Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ten Things Of Thankful: Merry Christmas on November 1st?

Ten Things Of Thankful Blog Hop
I heard my first Christmas tune on the radio Friday morning.

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" was being sung as the dark clouds of a major rainstorm hovered overhead.  Funny, I didn't see the relevance.  

What is even stranger is that the city postponed the kids going out and Trick or Treating on Halloween.  Instead, they are having all the kids go out on Friday evening to collect their goodies.

So, we can postpone Halloween a day and advertise Christmas a month and a half early.  At the same time, retailers are able to say, "Happy Halloween", but they're not allowed to say, "Merry Christmas" for fear of offending someone.

I may be dense, but I'm still having a hard time understanding that.

First off, I'm not offended by the various religious holidays.  If I walk into a store, and someone proclaims, "Happy Hanukkah", I simply will reply, "Happy Hanukkah" back in good will and respect.  

If groundhogs are the item of worship, I would simply say, "Happy Groundhogs Day" instead.

No, I don't celebrate Hanukkah or Groundhogs day.  But, I'm not offended by them.  Everyone has their right to celebrate and believe as they wish.  

So, why is Christmas under attack all of the time?  And, if a person doesn't believe in Christmas, why do they celebrate it by buying gifts, taking the day off, or, if they work that day, demand double time for the hours they put in?

Why is it okay to have Christmas carols playing a month and a half early, advertise Christmas layaway policies, and proclaim gigantic Christmas savings, but not allow your staff to say, "Merry Christmas?"  Has society grown so self centered and stupid that it doesn't realize that this holiday is based on a Christian belief?  

Have retailers forgotten that the majority of their fourth quarter earnings are based upon how many dollars are extracted from the wallets of those that celebrate the holiday?  Of course not!  But, they seem to be in fear of mentioning the reason why those dollars come their way.  Does not the "Spirit of Giving" come from the belief that the three wise men brought gifts to the Christ child in honor of his birth?  Why then, is it so wrong to mention his celebrated birthday's name?

I really don't care if you are a Christian or not.  Sorry, I'm not a religious fanatic that demands everyone believe the same way.  It's a person's individual right to believe as they wish, and pay the consequences for those beliefs, if there are any forthcoming in the afterlife, if even that exists.

No, I don't care.  But, don't be a damn hypocrite and celebrate a holiday you don't believe in!  Don't give or accept any gifts, do work that day for normal pay, and do go about your business as a tolerant adult should, instead of being a complete hypocritical ass that wants to enjoy the benefits of the holiday while bitching about its name.  And, if you're a business owner that doesn't allow your employees to wish people good tidings in the name of the holiday, then for the sake of your own hypocrisy, don't play Christmas music, advertise Christmas savings, or act like you believe in the Spirit of Giving.  

Happy Holidays?  

Sorry, I don't buy gifts for others to celebrate New Years Day.  

So, now that I've offended you with this rant, let's get on to what the purpose of this post is about.

It’s time for “Ten Things of Thankful” once again!

All of our wonderful hostesses have once again asked us to cast aside our normal philosophies of negative thought and remember those important things that are so commonly either ignored or simply taken for granted.  

So, without further ranting, rambling, or ado, let us begin this uncommon occurrence in our lives and start to become thankful!

1)  I’m thankful for shoes.  My wife is from Alabama and doesn’t really believe in them much.  I guess that’s why the bottoms of her feet resemble what most fire walkers would cherish having (and probably the same color).  Growing up in the country, I found that shoes were most beneficial.  Not only did they make walking much more comfortable, but briars, snakes, and the old style of beer can tabs couldn’t penetrate them as they could the bare bottoms of one’s feet.  Plus, without shoes, imagine how cold walking around in the Winter months would be?  Shower shoes don’t really count as shoes.  Once, as a child, I stepped on a board while wearing flip-flops, and found that a rusty nail easily penetrated them.  Also, I remember once running out in the snow to the mailbox in them and freezing.  Immediately, a lesson was learned.

