Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Liebster Award" ... or, "How To Ruin A Friendship"

"That's Life ... Sometimes" has been awarded another blogging award!  

The Liebster Award!

I don't really know what it's all about, but I'll take it.  I'm not proud.  

There seems to be a few of these different awards floating around "bloggerland."  They float around aimlessly, silently waiting to drift down on some poor, overworked soul that is in need of an ego boost.

Watch out!  There goes another one!

Usually, they arrive with a glaring notification or what they're about.  The last two I've received haven't.  I think I'm in award leftover land.  Something to pass on so it doesn't spoil and you have to toss it out (or feed it to the cats).  

"Here Faletame and Gabriela ... din din time!  Got something really good tonight!"

"Hey Rich, if you wouldn't eat that stuff, why would you expect us to?  
Just shut up and pull out the Little Friskies!"

Anyone out there that would like a couple of cats?

Getting back to this magnificent award, I was handcuffed, er, awarded this by

(So Now You know who to blame!)

Jennifer is my clone.  She also tends to be very sarcastic witty in her writing while tending to bring smiles to the faces of the readers.  (No, damnit!  She doesn't pose nude!  You do have a dirty mind, don't you!) She's quickly becoming my sister from another mother (unless she's had an operation to make her my brother from another mother).  

"Just take the steroids and try to sound like a growling rabbit, Jennifer.  
The doctor promises it won't take much longer."

If you have yet to visit her blog you need to get your tail over there as soon as you finish this one.  I sincerely believe you'll enjoy yourself there, especially if you take along a hula hoop to give you something to do!

God, this is going to be a long blog, today!

Anyway, there are rules to accepting this award.  (Who would've guessed, duh?)  I'm going to copy and paste them here because I truly am a lazy SOB at times.
  • List 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
  • Choose 11 new bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
  • Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
  • No tag backs!!
I really don't know if I'm familiar with 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers.  I didn't know this was going to be a research paper.  Damn, I never should have taken those three Hydrocodon pills to watch the Beyonce special tonight on HBO!  (Boy, was that a disappointment!  I thought it was going to be a concert and it was a documentary.  What a waste of good medication!)

In addition, I've got to come up with 11 random facts about me, answer 11 questions, and then come up with the 11 bloggers to award the Leibster!  (Holding your breath hoping that I don't choose you, aren't you?)  I think this award is all about endurance and creativity.  Of course, they should have known better than to ask me to come up with questions (muhahahahaha).

So, as if you were in the least bit interested, here are my 11 random facts that the Queen of Torture kind Jennifer asked me to provide:

  1. I am an avid college basketball fan, especially for my college Indiana University.  Fair weather fan I'm not, as I have the last five years of televised games recorded on DVD so I can watch them in the off season.  Even during their "bad" years, I watched every game and recorded them.  Now that they're currently #1 in the nation, it makes it all worthwhile.  I guess addict might describe it better.
  2. I believe this life is punishment for an earlier one, in which I was a pretty nasty character.  I can hit a tin can with a pistol 8 out of 10 times if I shoot at it from the hip, and felt a kinship with the desert of Arizona when I visited it, so gunslinger comes to mind.  Probably not on the side of the Earps, for sure.
  3. At one time, thought I'd end up being a criminal psychologist.  Then, it hit me that mind science practices are based on theory and minimal studies.  Visited a maximum security prison once and was ready to leave the second they shut the entrance bars behind me.  (Hmmm, I wonder if the Earps put me in jail at one time?)
  4. While doing stand-up comedy, I learned why most celebrity marriages fail.  Temptations are everywhere!  (That's as far as I'm going with that one.)
  5. I love to poke fun, but I draw the line at being mean.  Sometimes the line is very, very gray, but I still try to stay on this side of it.  Never will I make fun of a blogger's work (in public) or characters, as they are a part of that writer.  I want to make people smile and be happy, not frown and be pissed off.  
  6. I'm one of the world's best procrastinators, especially when it's something I don't want to do.  I've needed to pursue learning SEO and all that crap that brings in readers for ages.  Terrye Toombs, a better friend than I deserve, has been on my case about it as she's attempted to help me so many times it's ridiculous.  I think I procrastinate in this arena because I just want to write what comes to mind, and that doesn't usually include Google, SEO's, or any marketing stuff.  I told her a week or so ago I was going to get busy on it.  Maybe tomorrow ....
  7. My only fear (besides outliving my wife) is being attacked while asleep.  I usually sleep extremely deep since I only do it for three to four hours a night.  There's something about waking up to someone trying to do harm to me that bugs me.  I guess because I haven't figured out how to overcome that fear, yet.
  8. If I had to be a monster, I would choose to be a vampire.  I love the night and really could care less about the day.  Plus, the mind control, speed factors, and eternal life parts are kind of tempting.  Two problems though:  1) I couldn't drink my Diet Cokes, to which I'm hopelessly addicted (What would I brush my teeth with then?), and 2) I'm Italian and love a lot of garlic in my food!  (Sorry if my breath offends you ... not!)
  9. When I first started in radio, it was at a campus station at Indiana University.  We picked our own music there, and tried to be somewhat different than what commercial radio was playing.  My first night alone, I played James Taylor's live version of "Steamroller" that included the word "motherfu__in'", and Maxine Seller's "Another Train Song" that went, "...and I walked up to this woman and I said, honey, I fu__ed your man!"   Whatta way to start a career!
  10. I am an avid James Bond movie fan.  So much so, I even read the more descriptive books when they came out in the 60's.  (No, not just for the hot parts!)
  11. I've actually had thoughts of how I could help out so many blogger friends if I were win the Powerball Jackpot.  There's some that cash would aid, others that a website that really promoted them properly would assist, and some that just need a fresh start with life.  I'm old, and would, of course, supply my family first, but one can never forget his friends, especially those that put up with an ass such as myself!  Plus, I might get one or two to read my blogs!
Okay, that's it!  Eleven facts completed.  Now, for the eleven questions I've been asked:
  1. How many children do you have?  None that will claim me.
  2. What is your favorite pastime?  Answering questions.  Can't you tell?
  3. If you could win a vacation to any destination of your choice, where would you go?   Someplace where I wouldn't have to answer eleven questions.
  4. Have you ever been to jail? If so, what for?  Never charged with anything illegal.  Shows you how smart I was for many years, lol.   (Although I was brought in for questioning concerning threats to those who asked me questions, once.)
  5. What is your biggest fear?  Answering Questions (Besides, I already answered this above
  6. What state do you live in?   A state of constantly answering questions.
  7. If you could be president for the day, what would you change in our government?  All members of Congress would be limited to two terms in office with no continuing lifetime benefits.  No question!
  8. What is your best success?  Remaining civil while answering questions.
  9. If you could live life over again, what would you do differently?  Never answer questions.
  10. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?  Being asked to answer questions in public.
  11. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and how many?  My pets have me instead. I'm harmless, housebroken, and I never hump anyone's leg.  

