Thursday, February 19, 2015

Can You Stop God's Tears? **1,000 Voices For Compassion**

What if 1,000 voices rang out a plea of compassion?

Would it have any result?

What if 10,000 voices rang out that same plea?

Would the result be the same?

What is the difference between a hungry baby crying in a foreign land and a hungry baby crying in the United States?  Aren't the cries and tears the same?  Don't the stomachs ache the same?

How does the homeless family find shelter in the rain and snow?  Does it matter if their home has been destroyed by bombs or taken away by greedy bankers?  Isn't the enemy just as cruel in both cases?

Where is the humanity in owning a pet and refusing to feed it, or even providing it adequate shelter from the elements?  Pets, that are so easy to please with a little love and attention, discovering that man is not the master they deserve.

And God weeps.

How did the message of love become so twisted?

How did 1% of the world's population become owners of 90% of the available money?

How did mankind become so calloused as to not see those in need and do something to ease their plight?

How did we devote ourselves to watching television, playing video games, and endless web surfing instead of doing something that could help others?

How does a restaurant throw out food at day's end while the poor starve?

And God weeps.

How can mankind allow greed to be its government's sole quest?

How can mankind allow its governments to have $1000 a plate dinners for politicians that can't feed the hungry in their own voting districts?

How can mankind allow its governments to spend billions of dollars to kill others in needless wars and not afford to provide shelters for those in need?

How can mankind continue to destroy the Earth and all of its treasures when we have no other place to live?

And God weeps.

The loudest voice of mankind is that of a rotten bastard.  A bastard that is spoiled, selfish, uncaring and greedy beyond all recognition.  A bastard that doesn't worry about his future, or the future of the children of the world.  A bastard that only wants to know he has it all, regardless of anyone else's plight. 

A change is needed now. 
 Not next week, month or year, but NOW!

Money will be useless when food is no longer available.  Injustices will be invisible when man no longer exists.  

In being the world's supposed most intelligent animal, mankind has been given the ability to show compassion, although many refuse to utilize it.  To those in positions of power, compassion is a weakness that sways them from their goals of domination, power and greed.  It is not to be tolerated.

Perhaps, they are the ones not to be tolerated.

But, without becoming like them, how do we change the way of the world?  How do we spread our desires to the millions that will inherit the Earth?  How do we show them that the ways of the past don't work if extinction is not our goal?

To change the world without violence, to change man's attitude towards greed, to intensify efforts to save our world, every living person must demand change.  It will not come without sacrifice.  It will not come without pain.  It will not come easy.

Governments must be changed.  Man's love of greed must be changed.  Television sensationalism must be changed.  Wasteful habits must be changed.  But, will they be?

God is still weeping.

Can you help stop the tears?

If not for yourself, 
will you do it for them?

Will you?