2)  I’m thankful for gift cards.  I’ve warned most not to ever try to purchase me a gift for Christmas.  Simply make a quick trip to Best Buy, purchase me a gift card, and be done with my shopping.  Don’t buy me another polo shirt that will spend its life hanging lonely in the closet, a tie that will end up at a Goodwill center, or a cd that I already have.  And no, don’t give me a restaurant gift card.  Since most now have no smoking policies, I have a no visiting policy.  Even my wife still has a $10 gift card to Panara Bread Company that she received close to a year ago.  Best Buy only please!  (See, isn’t that simple!)

3)  I’m thankful for wheels.  Damn, where would we be without wheels?  I’d probably be at home, as I’m not one to go out and harness up the old horse and carriage.  Never did it and don’t want to start.  And, if cars didn’t have wheels, what would they have ... Lincoln Logs?  That would make getting about like Fred Flintstone’s car.  “Yabba Dabba Do!”  And, if that was the case, can you imagine braking the car the way they used to ... with their feet?!?!?   I’d have to take my wife with me wherever I’d go so her bare feet bottoms could stop the car!   That's it!  My wife has Fred Flinstone feet bottoms!  "WIIILLLLLMMMMAAAA!!!!"

4)  I’m thankful that college basketball season is starting.  Not only do I completely become immersed in the battles fought, it gives me a viable reason to have my wife watch and record “Dancing with the Stars”, “The Voice”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Duck Dynasty”, and other excuses for television viewing in her bedroom.  It’s the one time of the year I can sit back in complete peace and quiet and get wrapped up in television, even though I have deciphered that the NCAA Tourney, that will fill the screens next March, is actually decided in advance by the television programmers as to who will bring them the greatest viewing audience.

5)  I’m thankful that most individuals that vote also smoke marijuana.  That is the only reason that could exist for the short term memory loss problems they have in recalling the stupidity of current politicians and re-elect them to continual terms in office.  Perhaps, the governing body has finally determined that their future positions depend on the continuance of the voters smoking, and are coming around in changing the laws to make this a legal activity.

6)  I’m thankful that Kentucky still allows licenses to carry concealed weapons.  Although it is true that rednecks will always kill rednecks, it doesn’t seem to be in the masses that occur in other states that have much more strict gun control laws.  Perhaps there is acknowledgement among criminals that they really don’t know if their targets will be packing a pistol that keeps some of these crimes from occurring.  Still, one can be assured, if there’s ever an individual that believes he can make a name for himself by shooting innocent people in a public place, it probably won’t be a law officer that takes him down quickly.  It is a shame that society requires this action, but at least Kentucky recognizes that it is necessary.

7)  I’m thankful for Chinese food.  In a day when most lunches consist of fast food filled with additives and preservatives, Chinese restaurants can still provide you with a meal of fresh vegetables and brown rice for a minimal fee.  I’ve started visiting one three or four times a week, shifting between Mongolian Mix and Beef Broccoli for the most part.  For a heaping helping of the main course over rice and an egg roll, I pay $4.46.  I’ve also found that they will substitute chicken for beef in the Beef Broccoli, which takes some of the mystery out of the “is it really beef” question.  “Woof, Woof!”

8)  I’m thankful for a comfortable recliner.  I’m finding that I actually sleep better in my recliner than I do in bed.  (I just spent six hours in it dead to the world.)  I have no idea why, but if I go to bed, I’ll lie there for hours thinking about what I either could be doing, or need to be doing.  If I sit down in my recliner, I’m asleep in a minute or two.  My wife hates it, so I try to do it as often as possible.  After all, she can’t say I’m never around if I’m right there!  Right?  (She has, upon occasion, been known to bump against my feet or turn up the television volume to astronomical levels at times.  But then again, she’s never denied her “bitch” qualities!)

