Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ten Things Of Thankful: The Black Friday Edition

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I've been trying to validate the name to the shopping day after Thanksgiving called 
"Black Friday."

No, I'm not going to research it on Wikipedia.

I would tend to believe that it's because of the horrible way many act this day.  Fights, rudeness, and general disregard for one's fellow man tends to make this a "Black" day for mankind each year.

So, the day after we supposedly celebrate a day of thanks, we toss that aside to act like uneducated, wild people in the name of greed ... or, getting what we don't need regardless of the consequences.

Yeah, that makes sense! 

Of course, in reality, what else to we expect to take place?  It's like an annual human shark feeding frenzy that the retailers instigate each year.  "Chomp, Chomp ... bite on this low priced TV!  Chomp, Chomp ... bite on this low priced tablet!  Chomp, Chomp ... bite your neighbor!  It's all in fun!  Right?"

No, I'm not blaming the retailers.  Many of them have already done their best to ruin the concept of family by opening on Thanksgiving.  No longer do families relax and enjoy a complete day of getting together, eating, laughing, and sharing tales of family history.  Now, we simply toss down the food and get out the sale flyers to map out shopping strategies.  "Bye, Bye family ... time to go stand in line with the rest of the herd so we can rush the doors and act like we have no common sense when the retailers doors open!"

If that's not bad enough, the corporate heads are sitting at home with their families while the workers aren't allowed to be with theirs.  "Let the slaves deal with the maddening masses while we sit high in our boxes and let the lions feed on them!"

Isn't it nice that society has advanced so far from the days of the Roman coliseum slaves and gladiators?

I’m sure the crowds Thursday night and Friday didn’t disappoint the observers.  Isn’t it nice to know you satisfied your non-paying audience?  

So, in essence, you really aren’t getting low prices.  You’re simply being paid to perform!  You are the entertainers that put on a show of what greed does to those weak enough to fall prey to it.  You’re being laughed at and rated for your performance as the corporate audience chuckles all the way to the bank.  You are the fools that give them satisfaction.

But, I do hope you got what you wanted.  They did!

Which brings us to this week‘s edition of  

“Ten Things Of Thankful!”

Yeah, I know, what a way to segue into it!

Our wonderful hosts of this event would take a page and a half to list as they have grown in numbers over and over again.  Still, they are worth remembering, so you can find a complete listing of these gracious individuals, as well as more of these “posts of thankfulness” here:     Here ... It's Here!!!! Push the link to get there!!!

Don’t tell me you don’t have time to visit them.  You waited in line how long Friday?

So, let us begin our quest for “Thankfulness.”

This week, I’m thankful for:

No More Whips!
Just Pressure By Compliments!
Meet Madam Lizzi!
1)  Lizzi, better known as “Considerer”, who complimented me in a post this week by stating that I “might be the Big Daddy of blogging.”  I actually had to sit back and contemplate this statement for a few minutes after reading it.  All I’ve ever attempted in my blogs is to observe the idiocy of mankind and provide a somewhat humorous look at what is so readily available to be seen once you step back and actually look at the happenings in front of you.  It is an effort to take the truth, lay it out as it occurs, and let your mind do the thinking.  We do much too little of that these days.  Thought has almost taken a back seat to reacting.  Black Friday is a prime example of this.

If my observations and possible scenarios laced with some semblance of humor bring about a “Big Daddy” status, then I’m exceptionally honored that one so well versed as Lizzi would provide me with such a title.  Perhaps my efforts are not in vain, but instead, a catalyst for thought to begin and grow.  Perhaps the seeds I plant may cause a person to stop, look at what is happening around them, and create an alternate path for them to travel.  If that is the case, I’ve achieved all I ever started out to accomplish.  “Thank you, Lizzi!  It means more than you imagine.  It also puts forth more pressure than ever to perform to meet your standards!  God love you!”

2)  My zombie turkey eating cats.  They saved the day this year!  If you have no idea as to what I’m talking about don’t feel bad.  I’ve learned that the night before Thanksgiving is not the time to publish a post.  If you want to find out more, I’m shamelessly providing a link for you to exactly that!   Zombie Turkey Eating Cats ... Yeah, you missed it!!!!

