Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ten Things Of Thankful: The Black Friday Edition

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I've been trying to validate the name to the shopping day after Thanksgiving called 
"Black Friday."

No, I'm not going to research it on Wikipedia.

I would tend to believe that it's because of the horrible way many act this day.  Fights, rudeness, and general disregard for one's fellow man tends to make this a "Black" day for mankind each year.

So, the day after we supposedly celebrate a day of thanks, we toss that aside to act like uneducated, wild people in the name of greed ... or, getting what we don't need regardless of the consequences.

Yeah, that makes sense! 

Of course, in reality, what else to we expect to take place?  It's like an annual human shark feeding frenzy that the retailers instigate each year.  "Chomp, Chomp ... bite on this low priced TV!  Chomp, Chomp ... bite on this low priced tablet!  Chomp, Chomp ... bite your neighbor!  It's all in fun!  Right?"

No, I'm not blaming the retailers.  Many of them have already done their best to ruin the concept of family by opening on Thanksgiving.  No longer do families relax and enjoy a complete day of getting together, eating, laughing, and sharing tales of family history.  Now, we simply toss down the food and get out the sale flyers to map out shopping strategies.  "Bye, Bye family ... time to go stand in line with the rest of the herd so we can rush the doors and act like we have no common sense when the retailers doors open!"

If that's not bad enough, the corporate heads are sitting at home with their families while the workers aren't allowed to be with theirs.  "Let the slaves deal with the maddening masses while we sit high in our boxes and let the lions feed on them!"

Isn't it nice that society has advanced so far from the days of the Roman coliseum slaves and gladiators?

I’m sure the crowds Thursday night and Friday didn’t disappoint the observers.  Isn’t it nice to know you satisfied your non-paying audience?  

So, in essence, you really aren’t getting low prices.  You’re simply being paid to perform!  You are the entertainers that put on a show of what greed does to those weak enough to fall prey to it.  You’re being laughed at and rated for your performance as the corporate audience chuckles all the way to the bank.  You are the fools that give them satisfaction.

But, I do hope you got what you wanted.  They did!

Which brings us to this week‘s edition of  

“Ten Things Of Thankful!”

Yeah, I know, what a way to segue into it!

Our wonderful hosts of this event would take a page and a half to list as they have grown in numbers over and over again.  Still, they are worth remembering, so you can find a complete listing of these gracious individuals, as well as more of these “posts of thankfulness” here:     Here ... It's Here!!!! Push the link to get there!!!

Don’t tell me you don’t have time to visit them.  You waited in line how long Friday?

So, let us begin our quest for “Thankfulness.”

This week, I’m thankful for:

No More Whips!
Just Pressure By Compliments!
Meet Madam Lizzi!
1)  Lizzi, better known as “Considerer”, who complimented me in a post this week by stating that I “might be the Big Daddy of blogging.”  I actually had to sit back and contemplate this statement for a few minutes after reading it.  All I’ve ever attempted in my blogs is to observe the idiocy of mankind and provide a somewhat humorous look at what is so readily available to be seen once you step back and actually look at the happenings in front of you.  It is an effort to take the truth, lay it out as it occurs, and let your mind do the thinking.  We do much too little of that these days.  Thought has almost taken a back seat to reacting.  Black Friday is a prime example of this.

If my observations and possible scenarios laced with some semblance of humor bring about a “Big Daddy” status, then I’m exceptionally honored that one so well versed as Lizzi would provide me with such a title.  Perhaps my efforts are not in vain, but instead, a catalyst for thought to begin and grow.  Perhaps the seeds I plant may cause a person to stop, look at what is happening around them, and create an alternate path for them to travel.  If that is the case, I’ve achieved all I ever started out to accomplish.  “Thank you, Lizzi!  It means more than you imagine.  It also puts forth more pressure than ever to perform to meet your standards!  God love you!”

2)  My zombie turkey eating cats.  They saved the day this year!  If you have no idea as to what I’m talking about don’t feel bad.  I’ve learned that the night before Thanksgiving is not the time to publish a post.  If you want to find out more, I’m shamelessly providing a link for you to exactly that!   Zombie Turkey Eating Cats ... Yeah, you missed it!!!!

