Friday, February 27, 2015

Don't Trust Anyone Over 30, Twisted News, and Ten Things Of Thankful

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Back in the late 60's, there was an expression that many of us teenagers lived by:

"Don't Trust Anyone Over 30"

Of course, there were other expressions that filled the posters that covered the walls of my room.

"Canada Wants You!"

"Peace, Love, Dove"

"Freewheelin' Franklin sez 
Dope will get you through times of no money better 
than money will get you through times of no dope."

"Man made alcohol and God made marijuana.  
Who do you trust?"

... and so on and so on and so on.  There were also black light designs and patterns to go along with my four foot long black light (NO!  I never had the dogs playing cards poster!), and my original Woodstock poster (that I somehow lost over the years ... damn it).

I could go on, but let's get back to my original thought which has yet to be discussed.  Of course, you already know that unless you're a psychic and can predict where this is going next.  In that case, you're a better person than I as I'm lost as hell right now!

Since I am now double 30 in age (that's 60 for those of you still involved with learning core math) I have to question the first slogan I posted.

Remember?  "Don't Trust Anyone Over 30"   (It's up the page towards the start.)  Many of us are in a position of having to trust someone over 30.  Be it a wife, a son or daughter, a boss (no, never a boss), friends (well, some friends ... you know the ones that won't try to get it on with your spouse and such), and a few choice others.

Then I started to wonder, 
"Can we trust anyone under 30?"

Let's be real, with the education and upbringing that most of that generation has received, it's a wonder that they can even trust each other.  Or, can they?

Bullying is at an all-time high be it physical or mental (over the Internet).  Metal detectors are installed at the entrances of many schools to reduce the chances of guns and knives being brought into the building.  Plans for arming certain teachers are in place to help in protecting unarmed kids in case of a shooter or two going wild.  More and more of today's youth are attempting to go overseas and join ISIS.  And these are just the most visible instances of trust becoming a lost cause!

As there is no honor among thieves, there seems to be very little honor of any type.  Advertising is twisted, politicians are hypocritical, and education is skewed towards the dumbing down of America.  The majority doesn't rule, it's the government's responsibility to feed, clothe and house those that wrongly take advantage of social systems meant to take care of those truly in need, and the police have found it easier to kill a suspect than to go through a legal system slanted in favor of the criminal which will eventually allow the criminal to go free.

Sports stars with little to no education make more money than the educators, Hollywood stars are experts on how to run the country, and YouTube displays films that show atrocities the government chooses to ignore as they're not profitable ventures to pursue.

So, "Who Do We Trust?"

Our currency still states, "In God We Trust."  

But, do we?

Proclamations of God is dead, there never was a God, and God is of a different religion fill the air.  The government eliminates God from our schools and public buildings, but preaches we are a Christian Nation.  We came from a speck of space dust seems easier to believe than an all powerful God creating us.  God wants us to fight for our religion, yet, God has killing listed as a major sin in his Ten Commandments.  Is God a hypocritical politician?

It seems as though we really can't trust anyone these days, doesn't it?  So much for the trusting of those under 30 or those over 30.  Very few outside of our personal circles have earned any of our trust, and probably never will.  We are an armed society of non-trusting individuals sworn to protect ourselves at any cost.  We can only hope that there is one saying still around that we can believe in.

Exactly like the one that hung on my wall!
Could this be the slogan of the future?
"No mom, it's only parsley!
Like wow, it's really good parsley, too!"
Yes!  Those were definitely the days!
If we could only go back in time...

Anyway, it's time for another edition of being 
thankful ten times over.  That's ten times of 
being thankful for more that just the memories.  
Perhaps, we might even find ten times of thankful trust.  
Okay, okay, let's not ask for miracles.

It's Ten Things Of Thankful!!!

This week, I'm thankful for:

1)  ISIS Destroys Ancient Artifacts.  
"Oh yeah, that looks like a really bad
demon one.  Lets see if we can find more
of them like that one!  Maybe a baby in a
cradle would be a good one, too!"
It seems as though ISIS isn't just happy slicing off people's heads with swords and burning them in public.  Their attacks have now spread to destroying ancient artifacts in Iraq.  Many of the historical sights at a museum where they filmed this destruction were copies, but there were some dating back centuries.  

Why?  Well, ISIS proclaims them as displays of heresy and thus should be destroyed.  Of course, many of the artifacts contain stories and depictions of events that took place centuries ago.  But, when your primary concern is creating a mental state of despair, it doesn't matter what you do.  What assholes!

  I guess if you don't know history, you don't have to worry about repeating it's past failures.  You might say, "Stupid is as stupid does."

2)  Kardashians Sign Four Year Deal.
"You want any more of
this you better get your
act straight, dumbass!"
It has just been reported that the Kardashians signed a contract with "E" to run their show for another four years for a fee of $100 million.   What has yet to be determined is who in the hell is their audience since most claim to never watch the show!

In a related story, Kanye West has just sent out tweets to Beck and Bruno Mars apologizing for his past actions.  He even tweeted that he'd like to work with Bruno in the future.

