Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Secrets!  Secrets!    
Who knows a great secret?

Do you?

What is it!   No, don't tell me.  If you did, it wouldn't be a secret!  Unless I promised not to tell, that is.  Then, it would still be a secret ... wouldn't it?  Or, would it?

Are you still keeping a secret that you promised never to tell years ago?  


Is it something that you're embarrassed to tell?  Or, is it simply better that no one knows about it?  Could it harm you in adult life?  Or, is it something you've done as an adult that you don't want your spouse to know about?

Did you mess around on your spouse?  Did you lie to them about something else?  Did you use someone else as an example at the dinner table just to see what type of reaction your spouse would express?

Was it really that bad?

Or, is it a secret you will carry to your grave with you?  Is it so horrendous that you're afraid your entire family will disown you for doing?  If so, how do you live with yourself?  Isn't it eating you alive as it slowly creeps toward exposure, only to be shoved back inside time after time?

Would it put you in jail if known?  Would the authorities come bursting down the door to handcuff you and carry you off to the slammer for years?  Or, would the judge simply laugh about it, give you a token fine, and send you on your way?

Everyone keeps temporary secrets annually.  It's called not telling what you bought someone for Christmas.  Are you good at hiding it inside?  Or, when questioned, does your face give the answer away?  

So, are you good at keeping the secrets, or not?  Would a spotlight and rubber hose get information out of you, or would it take the old bamboo shoots under the fingernails to get the job done?  

Are you a member of the Mafia?  Can't tell?  So, if you can't tell me you are, you must be ... right?  

Don't tell me, 
I'm sure you'd have to kill me if you did.

Secrets are only told on a need to know basis ... or, are they?   Is telling a secret something that is done out of spite, or is it a power hang-up?  ("I know something you don't.")   Or, do you simply decide that it no longer matters to anyone and spew it out for the hell of it?  

If it no longer matters, what made it so important before?

Is our life ruled by the secrets we hide deep within?  Do our actions today revolve around the secrets we've kept hidden in the past?  Do we avoid areas of life that we've visited before, only to find ourselves too weak to resist what they offer?

Or, is it simply a secret you'd rather not tell?

I remember having secrets in my youth.  My mother once decided that I needed to take cold pork and bean sandwiches for school lunches.  I hated them and refused to eat them.  Yet, I could find no way to dispose of them with the teacher's eyes constantly on me.  So, I'd wait until I got off the school bus and stuff them into a drain in front of the house.

My father discovered them one day.  My secret had been found out!  It seemed even the stray dogs and cats in the area didn't like pork and bean sandwiches.  My mother, after getting over the anger and hurt, finally decided that lunch meat might get eaten.  It was a turning point in my school lunch life.

On Classmates.com, I've discovered several girls had crushes on me in high school.  They finally decided that keeping these childhood secrets didn't do them any good back then and really didn't matter much to them today.  So, they've confessed.

I wish I would've known back then.  My life might have been completely different.

Which leads to the question, "Does keeping secrets change the directions of life for those not only keeping the secrets, but those whom from the secrets are kept?"

Could keeping these secrets be a negative in the spectrum of life?  Could the childish and selfish minds that seek to keep the knowledge solitary be hindering the options of the happiness that life could offer?

Or, could it be better that we don't know everything?  

Do you know?

Or, is it a secret?

 (Here's your chance to get a deep, dark secret off your chest.  Just comment below!)