Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Profanity, Uptight Blogger Association, & Who Do You Write To

Originally, I was going to skip writing this week.  The 4th of July seemed to be a good excuse, plus, I've just had one of the worst months I've ever had.  (Okay, so I was looking for excuses.)

Procrastination is my best friend.

Yet, an event posted on Facebook stirred my interest ... and my brain.  

Something that very seldom 
happens on Facebook.

A friend of mine just had a person make a negative comment on her blog.  Because of a content that contained some profanity, this commenter felt as thought my friend's blog should be labeled "18 and older."

"The Uptight Blogger Association of America has rated this blog "R" for Adult Language and Situations.  Parents should consult local listings prior to allowing children under the age of 18 from viewing this blog.  In fact, if you consider yourself "holier than thou", "more intelligent than anyone else", or part of "today's uptight society that seeks to keep from being offended by anyone in any way", it is recommended that you take your uptight ass and false Internet bravado someplace else before you're offended.  And "No, damnit, you can't sue me because you've now been warned.  So leave now or forever hold your peace!  Love you!"

Could this be offensive to those
that see penis envy?

Now, if you're a follower, or constant reader, or even a casual reader of this blog, you know I don't hold back when it comes to topics covered.  In fact, I'm amazed at how generous most of you are when it comes to acknowledging that I really don't try to limit subject matter in any way.  (i.e.: "God taking a dump" or "Attack of the Killer Zombie Twinkies" in the last couple of weeks.)

There are even times I allude to various adult acts at times.  I do so, somewhat discreetly, but still, they are present.  (Okay, so I'm human, too!  Hard to believe, isn't it?)

Or, maybe you only scan as many do, looking for a strange part to comment about.   (Funny how one can always tell those that read and those that scan by their comments.  But, that’s another topic.)

Some avoid my posts because of their length, which is usually twice that of common blogs.  (It’s called WAD ... Web Attention Deficit ... the inability to focus for more than three minutes on any topic.)

I’m rambling (Something you know I never do.)  Back to topic!

I write to adults.  “Who do you write to?”  Isn’t that really the question?
Couldn't this be offensive
and considered a sexist photo?


I may not use a lot of profanity in my writings.  I try to restrain myself in everyday life from doing so, as well as in my blog.  But, that doesn’t mean I write to the Sesame Street crowd. In fact, there are times that a good usage of profanity describes the total frustration of the situation better than any other word could.  That's Life ... Sometimes!  (Notice the plug for my blog?  I know, isn't it shameless?)

Again, “Who do you write to?”

Can you imagine a seven year old contemplating God taking a dump?  
I can’t.  Their life is already complicated by divorced parents who don’t have time for them, real life fantasy video games, and Sexting.  Why would I ever wish to add more confusion to their growing minds? 

There's always Fox News Network and CNN to accomplish that! 
Cute or Offensive?  Adult or not?
Would you rate this "R"?

I read many blogs (although, recently, most have been on my I-Phone at work (making it a real pain in the ass to comment on them), and find most subject matter to be of the adult nature.  Everything from daily struggles with autistic youngsters, sexual evenings, rabid rantings and complaints of anger and frustration, to contemplations of suicide fill the blog world in my reading realm.

No wonder my brain is so screwy at times!

I look at life, from an adult perspective, as most of you do.  So, Uptight Asses, rank me adult only and see if I care!  A blog is a blog is a blog.

Nor, will I worry if you “Unlike” me on Facebook.  To me, I’ve rather have one loyal follower than 500 that just want me to follow them back.

In fact, I believe most of us that really write to hit gut feelings and bring about an emotional reaction have to decide on the best route to do so and sometimes feel as though what others think or believe really doesn’t mean much.  Each person must decide on their own style.

“Are we lying to ourselves and them by writing to the masses, 
or are we being honest with ourselves and writing from the heart?”

Okay, so this hasn’t been a real funny post today.  But, it’s been honest.

Rate me how you wish, read my blog or don’t read my blog.  It’s usually filled with subtle humor, face front sarcasm, and smart ass remarks. 

If you consider me offensive, that's fine!  If you don't like the subject matter I cover, or the language I use, that is also fine.  In fact, just like a TV, you have the ability to change the channel if you don't find the content appealing.  

Today, the topic has been stated.  The ground rules have been laid out.  

I write to adults.

“Who do you write to?”


