Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Profanity, Uptight Blogger Association, & Who Do You Write To

Originally, I was going to skip writing this week.  The 4th of July seemed to be a good excuse, plus, I've just had one of the worst months I've ever had.  (Okay, so I was looking for excuses.)

Procrastination is my best friend.

Yet, an event posted on Facebook stirred my interest ... and my brain.  

Something that very seldom 
happens on Facebook.

A friend of mine just had a person make a negative comment on her blog.  Because of a content that contained some profanity, this commenter felt as thought my friend's blog should be labeled "18 and older."

"The Uptight Blogger Association of America has rated this blog "R" for Adult Language and Situations.  Parents should consult local listings prior to allowing children under the age of 18 from viewing this blog.  In fact, if you consider yourself "holier than thou", "more intelligent than anyone else", or part of "today's uptight society that seeks to keep from being offended by anyone in any way", it is recommended that you take your uptight ass and false Internet bravado someplace else before you're offended.  And "No, damnit, you can't sue me because you've now been warned.  So leave now or forever hold your peace!  Love you!"

Could this be offensive to those
that see penis envy?

Now, if you're a follower, or constant reader, or even a casual reader of this blog, you know I don't hold back when it comes to topics covered.  In fact, I'm amazed at how generous most of you are when it comes to acknowledging that I really don't try to limit subject matter in any way.  (i.e.: "God taking a dump" or "Attack of the Killer Zombie Twinkies" in the last couple of weeks.)

There are even times I allude to various adult acts at times.  I do so, somewhat discreetly, but still, they are present.  (Okay, so I'm human, too!  Hard to believe, isn't it?)

Or, maybe you only scan as many do, looking for a strange part to comment about.   (Funny how one can always tell those that read and those that scan by their comments.  But, that’s another topic.)

Some avoid my posts because of their length, which is usually twice that of common blogs.  (It’s called WAD ... Web Attention Deficit ... the inability to focus for more than three minutes on any topic.)

I’m rambling (Something you know I never do.)  Back to topic!

I write to adults.  “Who do you write to?”  Isn’t that really the question?
Couldn't this be offensive
and considered a sexist photo?


I may not use a lot of profanity in my writings.  I try to restrain myself in everyday life from doing so, as well as in my blog.  But, that doesn’t mean I write to the Sesame Street crowd. In fact, there are times that a good usage of profanity describes the total frustration of the situation better than any other word could.  That's Life ... Sometimes!  (Notice the plug for my blog?  I know, isn't it shameless?)

Again, “Who do you write to?”

Can you imagine a seven year old contemplating God taking a dump?  
I can’t.  Their life is already complicated by divorced parents who don’t have time for them, real life fantasy video games, and Sexting.  Why would I ever wish to add more confusion to their growing minds? 

There's always Fox News Network and CNN to accomplish that! 
Cute or Offensive?  Adult or not?
Would you rate this "R"?

I read many blogs (although, recently, most have been on my I-Phone at work (making it a real pain in the ass to comment on them), and find most subject matter to be of the adult nature.  Everything from daily struggles with autistic youngsters, sexual evenings, rabid rantings and complaints of anger and frustration, to contemplations of suicide fill the blog world in my reading realm.

No wonder my brain is so screwy at times!

I look at life, from an adult perspective, as most of you do.  So, Uptight Asses, rank me adult only and see if I care!  A blog is a blog is a blog.

Nor, will I worry if you “Unlike” me on Facebook.  To me, I’ve rather have one loyal follower than 500 that just want me to follow them back.

In fact, I believe most of us that really write to hit gut feelings and bring about an emotional reaction have to decide on the best route to do so and sometimes feel as though what others think or believe really doesn’t mean much.  Each person must decide on their own style.

“Are we lying to ourselves and them by writing to the masses, 
or are we being honest with ourselves and writing from the heart?”

Okay, so this hasn’t been a real funny post today.  But, it’s been honest.

Rate me how you wish, read my blog or don’t read my blog.  It’s usually filled with subtle humor, face front sarcasm, and smart ass remarks. 

If you consider me offensive, that's fine!  If you don't like the subject matter I cover, or the language I use, that is also fine.  In fact, just like a TV, you have the ability to change the channel if you don't find the content appealing.  

Today, the topic has been stated.  The ground rules have been laid out.  

I write to adults.

“Who do you write to?”