Now, what do you want to bet that "E" told Kanye to get his damn act together as he was jeopardizing the Kardashians future?  And, what do you want to bet that all the female cast members got together and told Kanye that if he thinks he's so damn bad, he hasn't seen bad until he's seen raving, raging, maniacal women bitching because he was the fool that cost them $100 million?  And, what do 
you want to bet that Kim told him that he ever thought he'd get another evening in bed with her, he'd better shut his damn mouth in public and say, "Yes Dear" at home?

"Yes Dear!" 

3)  FCC Pushes "Net Neutrality".
Internet providers must now act in the public interest instead 
of that of their pocketbooks as the Federal Communication Commission has pushed Net Neutrality down their throats.

What this means (besides higher prices for personal service and the government is now in the business of controlling the Internet) is that since all providers download at about the same speed, creating fast lanes to give the advantage to one over another for cash is illegal.  

So, if you're downloading from Amazon Prime and Netflix pays your provider a bonus to slow down that download and increase the speed on the Netflix one to get you to download from them, it is now illegal for them to do it!

In other words, enjoy your porn anywhere you want it! 
 It's all going to download at about the same speed 
so you can keep the rhythm you're used to!

4)  Greatest Depreciating Cars.
Yep!  I'm the worst of the bunch!
But, really now, what did you expect
from a Korean manufacturer?
No car is a good investment as they will all depreciate.  However, as a consumer, you want one that will depreciate less than the others.  Here is a listing of the greatest offenders and the amount they will depreciate during only their first year.

  1. Hyundai Genesis, 38.2%
  2. (Tie) Smart Car & Cadillac CTS, 36.9%
  3. ***see #2 Tie***
  4. Chevrolet Impala, 33.5%
  5. GMC Yukon XL, 32.8%
  6. Volvo S80, 32.6%
  7. Mercedes S Class, 32.4%
  8. Lincoln MKS, 30.4%
  9. Mini Cooper, 29.3%
  10. Jaguar XK, 29.2%
So, if you want a car that maintains its value, Consumer Reports now lists the top two brands as Lexus and Mazda.

Making people go to court to get problems fixed 
and hiding information about customer injuries 
due to malfunctioning parts seem to have caught 
up with basic Toyotas and Hondas!  

Buy a Mazda instead!  "Zoom, Zoom!"  

5)  KFC Introduces Edible Coffee Cups.
Great Britain, you are home to the experiment.  Should you decide to accept it, keep in mind you may soon be looking like many Americans.  If you ever wanted to eat your cookie coffee cup with sugar paper wrapping, you can!  KFC is bringing this treat to Great Britain to test it out.  

Enjoy, gain weight, look like Americans, and be sure to examine how clean the hands are of those who serve. 

Dirty fingernails?  Yum Yum!

6)  Gary Glitter Not Glittering.
"Rock & Roll, Pt. 2" vocal artist, Gary Glitter has been sentencedto serve 16 years in prison for sexually abusing three underage girls in the 70's by a British court.  Gary, who is now 70 years old, was a one hit wonder with his popular song that is still played in sports arenas today.  

Obviously, Great Britain has a much longer statute 
of limitations than the United States for such crimes.   Otherwise, Bill Cosby would be sweating much more than he already is.  
Drink anybody?

7)  Baby Box Drop-Offs.
A high court in Indiana is considering placing "Baby Box" containers in various places throughout the state so that mothers that don't want the children can drop the off anonymously for later adoption.  Officials are working on this concept to attempt to curb the high rate of baby deaths due to exposure and neglect.

That's right ... have a child, decide that you don't want it, and drop it off anonymously in the corner Baby Box.  Don't worry about child responsibility as the government will take it from there.  Of course, the child will have absolutely no way to track you down when they get older and start wondering about why you dumped them, but you don't care anyway.  

I'm sorry, but since when did deserting your child become legal?  

Don't you find it strange that the government is saying,
"Go ahead and have a kid.  We'll take it from there."

Next thing you know they'll be giving these same 
losers money for rehab, living quarters, and food so they'll have enough energy to do it again!

Don't you love this country?

8)  Need More Minorities For Marathon Bomber Suspect
"I know you have photos of my brother
and I carrying the bomb, and we did
participate in shootouts with the police,
but my lawyers say I'm innocent!"
Just as the trial was getting set to start, the Boston Marathon Bomber Suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, may be getting a rest.  His lawyers have filed a motion that states because of the rotation of the jury prospects, not enough minorities were questioned and/or chosen.

This seems to be just another ploy to delay the trial.  His lawyers have done everything to prove that there is no way for their client to get a fair trial in the Boston area.  

So, I say we move the trial to Laredo, Texas.  Once you're found guilty, after a fair trial of course, (cough, cough) you'll be allowed to run through a land mine course filled with the same type of bombs you planted in Boston!

'Welcome to Southern Justice, Sucka!!!'

9)  Evil Baby Is Too Aggressive.
"Keep at it kid and you can end up
just like me!  Buhahahaha!"
A daycare sent a note home to a baby's parents telling them that the child is too aggressive.  And, when the child was told to stop it, she would only present a smile and go right back to doing it again and again.  Of course, the child is only nine months old so the parents were a little concerned.

Time for an exorcism?

Child care specialists state that babies tend to start testing what reaction they'll get for the actions they perform around that age  (6-9 months).  So, in reality, the baby's actions should have been expected by the daycare center.  Then again, all a daycare center does is to take care of children around 360 days a year, so how could they be expected to know anything like that?  