3)  My wife that forgets Thanksgiving Day leftovers and provides a dish of grocery store frozen food department pasta the day after.  Having had one meal on Thanksgiving, and nothing all day Friday, I was looking forward to eating a plate of leftovers upon my arrival home from work Friday night.  Instead, I find a half filled plate of this inedible dish of rubberized morsels and tasteless sauce awaiting.  Oh well, that’s what Dollar Store peanuts are for, I guess!

4) for reminding me once again that I must wait until this week next year to download current albums.  Ones that I’ve already downloaded for $6.99 - $9.99 are now on sale for $1.99 - $5.99.  Of course, there are a few artists who consider their music so valuable that they need not participate in these customer friendly savings.  They will continue to find that their music remains on my “not necessary to own” list to this day.  Btw, Jay-Z, I heard your last one sucked anyway!

Load Limit 250 pounds!!!!!
5)  Fat Floaters.  This is what I call the mechanized shopping carts that carry folks too fat to walk around WalMart and other retailers so that their shopping is easier.  Meant to be strictly for handicapped individuals, these are used more and more by those too obese to put one foot in front of the other and get some much needed exercise.  I imagine many were used the last couple of days as battering rams, running over the heels of the innocent few that no longer need to waddle through the aisles.  If a weight limit restriction was posted before the usage of these vehicles, I’m sure many would find themselves losing calories.

6)  Idiotic Traffic Engineers.  These folks have delayed the time it takes to get through intersections in my fair city by separating the turn lane signals.  Instead of operating at the same time, they are now delayed.  In other words, first, one direction has the turn lane, then traffic goes straight, then, the other direction has the turn section.  This not only doubles the turn lane available time, but also doubles the amount of time one has to wait on lights to change for their direction.  I think these individuals are somewhat sadistic in nature, but not intelligent enough to understand that they also fall victim on their route home.  Can we say, “Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, children?”

7)  Turkey Roasts.  As in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, I tend to wonder what part of the turkey the roast comes from.  I have cut up many a turkey in my day, and have yet to find this oval ball of meat on any of them.  Could this actually be “processed” meat?  No, they wouldn’t do that to a turkey, would they?  Would they really grind up a turkey, add preservatives and chemical shapers, cover it with a plastic covering and net to hold it together until it’s frozen, and then sell it as a roast?  That wouldn’t happen in America, would it?  (I think I see an audience being laughed at again!)

8)  Family Values.  Hahahahahahahahaha!  You knew I was joking here, didn’t you?  I know, those became extinct a long time ago!  Got you laughing, though, didn’t I?

9)  Dollar Store shoe inserts.  Instead of spending $15 on shoe inserts that make my feet cramp up constantly, I’ve found that the Dollar Store inserts keep the cold floors at work from transferring their temperature to the bottoms of my feet much better, and without the cramping.  If you’ve never felt the stabbing nails enter the top of the middle of your foot as it begins to cramp up, you’re one of the lucky ones.  Be patient, I’m told that it comes with age.  Yeah, if you’re lucky, one day you’ll get old, too!

10)  You, the reader, for having patience with me getting around to read your hop posts.  I attempted to at least get around to all that commented on mine last week, even though it was a few days after the hop.  Working seven days a week (minus Thanksgiving Day, of which I basically tried to catch up on sleeping while my wife worked) does not leave much time for anything else.  I will finally have a day off this coming Thursday from my normal employment.  It will be much welcomed, but unfortunately, there are several things that I have to get done as they have been put off for quite some time.  Still, your understanding and continued reading and commenting are greatly appreciated.

And, that is it!  So, if you survived shopping on Black Friday, and still have some small semblance of humanity left within, I hope I didn’t offend you too much.  Hell, you put on a great show for all those watching!  

Betcha can’t wait for next year, can you?



  1. Goodness, didn't expect the fights to get so bad over a simple thing like shopping! Wow! Happy thanksgiving, Rich and we have so much to be thankful for!

