Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Vacation Is Nearly Over!

The dream is over!

Some may call it an emotional roller coaster.  A few might call it justification.  Others may wrongly call it laziness.

Whatever one calls it, the end has occurred.

Eleven and a half months of existing at home, writing hubs and blogs, commenting on many others, and living the life of a writer will cease tomorrow.  That is when I re-enter the everyday drudgery of going back to work at a normal job.

No, I'm not going to state what I'm going to be doing.  Let me say instead that for months I've tried extremely hard to find something more normal that was closer to home with the standard 40 hour work week schedule.  If I'd have accepted the standard $10 per hour rate most of them pay, I could have been back at work months ago.

Yet, I stood my ground and held out for something worthwhile, income wise that is.  So now, it's back to 60 hour work weeks and headaches!

Can you say, "Beat Me!  Beat Me!"

I look back, not with regret, but with understanding having learned much.  Here is a list of some of the things this education has brought:

1)  Hubpages.com needs to be ashamed of itself!  Although the egos that rule haven't figured it out yet, by coming up with a system that hides work that they presented Hubnugget (Rising Star's) Awards to prior, they are saying they didn't, and still don't have the ability to recognize quality work from trash.  


Can you say, "Gee George!  Duh, we really are stupid and don't know what we're doing!   Do we?"

2)  Writing needs to be fun!   I am not, don't want to be, nor will I ever become a technical writer.  True, I've written several training manuals in the past that are still being used today.  However, to take an item from an employer and try to make it seem interesting is not my cup of tea.  I commend all that can do it, but I'm not willing to go that route.  

Blogging has been fun, and will continue to be, although my time will be less available.  I fear that by being limited by this time factor, I may lose some views, as I will not be able to visit many on a constant basis.  In fact, I'm sure that will happen as blogging seems to be a "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" type of affair to a point.

The only answer I can provide is that I will continue to attempt in writing quality, over quantity, in hopes that the content will be a draw for some.  

"Okay Rich, you know better!  Better start including your own views in your count totals to keep from getting depressed!  As Pink Floyd once wrote in their lyrics, 
"Is there anybody out there!"

3)  Sweat pants and tops are the most comfortable work uniform!   This should go without saying.  No restrictions, pure softness touching the skin, and great flexibility!   

(Kind of sounds like a Trojans commercial, doesn't it!)

Why the world continues to relish in torturing its population by requiring them to wear neck ties, belts, and hard, leather shoes is beyond all sanity.  I can envision a world where designer sweats are available for those evenings out on the town.  Chiffon and lace sweats for the ladies that wish to be a little more dressed up than when around the house.  See through sweats for those who wish to tempt.  No shrink sweats for those who wish to hide unwanted pounds.  And Rock Star sweats with super tight crotches for those who wish to dream!

I love wearing sweats!  
(And "NO", damn it, I've never worn them to Wal-Mart!)

4)  Man can survive on Dollar Tree Salami and Cheese!    Seriously, if you're looking for a cheap lunch, go to your local Dollar Tree and pick up a package of their salami and one of their Swiss or Jalapeno cheese.  Take two slices of wheat bread, two slices of salami, and one slice of cheese and make a fantastic variation of a grilled cheese sandwich!  In fact, if you want to make it even better, take the two slices of salami and cook them first, to get some of the fat out of them.  

Follow it up with some Dollar Tree Raspberry Sherbet, and you've got a meal fit for anyone living on unemployment checks!  Yum! Yum! Happy! Happy!

5)  True Friends are forever!   In my life, I've been acquainted with many people.  Yet, I've kept my circle of close friends very tiny.  This was done because I have been prone to moving often in my life, and because I've been stabbed in the back by those I trusted more often than not (especially workplace friends).  

I've met many great people both on Hubpages and in blogging.  Many have great talents they have yet to imagine.  Some have already gotten ticked off at me for one thing or another along this writing journey.  Yet, they found I did none of the expected "vengeance" actions, and welcomed them back into my friendship circle as if they'd never left.

I know, I'm a glutton for punishment!  Or, if you wish, a real sucker!  
But, isn't that what friends are for?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

More has been told about me by my writings than I normally let out of the cage.  Some look at it as just an idiot speaking out of his ass.  Others see it as an attempt to bring a smile and lighten the heavy load life presents to all at times.  And, some see it as an extension of my hand in a loyal friendship.

However you see it, remember that my goal has always been to amuse, either through extreme sarcasm of experience or irony of events.  A few times, the heaviness of life almost seemed to put the humor in the backseat, for which I apologize.  