Now if they can only get the toys to stop flying around the room all will be well!

10)  Leonard Nimoy Passes.
"We'll miss you!

Today, many of us lost an old friend.  Leonard Nimoy passed away after a long illness.  The galaxy seems a smaller place tonight.  Yet, there's something about age 83 that says, "You've had a good life. Don't be selfish.  It's time."

Star Trek's Spock will live in the memories of his fans forever.  Oh, as Leonard Nimoy, he did other things such as Broadway plays, narrations for television series, and even some other television gigs, but none ever brought him the exposure and popularity of Star Trek.

I'm sure many tribute's will be written for Mr. Nimoy. I'm also sure many will include the phrase, "Live Long And Prosper."  

Mine will simply read, 

"Goodbye my old friend.  
We'll meet again one day.  
You were a part of my childhood
you were a part of my life.
Now, you're gone, and it's sad
to have another reminder 
that soon so shall I be.
Life is fleeting, life is temporary,
life is here and life is gone.
Take your starship to heaven
and I'll climb the stairway with
the music playing in the background.
Our mortality is human, not Vulcan,
so, this is indeed the last voyage.
Doesn't logic suck?"


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter Vs. Summer, Movies, Music and Memories. It's TTOT!

I'm sitting here looking at 12 inches of snow and sub-freezing temperatures, reminding myself how much I enjoy cold weather.

It's really not that bad.

My first memories of cold weather are much worse.  I was with my parents atop the ice of my grandparents pond.  They were ice skating and I was just sliding.  I remember trying to duplicate their grace on the ice, but my butt kept hitting the ice.

They were enjoying themselves atop the ice, as already mentioned.   

I found a way to do it 
through the ice.

Since the pond was only a few feet deep, I probably wouldn't have drowned.  (That would explain their casual attitude towards rushing to save my tail.)  I remember attempting to hold on to the ice as my parents finally came to my rescue.  Luckily, I had on a snowsuit that had been tailored by the same haberdashery that made the astronauts' spacesuits.

It still got wet ... and cold ... and pretty much frozen by the time they were able to get me inside the house. (If they would've shoved a stick up my tail the ice cream truck could've have sold me for a couple of bucks!) 

What a welcome to the world of cold weather!

After that cold weather was a piece of cake!  (Angel Food, I think.  Either that or white cake.  Not that I'm discriminatory, just remembering the way is was back then.)

In contrast, I remember many summers at the beach.  Usually, the first weekend resulted in me going to the doctor and having blisters drained as my back and shoulders were a natural magnet to the sun's ultra-violet rays.  He would first pop and drain the huge blisters, which I always wondered, "Why is he smiling?"  

Then he'd apply four bottles of lotion and wrap me up like a mummy with seventeen rolls of gauze so we could go to the grocery store. There, my mother could tell everyone that I had gotten my sunburn because of how impossible I was to get out of the water (which really meant "let the kid play as long as he's not bothering us").

Should never have let me fall through the ice, mom!

I also recall many hot summer days mowing our five acre yard with a push mower, by myself.  Bugs flying in my mouth, dust filling my nostrils, salty sweat in the eyes, and rocks hitting my bruised shins bring back glorious memories of that time of year.  It also helped me to become somewhat of a masochist. ("Beat me, Beat me!") 

Yeah, I think I like Winter better.

I also lost a girlfriend as she attended a Summer Bible School in another area of the state.  (Damn Summer trauma session, it was!  Who the hell breaks up in the middle of Summer unless they're a real bitch ... er, confused individual?) Oh, we got back together, but it kind of ruined the cement I thought we'd had in the relationship.  (This is the same girl I've previously mentioned that broke our engagement because she was lonely walking the high school halls by herself after I'd graduated.  Yeah, I never learn!)  

Then, there was a couple of dogs I lost playing outdoors in the summer as they were run over by cars that they'd jumped the gun in chasing. (You can tell I never had a smart dog, can't you? "You chase the car after it goes by, not before it goes by, dummy!") Summer weight lifting sessions in a gym that wasn't air conditioned also come to mind.  Oh, and I'd almost forgotten, my heart attack, a few years ago, took place during the Summer season.

I'm liking Winter more and more!

Winter meant high school and college basketball games, the end to a football season, Christmas and New Years celebrations, making snowmen, sledding down a hill at breakneck speed and falling down on the ice and joining everyone else in laughing about it!  (No, I didn't drink or do drugs in high school.  That came later in college.)

Summer meant very few kids to play with as I lived in the country. (I think my parents did that on purpose to keep their liability factor low.) In my teen years, my father found pleasure in nagging me that my Summer birthday was a constant reminder as of how I was supposed to be getting more mature and responsible with every passing year.  (And, I reminded him that he wasn't getting any younger, either!)   And, as an adult, 34 years ago, a Summer wedding anniversary became a thorn in my side as I experienced the losing of one's freedom to become a faithful husband forever and ever ... and ever ... and ever ... and ever.

And, once upon a time ...

I DO like Winter better than Summer.  I've every reason in the world to appreciate it and hate the Summer months.  No, I don't mind this 12 inches of snow on the ground.  It got me off work this week and we'll be going home early for the next few days!  That never happens in the Summertime.  Never!