9)  I’m thankful for decent management at Office Depot.  Having sustained a somewhat rude experience last Saturday night at one of their locations, I arrived home and wrote their corporate office.  I remembered to keep attitude and emotions out of it, and only stated the facts and what I expected in return.  Within 24 hours, I received notification that store management had been contacted, and that I would be contacted by them within 48 hours.  Five hours later, I received a very professional and apologetic email from the store manager who stated he had discussed the matter with his staff, and for me to deal either with him or a member of his management team when I returned to have my request granted.  I arrived at the store, and when I stated my situation to a manager there, was surprised to find the incident had indeed been discussed.  I was immediately taken care of, apologies given, and left pleasantly surprised.  So much so, I immediately went to their corporate website and wrote another letter stating the high level of service received.  I’m still in a state of shock as this very seldom happens in this day and age.

10)  I’m thankful that I’ve finally reached the tenth item to be thankful for.  Would you believe this one actually took an hour and a half to write tonight?  Normally, I’m done with these in less than 30-40 minutes.  I’m guessing that I’ve been somewhat distracted by the television.  “Locked Up Abroad” was on for a noise factor, but it drew my attention several times as it first showed a couple of South Africans that had been held hostage by Freedom Fighters in Eastern Asia, and then two ditsy girls that had been caught smuggling cocaine from Peru.  I normally ignore shows like this, but for some reason, it caught my attention.  (God, Is my wife’s television habits rubbing off on me!)

And that’s it!  I’m finally done!  Over!  Complete!  

Man, I’m thankful I got through this one!

However, if you’re a glutton for punishment and want to see how others have struggled to put down their lists, you can see the complete listing of them here!

Oh, by the way, if you do celebrate New Year's Day 
by giving gifts, 
I'll take a Best Buy Gift Card!

Till next week, 



  1. Ha! I love this list. But let me respond first to your first part: "Has society grown so self centered and stupid that it doesn't realize that this holiday is based on a Christian belief?" - Yes, it has. A couple of years ago in a not-too-far-away city, I saw a GIGANTIC sign saying "Happy Birthday Santa" I almost dropped dead from incredulity!

    I laughed at your rusty-nail-through-the-shoes story, only because I did the same as a child.

    Politics - I watched this recently, and was HIGHLY impressed -

    Glad you had such a positive experience at Home Depot. That's really a pleasant surprise.

    I love Chinese food, and am having some tonight, which I'm excited about.

    Glad you reached Ten, and that you joined in again this week :D

    1. Lizzi - "Good Morning!" (even though it's after lunch in England). I was going to state as you about society, but I decided it better to let others answer. (That way I don't seem as much like the egocentric ass I really am, lol.) I remember the rusty nail incident so clearly ... and I don't think I was even in pre-school. It's crazy! I'll have to watch the youtube clip later. (Can't get away with that at work, you know.) Enjoy the Chinese food! Many Thanks!

  2. Last year I went off on a rant re the overall bitchiness and bad lessons in the classic Claymation "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." I got two death threats...nuff said. I'm not sure we agree on politics but I will defend both our rights to argue each other to the death about it! Mostly because I do so love your lists! Besides the Christmas fiasco we can also bond over Chinese food ,so there is hope for us after all...=) ... Oh yeah while I was reading the Holiday rant I was thinking I wanted to tell you about the lawn ornament (you know those hideous huge plastic lit things?) on my friend's lawn ... it has santa as the third wise man... He's not in awe of the child or anything... He's dorked out and waving his big green mitten to the onlookers...the mugg.

    1. Zoe - Thanks so for stopping by! My wife loves "Rudolph...", but, of course, I'm not a fan. Call me Scrooge, but there's just too much commercialism of the day. No death threats from me! I always agree to disagree, instead. It makes life much simpler. Besides, if I have the right to complain, others have the same right in their writing centers. I've always liked the standard Chinese offerings, but have recently started experimenting with others. I'm hooked ... especially at the price! :) Santa as the third wise man???? OMG, I can see it now, spices from the orient and a pop up toaster from Wal-Mart! lol Many Thanks!