  1. no way I'm first to Comment!

    ( insert expression of surprise here, do not feel limited to portraying emotion of simple delight... the feeling of triumphant glee is allowable provided you limit your statement to implying one sex act only...multiples are discouraged)


    I applaud your desire to defend your friend ( like *she* needs defending lol) but I totally agree with the reaction among the people I would hope to be considered a peer...with er of whichever.

    The internet is paradoxical all over the place. It allows un-precedented communication and encourages the worst of it right along side with the best of it.
    I try to remind myself, small-minded people can learn to type as well as I can type and some of them own computers and are connected to the internet.

    top paraphrase NWA "F..." ok, better leave that to the ample imagination of your Readers!

    (damn took a long time to type this...hope I'm still the first Comment)

    1. Clark, my friend, you are indeed the first (and maybe the only) to comment today! lol Congrats! Seriously, I know where you're coming from. I'm of the same mold as there are some words that I avoid in print ... 99% of the time. Yet, I feel as though the small minded people of today's society just want something to bitch about most of the time. (Oops!) This is lousy, because it only tends to make one bitch about them in return. (Oops, again!) You and I both know that we were given the ability to choose in life. If you don't like liver, don't eat it. Same principle when it comes to most everything. Yet, as hypocritical as it sounds, they only create more animosity by being vocal ... as if their opinion was the only one that mattered. I'd love to put most of them in a face to face situation and watch them squirm without the protection of hiding behind the computer on the web. In fact, a decade or more ago, when I first got on the web, I used to visit chatrooms. A youngster once came into an over 40 room and tried to create havoc. After questioning the pimpled face youngster about why he was home on a Saturday night, instead of out on a date, and his inability to get a date with anyone but his own fist (creating the pimpled face problem he had), he quickly scurried away. People are losing the ability to tolerate and increasing the false importance of their voices ... but only on the web. They've forgotten two rules, "Treat others as you'd expect them to treat you" and "Get over it!" lol (Btw, your blog is being read by me. It's one of those I have a hard time posting on because of the length of comments necessary to assure you I've understood what points you've covered, while on my I-Phone.) :) Now, I've got to get to work! Many Thanks!

  2. lol

    You have my total respect for Commenting via your phone! I have tried but, 'my eyes are too small and my fingers too big!'

    it seems that those who have nothing original to contribute continue to seek out those who do, for no other reason that try and get attention, something they cannot earn, so they will be the heckler in the back of the virtual room content to shout, enjoying the attention...even the negative attention.

    (there was a Post over at Stephanie's (Mommy, for real) that discussed 'bad words' and while in agreement with all Comments that it is usually a matter of taste and consideration that put limits to language, I lamented the trend in overuse of certain, 'shocking words' only because there is danger of wearing them out! lol seriously I used to be able to shut down the entire room with a single, quietly spoken four letter word. Now, it can be heard anywhere...with as much impact as the word, 'drat'

    1. Clark, you list the exact reason commenting on an I-Phone is a pain. With my old Android, I could use the slide out keyboard it provided. Now, I have to "one thumb" it, which takes forever. Thus, fewer comments from Rich. Btw, this really wasn't meant to defend anyone. TT can easily stand on her own two feet while knocking just about anyone over with a good right hook on her own. It just upset me that instead of simply exiting, the commenter decided to try to ruin someone's day by being a complete and utter ass. I completely agree with everything else you say. Many Thanks!

  3. This is perfect! And you kept your funny, too. But back on point (I do try) I think there is some crazy idea that you have to either like or appeal to everyone across the spectrum. Guess what? If they don't like what is written here is a concept...don't read. I never understand when some one complains about what is on TV, either. Again there are a gazillion channels find another one.

    Okay enough of a rant. I hope your month improves!

    1. Kerri - So good of you to stop in! Thanks for the compliments. I tried to lighten it up, but it's a touchy subject for many. Abe Lincoln is attributed to saying something like, "You can please some of the people some of the time, but ...", and it's so true. On stage, people would either start talking or leaving if they didn't like you (or so I've been told by other comedians, lol). Still, you aimed your act at those that appreciated it for what it was. On the web, everyone thinks you're aiming it at them. They couldn't be more wrong. If someone doesn't like it, then grab the hand of your friend and go to the bathroom to talk about your own world of enjoyment (suicide, problems with in-laws, drug addiction .... whatever gets you off!) But, be polite and make a graceful exit instead of trying to ruin it for everyone else. I know you know what I mean. I just wish everyone did. lol Many Thanks!

