Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rambling Tuesday: Annette, Kim Jong Un, & River Otters

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The childhood sweetheart of my dreams
passed away Monday.

The Mickey Mouse Club of the late 50's / early 60's is in mourning.

Annette Funicello 
is no more.

My heart is saddened.

I first fell in love with Annette, not on the Mickey Mouse Club, as one would expect.  In fact, I very seldom watched that show.  The ending made me cry.

M-I-C ... see you real soon
K-E-Y ... why, because we like you

That was the rap music of the day.

No, I first fell in love with Annette in the Christmas movie "Babes In Toyland" released in 1961.  She was the only thing worth watching the movie for, unless you got into toys doing battle with bad guys and such.  It was amazing the things watching her could do to a seven year old boy!

Later, Annette donned a one piece swimsuit and joined Frankie Avalon in multiple "Beach Party"
movies.  She was a full figured girl, not one of the skin and bones look that parades itself as the sheer look of today.  No, Annette had a body ... but she didn't flaunt it.  Well, maybe a little when she sang songs of the era.

Instead, Annette played the role of a sensible person ... intelligent if you please ... that knew how to use her mind, hold on to true American values, and demonstrate common sense approaches to the problems that always seemed to face her.  Yet, she was a true beauty.

Creative Clearance-Publicity photos
My mother hated her.

In fact, after listening to me talking about Annette after viewing "Babes In Toyland" for the 5th time, she turned to me and said, "She's not as pretty as you think.  She wears tons of make-up to cover up all the bad pimples she has.  It's just the way Hollywood makes you think she's beautiful."

I never believed her for a second.  I think she was just trying to tell me to find someone my own age.  Annette was born in 1942, so she was 12 years older than I.

Yet, I was always attracted 
to older women.

Television offered me a few others to swoon over.  Connie Stevens, a sultry blond with a cotton candy voice tugged at my heart in "77 Sunset Strip", Gloria Winters, as Penny in "Sky King", was a sweet, young delight, and who could forget "The Farmer's Daughter" with the gorgeous Inger Stevens.

Still, Annette was my girl!

Annette died due to complications of Multiple Sclerosis.  She was 70 years old.  

There's a beach party in Heaven tonight!  There's a bending of the rules as bikini bathing suits and 60's rock music fills the scene.  The Rat Finks motorcycle gang are watching, as always, wishing they could participate.  Even the main man upstairs has his Mouseketeer ears on in honor of the occasion.

So, Annette, all I can say is, 

M-I-C ... see you real soon
K-E-Y ... why, because we like you

And on Earth, life goes on ...

  1. Kim Jong Un, the young leader of North Korea, seems devoted to making a name for himself.  He's threatened the United States, civilized Asia, and just about any country that will listen to his tirades, with nuclear attack.  (The only difference between men and boys is the cost and size of their toys!  Actually, he's suffering from a complex caused by having been given the female name of "Kim" by his mother years before, and forced to get a haircut while wearing a bowl on his head.  Perhaps we need be watchful of Moon Unit Zappa!)
  2. In the wake of the Rutgers coaching scandal, the athletic director, Tim Pernetti, has resigned from his job.  Don't feel sorry for him, yet.  He will collect $1.1 million dollars from the university in severance pay.  (Let's see, fail to do your job and become a millionaire!  Where the hell is that type of job when I was unemployed!)
  3. Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado is preparing for a Winter blizzard to hit.  It is predicted that enough snow may fall to create numerous transportation and manufacturing problems.  (Wait a minute, isn't it officially Spring?)
  4. At the same time, Kansas, Oklahoma and North Texas are expected to experience hail and tornadoes.  (If you have a dog named Toto, be particularly careful.)
  5. Prescription drug prices are outrageously high, especially at CVS Pharmacies.  Consumer Reports called drug stores throughout the United States comparing prices in various retail outlets.  The prices were determined to be the lowest at Costco, while the highest were at CVS.  (Example: a month's supply of Plavix ... Costco $15, CVS $180!) (My wife has worked at CVS for 20 years and makes $12.15 an hour.  Guess it's all going to the CEO, like it usually does.  Talk about making a profit by selling drugs!)  
  6. United Airlines has been determined to be the worst of the 14 major U.S. airline carriers.  Overbookings, lost luggage, and smaller toilets seem to be at the root of the problem.  (No more Mile High Club flying united on United, you might say!)  Btw, Virgin America was rated as the Number One airline.  (I have a feeling they'll change their name in a few years when they reach puberty.)
  7. A River Otter was seen in Colorado for the first time in 100 years.  (This might indicate that no one was looking for one.)
Till next time ... keep smiling!


Allow me to start by saying that I am neither a Louisville or Michigan fan.  

Yet, in my opinion, the NCAA and/or CBS decided that a great way to welcome Coach Rick Pitino into the Basketball Hall of Fame, as well as show tribute to the last season the Big East existed, would be to make sure Louisville defeated the University of Michigan in the championship game of this year's March Madness.  As has taken place many times this season and tourney, questionable officiating, especially during the last 9 minutes, swayed the game to Louisville's corner.  

This was predicted to occur by yours truly in another blogger's blog prior to the game ever taking place, and was judged to be correct by statistics and replays.  Funny that even the announcers made several comments during that time of the game about questionable officiating calls.  Funny how that seems to be a common theme this year.

I have nothing against Louisville and believe them to be a quality team.  They have heart and skill, and the motivation provided by Kevin Ware, who made a tremendous sacrifice last week.  However, as has happened way too often, the losers didn't deserve the loss in the manner it was dealt them.

My heart goes out to all of those schools, and especially to the kids that gave their hearts and souls to the game this year, only to have them jerked out by such lousy individuals that control the game's ratings needs, advertising, and officiating.  It is a sad day for basketball, a sad day for the players, and a sad day for the true basketball fan.  

Perhaps, next year will be different.  Perhaps, greed and ratings will no longer play into the final results.  
Perhaps, it will snow in Texas in July.