3)  My wife that forgets Thanksgiving Day leftovers and provides a dish of grocery store frozen food department pasta the day after.  Having had one meal on Thanksgiving, and nothing all day Friday, I was looking forward to eating a plate of leftovers upon my arrival home from work Friday night.  Instead, I find a half filled plate of this inedible dish of rubberized morsels and tasteless sauce awaiting.  Oh well, that’s what Dollar Store peanuts are for, I guess!

4) for reminding me once again that I must wait until this week next year to download current albums.  Ones that I’ve already downloaded for $6.99 - $9.99 are now on sale for $1.99 - $5.99.  Of course, there are a few artists who consider their music so valuable that they need not participate in these customer friendly savings.  They will continue to find that their music remains on my “not necessary to own” list to this day.  Btw, Jay-Z, I heard your last one sucked anyway!

Load Limit 250 pounds!!!!!
5)  Fat Floaters.  This is what I call the mechanized shopping carts that carry folks too fat to walk around WalMart and other retailers so that their shopping is easier.  Meant to be strictly for handicapped individuals, these are used more and more by those too obese to put one foot in front of the other and get some much needed exercise.  I imagine many were used the last couple of days as battering rams, running over the heels of the innocent few that no longer need to waddle through the aisles.  If a weight limit restriction was posted before the usage of these vehicles, I’m sure many would find themselves losing calories.

6)  Idiotic Traffic Engineers.  These folks have delayed the time it takes to get through intersections in my fair city by separating the turn lane signals.  Instead of operating at the same time, they are now delayed.  In other words, first, one direction has the turn lane, then traffic goes straight, then, the other direction has the turn section.  This not only doubles the turn lane available time, but also doubles the amount of time one has to wait on lights to change for their direction.  I think these individuals are somewhat sadistic in nature, but not intelligent enough to understand that they also fall victim on their route home.  Can we say, “Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, children?”

7)  Turkey Roasts.  As in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, I tend to wonder what part of the turkey the roast comes from.  I have cut up many a turkey in my day, and have yet to find this oval ball of meat on any of them.  Could this actually be “processed” meat?  No, they wouldn’t do that to a turkey, would they?  Would they really grind up a turkey, add preservatives and chemical shapers, cover it with a plastic covering and net to hold it together until it’s frozen, and then sell it as a roast?  That wouldn’t happen in America, would it?  (I think I see an audience being laughed at again!)

8)  Family Values.  Hahahahahahahahaha!  You knew I was joking here, didn’t you?  I know, those became extinct a long time ago!  Got you laughing, though, didn’t I?

9)  Dollar Store shoe inserts.  Instead of spending $15 on shoe inserts that make my feet cramp up constantly, I’ve found that the Dollar Store inserts keep the cold floors at work from transferring their temperature to the bottoms of my feet much better, and without the cramping.  If you’ve never felt the stabbing nails enter the top of the middle of your foot as it begins to cramp up, you’re one of the lucky ones.  Be patient, I’m told that it comes with age.  Yeah, if you’re lucky, one day you’ll get old, too!

10)  You, the reader, for having patience with me getting around to read your hop posts.  I attempted to at least get around to all that commented on mine last week, even though it was a few days after the hop.  Working seven days a week (minus Thanksgiving Day, of which I basically tried to catch up on sleeping while my wife worked) does not leave much time for anything else.  I will finally have a day off this coming Thursday from my normal employment.  It will be much welcomed, but unfortunately, there are several things that I have to get done as they have been put off for quite some time.  Still, your understanding and continued reading and commenting are greatly appreciated.

And, that is it!  So, if you survived shopping on Black Friday, and still have some small semblance of humanity left within, I hope I didn’t offend you too much.  Hell, you put on a great show for all those watching!  

Betcha can’t wait for next year, can you?


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Twas the Night of the Zombie Thanksgiving Turkey Clones!!!

Revenge Will Be Sweet!!!!!
Twas the night before Thanksgiving

And all through the house,

The cats were being assholes

as they toyed with a mouse.

The snores from my wife's bedroom

rattled the neighbor's windows next door,

Which disturbed her nice income

Rhythm breaking the old whore.

And me in my sweat suit, 

iced Diet Coke in hand,

had just settled down 

to the Homemade Jazz Band.

Suddenly, from the kitchen, there arose such a clatter,

My cats said, "Get your ass up and see what's the matter!"

Grabbing my .9 mm, I entered and hit the light,

I nearly crapped my pants as I saw the strange sight!

How do you kill a dancing, killer
Zombie Turkey???
The thawed out turkey had thrown open the fridge's heavy door,

and was slipping and sliding on the cheaply tiled floor.