    1. Michelle, Good to see you! It's amazing how crazy people get at times. If we were to take all the stupid people involved in this madness and put them on an island, they'd kill each other off in no time. (Hey, I might have something there!) Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! Many Thanks!

  2. Ohmigosh, I heard the most depressing news - that ASDA (now owned by WalMart) had some Black Friday sales HERE yesterday. And there were fights and hustles, and people were injured in crowds. It was bitterly disappointing to find out this morning.

    And YES! When you write, sir, my GOODNESS do you WRITE. And I love it because it totally takes my brain into new directions and fills it with new thoughts and understanding on topics I've probably not really paid mind to before.

    I know many people read you, and you have an enviable Status in the blogosphere (so far as I can see) and you are able to reach people WELL. The title is totally deserved, and thank you for liking it so much :D

    Aaaaaaaand I'll end with a new thought for you - not my own, but one given to me - a 'merican friend who was in an abusive marriage recently said how much she LOVED working Thanksgiving and Black Friday, because it was a cast-iron excuse for her not to be at home and vulnerable for the entire day...which was certainly an angle I'd not thought of, before - that the requirement for workers on this day could provide some of them a 'safe place'....

    1. Lizzi - OMG ... it's contagious!!!!! Beware as WalMart fever spreads throughout the world!!! One would think that the British people would be more distinguished than that, wouldn't you! lol People are people and greed affects most greatly. They tend to becomes hogs at the feeding bin ... uncaring and completely engrossed in truly acting like pigs. Kind of scary that shopping has exposed this malady, wouldn't you say?

      Actually, my numbers have gone down as I find myself without the necessary time to go visiting as many blogs as I used to. Even some of my loyals have deserted. I think I may have hit a nerve or two along the way, but they didn't want brought to the surface. That's okay, I'll go on writing even if it is to a select few ... the few that select to stay with me, that is! lol I am grateful for the compliment, though. You do have your way of getting a person to obligate themselves, don't you? lol

      I cannot validate the abusive marriage concept. I know there's a love factor, and I know some feel as though they somehow deserve to be abused, but to me, it makes no sense. However, as we become a society of the Politically Correct, we are becoming a society of timid assholes. Oh, people love to talk online where they feel safe, but face to face, most hide in the shadows. I believe in a person standing up for themselves when the call arises. If it means getting out of a relationship, then so be it! If it means accepting that a bad decision was made but can be corrected, then do it! There's no excuse for a man or woman to be abusive to their partners. That's not a relationship. That's a Master/Slave syndrome. I say, "Get the Hell out" while you're able. There are shelters throughout the world to assist one in doing this and they'll also provide protection. To me, to persist in a losing venture only means that a person wants sympathy, and not life changing results. I know it's a hard way to look at it, but nothing was ever accomplished by apathy. When home ceases to be the safe haven in one's life, it can no longer be called home. Just my thoughts. Many Thanks!

    2. I hate the consumer-driven crap which seems to be popping up all over the place. Like the riots here a few years back. It started off political and ended up as a pathetic bunch of looters. People were just stealing shoes and TVs as though it were their entitlement so to do. Don't ever look to the UK for any kind of distinguishment - I fear we no longer earn it (as a nation, anyway)

      Losing readers can suck, and it's a shame when people put a time constraint on how long they'll bear with someone. My limit is in months though, rather than weeks (I had a blog cull the other day) and the responsiveness of the blogger also helps. The fact that you put my picture up there and shouted me WAY OUT LOUD will secure my readership for the forseeable future (wait, no, your WRITING too...duh!)

      There's that. However, I do know of people who have been to within inches of losing their very self to abusive relationships. And while there's never a need to stay, given the levels of supportive organisations available, there is often a lack of ability to leave, having been so beaten down. It's a shocking state of affairs, and always utterly heartbreaking.

  3. oh RIch.... you could have a field day with this ... my buddy goes to what I like to refer to as Carb Church on Sunday AMs... they play what they like to think is contemporary music.... how they can make sense use of Kung Fu Fighting in Church I still don't understand but it makes for great blog fodder!

    SO if one is bitten by a zombie they become a zombie...what if one eats a zombie? Have you noticed a difference in your cats...not that you would from how you describe them!

