Monday, January 13, 2014

Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: New To Me In 2013

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I had just settled down for a short Winter's nap when I heard such a clatter, I picked up my I-Phone to see what was the matter.  

I'd forgotten about a Mix-Tape hop again, but was reminded by a Tweet that Jen did send.  

Twas to be about something new that hit my music senses in 2013, but, it didn't have to be a new artist, or even someone like Keane.  

Just something I'd discovered, something new just to me, "Yes" I said to myself, something to share with all of thee.  

So, here we go children, it's music knowledge to the test, some new things I enjoyed last year the best.

January was light in my collecting scheme then. My album downloads only totaled ten.  Choosing one from this group to share with a snort, came the "Edge of the City", by the Kinsey Report!

February's snows were beautiful, that we all seen, my album downloads only totaled fifteen.  Several compilations included, I've gone for the power, some kick ass rockin' from a group known as Stone Sour.

March hit us hard, right between the eyes.  Rain, rain, and more rain, and too old for mud pies.  Twenty-nine album downloads, yep, I went crazy as crazy goes, still, here's a nice jazz selection from Marion Meadows.

April, this was the month showers were supposed to fall, but winds blew hard and tornadoes did call.  Thought last month was bad, album downloads totaled fifty-three.  My wife thought my obsession was sick, until she heard the fantastic blues artist Ana Popovic!

May, good weather, business picked up every day.  My time, so precious, spread thin in every way.  Still, music album downloads did matter, again, totaled fifty-two.  Caught up on some oldies, but a new group of rockin' gliders, made up of Thin Lizzy refugees, called the Black Star Riders.

June, I feel guilty, no tan for Summer pic's, my music album downloads totaled this month seventy-six.  While others were swimming and eating Summer feeds, I recorded a couple of albums from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

July, air conditioning running, like the sweat off of me.  Damn, album downloads this month dropped down to sixty-three.  Lot of oldies on sale for downloads, and some new ones there, too.  One for sure will make you sick, heard a million times, "Blurred Lines", from Robin Thicke.  (Unrated Video Version)

August, more heat, one wonders when will Summer ever end.  Trees are wilting, leaves are drying, branches do bend.  Days are becoming such a bore, still album downloads held steady numbering a new sixty-four.  Secretly waiting and quietly hoping for a much needed Fall, still music included a new album from KT Tunstall.

September, kids are going back to school, adults can enjoy and act the fool.  Now is time to have some fun, so why do album downloads total eighty-one?  Yet, kind of quiet and kind of funny, without kids we can play Cyril Neville's "Magic Honey".

October, back to a routine, life's kind of fine.  Relax on music album downloads, total only forty-nine.  Life at work is slow, sales pressure swirlin'.  Still, what else to do but sit back and rock to Anberlin.

November, weather's changing, no slushes sold at Seven Eleven, music album downloads dropped all the way down to twenty-seven.  One of my old favorites returns with a new set, who can refuse the 90's band, Toad The Wet Sprocket?

December,  holiday seasons have smacked us in the butt without pity, my music album downloads are back up to sixty.  All in-laws have left, coming back, we hope never.  So we sit back and relax to Lissie's "Back To Forever".

2013 was a hell of a year for my collection.  I started the year with over 6,500 albums, and counting the cd's I bought at stores, my download/ purchase count took me up way over 7,000  (exact count still withstanding).  

And, not once did I spend $15.99 for a cd.  (So take that Jay-Z and Beyonce!)  No, normally, I bought many on sale for anywhere from $2.99 up to $9.99.  Trouble is, 1) where to store them since my stereo room is filled to the ceiling, and 2) when in the hell will I ever get a chance to listen to them all!

OCD ... it's not for everyone!


(By the way, all music album downloads came from and were legally purchased.  In no way do I believe in illegal downloading.  
It's a crime so, seriously, Don't Do It!)