"Could I have a Zombie Turkey" thought entered my mind,

as I stood there standing shocked at what I did find.

Could the turkeys of the country have risen up from the grave,

and be planning sweet revenge in making us their mind slave?

Was this happening the world over, 

in everyone's kitchen this night?

And, if so, what could we do,

against them how would we fight?

The cats transformed into Zombie Turkey
Killer Cats!!!!!
No head to shoot off, no heart to shoot out,

just tender meat and hollow bones,

Already dead, we'd been promised,

no killer zombie turkey clones.

Faletame and Gabriela, 

high arching their spines,

ears constantly flinching 

at the turkey's mournful whines.

"Go F-Man, no hesitation,

attack it you see,

Do it G-Girl, slice it to pieces,

Before it kills you and me!

Take Off My Feathers, Freeze Me,
Thaw Me In The Fridge, and then
Bake Me!!!   You'd be pissed, too!!!

Now, it's over, the cats are happy

cleaning whiskers and mouth,

turkey's nothing but bones and gristle

scattered through this kitchen in the South.

What a year, this has been, 

in this country in which we live.

Obamacare, gun control, 

more taxes we must give.

Now, zombie turkeys on Thanksgiving,

Aw, the hell with this ....

Where's my medical marijuana?

Hope you enjoyed, this little tale

of Thanksgiving eve night,

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

And to all a "Good Night!"

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday #35 ... The Behind Bars Edition

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Here we go again ... 

another Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday!

On this week in which we are to be thankful to our ancestors for fooling the native Americans into thinking we came in peace and were really good folks that believed in sharing, we honor a topic of which the Native Americans know the white man well for ... things that should put us in jail!

When I was young, I used to argue with my history teacher who preached the concept of "Manifest Destiny."  He would stress that the white man felt it their destiny to span across the globe and seek out new lands to nurture.  

Of course, never being one to be quiet and accept El Toro Defecation, I would argue that the white man simply stole old lands from the original inhabitants and continued to steal everything they could get their hands on.

He didn't like me much!

I wish I could tell him today that things haven't changed much.  The only difference is that the color of the skin really doesn't matter anymore as the greedy and wealthy will steal from anyone and everyone they can get away with.  Oh, and that they do it either under the guise of being a "big business" or "politician."

Gee, sounds like "The Establishment" is stronger than ever, doesn't it?

Then, why don't they end up in jail?

You know the answer as well as I do.  The people who rule the legal system are wealthy, too!  It would be a travesty of justice to put one of their own in jail.

Give Martha Stewart an ankle locator and let her stay at home under house arrest, for God's sake!  Why, if you were to put them in jail, they might learn something!  (Or, teach something to those already there!)

Stealing?  Since when would that get you in jail?

And, we all know if one commits murder they'll end up facing life imprisonment 
or the electric chair, right?

Of course, we could possibly declare ourselves legally insane 
and face the woes of an asylum.

Even suicide can get you locked up if you're not careful and fail to complete the job.

But, sometimes you just get totally fed up with the American justice system 
and feel like you've got to do something about it.

So, you can either try to accomplish your act, and possibly go to jail, or, you can say, 
"The Hell With It" and party.  But, be careful how and where you party.

And, if you're not careful, even pleasuring oneself 
can get you in trouble and land you in jail.

Of course, there's always the conventional way of curing your ills 
and having some extra spending cash.

Just remember, guys like this are waiting on you.

So, why not just be good for a change, enjoy a little time with family, 
and have a 



Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ten Things Of Thankful ... Turkeys Are Crying!

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In considering whether to participate in Ten Things Of Thankful this week, I have to remember that I failed to visit as many blogs as I had wanted last week.

I apologize if I didn't visit yours.

It was actually in my plans to do so, but my body, with the bronchitis it was holding within, simply wouldn't cooperate.  In fact, my wife finally just got pissed off at me and turned off my computer during one of my nod out sessions.

This is where you expect me to call her a "Bitch", isn't it?

I'm going to restrain myself from doing so over that.  She was only thinking of my health, and figured if I awoke to a blank screen that I would get up and go to bed where I belonged.

After 33 years, she still doesn't know me that well.

The fact of the matter is that I didn't get around much.  What I did read I really don't remember much.  So, I guess I seriously was somewhat sicker than even I imagined.  Either that or someone changed out my Marlboros for some Denver brand.  

