Monday, February 10, 2014

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: The Power Of Love

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This week's Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday revolves around the topic of "Love."  Novels have been written about it, wars have been fought over it, and hearts have been broken over it.  Still, it's one of man's greatest emotions.  

Sunday was also the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I remember it clearly.  I also remember my frustration at not being able to hear their music because of all the girls screaming in the audience.

I think they all believed themselves to be in love with one of the Fab Four, if not more.
(Kind of kinky for back then, but C'est le Vie!)

Perhaps, one of the greatest groups to ever sing about love were the Beatles.  I'm going to combine both in this week's post to see if Love really is the answer!


There are good days, and there are bad days.  When you're in love, everyday can be wonderful.  That is until that other person in your life decides love isn't quite what they're experiencing ... at least not with you.  No matter what you try to do to save the relationship, the other person has to make an effort, too.  When that doesn't happen, hearts break, depression becomes a constant companion, and your world stops rotating.
As a young man, you try to shake it off.  Oh, you still ache deep inside as your stomach rips apart every second of the day and your heart feels as though all the beating has stopped.  But, because you're a "guy", you have to do as expected and "man up" to the situation.  So, you get dressed, join some of your friends, and hit the club scene.

Upon a rare second, when you're not looking at all the other couples and remembering how soft her kisses were, you start to notice there are other ladies around.  No, you're not just looking for a replacement.  In fact, why would anyone want to replace what just destroyed their life?  No, you want something better ... something that will forever be loyal to you ... someone you can share all the rest of your years with and love doing it every second.  Of course, good looks don't hurt!

And then, without ever expecting it, you see her standing there!
She's not only great looking, she's smart!  You know this as she sends away one drunk dude after another without even giving them a second glance.  She's not just looking for a "one nighter" as many do.  She's looking for someone to mesh with her ideas, wants, and dreams of the future.  

You stand there, careful not to be caught staring at her, but refusing to go over to her for fear of being rejected.  Still, you cannot take your eyes off of her.  The one you loved has left your mind and this new face is now filling in envisioned scenes of spending time together doing the things you both love to do.  Inside, you know you don't want to blow it, yet, you know you've got to talk to her.  As you draw closer to her, you scramble for something to say, something that won't make you sound like all she's sent away.  Hell, why not just be blunt?  What have you got to lose?
Well, you have her attention.  She hasn't had someone be so strong in their words before.  No slick phrases that make you sound cool.  No, just blunt force honesty.  Curious to learn more, she allows you to sit beside her.  Back and forth you and her converse, laughing and learning, living and liking, and listening intently to what each say.

You don't want to move too fast. Tis better to be the gentleman. But, you don't want to go through the entire evening without finding out if the electricity is there.  Instead of just grabbing, you look at her eyes, then down at her hand on the table, and ask if she would mind if you held her hand.

She's somewhat shocked as guys don't usually ask.  Normally, she's having to dump a drink in their lap by this time.  She wonders, "Could this guy be different than the rest or is he just a little more slick in making his moves?"  Still, her curiosity grows.  She initiates the act by sliding her fingers over yours.
Sparks ignite and the power of love spreads from the hands clasped together and through the bodies to which they're attached!  Yeah, this definitely has more than just possibilities of being something special.  Love at first sight?  Possibly.  But, more like fate collecting two souls and allowing them to find that they were meant to be together.  
You meet day after day, not wanting to be apart for a second.  You know her thoughts before you speak, and she seems to know yours.  She's different from anyone you've ever known in that she loves life to the fullest.  Simple things mean so much to her, instead of only looking at the price tags of the gifts you give.  She likes the outdoors as you do, and even has fun freezing alongside of you fishing through the ice on a December afternoon.  

Months go by and you know that the question inside your heart needs an answer.  If she will only allow you to become hers forever, and her to become yours forever, life will know no sorrow.  It has to be ... it is mandatory.  Still, the fear of rushing, of facing rejection, of ruining a wonderful relationship keep appearing every time you consider asking.  Finally, you decide you have to ask it.  You buy a ring, make a vow she cannot refuse, and take the big step.
After the ceremony, the years start to go by much too quickly.  Suddenly, kids, bills, and work pressures start you wishing you'd never asked.  You love her still, but life was much simpler before you took on all the responsibilities of being the "perfect" husband.

