Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dreams, Flying Birds, and That's Life!!!
Have you ever wondered if you were dreaming and awakened to find you were?  Or, better yet, how do you know that you're not still dreaming, and only awake while living in your dream? 

(Oh, God, is Rich getting philosophical with us 
this week?)

What if none of us have yet to be born?  Could our entire life be a fantasy while we're still in the womb?  Could we still be a fetus, consumed in adult thought patterns, which would better prepare us for the life ahead once we see the light of day?  

(Kind of makes your number of Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers 
insignificant, doesn't it?)

And, "No, I haven't been doing acid." 

(At least not since the 70's.  Where's the damn flashbacks when you need them?)

I'm guessing that you have had at least one dream that influenced your life. 

(Oh, c'mon, I'm not talking about when you awoke 
from your first puberty experience.) 

I'm talking one in which something happened to which you woke up saying, 
"Damn, I know what to do now!" 

Whether it prevented you from doing something dangerous or embarrassing, or pushed you to travel beyond your safe zone, it had an affect on your life.  You're either a better person for following it, or a better person for recognizing that your subconscious wanted you to go forward and you should not have failed to listen to it. 

(We all learn from our mistakes. 
I've learned to always keep one's drug supplier's phone number safe,
if I can ever find one again!)

I remember dreaming that I could fly.  It was a beautiful summer day and one of my friends was running towards the back of the yard.  I was running behind him, and suddenly found that by holding out my arms and waving them, I was gliding in the air.  The harder I "flapped" them, the higher I rose.  I had been given the gift of the bird.  It was a gift I'd attempt to share with others my entire life.

(In fact, I can't tell you how many people I've given gift of the bird to over the years!)

It truly changed my life.

(Especially, in my "troubled teenage years" 
in many high school yearbook pictures, lol).

No, This Isn't Me ...
I Slipped In Mine In Much Cooler Ways!!
Anyway, this is another Finish The Sentence Friday.  Here is the obligatory JPEG listing the wonderful people hosting this hop, as well as the rules of the hop:

Each week, the hosts (or, "hostesses" if you may), start a thought with an unfinished sentence.  It is then up to those of us that participate to complete the thought with creations either from our past, present, or our deepest fantasies.  This week, the thought to get us started is:

"If I could go back and do something over it would be..."

So, this is supposed to be where it gets good.  

(My God, how do we ever live up to all the hype????)

"If I could go back and do something over it would be … 
to do it the same way."

I've had a tremendous amount of fun in my life.  I never looked at it as fun while I was doing it, but after it was over, it had to be classified as that.

Okay, so what am I talking about?  Have I really gone off the deep end this week?

Perhaps, but let's look back. 

I've always tried to live my life to the fullest.  True, I haven't amounted to much in the eyes of those who measure success by wealth.  (Of which I've squandered many times.)  Yet, the experiences I've shared are more than many would ever imagine doing in their lifetime. 

No, I've never been in a porn movie … yet!

During my high school days, I got to enjoy the perils of being in school politics (Student Body President, Class President 2 years, and Student Council), multiple clubs, sports teams, and other so called "popularity contests."  During this time, I also held jobs mowing lawns, breaking horses, and working in a grocery store. And, "Yes", I always did have a girlfriend.  

(Maybe I should revamp this post.  I did have a time in a high school Sociology class that I could do over.  It concerned a former girlfriend ... sitting next to me ... and whose top rose up exposing a bare small of the back.  Daringly, I reached over, and slowly worked my hand (and then arm) down and inside the back of her jeans.  Suddenly, a knock at the door occurred and my present girlfriend of the time (who was an office assistant that period) entered with a note for the teacher.  Immediately, my former girlfriend sat straight up quickly, nearly breaking my arm!  When I was finally able to get my hand and arm free, that one took some explaining, lol!)

One might say that I was a little busy during those days. 

(My grades showed it too!  lol)

College, and military days intertwined as I used the G.I. Bill to go back to school after having visited many countries throughout Europe and Central America.  There are many things I did (both in college and military) that cannot be discussed openly, but the experiences they provided made some adventure movies look boring by comparison.

(Does jumping out the window of a campus building that's been taken over 
by students to escape the authorities storming the building count?)

Next, came a career in radio announcing, followed by stand-up comedy and then business.  Times were good, bad, exciting, and lonely.  The third time I was engaged I finally got married.  It was the charm as I inherited two kids when I selected my wife. I've enjoyed their love and endured their pain.  Walking the oldest down the aisle to be married has been my life's proudest moment.

(Followed closely by the first time my wife ever reached the peak …
and I was actually there!)