Then again, you never see this in the Winter months!
I think I'm missing Summer a little more than I was.  
Yep, old but still hetero!

Which brings us to another round of Ten Things Of Thankful!!!

This week, I'm thankful for:


WAIT!  Hold the presses!   

I'm going to change gears this week and freak everyone out!  Normally, I do sarcastic news articles here.  Instead, I'm going to call upon my past and do something completely out of the ordinary by becoming an entertainment reviewer! 

At one point in my life, I reviewed movies and music for both radio and newspapers.  So, since this week's primary news revolves around snow, snow and more snow, let's move on to something that might help you decide how to enjoy your time indoors (as making love and masturbation can only be done so many times).

Much of what you'll find here can be found on and other sites for downloading so you don't even have to leave the house.  So, without further ado, pop some microwave popcorn, drag out the booze, and let's get to the fun!

1)  Gotham.  This is a tale of Batman before Batman.  Jim Gordon, who later becomes Commissioner Gordon in the Batman series, is an

honest cop in a less than honest police force.  This is his battle to overcome police corruption in his department, as well as the inner battles of many others.  You'll see the origins of The Penguin, Catwoman, The Joker, The Scarecrow, and several other future criminals here.  

Okay, so you don't like comic book heroes.  Do you like suspense movies or soap operas?  How about lesbian love affairs or tales about powerful women in business?  Gotham is not a movie, but a television series that has a full sixteen episodes available at the time of this writing.  There's none of the typical Batman here (since he's not even around, yet) so you can't use that as an excuse to stay away.  

Gotham is one of my recent favorites that shows a television program doesn't have to be stupid to be popular.  Leave the typical network crap for the viewing by your neighbors with the yellow shutters and pink curtains and prove yourself to be of superior mindset.  Rating *****A

2)  Fury.  OMG, it's Brad Pitt!!!!  Here's a movie for hardcore guy viewing and shallow female viewing (Or, hardcore female viewing and out of closet guy viewing, if you will.)

Basic World War II tank crew story where they save the day, but suffer casualties along the way.  Decent special effects and storyline, but you'll find it dragging at times, This will give you plenty of time to go to the fridge and get another beer or glass of wine.  Oh, and regardless of popular opinion, Brad Pitt is getting older and shows it in this film.  Rating ****B+

3)  John Wick.  Okay, so you're looking for a movie to calm down the kids and get them ready to go to bed ... right?  Well, don't pick this one!  Not unless you want them practicing kill moves in their sleep, that is!

John Wick is a story of revenge ... for stealing a car, receiving a beating, and the killing of a dog.  Okay, that's all the spoilers I'm going to hit you with.  Keanu Reeves probably did this project between major films as it requires little versatility in acting and very few lines of any effort.

Beyond my understanding, John Wick was loved by many who saw it. The storyline is so weak that Dumb And Dumber is made to look intelligent next to it.  Basically, this is a grade B movie made into a grade A production by some producer that didn't want to have to pay a writer for a good story.  Still, if you're in the mood for mindless action upon action upon action, John Wick will probably be for you.  Rating ***C+

4)  The Best Of Me.  And Hollywood brings us another chick flick!  Guys throughout the land are running for the garages and workshops in hopes that it won't be a winner so they don't have to listen to all the details over and over again.

  I bought this for my wife for Valentine's Day (along with a bunch of other stuff for those of you that think I'm a cheap guy) and told her the one stipulation was that she watch it some time I wasn't home.  She did.  She liked it.  I'm a great guy (in her eyes for buying it for her).  In fact, she said she'd like to watch it again. So, as far as a rating is concerned, I'm going to let her opinion rule the day here. (I feel I must warn you, though, she's blonde, from Alabama, and chews gum.  See what I mean???)   Don't you wish you had a husband as easy to please as I?Rating****B

5)  The Great Gatsby.  What the hell do you mean that you're surprised I watched this one?!?!  True, I enjoy science fiction, action, and old Westerns, but there are times I attempt to expand my realm of understanding and enjoyment ... even though I no longer do drugs!

Even I have a little class from time to time.  Why is that so hard to believe?  Geesh!

Actually, I put off watching this movie for months.  Why?  Two reasons ... one is that I've really grown tired of Lenny DeCaprio (or Leonardo if you're a perfectionist) and his weak ass character role acting skills, and two, I'd seen the original years ago and didn't feel as though anyone could duplicate Robert Redford's portrayal of a man competing with the silver spoons for power, money, and society equality.

I was right about the duplicating part.  
Robert Redford wins hands down.
(Us double "R's" gotta stick together!)

However, even though DeCaprio was almost tolerable in this role, Toby Maguire came to the rescue and basically made the movie something I had a hard time pulling myself away from to take a bathroom break.  

I keep attempting to figure out what I like about Toby.  Could it be that he's not the typical "Look at me I'm f**king amazing to look at" star that Hollywood seems to be obsessed?  Or, could it be that he actually knows how to act?  

This is a movie that you'll like a little and be proud of yourself for making it all the way through.  Give it a shot as Toby does know how to act.  His performance is the heart of the film, regardless of DeCaprio's supposed star power.  Rating ***C+

And, now, it's on to the music!!!

6)  Bob Dylan, "Shadows In The Night."