  3. Ok, you said the whole Christmas debate quite perfectly here and couldn't even argue your logic. Seriously, I already starting hearing Christmas music and the searches on my own blog were most Christmas related yesterday. So, I guess Halloween is officially over! That said thank you for making me laugh just a bit about this, because seriously if I didn't it would annoy me so. Would so say Happy Saturday now, but never know who I may offend, lol! Seriously, Have a great weekend and as always so enjoy your blog and you, too!! :)

    1. Janine - Good to see you here, my friend! I just get fed up with hypocrisy. Sad thing is, there's so much of it anymore it's difficult not to have it smack you in the face at every turn. I guess it's a mandatory requirement to be a member of the Politically Correct Society. (Glad I never applied for a membership card!) I think people would get offended if we said, "Happy Day After Yesterday and Before Tomorrow!" So, what? Let them! Bad advertising is better than no advertising! lol Many Thanks!

  4. Funny how society practices double standards constantly....I agree, it's annoying. But regardless, we enjoy all holidays and festivities. Happy post halloween!

    1. Michelle - So good of you to visit again! I hope you got my message the other day on your blog. Double standards are a way of life for those that live giving excuses for their behavior, instead of accepting personal accountability. I always found, like you, it is better to enjoy and respect the holidays of others than to make a big scene about them. But, some people are never happy unless they're offended about something ridiculous. I'm not offended by these folks, just the hypocrisy they constantly display. You'd think they'd learn after a while. But, then again, society thrives on being herded cattle instead of thinking. Many thanks and a Happy Belated Halloween back atcha! :)

  5. Actually, Rich, Christmas is not actually a Christian holiday, but was "usurped" when the new religion spread. Most "Christmas" tradition are actually pagan. The tree is based on the Roman Saturnalia tree, the caroling is a pagan tradition to honor the god Yule, as is the Yule log, the mistletoe is a sign of good luck handed out by the pagan druids, etc. Even the date, December 25th is borrowed from the pagan celebration of the rebirth of light. According to the Julian calendar, December 25th is the date of the winter solstice. When the Gregorian calendar was introduced, the 25th was maintained as the Christmas celebration while the solstice is now on the 21st.

    To your thankfuls, shoes are definitely a great invention, especially since they are available in so many shapes or sizes. Seeing my 6ft mom wearing my red 4-inch heels and being almost at eye-level with my dad (and towering over hubby) was definitely a sight yesterday!! Also agree on wheels (will come in especially handy once we move) and definitely with the customer service. We also had a great experience last year. One of our LoveFilm-DVDs got lost on the way back. About 4 months later we contacted them as we didn't receive any more DVDs and the status of the last one was still as being out. We had an email back the next day, apologizing, letting us know that they were sending out our next DVD right away and that we would get a credit for the months we'd paid withour receiving any movies. Awesome!! Godo that you also wrote to corporate that your issue was resolved to your fullest expectation.

    Have a great weekend, Rich!!

    1. Stephanie - Really good to see you here! I should have said "adopted" Christian holiday, my mistake. But, like I said, I'm not really a religious person, but respect all religious holidays of others. The primary point was about hypocrisy, and taking advantage of someone's holiday benefits while bitching about it. I simply believe that all people, religious or not, need to be much more tolerant of others, instead of insisting on having things their own way all the time. Of course, a lot of that comes from environmental conditioning. If there's no tolerance or patience of others taught in the home, the child cannot be expected to understand.

      Your mom is 6 ft tall!!!??? My gosh, you had to be either a volleyball or basketball star! I once dated a tall woman of about 6'3". I'm only 5'10". It was a great relationship except for arguments. I always felt like she was the adult and I the small child as she seemed to grow taller with anger! lol

      Sounds like you had a good experience in retail also. Maybe they're not as far and few in between as many would like us to believe. (And maybe the sky tastes like watermelon and the ocean chocolate! lol ) I always make it a point to follow up when I file a complaint. If the situation turns out well, then they deserve the praise. If it doesn't, they deserve the scorn. I couldn't have asked for better treatment at Office Depot. They definitely deserved the positive follow-up! Many Thanks, and you and your family have a great weekend, too!