    2. Well when my girlfriends and I go to the bathroom we complain about guys. You mean guys talk about suicide? YIKES :)

    3. Kerri, okay, so I went overboard. No, I've never seen guys go to the bathroom together. That seems to be an acquired custom of the female gender. Maybe it wasn't suicide, but I'd swear I've heard more than one scream, "Oh, I'd just die if...." :) Fah Shu-arrrr! Many thanks!

  4. I'm definitely an adult readership. LOL. Masturbation, cross-stitch, transgender, etc. I think I probably am too adult for some adults. :)

    1. Julie , yes my dear friend, you are an adult author. Still, there was no nudity present in your recent trip to the beach blog, so there were many disappointed! lol Seriously, people just need to get a life sometimes, don't they? Perhaps, they're jealous that they are living the life they're living instead of someone elses! Many thanks!

  5. I think we have to be just us, and know who the target audience of our blogs are so that we don't feel discouraged when not EVERYONE just jumps on board and reads us. A good chin up and funny, Richard.

    1. Michelle, my belle, so good of you to comment today ... as always! I agree with you completely. A personal blog is exactly that. We include our deepest thoughts at times. Not everyone will agree ... we understand this. Still, being negatively outspoken about someone's writing is better left to those that are paid to critique, instead of those that only think themselves able. Otherwise, beware of the wrath of Rich! lol Many Thanks!

  6. You're speaking to the Choir here Rich. I write for adults (Duh!) as I am one, but I also, write for some unseen, unknown person- not me, and not anyone I know- or know of. SO not to the masses, or a niche group of bloggers, just sort of to the future. To the unseen future.

    1. Cheryl, your robe is open in the back, my dear! :) I think we all write for anyone that enjoys what we write. Still, most of us don't sway our writing for the unknown. There are appearances that some that deal with the public have to maintain, so that may be a slight factor. But, the thoughts still have to be honest. As old as I am, there's not much of an unseen future to be wary of ... so, what the hell! lol Many Thanks!

  7. Rich, this hits the nail perfectly on the head. Good for you (though, like Clark, I don't reckon your friend is all that defenseless!)

    Is there even a place where it's possible to 'tag' your blog as 'Suitable for Mature Readers Only' (and I make the distinction quite on purpose - many a 13 year old could cope with a well placed swearword, but apparently not this (likely) more aged commenter) because I've never found one.

    My brother in law has the perfect expression for people like the complainer, he'll twinkle his Irish eye, and in broadest brogue advise them to "Take two tablespoons of cement and harden the f*** up."

    1. Lizzi - Really good of you to stop by. No, I know she's tougher than most, to say the least. This was more a rant than a defense. I'm so tired of the "Huffpost I'm Perfect" society I could gag. We all used to have a developed trait called tolerance. Unfortunately, our lawyer ridden soceity has changed all that. Now, it's, "I don't like it so everyone needs to cater to me" for the majority. Drive me and most sane people (like yourself) crazy, I'm sure. Your brother-in-law sounds like a wise man. I may borrow that one in the future! :) Many thanks!

    2. Help yourself. It's a fantastic phrase and the more people who hear it, the fewer who will (eventually) need to be on the receiving end!

      I've not heard of this 'Huffpost' society...I guess I don't stop over there enough to have been exposed. Sounds irritating though. Well worth a rant :)

    3. I will have to take credit for the name ... as I found 99% of their commenters to be fitting of the title. Take a gander and you'll see the ganging up and rudeness of the masses whenever anyone issues a statement contrary to the norm of the thread. It's absolutely ridiculous! It reminds you of the mass hysteria that must have prevailed during the Salem Witch Trials centuries ago. Many Thanks!