Okay, so I liked Bob Dylan in the 60's.  He was a teller of tales and a writer of emotions.  In the 70's, I believe he wrote two of his best albums ever with "Desire" and "Blood On The Tracks."  The 80's and 90's brought us some highs and lows (mostly lows) as Bob began to believe he was a singer more and more, instead of a teller of tales (earlier discussed).

Now we have "Shadows In The Night."

Diehard Dylan fans will have much to say about this one.  However, only those enthralled with the legend will like this album.

There are moments you want to like it.  Times when you say, "Oh, that's definitely a nice Dylanesque twist on that one".  But, those times are far and few between.

Like Rod Stewart, Lady GaGa (w/ Tony Bennett), and a host of others, taking a trip back to the musical standards of the 40's & 50's seems to be the growing fad.  Many have voices that can handle these songs that require great range.  Bob Dylan does not.  

Sample this one before you ever buy it.  In fact, sample, "Some Enchanted Evening" and then make up your mind after you come back from retching in the commode.  It's like eating a banana.  You pull back the peel that's yellow and all tastes great.  An hour later, you look at the peel and it's brown and disgusting.  It's time for Bob to realize that the colors are changing.    Rating **D

7)  Meghan Trainor, "Title."  Remember how much you hated "Happy" last year, or "Blurred Lines" the year before?  For those of you old enough, do you recall how you still get nauseated every time you hear the opening notes to "The Macarena?"  Well, welcome to an album of similar memories by the "stick my finger down my throat before I go to bed so I don't get sick and puke while I'm sleeping girl", Meghan Trainor!

Yeah, so you liked "All About The Bass" the first thirty times you heard it.  Do you still?  Not unless you're brain dead, you don't!  

I feel like this album should be broadcasted as one of the old K-tel television specials to get it out and sold to as many as possible before word gets out and people stand in line five miles long for refunds.  Sorry, the hype about catchy tunes is better reserved for an album containing TV Commercials.  The only thing that I can say is thank you for giving us a tune that makes it easy to make up words for satire tunes!  Rating *D-

Well, it's all about the ass, bout the ass, bout the ass,
you Kanye,
it's all about the ass, bout the ass, bout the ass,
you Kanye,
etc, etc. etc.

8)  Urban Jazz Coalition "One Step Closer."  Now, I like to rock it out, taste a little country from time to time, and even some alternative.  You can lay the R&B on me (as long as there's no rap included), take a trip back to some Motown Soul, and journey into the 80's Funk.

So, why do people think I'm trying to put them down if they don't add some Jazz into their musical diet?

Jazz comes in many forms.  I'm not going to describe them all, as Wikipedia can do a much better job and use their space in doing so, as I'm trying to keep my post a little shorter.  

I take musical safari's into the land of Jazz.  Why?  Because there's so much to listen to and only so much time to enjoy.

Like all music, there's going to be a time and place to enjoy.  What is called "Smooth" jazz is what I love.  And, the Urban Jazz Coalition does it oh so well.  You have melody, beat, and a mass array of instruments that are doing their best to pull you into their world.  You'd be a fool to refuse.  Give them a shot!  Otherwise, you're keeping yourself from some much needed listening pleasure.  Rating *****A

9)  Hard Working Americans, "The First Waltz."  If you've never heard of Todd Snider, don't feel bad.  Many haven't.  He's had a less than stellar solo career, and just released his second album as lead singer for a band called the "Hard Working Americans."

This is one of those albums that you have to listen to several times to truly get the magnetism it provides.  It has fast tunes to tap your toes to, and songs so slow you feel they're pulling you into them molecule by molecule.  Sooner or later, you'll become a part of them, whether you want to or not.  

This is an album I need to listen to more.  My problems stem from being an obsessive music addict and purchasing 8-12 albums a week.  I listen to them once and that's about it.  I liked this one, felt its pull, and will give it more of a chance in the future.  Won't you join me?  Rating *****A-

10)  Bjork, "Vulnicura."  I like Bjork even though I sometimes find listening to a whole album by her a task.  I've followed her for years and have most of her albums.  Sometimes, her versatility amazes me,

other times it confuses me.  If it wasn't for her pixie smile and captivating eyes, I probably would have given up on her years ago.

But, I haven't.  Bjork just released "Vulnicura" a few weeks ago.  I've given it two listens.  The first time I almost fell asleep while driving.  The second, I did fall asleep at my computer, fingers on keyboard, x's filling pages into the future.

Haunting?  Yes!  Melodic?  Yes!  Toe Tapping?  No!  Recommended?  No!  Well, not unless you either need to get some sleep or you just like captivating eyes and a pixie smile!    Rating **D+

*     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
So, since most of this music has been graded fairly low, you're probably wondering what I do recommend.  Recently, has had a bunch of oldies albums on sale for $5.99 or less.  This has allowed me to complete my collections of The Allman Brothers Band, Nazareth, Emerson-Lake-and Palmer, Elvin Bishop, Humble Pie, Joe Walsh, Wet Willie, Cactus, and many others.  These, of course, are all classic rock additions from the late 60's and early 70's.