  6. two words: 'Nackles' a great story written by Donald Westlake (as Curt Clark) here:

    yo ho ho, Merry Christmask!!

    1. Clark - And a happy Nackles Day to you! lol Just joking, my friend. As stated, there is always the good and the bad. But, who really knows just how bad bad can be? I think I'm preaching from the soapbox to the PC crowd that takes offense at everything and wants all beliefs removed from this world so that we're all as mindless as they are. Ah, my continuing saga drags on! I believe both you and I were taught decades ago to respect others and their personal beliefs. That doesn't mean tearing them down and hiding them away because we don't believe as they do. Instead, it means accepting that there are different people in the world with the right to believe as they choose. Just because I don't believe in an Amazon Snake Queen doesn't mean I have the right to insult those that do. Tolerance is a human trait that needs more attention in today's society. I'll happily tolerate all those that don't believe, as long as they keep it to themselves. As I once told a person complaining about me smoking, "I won't blow my smoke in your face if you don't blow your bullshit in mine!" (I know you've heard me say that before in a blog, but I'm proud of that one, lol!) I'm just tired of the lack of tolerance, lack of respect, and multitude of hypocrisy society seems to feel necessary. I did love the story! Many Thanks!

  7. How can a city government make a decision that Halloween will now be celebrated on a different day? It's not even a government holiday. It's October 31. Use an umbrella or wear a winter coat over your costume and get over it. Here's what I REALLY love (insert sarcasm font here): when people complain when Halloween falls on a Sunday and want their kids to trick or treat on Saturday instead. If you're opposed to celebrating Halloween on a Sunday, then you shouldn't be celebrating such a pagan holiday anyway. Moving on.

    1. My daddy always says he wore out his first pair of shoes from the inside out. I have always been a barefoot person, too, although I tend to wear shoes in my house because I have all hardwood floors, and I don't like the feel of them under my piggy toes.

    2. Mail me the Panera gift card.

    4. I do like college basketball! I don't avidly follow it, but if it's on (IF - hah! That's ALL that's on on Saturdays, especially when you only have broadcast tv), then I like to have it on. Like to watch a little Kentucky basketball, as well as Vanderbilt and Mizzou. Don't judge.

    7. We don't have any "real" Chinese restaurants. Only buffets. Only. Buffets. But we do have a HuHot, which I love, except it's pricey.

    My next door neighbors had a giant inflatable cat on their lawn for Halloween, with it's giant cat ass pointed right at our house. Hope they haven't done any inflatable Christmas purchases.

    1. those HoHuts…. food, right?

    2. Dyanne - The city controls the police. The police control the pedestrians that don't obey the wishes of the city. So, if the city says, "We will allow this on this day but not that day", the police have to ensure it happens on the chosen day. No, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but it's the way life goes in Lexington, Ky. I'll talk to my wife and see if she can find it in her purse. It may be lost forever in the bottomless pit she carries. When she cleaned it out two years ago, she found a little guy that had been living in there on cracker crumbs and fingernail polish wheezing, "I'm thirsty!" Although I live in Lexington, home of UK, I'm an Indiana Hoosier through and through. I'll accept your failings to recognize quality in college basketball provided by the Big 10, but only because you're a good friend ... and because I don't often find people that can even tolerate the sport! :) We are loaded with Chinese restaurants here! I bet there's at least thirty listed in the Yellow Pages. There's also several buffets. Most are just okay, but there is one that not only has the largest selection of quality Chinese food I've ever seen, but will also allow you to pick the mixture you want and they'll cook it for you ... all included in the $8.99 buffet price. We also have the Mongolian Grill, which is almost identical to HoHut. It mostly gets the "Elite" crowd, or those out of towners that have no idea where the good stuff really is. Now, about that cat ... I think I'd have built a giant cardboard litter box with "Don't Crap On Me" written on the side, and placed it as close to the cat's ass as my property line allowed. Btw, if they do have something else inflatable planned for Christmas, remember, firecrackers work well in melting thin plastic! :) Many Thanks!