    4. Lizzie I am so stealing that phrase :O

    5. It kind of reminds me of my favorite one to non smokers who don't like me standing outside in the rain polluting their air, "I won't blow my smoke in your face so please don't blow your bullsh*t in mine!" I've got first dibs, Kerri! :)

  8. Let's see...um...where the HELL do I start? HAHAH.
    Okay...I admit it: I scan sometimes. But it's not necessarily this blog or all or none at once: it's because sitting for 12 hours at the computer makes me go slightly nutty and I have to scan through those last few sometimes because the dog is staring at me and wondering why the HELL I adopted him when I don't take him out for a walk...
    And followers. You know, when I first started writing, I used to take it a lot more personally. Now, I sort of laugh it off. And I don't want people to follow me who don't resonate with what I have to say. It's not about differing opinions, but more along the lines of: if you treat me like crap, you're going to go away. HAHA.
    And adult content?! You're so right! Do you know how many mommy blogs I read - I try to keep it to the ones that at least resonate with ME - that have waaaay too much information? Yikes! Can we have a little privacy please? And people get all up in arms when they think people are messing with their privacy...the internet is public. Like a toilet. Ha!
    I hope you are having a fine Tuesday afternoon. :)

    1. Cyndi, Cyndi ... now you've got me wondering where the hell do I start, too!!! lol You? Scan? OMG, not you! Oh, the Humanities!!!!! :) Take care of your dog ... he really needs your love. You and I think so much alike at times it's scary. I still have to limit my time online (I've way overdone it today), but I do try to visit most at least once a week. It's tough, and I've lost a few that used to be very loyal, but, s*** happens! Nothing on the Internet is a secret, I agree. That's why when you deal with the public daily, as I have to, you tend to be a little more careful about how you say things. Still ... you can't please everyone, so why try? We simply have to be who we are and do what we do in the best manner we know how. Besides that, who cares? :) Many Thanks, my friend!

  9. Rich, this had me laughing all the way thru. I found it less a rant and more of a wake up call to the mindless masses that only want things to fit into their nice little labeled, Martha Stewart designed boxes. Pardon me while I throw my untamed shit in the corner and enjoy life.

    My thought is that if a blog is written by an adult (and I use that term loosely these days), then it's an adult blog. To me, that just seems to be a no-brainer. Somedays, my blog may look like a trip to Sesame Street with all the furry and wacko characters, but it's still written by an adult and therefore...yep...an adult blog. :D Even if I'm not flirting with masturbation, transgender stuff, virginity and all that crazy stuff the Blonde Lioness (my pet name for her) entertains us with. And people thought I was the loose canon. HA! :)

    A most excellent adult blog post, my friend. And I hope July is a much better month for you than June was. Rest up and get back into your fighting form. Looks like the universe still needs saving from itself.

    1. Terrye, I hoped you might stop in, especially since the idea to do this came from you and your experience (Hope it wasn't a secret ... Oops!) Seriously, we've been around the block together enough for you to know my opinions of our current society and their "I'm perfect ... you're not" attitudes. None of us are perfect, especially those who believe they are. That's the biggest B.S. in existence today (followed closely by the belief that political parties are actually different). I've never believed a child to be in my audience, as you haven't. However, I guess both you and I forgot that "child" doesn't always refer to age. Maturity and tolerance levels come into play when one becomes an adult. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of folks who are only fooling themselves into believing they're mature adults. Their mental state is that of a teenager wondering why no one understands why they're always right ... regardless of the proof. We live in dangerous times where madness rules and the self is being fooled into believing it's perfect. Decades ago, the book, "I'm Okay, You're Okay" may have been mistaken for "I'm Perfect, You're Stupid" or something similar. In common terminology, the whole subject matter sucks. As always, you know I wish you well. You're a great friend and I appreciate all your support. Many Thanks!

  10. Amen my friend...very nicely said.

    We do have way too many tight butts on the internet...and by tight butts I don't mean they've been working out to "Buns of Steel"...but rather that they have a stick up their kiester and they want to ruin everyone else's good time.

    For the record I love your blog...one of the best.

    1. Michael, so good of you to visit! I'm really of the belief that there are way too many on and off the Internet. It seems as though our "lawyer" society has sought hard to find any tiny item as a means for a lawsuit ... or income for their pockets. And, since most youngsters no longer are being raised by parents (sorry, a 13 or 14 year old doesn't classify as a parent) we can't expect any sense of responsibility to be formed for the future. In the 60's, it was "We, the people" whether it be by Pres. Kennedy or the Peace, Love, Dove generation. Today, it's "Me, the perfect" generation. And when they finally figure out they're not perfect, they pick up some kind of weapon and go crazy. Where's Judge Dredd when you need him? lol I do appreciate your kind words. I, also, enjoy yours greatly. I just wish my eyes allowed me to visit more often. Many thanks, my friend!

