Monday, January 12, 2015

Paris Rally Against Terrorism ... Oh Where Oh Where Has Our Leadership Hid ....

Where's the United States At?
Aren't they the supposed leader
against world terrorism?
This last Saturday, more than a million people, including 40 world leaders, rallied in Paris, France and marched in a show of unity against world terrorism.  It was a moment for the world to stand up and tell terrorists that they will no longer be tolerated, and that their type of anti social behavior is unacceptable.

This last Friday, President Obama was in Tennessee.  According to his public schedule  (Schedule of the President), he was due to arrive at the South Lawn of the White House at 5:45 p.m.  There was no public schedule on his agenda for Saturday or Sunday.

My guess is that he was in front of his television watching the NFL Playoffs, munching on a hamburger and "Freedom" fries, and ignoring Michelle's showing off of her new French designer gown she'd purchased for the next big event at the White House.

"Yeah, I'd love to be there, but I've got
$50 bucks bet on today's game and
$50 on tomorrow's.  Damn straight
I'm gonna be watching!"
This would usually fall to the Vice President if the President was unable to make it.  However, there is no word on where the Vice President was during the weekend, either.  It seems as though the United States just doesn't care about an international show of unity against terrorism and its principles.

Now, here's a thought for you.  One that may not be popular, but one that when thought about could be justified and unfortunately correct.

Could it be because as long as terrorism exists, the United States government can get away with doing just about anything?

If you've been around long enough to remember the days of the U.S.S.R., you'll remember that the United States couldn't get away with a lot of the crap they pull today.  Why?  Because the U.S.S.R. was one foe that could stand up to them and say, "What the hell do you think you're trying to pull?  Get your ass back home unless you want nuked!"

Nowadays, there's no one big enough to say that.  So, like a big bully, the United States, under the guise of being a foe to terrorism, does exactly what it wants, whenever it wants, without anyone being able to stop them.

In essence, the United States government needs terrorism. 

As horrible as it sounds, terrorism gives our government power.  Can you imagine how much power it would never gained without the fear of terrorism ruling the American public?  Plus, without America shivering in fear of terrorism, who would have ever accepted the invasion into personal privacy rights the Patriot Act imposed upon?  And, what other country can get away with ignoring the laws, borders and procedures of a foreign country to take out a terrorist, regardless of that country's wishes?

Doesn't say much for integrity and diplomacy, does it?

Our government still uses this fear to do what they want today!  How else could it validate the billions of dollars used to develop and expand the almighty and secret NSA, the pain in the ass TSA, and every other agency that makes up the secret police state we now reside within?

Dollars suddenly become available when fear is present!

Some of these were tricks that the old U.S.S.R. might try to pull, and the U.S. would say, "Now you know better than that.  We've got nukes, too.  Don't push us to push the button!"

Now, displaying the latest in
Washington, D.C. fashion wear,
it's the new White Hat Series for
the politicians who don't give a damn!
Notice how each held each other in check.  Now, there's only one truly big kid on the block, and he can pretty much do as he wants.

So, is the United States accepting the role of the "bad guy" here?  Of course not!  Being a country of lawyers (mostly crooked ones employed by the government in one form or another), we will always find a legal loophole to get what we want, and still make it appear as though we're wearing the "white hats" of sorts.  Even when Americans are killed via acts of terrorism, they are simply discarded as "casualties in the war", form letters sent out by the White House, and the game continues.

Of course, there are those in the world not afraid of the United States and the legal impotence it presents.  These countries show little respect to our government and have no regard to the color of the hats they show.  One of these countries was a primary part of our old Cold War foe, now simply just known as Russia!

The U.S. doesn't like the current Russian leadership.  There's no secret about that.  Not only does our politicians and news agencies insult and minimize Russia's President's Vladimir Putin's importance, he is made to look like a complete ass for standing up for his country and it's belief structure.  Granted, some of the things he comes up with don't need a whole lot of help to demonstrate he is somewhat of an ass (such as Russia's recent homophobic driver's licensing laws), but all in all, the man is proud of his country and wants to see it regain the world status it once had.  For that, you've got to be impressed.

"Germany ... here,  Pakistan ... here ...
United States ... United States ...
Okay, where's the leaders from the U.S.?
By the way, Russia sent their Foreign Minister to the rally.  Israel and Great Britain sent their Prime Ministers.  In fact, most countries sent either their top people or extremely highly ranked leaders there.

The United States let their "live in" Ambassador to France, Jane Hartley, represent our country.  She's not a football fan.

Sorry, Planet Earth, no one in Washington of any importance could get the White House to spring for a plane ticket.  Besides, there are other NFL fans besides the President in Washington, and a weekend is a weekend!

Perhaps, if France would have decided to present the rally on a weekday, attendance from the United States may have been better.  Besides the football playoffs having been played, what politician wouldn't love to have a good excuse to keep from doing any work?

Oh, that's right, this Congress doesn't need an excuse!  

(*I wonder if who won the $50?)


  1. Great piece and very insightful...terrorism is the excuse for the government terrorizing average citizens for sure...

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Good of you to stop by. Now, the government is admitting it screwed up, but only after so much was made of it. Regardless of their true actions and feelings, they have to keep up appearances. What I find sad is that this piece got the least number of views of anything I've ever written. We really do live in a society where people don't care and are blind to what is happening. I've only a few years left, but there are so many that unless they open their eyes and start caring, will be in for a world of crap in the future.

  2. I enjoyed the post just so you know

    1. Jo-Anne- I appreciate that! Seriously, I do. Our forefathers warned us about our government getting too big, and I think we're beginning to really see what they had the foresight to see. Somehow, someway, it's got to be brought down a notch or two. Right now, it's considering itself somewhat "all powerful", which is a dangerous state for our society. Many Thanks!

  3. I had noticed the absence of high-ranking US politicians in Paris. And you're right, the US currently stands alone as a world power and I guess that potentially can nurture malpractice. But, nonetheless, I'm thankful it's the US rather than Russia in that dominant role.

    1. Gary - Good of you to stop by, my friend! It was just announced that we will be visiting Paris tomorrow, but not to say I'm sorry, rather than to give a big hug to them. Excuse me while I go get sick.

      So two faced at times are politics. Less than a decade ago, Americans were insulting France every chance they had. Many were even calling "French Fries , Freedom Fries" in an attempt to keep from even associating anything good with the French. Now, they're our biggest buddies! (cough cough)

      I have nothing against the French or the government there. My frustration comes from my own government that changes directions as often as the wind blows. If it serves the current purpose, they're our friends. If they don't do as exactly as we'd like, they're our enemies. That's one of the things that happens when you're the "big Kid" on the block ... you're always right and everyone else is always wrong. It's scary at times.

      I would prefer not to be Russian led at this time, too, although I sometimes wonder if the only differences may be in the masks they wear. Something tells me that underneath the smiles and disguises, there are more similarities than we'd like to admit. Only time will tell.

      Many Thanks!