Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday #28 ... Movie Soundtrack Classics

Jen at My Skewed View 
did it to me again.

Thanks, Jen!

I wasn't going to post this week.  
In fact, I thought I might just slide by since I've started doing the every Wednesday gig at 
Raised On Radio.

Then she hit me.  Bam!!! Right between the eyes with a topic I couldn't refuse.

"Songs I May Have Never Have Heard If It Wasn't For This Movie (or Musical) Soundtrack"

At first, I thought, "What could I come up with that no one else will already have posted?"

I mean, I did work a thirteen hour day Monday.  I got home, totally exhausted, ate dinner, went to Jen's site, and fell asleep thinking about the topic.  Four and a half hours later I awaken, and think, "What the hell, let's give it a shot!"

I will shoot myself in the morning, but here goes nothing!

The first song that came to mind was from a movie ... which came from a television show. (Or, was it the other way around?)   "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" brought us a sincere but haunting tune by David Lynch called, "The Pink Room", that completely set the mood for this adult scene from the film.  I can't imagine the scene with any other music.  Give it a shot and I think you'll agree.  (**Again, Adult in nature.  Nudity & Sexual Situations **)

One might even say, "Blistering and haunting, but entirely applicable."

Another hot scene filled with sounds that brought it to life came from a vampire movie entitled, "From Dusk Till Dawn."  Now, put Quenton Tarentino, George Clooney, Salma Hayek, Harvey Keitel, Julliette Lewis, and several other big name stars in a film about murderers, thieves and vampires, and what would you expect ... Hanson?  Afraid not.  A band that had been playing the bar scene for years (Tito & Tarantula) fit the bar scene tremendously for this clip, with their song, "After Dark."  Again, this is adult in nature.  (** Nudity & Sexual Situations **)

There are times one would offer their throat as a tip!

Short versions of our next song have been around for years.  In fact, most bands have played this song when they were first starting out as a filler, especially those in the 60's, 70's and 80's.  Still, this was a long version of the song, set to the strangest of settings.  The movie was "Apocalypse Now" and was probably Marlon Brando's swan song of sorts.  Martin Sheen, the father of the infamous Charlie Sheen, was a special agent fine tuned in executions.  Enroute for a meeting with Brando, a USO tour flies in and tries to keep the troops happy with dancing Playboy bunnies.  Creedence Clearwater Revival supplied the background music, with the long version of "Susie Q."  The actual song timed out at 8:39, but this version was cut for sake of movie flow.  (**Oh, this one isn't adult, but does have some adult language and suggestive dancing for the time.**)

Now, this last one will probably be on everybody's list.  I haven't had a chance to visit around yet, having just woke up, but I've got to include it here.  It was my first experience with Tim Curry, and even though it wasn't a hit song, gave me a movie going experience that millions, the world over, thoroughly enjoyed.  Yep, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show here's
"Sweet Transvestite."

Last, but not least, I'm going to go to my least favorite genre of music ... hip hop.  Sorry, I know you may have it on your fav list, but hip hop and I just don't get along.  To me, most of it sounds like people who can't sing destroying the English language even worse than most Americans already have.  Still, this song, from "Batman & Robin", caught my attention.  Why?  Hell if I know.  Maybe it's just where it came in during the film.  Since I don't listen to hip hop stations, I would have definitely missed it otherwise.  
It's Bone Thugs 'n Harmony with "Look Into My Eyes."

And, that's it!  There's many others, but having to get up in three hours to go to work is going to end this one for now.  Hope you enjoyed!



  1. I love Tarantino in that scene. Fantastic list and I just realized I've never seen Apocalypse Now.

    1. Dream - Thanks for stopping in! He was definitely lost in the moment, wasn't he. It's a good thing Salma let him suck on her toes, otherwise, his tongue might have been on the floor! lol Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, and Platoon all came out about the same time period. I'd say, Apocalypse had the bigger stars and cost the most to make, but the storyline did drag at times (especially in the Redux version that's been released). Still, it was a decent war film, as far as war films go. Many Thanks!

  2. Your link from Jen's page isn't working FYI. :(
    I don't even know you, but we are gonna be friends. It's already clear to me. Why you ask? Twin freaking Peaks. Obsessed with the show. Loved the shit movie. Still bummed it was cancelled. And that song is insanely good.

    And kudos for the Tarantino, obviously...and Bone. Yeah, I suppose I liked your list a bit.

    1. Melissa - Thank you so much for notifying me about the link. No wonder my views were down today! I caught on to the Twin Peaks craze late. However, when I finally got into it, I loved it! It was always strange enough to keep you wondering, but interesting enough to draw you back time and time again. Of course we're gonna be friends! Just don't get mad at me when I write about something negatively that you like. We all have different tastes! :) Glad you enjoyed this one! Many Thanks!

  3. I've visited your list each week I've done this hop and think each time - wow - here's someone who knows much more than me about music! So I was pretty proud this week to know (and love) 3 out of 5 on your list. Hadn't heard the first and don't really remember the last (though I'm sure I "heard" it as I saw the film).

    Aside from Natural Born Killers, I think From Dusk 'Til Dawn might be my second favorite of the Tarantino movies - mainly because the premise is just so straight up ridiculous (and vampires yay!) And I certainly remember this song and scene - great example of well-matched music!

    Apocalypse now I mainly remember with relief (which I know is likely odd) - we watched it in Sr. English class AFTER they made us suffer through Heart of Darkness, which I hated. So that I enjoyed this movie was a pleasant surprise. That I still remember it well shows it's power.

    And well, RHPS - what's not to love. Great choice from that one as well!

    1. Louise - I'm impressed with your knowledge! I really did this one in about 30 minutes, so I must admit, there wasn't a whole lot of thought that went into it. Rocky has always been a favorite of mine, as had Twin Peaks and From Dusk Till Dawn. I was in California when From Dusk Till Dawn came out. I frantically searched record stores throughout the Huntington Beach area for a copy of the soundtrack. Fortunately, I was able to find Tito & Tarantula's album along with it. But, that's another review. lol. I've thought of a hundred different directions I could have gone since posting this, but, there's always the future! Thanks for always being here and commenting!

  4. I always learn something from your posts, Rich - I usually learn how limited my musical knowledge is! I didn't know most of these songs, but I liked them - especially the first one. I listened to the end - you are right - very haunting.

    1. Dana - Really good to see you again! I have an addiction to the haunting sound some music provides. I guess it's just something different to me to break the norm. Still, a melody like in Twin Peaks is one that will stay with you forever. Kind of like Michael Oldfield's Tubular Bells (The theme from The Exorcist). It's ominous in nature, but you still like it because it's so strange. Really happy you enjoyed this. Many Thanks!

  5. SO I had to listen to the hip-hop song because I know how you feel about that genre. Personally I still don't get it. But it's cool that you're trying. I do like the ORIGINAL old school rap but that's about it. Love this list. It's kind of psychotic in a musical way.

    1. Jen - Good of you to come by! Yeah, I'm not a hip hop type of guy. Think this is bad, I just bought Miley's new hip hop one to review. You may not want that one on Raised on Radio. I think her fans may come toting guns! lol I actually did like this song back in the day, and I almost used Seal's "Love Like A Rose", but I listen to Seal all the time, so it really didn't fit the theme. This list did run along the dark side fringe, but what the hell, the only only thing I left out was True Blood's "Bad Things". lol Many Thanks!