Now, only one more thing to do.  Award this Leibster Award to 11 others so that they can bare their souls and type their fingers to the bone.  Remember, I'm not the guilty party here.  Why do you all think I gave you the link to Jennifer's blog?   (muhahahahaha!)

Here's my list:
  1. Michael at "The Insane Asylum"
  2. Sherry at "Pondered Primed Perfected"
  3. Tamra at "Misadventures of Flori and Tam"
  4. Melissa at "Daughter of Maat"
  5. Gina at "The Life I Live ... So You Don't Have To"
  6. Vikki at "Laugh Lines"
  7. Danielle at "Martinis and Minivans"
  8. Chris at "I Work Off The Clock"
  9. Rachel at "Rambling Amazon"
  10. Clark at "The Wakefield Doctrine"
  11. Gene at "The Musings Of A Wise Witch, Yet Foolish Man"
So now it's up to you folks.  Carry on this advantageous award and fulfill your destiny (or possibly gain some more followers), or lie in hiding and await the fate of the undead.  

Here are your questions:
  1. If Rosanne Barr married Tom Cruise, what would they name their puppy?
  2. What television program displays the least amount of intelligence week after week?
  3. If you had a house with all four sides facing South, and looked out the window, what color of bear would you see?
  4. If you had your life to live over, what one thing would you do differently?
  5. Did you ever want to be a fireman?
  6. What did Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison have in common with Bill Clinton?
  7. If the horse knew the way to carry the sleigh, why did he pull it?
  8. If you had a boat that could only go one direction, where would you end up at?
  9. If Al Capone had been Hispanic, would Al Pacino still have been chosen for the movie Scarface?
  10. What is your favorite 4 hour erection commercial?
  11. If you only had one wish, what would it be?  (*World Peace answer is void unless you're a beauty contestant.)
That's it!

As this college term paper is now over, so is my time discussing the Liebster.  No tag backs means I'm out of the running from this point on!  My cat Gabriela needs the computer to write her Monday blog, so have fun!


  1. Congrats on the award and will say that I too have an aversion to answering all these questions and some of your responses stating so are spot on!! Seriously a huge congrats and well deserved. And am now looking forward to Gabriela's next master piece!! :)

    1. Janine - My friend that's always there! I wish I could be as diligent as you ... seriously! There are times you're caught in the middle. You don't want to Not play along, but it really is a task to do so. I think the world of Jennifer, so I didn't want to turn this down. So, I decided to have fun with it instead (Who would guess me to do that, lol?). Gabriela is on very thin ice after last week's blog. I think she offended quite a few people with it. If her comments tomorrow don't reflect otherwise, I think her blogging days may be over. :) Many thanks!

  2. Thanks *a lot* dude!*

    I will totally comply with your wishes in terms of the passing it on**

    Keep this up (being gracious enough to put the Doctrine on a list of awards) and I will be forced to create a Wakefield Doctrine Award and, to paraphrase the old joke about hang gliding and Janet Reno, you will *not* want to look at the list of requirements.