    1. Zoe - You're dead set on getting me in trouble with the man upstairs, aren't you?

      I have a hard time with calling "Kung Fu Fighting" contemporary music for one. That song came out forty years ago! They might as well play "Ahab the Arab" and be done with it! However, violence has always been a part of churches ... or more correctly, religion. How many lives were lost on the original Crusades? (Not to be confused with Billy Graham's Crusades of this century ... which didn't cost lives, only multiple donations and television time that could have been better used showcasing sporting events!) Even in the movie, "Kill Bill", everybody was Kung Fu Fighting everywhere but church, and there they used automatic weapons! I can hear the sermon now, "Brothers and Sisters ... I come before ye today with chops, kicks and throwing stars ... so you better damn well listen. The Bible teaches if you're attacked, you turn the other cheek. By doing so, you set yourself up well for one hell of a spinning back kick! I say pull your attacker close to you and hold him tight ... while raising up your knee and crunching his groin time after time again! And, when you're brother attacker is down, reach down and pull him up ... so you can give him a double throat thrust and knock him down and out for the count! Only then ... I say only then ... can you truly feel the spirit flowing through your bones and the blood of your brother saturating your kimono. Everybody ... can I hear a grunt thrust from the gut? I need to hear you now and the Lord needs to hear you ... give me a grunt thrust from the gut! I feel saved by the power of Kung Fu! Everybody sing now... "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting, they were fast as lightning......" (One of these days, I'm going to have to go to church and repent for all this crap! lol)

      I believe that animals can eat zombies without suffering any after effects. Mine seem to be doing fine as of late. However, if another human being were to eat a human zombie, I would imagine they'd immediately be arrested upon discovery for cannibalism. That is unless you're a porn star, where eating another ...... (no, I'm not going to finish that one. Use your own imagination! lol) Many Thanks!

    2. HAAAAAAAAAAAA.... Lizzi is right... Big Daddy... I would love for you to go to Carb it is he just goes for the donuts...WHo knows what the hell else he eats there? Maybe he's a zombie too! OH NO!

    3. Lizzi? Humble? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Zoe, you're a true comedian! I love it!

  4. I also cannot stand Black Friday and all that comes with it. I did a WHOLE post on many options online for all budgets and ages to try to keep anyone possible HOME. And untrampled. The scooter, I cannot get started on the scooter. My mother started thinking she "needed" one after her hip surgery, it was all straight downhill from there. YEARS later she hasn't fully given the thing up.

    Great post, full of laughs and good points, as always

    1. Joy - I'm pleased that you did your part to eliminate violence in today's society. Unfortunately, I don't believe many listened. Now, I had to work, so I didn't go out shopping. In fact, I desperately need an ink cartridge, but am planning on going to Office Depot in the morning and spending an extra $2 just to stay out of WalMart. I was never one to be taken advantage of, and am afraid my patience would run out long before I could get out of the store. Besides, there are still a few of us that have some semblance of common sense remaining.

      The scooter ... if I said anything else it would sound bad, and the last thing I want to do is say anything bad about your mother. (I'll let you do that! lol) She sounds like she really may have needed it after the operation, and found it to be a way of getting head of the line rights and possibly even some attention. Maybe she's lonely. But, being your mother you can either accept it or bitch at her about it. Just be gentle ... final wills can be changed! :) Many Thanks!

  5. lol… excellent Post!
    (so do you have to pick which of the vast selection of 'Big Daddy' cultural icons that have appeared over the years? at last! an advantage to being youthfulness-challenged! I will go with Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth as the cultural icon to associate with your new designation! my good… to think of how innocent the culture was back then, that Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth was considered a 'not good influence' on the yutes* of the day!

    I will stop back in a bit…glad you got through Thanksgiving and got a chance to properly 'warm-up' for the 900lb Holiday in little more than a month!.

    * My Cousin Vinny….

