided plenty of warning.
Was it ignored?
That was a week ago.  The days have passed slowly … so slowly as I can only sit and wait for the end to occur.  We never kept much food around, and I’ve already gone through everything that’s edible.  Even my supply of Diet Cokes is dwindling.  Having an allergy to white enriched flour has helped some as it puts me to sleep less than a half hour after I eat it.  So, I've slept a lot!  Woke up several times in the dark, thinking I was dead.  Kind of wish I was.

I’ll never see my wife again, at least, not in this world.  I don’t know if she’s dead or alive right now.  I hope she’s not suffering in either case.  I miss her.  It just doesn’t seem right not to be together at the end.  Still, she’s with her daughter, so at least she’s got someone to hold on to.

When the end is close, one thinks about all the things they didn’t do, and all the things they wished they’d done.  All the time they’d spent working instead of sharing time together.  All the times a silly spat had separated them as she’d spend the evening in the bedroom pouting, instead of holding each other and appreciating what each had meant to each other.  All the times money had become the major topic of discussion instead of the love they’d shared.  I even regretted all the Sundays I’d slept late so that she and the kids would go to church and I could stay home and enjoy the peaceful moments alone.

Now I was going to die alone.

The ash on the roof is beginning to find its way into the house.  That’s okay, I’ve just about used up all the good air anyway.  I think the ash almost acted as a filter against the falling particles for a while and gave me a few more days of life.  Now, it had decided that it wanted to find out what was living inside the house and end its time.

So, I breathe for the moment.  It won’t be long, I’m sure, before I’m gone.  The ash in the air is starting to get into my lungs.  If it gets too tough, I’ll end it with one of my pistols.  Pistols!  Funny, I thought I’d have to use them to protect myself in case of such a disaster.  Seven feet of ash tend to put an end to anyone trying to break in, that’s for sure.  So, I’ve got over a thousand rounds of ammunition in the house.  Isn’t it ironic that I’ll only need one round to do the job?

If you’re still around in the future and get a chance to read this, I can only hope that you’ll learn the lessons we failed to observe.  Love and appreciate those that mean the most in your life.  Take time to live instead of working all the time.  Enjoy life to the fullest for it is way too short.  And, when it’s over, that’s it … it’s over.

Damn, getting tougher to breathe and darker now. 

What did I do with that pistol?

Afterward:  None of us know if the bison running out of Yellowstone is a warning or a migration.  We do know that Yellowstone houses an amount of magma that could easily create a super volcano.  Should one erupt, life will cease on this Earth as we know it.  Man will survive, but in limited numbers.  Geodesic information has been available for only those with a security clearance since the beginning of the year.  Independents say something is going on.  History proves a thermal blow-out takes place about every 600,00 years.  It has been 640,000 years since the last.  We are well overdue.