  11. You make a great point. I occasionally swear as well, but I don't think it is so often that defines me, or should have me labeled. MOST of what I post is about young children, b/c that's my life right now, but I also don't wish to be pigeon-holed a "Mommy Blogger" and just like you, I would SO MUCH RATHER uptight people just not read my material at all. Thanks anyway.
    I love to discuss a difference of opinion, especially presented intelligently and politely, but I hate arguing with people on Facebook b/c their great grandmother told them that the phrase "wait a cotton-pickin minute" is racist. I don't think that it is, if/when I use it you can use context clues to find out that it is not. I don't have time to debate with people who are offended by the internet.
    There is a point to all of MY rambling (I have this disease myself) there is a blog and a Facebook page called "The Internet Offends Me" and it is literally written by someone whose job it is to review the many, many reports that Facebook gets on offensive material. VERY interesting point of view on all of this!
    I'm following your blog, NOT b/c I want you to follow me back, and not just b/c I have a crush on you now after your comment on my "Crushes" blog, but because I agree with so much of what you are saying, and it is so well written. You're a great writer, so you most likely will not want to follow me back, I'm a mess of grammar errors and disturbing pictures :)

    1. Joy, It's so good to have you along for the ride. Be wary ... sometimes I hit the bumps in the road just to get a reaction. lol I appreciate all your kind words, but honestly, you're selling yourself short. I've only had the pleasure of reading one of your blogs (yesterday's entry), but you're much slicker and sharper than you give yourself credit for.
      Btw, cotton picking minute was a term usually used to express displeasure, because it was based on how long it would take to fill up a basket of cotton (usually 1 min. 31 seconds). If a person tries hard enough, they can make a racial matter out of anything. I usually just ignore, remind them that I marched alongside them in the 60's for equal rights, and our goal at that time was to erase the color line. Unfortunately, by continually making claims of racism, they are only reinforcing what we tried to eliminate. Racism is given new strength by the constant claims raised, instead of settling differences as "adult" human beings should. Just my thoughts. :)
      Thank you for the follow. I will do my best to make it worth your while. And, don't be surprised if I do return the favor. Great minds .... Many Thanks!

  12. Well said, Rich! I have to say, we all have our little niches with our blogs and we should be allowed to write whatever we want to. There are different audiences for different people for particular reasons. I write about my current situation with life (something that is a mix of both adult-like and child-like situations) and I give tips on how to write fiction and fantasy. It really shouldn't matter who we write to because there are many people in the world that are looking for information we share.

    1. Keith, Really good of you to visit! I agree that we should be able to write as we choose, as we all offer different subject matter. "Who we write to" is more of a question concerning a target audience, and the maturity of the subject matter we offer. Surprisingly, I find a huge audience for my blog in Russia. (stats support this) I have no idea why, but I'm sure it has to be in the adult arena. I can't imagine some history teacher offering up my blog to their students as a prime example of American life. lol Many Thanks!

  13. I'm not sure who I write for. I try to keep it clean, and write subject matter that won't make my parents blush. Just because I don't cuss much doesn't mean that blogs that DO use those works often offend me. It's just not my style but it might be theirs.

    If you read my blog you know that I too write too many words and tend be extremely random at times. We should hang out, Rich. ;-)

    Thanks for hooking up with the Humor Me Blog Hop!

    1. Sarah, Really good to see you here! I'm kind of like you, in that I try to watch the line (as far as profanity goes) at times. Still, there are times where a good curse word hits home better than any other can. I try to keep from cursing as I deal with the public daily. The more I curse in the blog, the more apt I am to curse at work. In my position, that could be observed as "unacceptable" behavior. Still, I won't hold back on subject matter. There used to be a rule that if you put ten comedians in a room and gave them a premise, nine of them would come up with the same joke. I found that when I did stand-up, the audience preferred the shock factor of the tenth comedian, instead of the predictability of the other nine. Thus, I'll take the "over the line" topics and work with them most of the time. As Kerri said last week, "You live dangerously", lol. I do read and enjoy your blog, I just don't comment often as my thumbs are too big for my damn I-Phone keyboard. (I really miss the pull out keyboard on my old android!) Okay ... too many words again (as you say) ... Many Thanks!