    1. Clark, so good of you to stop in, my friend! The "Big Daddy" Roth was the first I thought of. However, after much thought, and a few pills, I remembered that the police always wanted to know who the "Big Daddy" was in many a movie. "Big Daddy" was the man in charge ... the ringleader ... the one who started things and got others to replicate his beliefs. Charles Manson comes to mind! lol No, seriously, if I can start someone thinking and understanding, instead of just being an innocent bystander, then I've achieved what I'm after. I'd like to be the "Big Daddy" of common sense thinking. God, if people were to go back to using common sense again, as well as all the advancements in technology, wouldn't the world be a different place? The achievements that could be made, the politicians that could be imprisoned, and the politically correct that could be hushed would truly assist mankind. Okay, okay, I'm dreaming. Still, wouldn't it be nice? :) Many Thanks!

    2. "...if people were to go back to using common sense again," What color is the sky in your world? There was a before-time of which you speak? I am over 50 and don't recall this utopian society...but then again I am rapidly closing in on dementia...

    3. Zoe - There was a time when common sense was developed by parents that took time with their youngsters instead of allowing technology to raise them. Not everyone practiced it, but most found it somewhat hard to escape every facet of the environmental conditioning they'd received.

      There was a line defining right and wrong that was much more clear than it is today. And, personal accountability was the norm, instead of television shrinks started making excuses for every type of behavior in hopes of pursuing their own personal gain and interests. No, it wasn't perfect, nor was it Utopian, but it was a time when people used their brains for more than playing video games and texting.

      Common sense said that we couldn't stand back and let man be treated differently because of his color, so we protested and marched. Common sense said that war for the profit of industry was wrong, so again, we protested and made our voices heard. Some even lost their lives and many their freedom.

      Today, graft, once illegal, has become legalized by changing its name to special interest contributions and allowable funding, and no one protests. Businessmen have used the phrase, "We are the policemen of the world" too often to validate conflicts that only give them power over profits. The list could continue on and on with example after example. Yet, no protests take place. The cattle are being herded into one line of Political Correct thought, or stupidity blended with complacency. Common sense told us in the 60's to stand up against the Establishment and fight when they told us we had to act a in a certain manner acceptable to all. Now, people comply and basically roll over and expect big business to scratch their tummies.

      Surprise! It's not going to happen!

      Many work two jobs to make ends meet while others don't do their jobs and get paid millions when they're fired. The Patriot Act infringed upon many Constitutional rights, but politicians used fear to make everyone think it was necessary. Still, games continue to be played and most just sit there watching reality television. It's time to listen to common sense again and let the voices be heard.

      But, what do I know? I'm only one person with one voice. It is only my goal to stimulate thought. To give a person a new perspective. They might figure me to be completely wrong. I can live with that easily. What I have a hard time living with is knowing that people have the power to change the world in which they reside and don't.

      Collectively, mankind can come up with the answers. These are answers many already are aware of, and don't want known for fear of losing their elite status and benefits. Control by ignorance and fear is what they practice. We need to use our common sense and see this and again, make our voices heard. One voice is quickly quieted. However, the power of the masses is great.

      Now look what you've made me do … ramble, ramble, ramble. lol I'm only a eccentric old man. Yet, I've seen things changed because of people standing together. You have, too, as I'm only 59. (Only he says!) We pulled it off once. I think we can do it again! Many Thanks!

  6. Common sense. But lemmings have no sense, lol. I actually am VERY amused by all the videos put out by the ones who brave the lemming crowds. So that in the aftermath of Thanksgiving, I have so much to watch! Shh...we can't ruin the fun by DISCOURAGING the lemmings to shop! I WANT TO WATCH THE ZOMBIES!
    You know I'm kidding.
    Corporate greed. This is something that continues to really, really, REALLY bother me. I don't think the lemmings will ever wake up until there's no more to be consumed. When the planet is dry, destroyed and poisoned in every land, in every stream, in every ocean. Oh boy...
    I'll just hop off that soapbox. Going to my own little happy place. Say...I think it's time for a hike. LOL

    1. Cyndi - So sorry I'm late getting to you. I've been working so much I fall asleep before ever turning on the computer. Your comment reminds me of an old National Lampoon album called "Lemmings." How applicable! I know you understand well what I'm attempting to get across most of the time. (Hell, I don't know that I understand it all of the time, lol!) I've probably been on my soapbox too often as of late. In fact, I may be taking a long break from blogging soon. Seems like I tend to get more and more cynical the more I write. Enjoy the scenery your hike provides. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. :) Many Thanks!

