Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mondays are for the Birds ... and so is Beef / Broccoli!

Linda ... the illustrious one!!
(Yes, I stole your picture, Linda!
But, it's for a good cause!)
Linda has been so damn nice to me.

I feel like a true ass!

She's invited me so many times to join in this hop and I've had an extremely difficult time finding the time to provide proper writing time to do so.

Time is a problem in more 
than the above sentence.

I work at a real job somewhere around 70+ hours a week.  This doesn't leave much time for writing.  
  1. My wife requires a little bit of my attention, though that has dwindled over the last 33 years.  (Damn near down to nothing, these days!  I need a new wife!)  
  2. My cats require some of my time.  (One jumps in my lap while I'm typing, and the other brushes against a USB cable connecting my external hard drive so that the "Cable Unplugged" notification keeps appearing in the screen!)  
  3. And, there's sleep that's somewhat needed, even though most of that takes care of itself nightly as I conk out in my computer chair.  (No wonder the doctor wonders where the pinched nerve in my back comes from!)
But, Linda's been kind, viewed many of my blogs, and comments all the time.  Plus, she's one hell of a musician (a group I have a kinship to).  So, it's time to get off my butt and write for the hop!
Now if I just knew what to write about.

Let's see, today (my one day off this week) I've already written three blogs for different release dates.  Plus, I've got to come up with something hilarious for Halloween before everyone else beats me to the punch, and my wife is hounding me about doing a family Thanksgiving blog.  (If she only knew where that one may go ... muhahahahha!)

So, I could talk about the current political fiasco in Washington, D.C., but why?  I mean, the idiots leading our nation could care less about it so why should we?  I do feel it's nice that all the senators and congressmen have volunteered to pay the wages of all the workers that won't be paid for the time they lost during the government shutdown, especially since the politicians didn't lose one single penny in the event.  
What?  They didn't volunteer that?  Why, those rotten bastards!  
I'll remember them next election!

What's strange is that I've already had emails from 3 local politicians today, concerning the gun control bill that the United Nations has had signed by most countries, and how this is the perfect time to have it jammed down out throats!  Now, I have to ask myself, "Is the shutdown a distraction to hide the gun control bill from us, or is the gun control bill a distraction to hide the Obamacare conflict from us?"  Anyone got a coin?

Or, I could talk about how Chinese take out Beef & Broccoli never tastes the same when microwaved the next day.  Most beef gets tough and chewy when reheated.  However, the beef in this dish only turns slimy and rubbery, and the rice gets tough and chewy!  

Is that really beef, or could it be something else?    
Hmmm!  Maybe I need to change my choice of eating establishments!

If I wanted to get into extremely bad taste and dark humor, I could discuss the massacre at the shopping mall in Kenya.  I can see some husband, asking his wife that survived the incident, I don't give a damn how much you saved on distressed merchandise! Couldn't you find something else to do besides shop while you were held hostage???"

But I think I'll leave that one alone.

Or, we could discuss Miley Cyrus' appearance on Saturday Night Live, and her admission that Hannah Montana is now dead.  Miley doesn't realize it, but to most of us, so is her career!  Perhaps she and Britney can get together and reminisce about the good ol' days ... before they made stupid decisions that ruined their audience appeal!

(Your release, "Wrecking Ball", kind of says it all, doesn't it, Miley?)

So, I'm stumped.  I've run out of topics.  This is why I hate Mondays!  

All the good topics are gone!

Sorry, Linda.  
I tried.  
Maybe next time.