  14. Wow. Actually, to answer your question, I don't know. I don't know who I write to. Sometimes, Rich, I write to you. Sometimes, I write to my autistic son who may read these words and understand them later. Sometimes I write to the unknown assholes of the world because I hope to teach them a lesson. Sometimes I write to the people out there who manage to find me funny.
    I wish, so badly, that I could say that I 100% write for me...and I mostly do...but I have to admit that there are topics even I've stayed away from because I am not prepared to fight certain fights. The fight over language and expression? Count me in. The fight over the stuff I'm not ready to talk about?? Um. I'm not ready. I hope to be, because that will be the next step to writing more for ME.

    Ok sorry I got a little carried away there and would be devastated to be grouped with the dicks who skim (and you are SO right, it's obvious! although...not always...for me...although you're wiser than I). Anyway! (Ha to this being a way-too long comment...are you skimming yet?). One thing I wanted to say - I do actually think seven year olds wonder whether God takes a dump. Whether they picture him doing so and have a conversation about it the way you do? Maybe not. But I like to think that seven-year old me...at one point wondered, however briefly "wow. Does God Poop?" at the very least.
    Yes, I'm still typing (crap I should have saved this longass comment for a blog post and just referred you there). (more rant) - I really hate when people talk about "niche" crap. Life does not fit into a niche. For those of us who write about life, f*ck the rest of you because sometimes it's going to contain illness, uncertainty, autism, hilarity, laughter, vacations, sadness, marriage, love, hate, school, parenting, humor, depression, etc. Thank you, Rich for saying what's been pissing me off about the niche thing. Ok so maybe you didn't really say "niche" (because it's a douchy word)but you did talk about limiting subject matter...and as somebody who gets shit every time I either stray from a} special needs children, b} cartoons c} fillintheblank, I appreciate you saying that.
    Oops. Longer still. Ok I'm just really glad you're back. I missed you. And your rambling voice. And the reminder that God probably takes a dump. Or something.

    And swearing is the least offensive slight against anybody in the world today. I vote that everybody who is offended by the word ____, go feed AIDS children for three months. You know? Oops. Maybe I should go to bed. GLAD YOU ARE BACK.

    is this like an answering machine that will soon cut me off?

    1. Kristi - You've just won the award for longest comment in this blog! lol But you know what? It was also an exceptionally honest comment. I praise you for it. I must have hit a nerve on this one. As a writer, that, too, makes me feel good ... as it brought about the gut reaction I sought.
      What I find amazing here in most of the comments made (including yours) is that the majority are really fed up with the way things are going today with the so-called "Huffpost society" mannerisms. My question: "If we are all so fed up, then why do we stay quiet?"
      I understand the reluctance to fight over topics we're not prepared to tackle, but does that mean that we hide in the shadows and let those idiots control our writings? And, if we're hiding, how many others are doing the same? Are we tucked away in our "safe zone" letting the loud and obnoxious control us?
      I'm seeing a society that has been created by the leaders of the world coming together. A society of "Me", that fails to see the idiocies of the world in which they reside. "Sheep", if you will, that refuse to tolerate the differences of man, and only wish to create the world of uniformity ... afraid to stray for the social norms and be different. A society that is easily controllable by those in charge because to vary from the norm means immediate verbal attack by the small minded masses.
      Swearing in writing, and the attacks it receives, is only a small example of the censorship others wish to impose to bring about this uniformity. Topic taboos bring back memories of "The Catcher In The Rye" book burnings of the 1950's. Book burnings, that many wish to forget, were the beginning stages of the Nazi regime that later controlled Germany.
      We have to stand out, be brave, and let our hearts be heard. Life is not censored ... it's real. If we write about life, we either have to show it's ridiculous side (as you and I do at times), or the monstrosities it engulfs us in daily. Otherwise, we are not writing to adults, but rather, only toeing the line of those that wish to control the masses.
      Okay, so you drew me in. This is now one of the longest replies I have written in a comment. lol I have to remember, the message on this answering machine has to be shortened or the listener will grow bored and hang up before the message is presented. Thanks, Kristi ... seriously ... for seeing what I really wrote and feeling the darts to the heart I was throwing out. With writers like yourself, perhaps the message won't be forgotten long after I'm gone. Many Thanks!