  7. I like knowing where a person stands, and you have no trouble letting me know where you stand!
    Not a fan of the Black Friday, but can't stand the Thanksgiving opening. People are just plain crazy. I can't fault the corporations. They simply go with what the public wants. The public is crazy, so the stores cater to crazy. I know someone who even years ago went to Wal-Mart early in the morning on the Friday after Thanksgiving simply to sit on a bench and watch people. He had a ball watching the disaster unfold. I prefer to ignore it and just play cards with my relatives.
    I've been unhappy with the folks in charge of traffic lights myself. They have some messed up, irritating ideas on how long lights should be on green.
    As always, an interesting read. Hope your day off this week is relaxing and enjoyable.

    1. Christine - So good of you to come back. No, I'm not afraid to let my thoughts out. Never have been, which has got me in trouble once or twice. Guess it's just the old protester coming out again. I try to do it with humor, but sometimes it's a little tougher than others.

      We're definitely on the same page with Black Friday and Thanksgiving shopping. I'm just a real proponent of family time, and both tend to detract from that. There's so many things I wish I could go back and change in my own time with the kids at home. So many things I missed out on. That may be why I push so hard for people not to make the same mistakes that only bring future regrets. Many Thanks!

  8. I always so enjoy reading you Rich! Say what you mean and mean what you say, I believe the saying goes. I went out Thursday night late after my husband and kids had left town and all the festivities and dishes were done. I decided to stay home instead of making the annual after Thanksgiving trip and simply went because I could. I didn't stay long and didn't see any craziness anywhere. There was that shooting though...
    I can't start on the motorized carts. I simply can't. Suffice it to say that we are in total agreement.

    1. Sandy - Really good to see you again! I know I sometimes come across as an eccentric ass, but that's because I am! lol I just see things that make me think, and imagine others wanting to do the same. Sometimes, the surroundings provide us with so much humor if we just observe what's happening around us.

      I'm not going to jump on you for going out and shopping. (Whew, you're safe!) :) In fact, it probably provided you an opportunity that you might not have had otherwise. I just don't like what it does to family time (for the most part), and how the family unit continues to be looked at as unimportant by greedy corporations.

      I think before I die, I'm going to go up to an obese person on a Fat Floater and ask them if they didn't know it was for handicapped people. If they answer, "I'm handicapped", I'll probably scream, "You're not handicapped, you're just fat! Get off that thing and get some damn exercise and make it available for someone who's really physically handicapped, instead of just mentally." I may try it soon. Seems that this is the perfect season for providing holiday cheer! lol Many Thanks!

  9. They started Black Friday in Canada a few years ago and it's not even our holiday! I stay away...I don't need anything THAT bad.

    "Fat Floaters"...that gave me a good chuckle. My husband will LOVE that one!

    1. Diane - Thanks so much for stopping in. Stay safe and stay home! Black Friday is not for the timid ... or anyone else for that case. It's amazing how retail takes an idea and uses it for their own greedy purposes, isn't it? These guys are heartless! :) Hope your husband doesn't ride one! If he does, I have a feeling I'm in big trouble! lol Many Thanks!

  10. Hahaha to fat floaters! And I agree that black friday is because people who participate are dumb and may even have black souls, acting all crazy getting deals. There is nothing I want badly enough to get in a bitch fight over. I love Lizzi's nickname for you and agree that you are indeed the Big Daddy Badass Blogger!

    1. Kristi - Hey Sis, good to see you! You and I feel the same about Black Friday. They may be saving money, but they're spending twice as much. I hope they wake up and realize that before they have a cardiac when they open their next Visa or Mastercard bill! lol I don't know about the nickname. I'm thinking about maybe leaving the blogging thing behind. Or, maybe I'll just take another long break. Simply working too much to get around to all the different blogs. Starting to feel really guilty about it. Oh well, we'll see. Many Thanks!