Monday, October 14, 2013

Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday: Not My Regular Listening Material

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I must remember that this is Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday in this post.


Because, today, I dealt with an idiot to the greatest degree!

I won't turn this into a political posting.  Still, to listen to a loud mouthed, ignorant ass make numerous false accusations to many people, basically because of their race, was an unbelievable experience.  

This person, obviously one who feels yelling is the only way to get his point across, and that interrupting and insulting others is proving his intelligence, is a sad example of the way America has become.  

I won't bore you with the details, but let me just say his last comment, "I'm not stupid, I can read", was met with my reply, "You might want to start doing that then."  

I walked away to more ignorant insults from one who really doesn't have a clue about human communication, debate, or interaction.  Possibly, turning my back was an ultimate insult to him.  If so, I achieved what I intended.  If not, I kept from kicking his ass and losing my job.

Sometimes I hate my logic!

Perhaps dealing with intelligent people (for the most part) in the blogging world has made me somewhat blind to those that exist in a world of ignorance.  I deal with people every day in my position.  Still, this person was one character that rarely professionals rarely come into contact.  
He is a solid argument for eliminating all abortion laws.

Now, that being out of my system, and this being a music blog, we are supposed to bring about five songs outside of our normal listening genre that we love.  

This is a really tough one for me, as I'm all over the board with my listening habits!  It's like asking an M&M addict to pick out five M&M's that he loves, but doesn't eat often!  

Does that make sense?

Anyway, what I'm going to do is to list some songs that I love, but don't really want to listen the rest of the album.  Not necessarily "One Hit Wonders", but songs that stood out so much from the rest that after hearing them, there's no reason to listen to the others.

Does that make sense?

Okay, here's a song that I love, but I must say, I wasn't a fan of the rest of the album.  It came from a long running Broadway show that drew audiences in the millions. (All who will probably hate me for not loving the rest of the album.)  The song, "Memory" from the show CATS done so perfectly by Elaine Paige.
Who dares not to love that song?

Another song that I loved (at the time) but really had no desire to listen to the rest of the album came from some lovable creations of Jim Henson.  In the early 80's, I was a radio DJ, and sometimes would turn the mic on and horribly sing the last few lines of this song over the air.  (Screeching was more like it.)  Why?  I was a "wild and crazy guy", or DJ as some would acknowledge.  Plus, it kept the audience awake and wondering what in the Hell I'd do next!  From Jim Henson's muppets, it's "The Rainbow Connection."
Did you hear me?  Yep, I just can't resist still letting loose during the last few lines!  
(Consider yourself lucky I'm not still on the air!)

Let's take a trip into the land of Frank Sinatra for a second.  No, you won't hear me listening to Old Blue Eyes as I drive down the road.  In fact, I don't even want to imagine the stares and looks I'd get at stoplights by those with $2000 cars and $10,000 stereo boombox cars!  Still, Frank had some great songs, you must agree.  One that came out when I was young, and has now come to bring about new meaning as I grow old, er ... older, is this one.  It's the Mafia hitman's favorite, "It Was A Very Good Year."
How that song brings back memories of an ancient world and the journey to today.

Another one of the songs in this topic group today, one that I really do melt every time I hear it, was by an Australian beauty.  I'll never admit to listening to her, as will no man, but the way she melted us with her words and breathless voice has no comparison.  She's a remarkable woman, as you'll understand as soon as I say her name, having gone through several of the most ego challenging operations a woman can endure.  No doubt you know who it is by now.  Olivia Newton John and "I Honestly Love You."
 Please, give me a moment to compose myself and reform the ooze 
I melted into during that song.

Okay, I think I'm better now, although a great part of me is wanting to go back and listen to that one again and again.  See, there was this girl back then that .... naw, you don't want to hear about that.  Let's move on!

Now, people that know me understand that I'm a child of Rock 'n' Roll.  BeBop music was a little before my time.  However, I still remember watching many of the older movies on a Black & White TV on rainy Saturday afternoons.  It was during one of those that I discovered this gentleman.  I was amazed.  His energy was astounding!  Plus, he really looked like he was having a great time performing the song!  And, it was a whole movie about him!  The name of the movie, who knows!  I was a young kid and my memory doesn't go back to details like that.  I do remember watching him and Keely Smith do this song, though, and will never forget the way it made me feel.  It proved to me then that music was a factor in life that no one could live without.  Here's Louis Prima and Keely Smith doing "That Old Black Magic!"
Now, wasn't that a lot of fun?  
C'mon, you know you enjoyed it, even if it wasn't guitars and drums!

I guess along this vein of music is one artist that I truly was affected by.  Why?  Well, I'm Italian and so was he!  Besides that, he always ended up with the beautiful women, could sing better than most of his crooner friends, and got away with a sense of humor that others couldn't pull off.  He acted drunk 90% of the time on his television show, even though it was mostly an act. (Hey, if it works, go for it!)  Later, when he became the notorious spy, Matt Helm, he provided a comical look upon the spy movie genre that others had made so serious.  Here's Dean Martin with his signature song.
Wouldn't it be nice if everybody loved everybody all the time?

(Okay, my wife just gave me a dirty look after that comment. "What, honey? You want to see my phone call history?  You're just joking, right?  Please say you're just joking!")

Okay, you know I can't stop at five.  I've saved the best for last, at least in my mind it is. 

 (Damn, I wished I'd have planned this post better.  
Then I'd know what I was going to come up with next!)

I first heard this song when I was in grade school.  We used to sing it in chorus (before the days when music class was deemed unnecessary to the growth of youth by those without brains) and then would sing it with Janie during the Popeye Cartoon Show after school.  I know, it's kind of silly when you think of it, but are we really thinking of it when we sing it?  I mean, even though the political system and the caste system (oops, that slipped) in the United States is totally screwed up, and we have many ignorant asses (like the one I first described above) we can still travel around this country of ours (when the parks are open) and see wondrous beauty of Nature's efforts.  

I've lived in Europe and marveled to the beauty of the Emerald Isle, the Bavarian Woods, the flower fields of the Netherlands, and the magnificent Alps.  The poppy fields in Turkey are something to see, as are the wonders of South Africa, and everything in between.  Yet, in the United States, we have mountains, deserts, long rolling plains, and canyons beyond belief.  If man would only stop messing up what Nature has provided us, before it's too late, perhaps our great grandchildren will have an opportunity to enjoy this beauty as we have done.  Here's a Woody Guthrie song done by the original, "This Land Is Your Land."
Let us stop dreaming and start living the dream.  Isn't it time?

Does that make sense?