    3. Clark - Damn it! This is a friggin' family blog! Shame on you! lol

  8. Nice opinion on Christmas. I will back that up 110%! That is as political or religious as I will get because both of those subjects are just asking for trouble.
    I, too, love shoes! A little too much if you ask my husband and I have passed the love onto my daughter. He looked in her closet once, turned to me and said, "Well, now I see where all the money goes!" Thank goodness he didn't check mine!
    Being a football girl, I don't really get too excited about college basketball - or professional, for that matter. I am happy that you will get to hunker down in your comfy chair and enjoy it though. IF you can stay awake!
    So glad you struggled through that one for us, it was quite the list.
    And now, I'm craving Chinese food.

    1. Sandy - Love it when you stop in! My politics are simple ... I don't trust any politician regardless of party affiliation. Religion is something that I keep to myself as that is very personal. I just tend to hate hypocrisy and the politically correct mannerisms that are running rampant today. Thus, I point these out from time to time, if nothing more than to get some people thinking, and others to know that they're not alone in their disgust with the same. As a writer of sorts, I believe wholeheartedly in the right to individual thought without censorship. I also hold dear the standards I was raised with, such as respect and tolerance of others and their beliefs, politeness, and to push selfishness aside. Society wasn't perfect when these values were present to a greater extent, but it was a hell of a lot closer than it is today. And, I do sincerely believe that the excuses made for acts of man have dissolved much of the personal accountability that limits the acts of man. Beyond all that, I'm really kind of normal! lol

      Shoes ... I can't say enough about them. I'm kind of like you and your daughter, as much as I hate to admit it. When I buy them, it's usually two pairs of the same style, but in different colors. My wife counted them one day and said, "Do you realize you've got twenty-four pairs of shoes, including sneakers?" But then again, I hate to throw them away. A year ago, I finally tossed out a pair of converse all stars that I'd wore playing basketball in 1971 & 72. Sometimes, memories are hard to let go of. :)

      The list a struggle? Yes, this time it was. I'd actually fallen asleep in the recliner and my wife, as usual, said the hell with me and let me stay there. When I awoke early this morning, I should have gone to bed, but I wrote this instead. I did get an hour in bed once this was finished, but I felt the weariness as the day at work progressed, believe me.

      Btw, the Mongolian Mix is nice and spicy! Give it a shot! Many Thanks!

  9. Rich, I'm so glad you have finally jumped on board and are doing weekly thankful lists. They are always full of variety and surprises. Shoes, I'm with you all the way. Gift cards are great if you remember to use them. I wouldn't mind horse and buggies if they came with heat. I could never handle traveling in the winter without a heater.
    I'm actually shocked that Office Depot was so on the ball. I have nothing against Home Depot, but large corporations just don't seem to work that fast to make customers happy. Good to know at least one does.

    1. Christine - Will do the best I can to participate. My work hours are killers and are threatening to get worse. I'll do my best. I think the only heat from a horse and buggy might be the steaming pile the horse no longer decides to keep within! lol I will have to give Office Depot credit. They did the job right by my book. Many thanks!

  10. It's always good to hear about positive customer service experiences. I also like the fact that you called the corporate office back after the issue was resolved to your satisfaction.

    1. Kristi - Good to see you! When I was involved with major corporations, the odds of being told you did something good were very slim, as it was an expectation of most. Yet, they're more than willing to complain whenever the opportunity arises. I just felt I needed to balance out the experience and give credit where it was due. Hopefully, they will appreciate that. Many Thanks!