If there is one band I would have you try that you've probably never heard of, it would be the Mark-Almond Band.  These guys had a unique blend of rock, alternative, and jazz that was way ahead of its time when they released most of it in the 70's.  In my estimation, their best album is:
Mark-Almond  "Rising"
They have several other releases, including a Greatest Hits cd/download that you can purchase.  They'll lay you back, tuck you in, and carry you into a world of depression, give you love and provide pure bliss.  If you dare, try them!

So, that's it for a very different TTOT from me.  

Hope you enjoyed!


*** Btw, some of you joined me in participating in 1000 Speak yesterday.  If you haven't had a chance to read my post there, please take a moment to view it here.  It's something entirely different from me that may hopefully touch you.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Can You Stop God's Tears? **1,000 Voices For Compassion**

What if 1,000 voices rang out a plea of compassion?

Would it have any result?

What if 10,000 voices rang out that same plea?

Would the result be the same?

What is the difference between a hungry baby crying in a foreign land and a hungry baby crying in the United States?  Aren't the cries and tears the same?  Don't the stomachs ache the same?

How does the homeless family find shelter in the rain and snow?  Does it matter if their home has been destroyed by bombs or taken away by greedy bankers?  Isn't the enemy just as cruel in both cases?

Where is the humanity in owning a pet and refusing to feed it, or even providing it adequate shelter from the elements?  Pets, that are so easy to please with a little love and attention, discovering that man is not the master they deserve.

And God weeps.

How did the message of love become so twisted?

How did 1% of the world's population become owners of 90% of the available money?

How did mankind become so calloused as to not see those in need and do something to ease their plight?

How did we devote ourselves to watching television, playing video games, and endless web surfing instead of doing something that could help others?

How does a restaurant throw out food at day's end while the poor starve?

And God weeps.

How can mankind allow greed to be its government's sole quest?

How can mankind allow its governments to have $1000 a plate dinners for politicians that can't feed the hungry in their own voting districts?

How can mankind allow its governments to spend billions of dollars to kill others in needless wars and not afford to provide shelters for those in need?

How can mankind continue to destroy the Earth and all of its treasures when we have no other place to live?

And God weeps.

The loudest voice of mankind is that of a rotten bastard.  A bastard that is spoiled, selfish, uncaring and greedy beyond all recognition.  A bastard that doesn't worry about his future, or the future of the children of the world.  A bastard that only wants to know he has it all, regardless of anyone else's plight. 

A change is needed now. 
 Not next week, month or year, but NOW!

Money will be useless when food is no longer available.  Injustices will be invisible when man no longer exists.  

In being the world's supposed most intelligent animal, mankind has been given the ability to show compassion, although many refuse to utilize it.  To those in positions of power, compassion is a weakness that sways them from their goals of domination, power and greed.  It is not to be tolerated.

Perhaps, they are the ones not to be tolerated.

But, without becoming like them, how do we change the way of the world?  How do we spread our desires to the millions that will inherit the Earth?  How do we show them that the ways of the past don't work if extinction is not our goal?

To change the world without violence, to change man's attitude towards greed, to intensify efforts to save our world, every living person must demand change.  It will not come without sacrifice.  It will not come without pain.  It will not come easy.

Governments must be changed.  Man's love of greed must be changed.  Television sensationalism must be changed.  Wasteful habits must be changed.  But, will they be?

God is still weeping.

Can you help stop the tears?

If not for yourself, 
will you do it for them?

Will you?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hot Dog Lengths, Charles Manson, and Jeb Bush's Boo Boo ... It's Ten Things Of Thankful!!!

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To all of you that read last week's post, I salute you.

To all of you that read part of last week's post I understand.

To all of you that looked at the length of last week's post and said, "I'll be damned if I read all of this", I apologize.

Once again I exceeded the common sense length for a blog.  It is a chronic problem for me, and will probably always be.  

Nothing like being optimistic, is there?

So, I guess that's the short and long of it!

Of course, I've always heard, "It's not how long it is....", which I know is somewhat of a lie told to make the male gender less intimidated.  Most agree that foot long chili dogs with cheese, onions, and mustard are better than their 6 inch counterparts.  That is, if you eat hot dogs.

Sonic Drive-In's are now advertising a smaller type of hot dog called "Little Doggies".  They are supposed to start at $1.29, where their regular hot dogs are priced $1.99 and up.   If these are better hot dogs than the regular ones, and size doesn't matter, then why are the pups less expensive?

And, if size doesn't matter, why is Fifty Shades of Grey more inviting to some than Twenty Shades of Grey?

See, size does matter!

With that philosophy in mind, wouldn't a longer post be better than a shorter post?

A funny thing happens when we're on the web.  We expect everything to be short.  News reports and videos are cut down into one or two minute segments, articles are supposed to be short and concise, and thinking is reduced to short bits and pieces.

It's like in depth thinking resides only in books and college classes filled with memories of boring lectures.  Our concentration flies out the window unless we can complete the task within a ten minute period.

Kind of puts a time limit on eating a hot dog, doesn't it?

Of course, if your menu at home only has a little doggie, it probably doesn't matter.  However, if you're lucky enough to have a foot long on the menu, shouldn't you take the time to enjoy it?  Or, after ten minutes, do you simply stop eating and say, "Damn, that's all for now.  Maybe I'll finish it later."

Poor hot dogs ... being ignored never brings smiles to faces.  