  15. Again, an exception because we, as overwhelmed bloggers, so easily say "hi nice job!" and move on and don't remember to come back, even when it hit a nerve. This post of yours hit a nerve for me to the point that even though I am on vacation and it's 1:04am, and I've had copious amounts of wine, am here. Again. Because I was so eagerly awaiting your reply. That, my friend, means this was an awesome post. And a conversation that I want to continue. (although you may have to remind me in a few days as tomorrow we drive back home and then I will be sucked into my in-real-life job, et al).
    Ok so. YES and if I could spell halleluiah (which I never can and that asshole spellcheck never helps so I usually change it to cheers or some other watered down bs but YAY - move on Kristi), I'd say halleluiah to having our own voices. If just one of us can become the Catcher in the Rye (OMG AWESOME BOOK)...

    I think part of the problem is that in order to have our voices heard, we have to occasionally appeal to the dipshits. I, myself am a dipshit and proud of the posts that are just funny on their own...BUT you are so right. About WHYTHEFUCK do we censor?

    It makes me sad that some of my favorite bloggers have completely changed their voices because they think it will make them more popular. As a blogger who has too much world-news in my house (my husband works for DOD in Intel and sorts through horrifying info - ex Army etc), I just want my voice. BUT. Even JD Salinger might not have made it today. You know?

    Ugh. It's almost like in order to be heard, we have to find dipshits to listen. Then the ones that matter will follow. At least in the blog world. Which makes me think it's time we just write a book already.

    I love this convo.

    I am extremely sleep deprived. And a little bit drunk. Still. So glad you're back. Maybe we should continue this and do some type of "blog hop" sounds stupid and is but MOVEMENT sounds awesome. Maybe we should create a movement where there's a linked up post about why it's completely fucked up that swearing matters and who do YOU write for??? I dunno. my email is Kristi.r.campbell at mac dot com. SO glad you're back.

    1. Kristi - That little 'ol wine taster returns! lol

      So, you're ready to start a movement it seems. My experience in this area is not too positive. People in today's society quickly tire as redundancy and repetition of similar ideas tend to make most bored when the info provided becomes stale. Leading by example is the only way one can truly get people thinking.

      If you go back to my little news tidbits, I try to demonstrate the lunacy behind the madness. My hopes are that by showing how ridiculous things are made to be by the media, that people will start thinking about them instead of automatically believing what they hear. Yes, I may be living in a dream world, but I believe that people still have the ability to put two and two together and see what is really being said. Some pick up on it ... you can see it in the comments they make. Others look at it purely as humor and forget it. My hopes are that one day they'll catch on and start seeing it as it really is. If the masses could do that, there would be some major changes in the political system.

      Can you imagine an election where virtually no one voted? What if all who were interviewed simply stated the truth, that it didn't matter who was in office because they were all a bunch of rich scam artists that simply wanted to take advantage of the working class and string them along? However, as long as people allow themselves to be drawn in by the professional rhetoric presented by the scam artists, change will never occur.

      I slip in many things in my blogs to get people to start thinking. Unfortunately, the blog skimming mentality doesn't allow many of them to sink in. However, this face front attack post seems to have had some results ... as you can attest.

      Write your blog, but write it from the heart. As you call them "dipshits", I call them the unaware. They've been conditioned not to see and think. Only through constant reverse conditioning and the planting of mental seeds can one hope that they'll finally see the light of day.

      I'm not in blogging for the money (That's obvious!), lol! I write because it is a release, and because I'd like to see more people ready to take the ball and run with it. Perhaps, one thread of kudzu can't take over a roadside. However, if that one thread (or vine) sprouts more threads, the hillside can be engulfed and suffocated.

      But, people don't like kudzu. They don't like being told what's right or wrong or what needs changing. I don't either. But, people do like ideas from which they can use to move forward in a new direction. Perhaps, we become the mind farmers in doing just what we do, write with underlying subject matter intent in a manner, be it humor or whatever, to get them thinking.

      Get some sleep and have a safe trip home, my friend. I can't wait on your next blog post. I have a feeling the fire you've developed inside is going to intensify the words you type.

      Many Thanks!

  16. You are wise and wonderful, Rich. And so right. I hadn't thought of politics like that because, I, too, do get hung up on things (like why do people care if gay people want to get married? just let them already). Wow, to the image of nobody voting. Nobody. Thanks for this thought-prompting, "I'm fired up" conversation. I truly appreciate it and feel like I'm wiser, too. I love the expression "mind farmers." That's what I will keep in mind. Thank YOU.

    1. Kristi - You're only too kind. Be and write well, my friend!