  11. All hail, mighty Capitalism! I was tempted to start an online petition last year to have retailers wait until at LEAST November to put up Christmas items. You shouldn't have to move skulls out of the way to get candy canes or whatever. I don't even know what people buy for Christmas, we still use the decorations my old man gave me 20 years ago that he found in the garbage.
    I agree with you that people should be allowed to say "Merry Christmas" and I rant about this every holiday season, but also I have to keep some of my family in line from yelling about people saying "Happy Hoildays" because that is what *I* prefer to say, thought NOT to dis anyone's religious beliefs. I have Jewish friends, a Wicken friend (true story) and I want to cover New Years with one fell swoop. I'm efficient (read: lazy)
    This is America, we should be able to say whatever fulfills our pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Well, within reason. <-- therein lies the probme, ey?

    1. Joy - Really good of you to have stopped by. (I've been sick the last couple of days and wasn't able to get around this week as I'd have wished.) I really believe that people should be able to say whatever greetings they find applicable to their beliefs. It's a matter of tolerance, which most refuse to bring to the table with them. Problems arise when "becoming offended" becomes a constant reason to have things only your way, which is where we're quickly going to. Sad, but true. Oh, and I, too, have a Wiccan friend. :) Many thanks!

  12. First, cool new design on the website. Second, Happy Third of November. Don't believe in it? Too bad. ;)
    Third, you made me crave some stir fry.
    Fourth, that's great to know about Office Depot. And kudos to you: so many people just rant and rave and never do a thing about their rants and raves. You did: professionally and courteously. They returned the favor in kind. That's awesomerockin.
    Fifth, it took me all Sunday morning to write a TToT post. I'm still sitting here like an idiot making comments. At least I'm having a good time. But those dishes in the sink have been STARING at me....

    1. Cyndi - So good to have you making the rounds again! (Sorry, I've been sick and remiss in doing that for the last couple of days. Am trying to catch up on my comments at work, which probably won't last long. lol) Happy Fourth of November to you, my friend! Love stir fry! Totally! Since it's Monday now, just curious ... are the dishes still in the sink? :) Many Thanks!

  13. First, WTF to the whole Christmas holiday but Stephanie was right - it's not actually the "official" holiday but was adapted...although I heard a little bit of a different story than she did so maybe all of the stories are just that? ACH. But yes. If you can say Happy Halloween, I can say "Merry Christmas" or whatever the f. Also yes to gift cards. I just got off the phone with my step mom who said "Oh so your brother's wife (the wine one bitch) said that her son wants the Highlights Magazine for ages 6 to 10 and was thinking Tucker would too."

    UM. NO. He hates even the age-appropriate one and happy freaking whatever. Just send the money.

    Also love the new design.

    Also, adore you.

    Oh and my feet suck too. Maybe your wife needs a gift card. For a pedicure? ;)

    1. Don't you just love that age-appropriate gift? I'm always like, why are you sending a gift to someone you apparently have never met before

    2. Kristi - My sister from another mother! Good to see you again! (Sorry for the lateness of this comment reply, been sick the last couple of days and didn't get around to any of the hop's blogs at all.) My big thing is tolerance and hypocrisy. I just don't understand how folks can bear to benefit from something they don't believe in. Show respect to others and maybe they'll return the favor, you know? You should have told her that Tucker was much more advanced and had requested a subscription to Playboy instead! lol Glad you like the changes, and you know I love you forever! But, you really gotta do something about your feet!! lol Many thanks!

  14. One of these days your wife is going to read your posts and you will be so thankful for the ability to carry a concealed weapon! (Something my husband thinks should be a 50-State rule).

    I hadn't thought of the totally hypocrisy of blaring Christmas music in November but not being able to say Merry Christmas. Do they realize they just played Joy to the World (the LORD has come)?

    As always, thanks for your list. Please send cash to my address :)

    1. Kerri - I knew you wouldn't desert me! I've been reading your posts too (love the way you came out with Boo's real name last week), but found my I-Phone won't post there. C'est le vie! My wife does read most of my posts. She just shrugs and knows they're either the truth or in jest ... or, most of the time, both! lol The hypocrisy of today's society is unbelievable. It's really all around us if we look. Still, we gotta just keep ourselves from adding to it any way we can. Oh, I never send cash in the mail! Sorry! lol Many Thanks!