She feels it, too, as she always feels what you're feeling.  It starts to worry her and she becomes a little more hard to get along with.  Her words now have a sharpness that cuts deeply at times.  Worst of all, the kids feel it and ask, "Are you and mommy going to get a divorce?"

Their simple words make you reconsider.  You once knew you could rule the world with her by your side.  Perhaps, instead of looking at what you don't have anymore, you should look at what you do have!  Like the times you both helped the other through sickness, the love you both have for the children, the electricity you both shared for the other in the early years.  Perhaps, marriage and love isn't as easy as many try to make it out to be.  Maybe, staying together is work.  

Most of all, you imagine your life without her.  The loneliness and emptiness of once again, being alone, instead of with the one you love deep down inside.  It's time to talk it through ... to make it work!
So, you both agree to give it a try.  No, things aren't perfect, but they never are.  Funny how we only remember the good times when we think of how much fun we once had, and the bad seem to have been erased.  

It's time to go a little crazy!  Time to do something different!  Time to go outside the norm and bring a little excitement back into the relationship.  So, you get a babysitter, make reservations for a great dinner and concert, and on the way home, pull the car over and act like teenagers again!
Somehow, you and her make it through the years.  Again, there will always be conflicts, but there will always be good times, too.  The longer you stay together, the more accepting of the other's bad points you become.  Instead of nagging the other about them, you smile when you think of them while you're on a business trip, missing them as you recognize her absence.  Chances are, she's doing the same thing thinking about you.

Divorce is now out of the question.  There's no reason to seek out anyone else.  In fact, you are so confident in your relationship, you know the answer to strange questions without ever having to ask.  The answer will always be "Yes."
Hands together no longer resemble those that once held each other.  The smoothness is now plagued with wrinkles and liver spots.  However, the electricity that flows has more power than ever before.  

The walks together are still enjoyed, but there's a dark cloud overhead that brings about a fact of life that no one wants to accept, but must.  Sooner or later, the other will be alone.  All they'll have is the memories of a long life with the one they loved.  Whether there be an afterlife or not, the prayers will continue of hopes of once again being together.  One, in which, hands held close will once again be filled with the electricity of true love. 
Love can cure the most empty of days and the depression of reality.  It was once said, "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."  Humans and animals alike need love in their lives.  

It's a fact of life.  

It's a fact of love.



  1. This was absolutely stellar.

    Even if you took out the Beatles (which was FANTASTIC) the story that you wrote in between the songs was amazing.

    I absolutely love the way you wove the story through the songs and told an entire tale of a man's quest for love . . . and ended well, ended on such a tragic, yet hopeful note.

    You win the internets, my friend.

    1. Starr - Thank you for coming back here, my friend. You really are only too kind in your words. I have to say, the Beatles helped me here. I first chose the songs and then placed them in an order that would best allow a story to be told. From that point on, it was easy to tell a tale of love. What we have to remember is that most love stories are tragedies in one way or another as nothing lasts forever. What starts alone will almost always end with one alone. Still, we can't let it pass us by because we fear the hurt it will eventually bring. (God, when did I ever become a lecturer on Love??? OMG, I'm ruining my image!) I guess in plain words I'm saying, "Life's a Bitch!" lol Glad you enjoyed this one! Many Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Katherine - Good to see you here! Really glad you enjoyed this. How can one go wrong with the Beatles? Many Thanks!

  3. Wow. Really. I hope that is my story someday. We're kind of at that 8 year old makes you wonder what you were thinking and you want to kill your husband every day stage. Although I know we'll always be together, I'm looking forward to that "When I'm 64" thing. Although he'll be 80 when I'm 64, but who's counting anyway?
    Great post. I bow down to your brilliance.

    1. Jen - Hello, my Queen of the Hop! :) The Beatles really helped set the tone for this one. I don't think it took my wife 8 years to reach the stage you're at, which basically tells me you've got someone special in your life. Don't rush the "64" thing. It will be there soon enough. (OMG, it's only a little over 4 years away for me! Arrrrgh!) I do appreciate your kindness. Many Thanks!