I Captured This four footer In SE Arizona ...
Watch Out, Terrye!!!!!
The many phases of my life contained trying different adrenalin packed experiences.  These included snow skiing, water skiing, skin diving, sky diving, dirt track auto racing, high performance car racing courses, attack dog classes, hurricane disaster team, and firearms training.  My specialty tended to be working with (and hunting in the wild) venomous reptiles, as well as performing venom extractions (milking) for the research of others into cancer treatment and Alzheimer's Disease.  (This nearly took my life a couple of times.)

(Yeah, I know …..   "Ewwwwwwww, you dummy!)

So, what's next?

I'm still looking into bungee jumping off of a bridge over a river. 

(I may be old, but I'm not dead!)

I've enjoyed life, instead of simply going through it.  No, I've never reached the heights that many thought I'd achieve when I was younger.  Primarily, it's because I always wanted to reach higher and in another direction.  If it's there and worth doing, then why not do it? 

Yep, I'd do it all over again and not change a thing.  

Well, maybe I wouldn't have lost the number to my drug supplier, but besides that …..

555-1964 ... 555-5465 ... no ...
555-6567 ... no ...555-2323 ... no ...
555-6776 ... no ... 555-4345 ... no ...
Damn it!!!!!!


  1. You are the third person, who wouldn't change a thing and love that you too had such a great life. Truly sounds like it my friend and that does put a smile on my face. thanks for linking up with us as always, too!! :)

    1. Janine - Good of you to stop in! Life always has its ups and downs. We are a subtotal of where we currently are, only to be totaled up at our passing. Too much of a good thing spoils you, while too much of a bad thing ruins your vision. We've got to keep a balance ... somehow and some way. Good to see you smile! Many Thanks!

  2. I think it is great that you wouldn't change a thing- although from your stories I can see why it is the case!

    1. Kate, There's no telling what would have happened if something would've changed. Why, I might even have ended up walking across the Grand Canyon ... well, maybe not that ... but who knows! lol Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My pulse is racing Rich. Mainly from the snake and the venom extraction talk! I love the line about success being measured by wealth. Those people haven't really lived have they?

    1. Kenya - Good to see you here again! Catch the pulse before it runs away!!! Please!!! Actually, the primary thing to remember while working with snakes is never to get complacent. That's usually when something happens. And I agree with you, to be stuck in one job my entire life, only to be wealthy and old, would mean that I was too old to do anything besides drive around in a big home on wheels and collect different colored rocks. BORING!!! At least I can amuse myself and my grandkids with some True Stories, instead of "I Wish I Had's". : ) Many Thanks!

  4. WOW! You've done so much. The reptile-hunter/venom extractor sounds AWESOME! What an incredible variety of experiences you've had. Now *that's* living.

    1. Lizzi - Hey, good to see you here! I never really looked at it as doing a lot. I was just doing what I'd wanted to do instead of dreaming about it. I actually left out a lot of things, but there's always another post later. lol If I could tell a person one thing it would be to get off your butt and do it while you can. Otherwise, you lose! Many Thanks!

  5. I am glad you wouldn't change a thing...our experiences make us who we are.

    1. Karen - So nice of you to stop in. You are so right! We are only a sub total of our lives to this point. The total occurs once we pass on. Everything you do has some affect on you, either positively or negatively. It's all in how you handle the task and use it to learn for others. Thanks so much for stopping in!

  6. This is incredible! You've lived a full and exciting life! I'm glad you linked up this week! Hope you can stop by my FTSF post, in which I flip the prompt and create an exciting list of things I'd do over again...because I LOVED them the first time around!

    1. Elizabeth - So nice of you to visit my humble abode! I do plan on stopping by and perusing your blog. My time is very limited, so it may be a day or two before I can do so. I'm always up to see how others put different takes on things. Many Thanks!

  7. I wouldn't change a thing if I were you either! Btw, I had the same flying dream - running fast, flapping my arms, coming off the ground. Funny, I was a teenager the last time I had that dream. I'm sure there's some deep psychological reason for that.

    1. Dana - Really good to see you here! OMG, you have the gift of the bird, too?!?!?! lol Seriously, someone once related to me that it could mean I wanted to surpass all obstacles ahead and take control of my life. Then again, I think they were smoking something illegal at the time! : ) Many Thanks!

  8. dude it's 555-212-5555 now don't lose it...again!

    (remember eat the monitor after reading).

