Friday, February 8, 2013

FTSF: Valentine's Day (or, How To Keep The Local Florist In Business)

Here we go again! 

 Deja Vu!  
(Or, is that JaVu De
 ... or VuDe Ja?)  

No matter, it's 

Finish The Sentence Friday!   

Why do I expect bands to be playing and crowds roaring when I type that?  It never happens, yet I'm constantly awaiting the day it does.   

I guess I've just got nothing better to do.  That's kind of sad if you think about it.  

To be awaiting something that will never take place is a complete waste of "wait" time.  I mean, don't we spend enough time waiting on stoplights to change?  At least they'll change sooner or later.  

And, how about waiting in line at the grocery store?  Don't we waste enough time doing that?   We stand there, waiting on the lady that waits until the cashier finishes ringing up the order to pull out her check book.  Then, we wait while the cashier finds a pen for her.  Then, we wait while she tries to figure out the date.  Then, we wait while she fishes in her vast cavity of a purse for a driver's license.   Of course, after she finally finishes writing and validating, we have to wait for her to put everything back into this vast bottomless pit she carries.  But, at least when it is all said and done, we get to the cashier and have our turn.

So, waiting for something that will never happen seems so pointless.  It's like waiting on your kids to do everything right for a week.  It will never happen! Still, we waste time thinking that by some miracle, it will.   Yet, like the band playing and the crowd roaring, kids doing everything right for a week is just another example of false hopes and dreams being dashed to little tiny bits and pieces ... and some slivers that will snag the bottoms of your feet if you walk barefoot.

Just call me Mr. Positive today!   "Hey Scrooge, need some company?"

As I started to say earlier, today is Finish The Sentence Friday!  (still no band or crowd)  This is the day in which we experiment with our common sense to decide if we are ever going to have enough intelligence to keep quiet about ourselves, or, continue to provide tidbits of our past for the ridicule and sadistic enjoyment of others.   In other words, "Let's hear the smut!"

Today, the sentence we are to finish is:

 "The most-memorable Valentine’s Day 
I ever had was…”

As always, the gracious hosts of this are:

So, in charge of this hub hop we have an addict, a bottle fetish'er, a real mommy (vs. a fake one), and a disaster.   And you thought I was the only negative thinker here!   lol

Moving right along ... slowly ... let's get back to the topic at hand.

"The most memorable Valentine's Day I ever had was ... 

I wish I could tell you!   

What?  Rich is stumped?  Is he hiding something?

C'mon, you know better than that!

Lets look at a few things.  Men and women have a few differences in the way they think.  Women remember the things that make their hearts go thumpa thumpa thumpa.  Guys don't.  They remember basketballs going bounce-a bounce-a bounce-a.  It's really quite that simple.

I'm not a member of today's society.  I come from the past.  No, I'm not talking reincarnated, (although I do shoot a pistol better from the hip than in a rigid stance, which makes me wonder about having been a gunslinger in a previous life) but from a time of Black and White movies.

Today's society thinks it odd to treat a woman as something special.  It's something you only do on Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or when you really want to have a romantic evening (before the popcorn and ESPN).  

However, I've always done my best to mimic the actions of the charmers of the Silver Screen. (Bogey, Gable, Sinatra, Groucho)

  1. I hold out a chair for my wife (to keep her from missing it and ending up on her butt on the floor)
  2. open and close her car door for her (since she can't close a damn door right)
  3. ask her if I can get her anything when I go to the kitchen for refreshments (since she's getting too big to get up without straining and groaning)
  4. and help her on with her coat (that gets larger every year).  
  5. I walk closest to the curb (in case she gets mad and throws something at me)
  6. hold the door open for her to enter first (in case someone is shooting inside)
  7. and always order for her (in case the waiter has something to do instead of waiting three hours for her to make up her mind).

Seriously, I don't need a special day to show my wife love.  I'd rather surprise her on just any old day!  First, I do a little shopping for her.  Then, after she goes to bed, I hang up a couple of tops, set out some perfume, and position one red rose in a vase all next to the coffee pot in the kitchen.  That way, when she gets up, it's suddenly a special day for her.  She seems to like it.

Or, I'll surprise her by having cooked a quality meal when she gets home from work.  I'll sometimes do the dishes (she's left from the night before and her breakfast) so she can relax a bit.  And, I've even done the red checked tablecloth and candle for a meal in the back yard under the stars.  However, I learned my lesson and will no longer attempt to bake pastries!  lol  

I think the most important thing I do is to always make her smile before she goes to bed.  With different schedules, she's always turning in earlier than I.  But, regardless of what the day brought, I will do whatever I have to do to make her smile.  It may be making up a weird song or rap, mimicking her actions, a joke or two, or even some teasing and pinching.  But, whatever it takes, I make her smile.  

As we've grown together over the years, I seem to love her more and more every day.  So, who needs Valentine's Day to show love?  Why cherish only one day when it can be experienced 365 days a year.

Especially now that the hot flashes and temper tantrums are over with!