So, wouldn't taking a little more time to relish the task in hand bring about a greater level of satisfaction to all involved?

Then again, it's all about the size of the hot dogs 

... and satisfied smiles.

That being said, 
"Let's see what this week brings in   
Ten Things Of Thankful!!!!"
(If that's not too long for you.)

1)  Charles Manson Stays Single!    

"When she said she wanted my body, hell,
I thought she wanted to have sex!"
Charles Manson is no longer getting married.  Seems that love wasn't the reason (as I posted months ago).  No, in a stranger than fiction ending, it seems as though his bride to be wanted his body to put on display and rake in the cash after he died.

Supposedly, Ms. Elizabeth Burton (romantically known as "Star") previously visited Manson with a request for his body's ownership after he passed.  After he refused, she quickly decided that if she was his wife, the law would grant her ownership.  Thus, the charade was on!

Looks like things have ended badly for her.  The marriage certificate has passed its cut off date so it doesn't look like the wedding is forthcoming.  At 80 years of age, Charles Manson looks to live out the rest of his life a single man.  That is, unless someone else enters the picture!

(So, if you're interested, Charles Manson is back in the marriage marketplace for the right person.  Send all inquiries to :
Charles Manson
I'm In Hell State Prison
Burning Side, State of Confusion   66666)

2)  Kanye West's Grammy's Debacle.  

Available at award shows everywhere!
Kanye West is continuing his never ending journey to prove to everyone that he's an asshole.  What else is new?  

When Beck's album won Album of the Year at this year's Grammy Awards, Beck, obviously surprised, walked to the stage.  Upon arriving at the microphone, Kanye started to join him there.  For a moment, it looked as though we were going to have a repeat of the time Kanye took the mic away from Taylor Swift and degraded her winning as he praised Beyonce's.  Luckily, Kanye stopped and turned around, which made the audience believe he was only joking.  

He wasn't.

After the awards, Kanye's mouth couldn't stop talking about how Beyonce's album was the obvious winner and how terrible it was that her album didn't win.  In doing so, he was also downgrading the quality of Beck's album.  

Beck, on the other hand, praised Kanye for his musical releases over the years.  We're still not sure if this was due to the fact that Beck is a gentleman, or just under the effects of a very good prescription drug.  

Beck also wrote and produced every note of his album in his home studio.  It's what is called "Original Material."  Beyonce used common Pop Music beats that are more than familiar, had most songs written by other artists, and only performed the vocals.

Who would you say deserved to win?  

Kanye has been called an asshole, a disrespectful piece of El Toro defecation, and an unwanted attendee at any future awards event.  I agree with all of the above.  Personally, I'd like to see a star jam a mic stand up his butt sideways, attach a live electrical cord, and watch him fry while Jackie DeShannon's, "What The World Needs Now Is Love" plays in the background. 

Luckily, my wife and I had DVR'd the Grammy Awards, so we were able to fast forward through his two performances there.  They were the only performances we skipped during the entire show.

I believe we're better people for it.

And Kanye West is still an egotistical asshole.  

Of course, you already knew that, didn't you? 

3)  AirAsia Plane Crashes.

None this week!

Aren't they lucky?

More people took my advice last week as elephant ride rentals are reported up 200%!

Of course, extremist animal rights activists will soon be getting ready to fly to Asia to protest the elephants usage.  AirAsia will offer them discounts if they all catch the same flight.

We may have just solved 
TWO problems.

4)  Same Sex Marriage Licenses Denied.

Only twenty-three of Alabama's 67 counties are issuing marriage licenses for same sex couples despite the ruling and orders of a U.S. District Court Judge.  Eighteen counties are ignoring the judge's ruling entirely, and in direct response, twenty-six counties have stopped issuing marriage licenses to anyone!

Said one Alabamian, "This is our state and we'll do things the way we want here.  The Feds and the liberals might not believe in God or God's word, but we do."

In the 1960's, similar stances were taken against integration of schools by the state's then Governor George Wallace.  Federal insistence took many years to bring about complete change.  Several vow this might take even longer as many religious leaders in the state are standing firmly against it.

From a religious and regional viewpoint, I understand their stand.  From a human rights viewpoint, I understand the other side of the table.

I'm against Federal intervention most of the time.  I feel as though if we lived in a democracy, the people of the community have a right to decide what's right and wrong for them, not people hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Yet, we don't live in a democracy (as I've been reminded many times).  We live in a republic that only uses the idea of democracy as a guideline.  

The laws of freedom apply to all, regardless where they live.  Again, tolerance must be recognized.  I know that concept is rare in this day and age, but it still is important.  If a parent can't explain intelligently to their children about their exposure to life situations, then they are a failure as a parent.  They shouldn't depend on the government to do their job for them.  

Regional attitudes that state, "If they don't like it let them move to where they're with those of their own kind" are against the basics of the Constitution.  It's like in my state, where even attitudes towards driving ("This is my lane.  I pay taxes to be here so don't try to move in it or I'll ram your butt.") bring about a selfish context.  It is wrong, but the people in many of the areas truly believe they're right in thinking this way.

So, what will happen next?  Sooner or later, money from the Feds will be threatened to be cut off and the ACLU will threaten big money lawsuits.   Money talks!  At that point, all the refusals will end and everyone will be allowed to marry the partner they want.  Community desires will be cast aside for the cold hard cash the politicians want.  The majority will find themselves shaking their heads in disbelief, and the minority will be laughing at them for fighting what was bound to happen.