    I agree with what you say, and more importantly, your perspective on the events of (one's) life and times.
    (now about these 4 bloggerini...with their trick questions, where the hell are the cameras...I know they are compiling this for the movie version of 'Of Meece and Men'.)*

    I want Bill Nye to play me... lol

    1. Clark - I can always depend upon a friend to come to the rescue! If things work out, the monitor will go well with the 50 pound bag of Oreos awaiting inhalation. You haven't found your camera yet? They put it right over your ... What? ... Don't tell him? ... Why shouldn't I ... You'll do what that I'll really like? ... Ah, Clark ... there's no hidden camera. Forget I ever mentioned it! Many Thanks!

  9. I love your introspective meandering at the beginning- LSD induced or not! I love thinking about that stuff. And those flying dreams are the best! Once when I had one, it was an actual lucid dream, in which I was conscious in the dream that I was dreaming- mindblowing! I'm with you, though, I wouldn't change a thing, and I wish like hell I could go back and visit some of those moments!

    1. Stephanie - It's so good to see you back again! "Introspective Meandering" ... hmmmm, you really have a nice way of saying "Rambling Bullsh*t!" lol Yeah, I go into mind webs and see how well I can weave at times. It's something to do when you're bored ... you know? lol Btw ... it sounds like you know someone that I could use the telephone number of. :) Let me ask you though, if you weren't conscious in the dream, how would you know you weren't dreaming about someone in a dream being unconscious and dreaming they were you? Just a thought ... Many Thanks!

  10. This is great! You certainly have had a full and exciting life and I'm so glad you are happy about all you have experienced. If you ever do go bungee jumping, have fun, but I won't be jumping with you! :-)

    1. Lisa - Really appreciate you stopping in. You're not going to believe this, but when I think of bungee jumping, I imagine you there jumping beside me!!! Really ... I do!!! Your bravery, your leadership, your willingness to dive into the unknown ... Well, okay, so I might have been making that up a little. Just think of the excitement factor, especially when you remember you forgot to tie the other end to the bridge!!! Whatta rush!!! lol Just having some fun here. Seriously, thanks for stopping in and commenting. Much appreciated!!

  11. Rich, you brilliant lovely man.
    Love your adrenaline junkie experiences - I've been skydiving 7 times, scuba'd a I-don't-know-how-many-but-a-lot, and remain fearful of bungee due to the stop and back-up aspect. My hubs was in the military for 20 what you all can't say = wow.
    And yes, you are a crazy ____ for the snake thing (FREAKING YIKES but thanks if your efforts end up curing me later). I, too, wouldn't change a thing.
    And DUDE, was bummed when I thought I was seeing highschool you flipping me off and then it turned out to be some random not-you guy.

    PS probably best you lost your dealer's number. In my experience, nothing is as good as I remembered it to be the previous time, which I'm really glad for now...

    1. Kristi - So very good to see you again, my friend! You, too, seem to be somewhat of an adrenalin junkie! lol The bungee remains a challenge to me, due to a fear of falling (without a chute) that I have. Funny how jumping out of a plane isn't hard, but I have a hard time standing next to the edge of a cliff. I've always faced my fears to conquer them, and bungee jumping seems the way to face that one. But, no, a carnival type jump is facing it in a not-so-smart manner, so the bridge seems the way to go.

      As far as the "snake" thing goes, I know it was an adrenalin thing, but I always volunteered doing it for free. Somehow, I validated doing it by saying it was my way of contributing to mankind. It made it an easier "sell" to my wife. I have to give her credit, not many wives would deal with rattlesnakes and such in cages in the bedroom for a husband's hobby. The extractions were always done at a venom lab, so those I kept at home were simply for fun. Alas, local laws, as well as blood thinner medications, now have stopped that hobby.

      Flying the bird in high school photos was the "cool" way of doing the yearbook thing. Hand on a basketball with the bird flying coyly, hands in pockets with the bird showing, etc., seemed to be a way of getting past the norm of the time. I almost did it at graduation, but settled by giving the school's superintendent a "soul" handshake as he handed me my diploma. lol

      Drugs are a thing of the past. I did much in the 70's, and experimented greatly. I still remember a poster I had that said, "Freewheelin' Franklin says Man made alcohol and God made marijuana. Who do you trust?" It became my credo. lol But, as with many things, we out grow it in time.

      Many Thanks!

  12. I loved this post, Rich! I am so happy to have learned more about you and your life. How amazing that you raised your wife's kids as your own, and loved them and endured their pain. I about cried when you shared the greatest day of your life. It's much better than it being a business deal or some worldly success. Beautiful post!

    1. Rachel - How in the world did I ever miss your comment??? My apologies, my friend, it was truly not intentional. No matter what we do while we're on this Earth, what we do with, and the love we give our kids means more than anything else. I'm just happy to have been there for mine, even though there is never enough time to really share things with them the way you wish. Many Thanks!