  4. What a cool way to do the mix-tape! So much to love about it - the story, the Beatles! I don't know how I haven't seen any of your other mixes but I'm really glad I made it here this time!

    1. Stephanie - Really nice of you to drop by! I'm happy you enjoyed this one. I try to do something like this with every mix. Seems to make it a little more interesting for most. Feel free to not be a stranger and stop around anytime! I'm back to my cynical self every weekend with a Friday night post, and on Wednesdays, I guest post on Raised on the Radio. Many Thanks!

  5. Love how you tied this into the Beatles' recent milestone. Great story, great tunes.

    1. Cyn - Good of you to come around today! It was too great a temptation not to use the Beatles this week. Their music was just so fitting for the topic, especially their earlier tunes. Happy you liked this. Many Thanks!

  6. I love the story you put with this post. So funny how the Beatles went from something so innocent as I want to hold your hand to Why Don't We Do it in the road. Great mix.

    1. Bianca - So nice to meet you! It is kind of strange how music changed during the 60's, just as society did. In the early 60's, America was still living in the days of the "American Dream", where all was innocent and hopeful. Vietnam War, Civil Rights, and the "Peace, Love, Dove" movement changed all that. Suddenly, instead of everything being happy, we started seeing the U.S. for what it was, a manipulator and tool of big business, racial inequality, and a land only for the rich to prosper. "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" came from the Beatles "White Album", which was also the tool utilized by Charles Manson to initiate negative thought waves to his followers, as well as one that truly demonstrated the changing times. It was one hell of a time in which to be young. Sad that the philosophies of the day gave way to the greed of the present in the end. Glad you enjoyed this! Many Thanks!

  7. Best Twisted Mix Tape you have ever done....going through a whole relationship via the Beatles. And by the way I totally messed up the mix tapes. Go figure

    1. Kerri - Hello, my friend! You are only too kind in your comments. I actually chose the music first, which then led me down the story line path. This one seemed to flow without a whole lot of effort. I made the rounds, last night, to the only six that were in the mix, and will get to yours shortly. I don't believe you for a second, as far as the messing up. You always do a great job. I'll check it out in a few minutes, for sure. Glad that you liked this piece! Many Thanks!

  8. You've picked on of my most loved songs! Love I Saw Her Standing There!

    1. Michelle - I almost didn't put that one in, my friend. If you listen to it, the song has all the makings of a child predator.

      "Well she was just 17 (underage)
      "And you know what I mean (No, please explain to the police further)
      "And the way she looked was way beyond compare (Compared to what, a 16 year old?)
      "I'll never dance with another, ooooo, since I saw her standing there (Does dance mean dance or does it mean something more?)

      See what I mean! Scary when you think about it, isn't it? And, when you remember the song came from the early 60's, when people were even more protective of their youngsters than they are today, it tends to make one wonder!

      The Beatles played innocence, but they often wrote of things in double meanings. "Ticket To Ride" was about a ticket that prostitutes would get after being medically inspected, allowing them to go back to doing business. Thus, having the ticket meant they were "okay" medically to "ride", of sorts.

      Funny, things like that were never mentioned on the Beatles cartoon show way back then. They might've had a whole new audience! lol Many Thanks!

  9. Fantastic mix! I love the Beatles theme and narrative.

    1. Trish - So nice of you to stop in! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. The Beatles made it easy. Many Thanks!

  10. This is SUCH a great list! When I'm 64 is one of my favorite songs of all time. Good call on Do It In The Road, not enough people classify that as a love song, it's clearly all about the romance!
    I watched most of the 50th anniversary special, and most of it was interesting, but I'll never be able to un-hear the murder of "Yesterday" by Katy Perry in that weird pink mumu.

    1. Joy - Thanks so much for stopping in! Sorry I'm late in answering. I didn't get notification for some reason. Really glad you liked this one. I felt like "When I'm 64" says more than most realize, and "Why Don't We ..." brought the passion of love back into the picture. I couldn't agree more with you about the Beatles 50th. I wasn't impressed by much ... if anything. It might have been one of those evenings that the imagination could have been much better than the reality! lol Many Thanks!