Rocky Mountain High 100's anyone?

Yesterday, I started feeling a little better.  Today, that continued.  I'm hoping tomorrow does the same.

Just in time for 29 degree weather to arrive.

I really don't mind cold weather.  In fact, I'd rather have it cold than hot.  I recognize that I'm in the minority, but think of it this way.  When you're outrageously hot in the summer, you go inside to the air conditioning and sprawl out, somewhat exhausted, working to bring down your body temperature.  

There are people you really don't want to see sprawled out.  You know who they are!

In the winter, you come inside to get warm, huddle up around the heater or fireplace, get close to each other, and enjoy a nice cup of holiday tea or hot cocoa together.  You're ready to do something to stay warm ... which usually means having fun.  

And what you don't want to see is usually covered up with plenty of clothing!

See, not only is cold weather more refreshing, it's softer on the eyes!  

Moving on, it's once again time for 

Ten Things Of Thankful!!!!!!

All of our wonderful hostesses allow us to spew our words or wisdom and thoughts of tantalizing tidbits of thankful during this time period.  And, I understand this is the 25th Anniversary Edition!!!  

How much longer do these people think we can come up 
with crap to be thankful for, anyway????

I've not been here for all 25 installments.  In fact, I really haven't been here that much.  

No, I'm not going back for an actual count.  Geesh!

So, without further drudgery and disdain, let us begin this week's farce efforts to bring forth the theory of thankful things!

OMG, I'm so thankful for:

1)  Salvation Army Money Collectors.  Don't you just love the ever ringing of undersized piercing metal cowbells every time you get within five miles of a retail establishment.  I saw these guys out this last Wednesday for the first time.  My first thoughts were, "Damn!  These guys beat Wal-Mart to the punch!"  I bet you won't find any of them out on Thanksgiving Day.  

2)  Microwaves of various wattage's.  Nothing like taking 3 minutes to warm up a bowl of microwave Chicken Noodle soup at home, and scalding your hands cleaning up the mess inside the microwave at work when you heat if for the same time period.  Isn't it amazing how hot soup doesn't only help you feel better when you're ill, but also burns off any semblance of fingerprints in less than six seconds?

Make it go around, Rich, make it go around!
3)  Bosses who take time off when they're sick.  Think about it this way, if you get sick about the same time your boss does, they won't notice you're not at work because they're not there either!  Of course, when they return, they may question your production during their absence.  But, what can they say when you change the topic to discussing the comparisons of your illness to their?  Absolutely nothing!  If you're going to get sick, this is definitely the time to do it!

4)  General Tso's Chicken.  I've just found an oriental restaurant that doesn't follow the standard "let's see how sweet we can make this stuff" philosophy.  Instead, they consider it a spicy dish that they can make hot and wonderful.  After a week of not eating solid food, a dish of this is just what you want to remind your stomach that it has more of a purpose than straining noodles and fake chicken morsels.  It's not great unless it "Burns the mouth before heading South!"

5)  Eric Clapton.  Let's face it, Mr. Clapton is well past his prime.  A life of alcohol and drugs takes a toll on the human body ... and mind.  (Hell, I never drank much and look at me!)  This week, Mr. Clapton release his 282nd album. (Not really that many, it only seems like it.)  "Eric Clapton Guitar Festival: Crossroads" is a double CD staring some of the best guitar players in the world.  No, I'm not talking the heavy metal rockers, but the artists that can make it whisper or sing, whichever and whenever they prefer.  I bought my copy at Best Buy for $1.00 less than downloading it would cost on (which is usually cheaper that I-Tunes).  No, Eric doesn't play on every song, but the artists that he assembled is a tribute to the art of quality guitar playing.  Give it a shot if you're a lover of good music.  (Not that manufactured Dance and Rap Crap!) 

6)  55,000 different variations of the Kennedy assassination.  I'm sorry, after 50 years of debate, I've pretty much settled on the fact the assassination was a conspiracy, did include another shooter in the grassy mall, and will never have the truth told about it.  Let's be real.  Kennedy wasn't a favorite of organized labor, big business, or many of his political cohorts.  Big business has always ruled the United States, with the politicians simply being the puppets to calm the people big business screws over.  Go up against them and watch out!  You either die suddenly, disappear, or find yourself supporting a 3rd Avenue building pillar ... from inside.  But, there's no use in arguing about it because the government keeps supporting programs that prove it wasn't a conspiracy.  Let's just move on knowing most big business big wigs are assholes that will do whatever necessary to have their way ... and their money.  
Oh, and enjoy shopping on Thanksgiving!

