Sunday, July 14, 2013

SERIOUS SUNDAY: "Guilty" Or "Not Guilty" ... Who Knows?

The trial is over.

George Zimmerman has been 
acquitted of all charges.

Half the country is in mourning 
and the other half relieved.  

All of the country is waiting 
to see if rioting commences.

Sad, isn't it?

Personally, I don't know if 
Zimmerman was guilty or not.

Neither do you!

What I do know is that there were several things that bothered me from the beginning.  I don't know if you were too wrapped up in the emotional aspects of the case to see them.  Many were.  But, they were present from the start for those that observed.

Photo Initially Released
1)  Why did the Martin family provide the media with a photo of Trayvon that was several years old?  Was depicting him to be younger than he was a desire to get people on their side and draw media coverage?  Obviously, they had many other photos of him available.  Yet, they chose to portray him in a more "innocent age" photo.  Drawing upon the sympathy of the masses could work in their favor.  Obviously, many prominent speakers (I hate to use the word leaders as most don't lead, only seek out media attention.) saw this photo and saw the chance for media coverage.  They played this photo up continuously, many knowing that it was not the way Trayvon appeared in recent years.  

Photo From Video
{{subst: image permission|File:Trayvon Martin Gangbanger4.jpg}} ~~~~ 
What really bothers me is that even after his "gansta video" shots were released (only by someone finding a video he'd made and posted on the Internet) the media still refused to show the young man as he appeared in real life.  What was there to hide?  Isn't the truth more important than false sensationalism?  If someone is truly innocent, why did they have to resort to hiding the truth about his appearance?

Al Sharpton (self proclaimed "Activist")

2)  The media made this out to be a racially motivated crime ... Black vs. White ... if you will.  Zimmerman isn't a White.  Of course, by creating sensationalism, the news media recognized that they would draw viewers, thusly, providing them ratings.  More people would be interested if racially motivated reasoning was brought into the picture, as it then became bigger than just one person killing another.  The media, Al Sharpton, and others ran with this as they recognized they, too, would gain some of the spotlight coverage.  

"Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it."
3)  Why did our President have to become involved in this?  Not since Richard Nixon's mistake of proclaiming Charles Manson guilty prior to the court's verdict has such an error in judgment been made.  Oh, many believe that he was truly emotional over the situation.  Please, let me sell you some ocean front property in Arizona if that be the case.  True, he made public statement concerning the mass shooting's that took place in a theater and in a school before, but for a single individual?  There are numerous violent deaths in the United States every day.  Some by shooting, some by stabbing, and some by design.  He doesn't get involved in any of those, regardless of how innocent the victims may have been.  

Yet, here, in a single individual death, he's making a statement.  Could it have been politically motivated?  Could he have wanted to provide the media with a statement only because it was being projected as "racially motivated?"  Could he have been talked into making the statement because of all the media attention it was receiving, which provided him with a larger audience?  Could it be because his popularity polls were dropping?  Could it have been because there was a gun control bill in Congress that needed votes to pass, and this was another way of getting more public support for the bill?  I don't know.  You tell me.  It does seem very suspicious though.

Faked Injuries?
4)  Every time Zimmerman photos were displayed showing wounds sustained in the incident, there were always statements included that questioned if they were true photos, or Photo Shop creations.  The media insinuated many times that there were fakes being released by Zimmerman's defense lawyers to assist them in their case.  Even the statements by the paramedics that treated Zimmerman on the scene were questioned for their truthfulness and accuracy.  Was the media so afraid that their ratings would suffer if people saw the other side of the story that they did their best to push people away from possible truths?

These were the major reasons I questioned the case from the start.  Things just didn't add up.  There was no reason that the media would hide, re-direct, and take sides in the matter besides the fact that if the case was proven to have two sides, their coverage (and ratings) would suffer.  

Isn't it always about money?

No, I don't know if George Zimmerman was guilty or not.  The prosecutors built their case  greatly around speculation.  When it came to the facts, they failed miserably in presenting them.

One cannot blame the jury.  They were selected by both the defense and the prosecution.  If they were incompetent, biased, or motivated in any way besides deciding what the truth was, they shouldn't have been selected.  Obviously, the defense and prosecution thought they were qualified.

There were only two people there on that terrible evening.  One is alive and, unfortunately,  one is not.

None of us really know what transpired that night.  It was a horrendous occurrence that should never take place, but is repeated too often in our society.  A young man died.  It should have never have happened.

However, regardless of what your emotions lead you to believe, you really don't know what did take place.  Like I've already said, "Neither do I!"

Is the innocent living or dead?  Is the guilty living or dead?

George Zimmerman knows.

So does God.

The guilty always pay in the end and the innocent will get their rewards.  At least, if you believe in God that's the way it occurs.

The only question is, 

"When will it happen?"

DISCLAIMER:  I don't wish to be known as standing up for either Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman.  My sympathies and condolences go out to all involved.  I only present the above as questions to ask yourself.  I honestly can't say what happened that evening, and have questions that still need to be answered.  Perhaps, one day, if the truth hasn't been told, it will be.  Perhaps, if the truth has been told, we'll better understand it with future police report releases.  Until then, I am really at a loss to even guess.  It is a real shame, either way, and is a tragic event that never should have taken place.