    Thanks again for the awardation*** I do in fact appreciate it, for reasons that will remain un-specified at the moment.****

    * god! somebody please tell me where the frickin italics key for comment writing is!
    ** ...before any of the other 10 recipients wake and submit there Posts and use up all the good approaches for dealing with the award requirements (... btw, nice lick on the 'answering the 11 questions' in this Post )
    *** yes, I claim the right that god gave to us when he created blogs... 'go ye and type and multiply, and as long as your word count is over 500 you may make up words!'
    **** against that moment of stomach wrenching fear... blank white screen

    1. Clark - My fingers are still cramping up, sir! lol What happened to the four question days, anyway? I almost made this a two part series, but decided to go ahead and get it done. I'm not familiar with the old joke about Janet Reno and hang gliding, but I can imagine a few of the requirements still. Can one say,"Find a suitable hangman's noose?" Glad you enjoyed this. I'll be interested in reading yours. Many thanks!

  3. Whew boy, I am GLAD I have not been bestowed this award, LOL. When I saw the requirements, I immediately thought, "ugh" - that's a term paper assignment, LOL.
    I have to know something: did you get in trouble for playing those songs on the radio that first night you were alone? Hehe.
    Powerball? Ha! I wonder if I would be someone that would end up on a scene from "Lost" LOL. Have a great Sunday. :D PS - I LOVE to poke fun at your really do crack me up.

    1. Cyndi - You were at the top of my list until I saw I couldn't give it to a person that had more than 200 followers. I didn't check, but I figured you six digit following list would disqualify you. And yes, I've written shorter term papers in my past, lol!
      I really didn't play those songs on purpose. I wasn't aware of the word they contained, and it was an "open" format station. I was warned about being a little more selective in the future, though. :)
      Actually, my thoughts for you, as a Powerball winner, were to provide you with some equipment that could really make your photography stand out even more than it does already. The best deserves the best. So, I could at least do that for you, lol!
      Really glad to have you reading my blog and commenting! Means a lot. Many thanks!

  4. Replies
    1. Jennifer - Thanks for being such a great sport about this. I have visited and read several of your blogs, and think you're a great writer with a tremendous amount of promise. I'm following you on Google now, and you'll be seeing me around in the comments from time to time. Thanks for bestowing the award to me! I hope this piece showed me somewhat worthy. Many Thanks!

  5. Replies
    1. Crazyasnormal - Good to meet you! I stopped by your blog to learn more about you and found you to, yes, look completely normal. Your husband's a big monster though, so I'm going to have to watch what I say for self preservation reasonings. lol Thanks for stopping in! Love to see you back, again!

  6. Ummm...yeah...thanks??? Wow...those questions you asked are whoppers. Actually, they might be fun to answer. Seriously, thanks for the nod. It's an honor to be nominated by you. Keep up the great writing!

    1. Gina - I looked at your webpage last night about the time my cable provider decided to shut down for a while. I tried to see how many followers you had, and couldn't, so I included you taking a chance. Just now, I checked and found you had over 600. Please don't think I was insulting you. I blew it, obviously. You're a great writer and I enjoy reading your blog. If you want to do it, great! I think you'd have some great responses to the questions! If not, I totally understand. I leave the decision entirely up to you. I do appreciate your kind words. Many thanks!

  7. Thanks a lot dude man...I really appreciate you thinking about me...that means a lot. Also, I love your sense of's great. Now for this award thingy, I'm super lazy and as dumb as a box of would I just be better of copying and pasting what you've said...only with changing the protect the innocent?

    1. Michael - Good to see you, sir! I think you're underestimating yourself. Having read several of your posts, I think you'd be great doing this on your own (Plus, it would keep duplicate content warnings from Google at a minimum, lol). I'll believe lazy (for I am an expert at that), but you'll never get me to believe you're dumb. Save that for your wife when she asks you if you remember when she told you something! :) Thanks for your kind words, and I look forward to seeing what you concoct! Many thanks!

  8. ha ha ha congratulations on getting caught , ooops I mean on being awarded LOL..

    1. Nina - I think you were right the first time! lol Snagged, dragged and bagged might be the description we're looking for! Oh, well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Many Thanks!

  9. Replies
    1. Rachel - Really good of you to drop by! I almost chose you this time, but right when I was getting ready to get you address, my internet stopped working. You were "saved" as I had to go with one whose address I knew off the top of my head. The questions were just something a little different to set the creative juices flowing in the heads of the recipients. It will be interesting to see what they come up with as some actually do have correct answers! lol Many thanks!

  10. LOL. and *whew* :) Great post, RC. What a roller coaster ride of emotions in this one: love, hate, revenge...wait...maybe it was a made for TV mini-drama? :)

    1. Terrye - Really good to see you here! Glad you enjoyed this term paper! "Whew" is right! I feel like I just wrote the entire month to finish this one. I'm beginning to wonder if "Leibster" didn't have relatives that worked for the Nazi's many years ago. "As the Leibster Turns" or "All My Leibsters" might have been a better title. lol And, I promise, I'm working on a few areas of marketing. I'm too pooped to write anything else right now. Many thanks!

  11. I'm trying to figure out if you were rewarding bloggers or punishing them by making them think, even for a moment, of Tom Cruise and Roseanne Barr procreating.

    Congrats on your reward!