7)  Hardees / Carl Jr. Restaurants commercials.  Once again, the masters of sex and hamburgers have done it with a new commercial.  No!  This time I am not going out and writing an 1800 word report on the new sandwich.  If you're a hetero female or a homosexual male, please just bypass the video.  If you're a guy, or either a bisexual or homosexual female, I'm sure you'll enjoy this.
Watching more than five times in a row
can cause brain damage!

8)  Oil Companies.  Speaking of big business, let us not forget the oil companies.  With crude oil prices at a ten year low, we still find gas prices increasing at the pumps  (+.35 yesterday).  I recognize that they're doing their best to give all of their stockholders a tremendous profit margin for the fourth quarter.  We all recognize you couldn't live without earning your 33 million dollar per quarter profit cash, especially in the manner in which your country club lifestyle requires.  So, thank you for raising your prices and eliminating the ability to provide the families of normal people with the ability to enjoy the holidays and the joy of giving.  
But then again, you've been giving it to the public for years, haven't you?

9)  All those that bring holiday sweets to the workplace.  Approximately 70% of the nation is watching their weight, either because of voluntary dieting or diabetes.  Let's tempt these individuals and try to throw them into diabetic shock by sticking a mound of fudge, pile of cookies, or containers of candy in front of them.  Hey, ever consider simply making a bunch of mix CD's and handing them out?  Careful, or your cookie decorations will offend one of the politically correct crowd and you'll be sued!

10)  Turkeys.  Every year, thousands of turkeys give their lives to keep a holiday tradition alive.  These brave animals could achieve so much if given the opportunity to live.  However, as tradition demands, they are beheaded, defeathered, gutted, and then broasted or fried for our delight.  Oh, there are some pigs that step up to the plate and provide holiday hams, but the turkey is the creature that most prefer. 

 Enjoy your last days on Earth, my friends.  Gobble on!

And that's it!  I promise I plan on getting around to your blogs over the next few days (I'm in the middle of a 13 day straight working schedule), so please have patience.  

Oh, and have a great Thanksgiving!

The turkeys would want it that way!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: Your Cheatin' Heart

who needs 'em?

Most of us do, 
I guess.

There's always good and bad in every relationship.  It's how both parties handle these factors that determines the final outcome.

Obviously, when the bad things out number the good, things generally go sour.  Factors such as incompatibility, excessive drug or alcohol usage, or even physical and/or mental abuse are usually the culprits in times like these.  

However, there are times that everything seems good, and they still go sour.  When that occurs, it's usually because of another person entering the picture.

Today's Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday is all about that.  
Cheating Songs and such.

Having been married for 33 years, I could pretend difficulty in remembering three decades ago when all was not well in my life in the realm of relationships.  

Like things are perfect now!

But, that's something you never forget.  The act of the heart breaking stays with a person forever (especially if one had devoted themselves fully to making it work).  Sadness is too light a word to describe the devastation and total loss one experiences when it's discovered that they've been cheated on. 

Let's go back in time (Well, at least imagine you can. Geesh!)

Probably, most everyone had grade school sweethearts.  These relationships were more "Puppy Love" than anything else.  We were just finding out that the opposite sex had something of value, besides just being a target to tease.  No, we didn't really have many similar interests, but still, there was an attraction that couldn't be denied.

Later, in high school, some of us found that person we truly felt we wanted to be with the rest of our lives.  I remember mine ... let's just call her Ellen.  Shimmering dark hair of the night, lips so soft you'd swear they were comprised of cotton, a smile to set your soul on fire, and a body so warm and giving that there could never be any other.  Yes, I was in love!
Yeah, this was really me with my
high school love ... way, way back.

(And the shortest my hair would be for years!)
We dated each other exclusively for my last two years of high school, and for about seven months after that.  (I gave her the best years of my life!  lol)   Then, one evening, I felt that something was wrong.  Her kisses and hand holding didn't come as freely and her actions were somewhat mechanical in nature.  

What had I done to deserve this?  

I had been at college and she still in high school.  Yet, we still saw each other weekly.  And, we'd just become engaged two months before!  My fear of losing her was only matched by my curiosity as to what was the reason for her emotional distance.

I was beginning to freak the Hell out!!!