But, as most will find, old feelings will be hard to forget and life will not be a "happily ever after" ending.  There will be conflicts on an individual note, preachers will have topics for Sunday sermons, and new debates will arise when adoption rights are discussed.

And, the politicians will get more money 
as every conflict comes to an end.

Don't you love the American way of life?

5)  LAPD Screws Up Big Time.

Police arrived on the scene to find a young man holding what they thought was a gun. 

 Ordering him to put it down, they opened fire when he refused.  Their bullets hit a young man standing next to him in the back.  The weapon turned out to be a replica weapon, not a real gun.

Before the rioting starts on this one, let's ask some questions:
  1. After all the press concerning police shootings this last year, why wouldn't you put down the gun when ordered to?
  2. If the weapon wasn't being pointed at the police or another person, why did they open fire?
  3. How much target practice does the LAPD require of its officers to have them miss the target and hit a bystander in the back?
Perhaps the LAPD might need to stop worrying about the 
appearance of their officers and start concerning itself 
with their abilities to judge and shoot.  For some reason,
 this seems like it came out of an old
 "Police Academy" movie.  

Btw, what's Bobcat Goldthwait doing these days, anyway?

6)   Heath Insurance Deadline.

February 15th is the deadline for having some sort of health insurance for every person in the United States.  There are still many who have yet to sign up that will be facing a penalty of a minimum of $325 per person.  
"Didn't pay for Health Insurance?
We're coming to get you!"

Let's be real.  What this really does is to make sure the insurance companies make one hell of a profit.  It's just another favor being done for big business.

You think I'm crazy?  Look at it this way.  Insurance companies are now receiving money from thousands that did not have insurance.  Rates are high and benefits low for the most part, so the profits will be very substantial.  Thus, the companies will prosper, and the little man will struggle to pay for what he never could afford, but now faces government penalties for not doing so.

I'm well aware of the ideas that have been tossed out by the government to entice people to buy into this.  Still, there are some families that simply can't afford it.  Yes, there are supposedly places that will assist income deficient households.  Yet, still there are those that simply don't have the money.  

So, now we'll impose fines on those too poor to pay for insurance.  Sounds like forced servitude to me.  Why not just call it a tax on the poor and leave it at that?  Or, is this actually a form of slavery as freedom of choice is no longer allowed?

Damn, why didn't I become a doctor?  
To have my income guaranteed by threat of penalty 
or possible imprisonment to others must really 
be a warm feeling of job and income security!   
Country club, anyone?

7)  Illegal Immigrants To Receive Tax Breaks

With Obama's new executive actions, illegal immigrants may be able to collect earned income savings and refunds ... without ever having paid the first tax.  

This can actually be very confusing, so let me say it this way ....
Jose crosses the border one night, finds a place to stay, illegally gets hold of a Social Security number, files a false statement of income and dependents, and receives earned income credits towards taxation and reaps huge refund check for up to three years prior EIC's.

I'm going to move to Mexico, give up my U.S. citizenship, 
come across the border one night, 
and follow in Jose's footsteps.  

Sure beats working and paying taxes the legal way!

8)  Jeb Bush Does A Big Boo Boo.

I really didn't mean to
do it.  But, I know a man 

that's very happy I did!
Where you at, Jose?
Jeb Bush is not a child of the electronic age.  He tries, but like his brother, is more apt to screw up than succeed.

So, what did he do?  He released emails that he received during his tour as Florida's governor.  What did they include?  It's estimated that a certain PowerPoint slide contained over 13,000 names, birthdays, addresses, and Social Security numbers of Floridians.

Hey, Jose!  
Need a social security number ... cheap?   

And the Bush family traditions
continue ... as always.

9)   Boko Haram Attacks Chad.
This way, men!  No, this way!  No, this way!
Damn masks ... who forgot to
cut out the eye holes?

The Nigerian militant group known as Boko Haram has attacked a city in Chad.  Many innocent residents were massacred during this attack.  This is the same group that kidnapped 300 females several months ago and sold most into sexual servitude, as the rumor goes.

The United States is not attacking Boko Haram.  Why?  Because there's no profit in it!  Nigeria has nothing of great value that the United States government wants, so they're kind of sweeping them under the carpet.  Now, Chad ... has nothing either.  So, the U.S. is still ignoring the atrocities of the militants.

So, the next time the politicians tell you we'll take the battle against violence and injustice to the ends of the Earth, ask them which end Chad and Nigeria are on.  I'll bet the topic changes immediately!

10)  Cinderella's Waist ... Has Shrunk!

I was ready and waiting ...
and YOU NEVER called!
Disney Studios are being accused of using CGI to shrink the waist of Cinderella in the soon to be released film.  No one will admit to the deed, but an in-house artist was the first one to call them out on it.

Plump people are complaining continuously about this move.  Perhaps, Disney's choice of Lily James of Cinderella was indeed a wrong move.  I understand Melissa McCarthy was available for the role, but was never called even after losing a tremendous amount of weight.

Sometimes you just can't please people no matter what you do!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

And that's it for another TTOT!  
See you next week!