Of course, upon initial questioning, I received the typical response men have gotten for centuries when women don't want their deep, dark secrets to be known.  

"I don't know."

After continued questioning (no, I didn't pull out the rubber hose and spotlight), it finally hit me.  (I know, I'm dense at times, like most men.)

Could there be another?  

That was when I found out that there was!  As mentioned, she was still in high school and she stated that she didn't like walking the halls alone (how lame was that!!!), so she had found the boyfriend of another to walk with her.  I asked myself why this happened.  I knew he had a girlfriend, and my supposed true love had me.  So, they didn't need each other.

My imagination went crazy on me.  I began to envision them having evenings of hot passion together.  As much as I'd deny it, I couldn't get the pictures out of my mind.  The mental games continued and I could hear them talking about the affair to each other!

I was completely lost in a lost world of depression, anger, and emptiness.  My devotion to Ellen had been so strong.  I had completely stayed honest and true to her during what should have been a guy's "fun" years of high school.  I'd even joined her church and attended it twice a week, sitting beside her and her family.  They had trusted me with their daughter and allowed us much freedom as even they'd believed we'd be together forever.  They were as shocked as I.  Why had this guy come between us and how deep were the feelings?

For a few days we were divided.  (This was when I tried pot for the first time in my life!  Maybe I should've thanked her for that!)  Then, after walking on eggs and trying to rekindle the relationship, we tried getting back together for a week.  One might call this "Bombshell Week!"  

She admitted that she missed her friends commenting about the diamond engagement ring I'd bought her and wanted it back.  (You should have seen her face when I told her I'd returned it and got my money back!)  But, something else was amiss. (Besides me no longer having a diamond ring for her.).  In the week we'd been apart, she and I had changed. (In addition to me learning what it was like to get high!)  The solidity of the relationship foundation had crumbled.  We both knew it was over.  Still, that didn't stop the heartbreak I sustained as I realized for the first time in almost three years, I was alone.

And, that was it!  It was over and I had to survive.  For years, I dated one night stands, and even went through a couple of very deep and emotional relationships.  I was amazed at finding how many girls had wanted to date me, but had been quiet in respect for my relationship with Ellen, as well as others I met along the way.

I saw her one more time.  Before going into the military, Ellen's parents thought it a good idea for me to have a going away dinner with their family.  They seemed to really enjoy me being there again, but Ellen and I knew that would be the "last supper" for us.  After dinner, we gathered in the living room, making small talk, and Ellen fell asleep.  I thought it a good time to leave, and did so without allowing her parents to awaken her.  No need for the awkwardness of a final goodbye.  

I had found out that I was a marketable product that had a lot to offer someone, should they be looking.  Most importantly, I found that I didn't immediately need another person in my life to have a good time.  Life was what you made it.  No matter if I was on a date or solo, the fun I had depended strictly on me and my attitude, not some relationship.

Many years later, I met my future wife.  I always knew deep down that when I married, it would be for life.  Oh, there have been reasons for the marriage not to have lasted.  Those will not be discussed here.  (Yeah, gotta save some of the good stuff for another time!)  What is important is that my wife and I made it this far, through good times and bad times, and really have no reason to doubt that things will ever change. 

 Anniversary number 34 will be here in seven months, if we're both still around.  And, as much as I joke about her, I have to say that Gladys Knight and the Pips sing my words to her much better than I ever could.

Still, the act of the heart breaking is a grand part of everyone's history.  I'd love to say I got over Ellen and a few others that entered my inner fortress, but I honestly can't.  There will always be a part of my heart that holds them so near and dear to me.  Hate just isn't a part of my psyche.  But, the loves and heartbreaks I've had will always remain a vital part of my life and never die.  After all, isn't true love forever?

God, what a bunch of mushy crap!  

The bitch will be home shortly so I've got to finish this before she reads it 
and expects me to get all romantic.  

Let's see, what's on Monday Night Football?


*P.S.  A couple of years ago, Ellen found me on Facebook.  We communicated for a week or so.  She's been married three times since our engagement.  Hopefully, this one will work for her.  We caught up on how her family was doing and other nonessential chatter.  She, also, validated my thoughts of how deep our relationship had been, and how she'd made many mistakes.  

I never really looked at it that way.  It was simply a growing up experience.  

I wish her the best.

(And "Yes", my wife completely knows about it and the closure it brought!)

*          *           *           *          *

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