But, then again, we all do it, go through it, and tend to write it, from time to time.  We're all human, and in being that, allow our frustrations to enter our efforts.  It is never intentional, and sometimes we need a good kick in the ass to get us out of our funk, after which, we recognize our embarrassments.  

You have two choices: publish or delete.  Put it out for all to read and judge, or delete it and try again.  Sometimes, the wrong choice is made.  Sometimes, the right choice is made.

Just like in real life!   

See You Soon!


  1. Good luck with the new job and I hope you'll still come back and visit the blogosphere occasionally and make us laugh. :) I bet the new job will give you all kinds of new blogging material!

    1. Amy - Thanks for stopping in! I'll definitely be back (much to the dismay of some, lol) and doing as much as I can to stay active. I'm just being realistic in that I won't be as active as I've tried to be. I, too, believe that getting back with the public will be a plus for material. It's really hard to find something to write about when you're a hermit, as I have been. Many Thanks!

  2. Awesome! Rich.

    After 11 and a half months...you will be going to a 9-6 job...Yeah for you and wishing you good luck in your future endeavors!

    Hats off to your persistence and this makes me feel that faith should always be ignited within :)

    1. Ruchira - Good to see you! Actually, it will be an 8-8 job, but who's counting? lol Overcoming age, plus some other hindrances, has been a battle, to say the least. Seems like the more qualified you are, the less chance you have of getting a job. Guess the dummies in the current positions are afraid they'll be shown up by someone that knows how to do things. : ) Thanks always for you kind words and support!

  3. I want to wish you all the best with this new job and know it will most likely be hard to write, but will definitely keep my eye open for new articles when you do. What can I say, I am a fan and friend, too :)

    1. Janine - You are indeed a true friend without question. You've been there since my start and are always there, regardless of the turmoil you're enduring in your own life. I plan on reading as many blogs as possible on my phone, when I can get away with it, but commenting may be a problem. It's good to know at least I'll have one or two people reading what I write in the future (if Kevin's around, that is) lol Thanks for always being there!

  4. That is fantastic news, Rich! I hope this new endeavor will make you happy and relieve some of that gawd awful stress that's been squishing you like a bug.

    We'll still be here, pounding away on the little squares with weird symbols on them. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. I'm sure you'll have plenty of new material coming from the new gig. :)

    1. Terrye - Really good to see you! I'm going to miss being around as much as I've been able to be, but you're right, the underlying stress has been unbelievable. I'm just hoping I can stay awake all day, as I've grown accustomed to splitting the day into two parts, divided by a two to three hour nap. lol Good to have you in my corner, my friend. Many thanks!

  5. Dude... that's why god invented smartphones! think of the Post material you will be getting hit with every day...lol

    Actually am being a tad disingenuous my-own-self, as I find that it is a constant struggle for time between job-work and blog-work. I am constantly being forced to rein in my time spent on one or not on another. Blogs are fun, jobs are necessary... but you know how it is, 'if it's worth doing, it worth over-doing'

    Good luck with the realworld stuff! (Remember in the workplace: the scotts are obvious,easy spot and noisy and put on a good show, but they have micro-attention spans. the clarks are there, but they are very good at being un-noticed, the one with the really funny, muttered asides when you are being trained and/or lectured to are your clarks...they're easy rogers, well... rogers, they are the middle managers, they are glib and confident but you gotta watch your back in a corporate environment)

    Anyway will watch for the next Post

    1. Clark - I have an android, but I'll be damned if my fingers fit well on the tiny keyboard. I spend so much time backspacing and correcting, I forget what I'm going to say half the time! lol
      This is the worst time of the year for me for multitasking, as I'm a true college basketball fan, also, and I'm still trying to get my music collection downloaded after losing one of my external hard drives. (108,000 and still another 18-20,000 to go, lol) (One of the first things I'm going to do is to buy another hard drive and copy and paste the entire collection when finished, to never have to go through this again.) Needless to say, I'm going to stay busy for a while.
      And, to add to the mix, I do plan on continuing here in a reduced capacity. Thanks for being a good friend, sir! Greatly appreciated!

  6. Interesting lessons. I've learned that it's damned hard to make your dreams come true. Damned hard. In fact, I'm slightly disillusioned...sigh...perhaps I'll join you in the 60-hour workweek grind. I'll miss you round these parts but there's some sort of award waiting for you over at pictimilitude. ;)

    1. Cyndi - As young and talented as you are, I'd recommend you never giving up your dream! You're so close to breaking through and really making a name for yourself in the photography world. I'm old and almost done, with little to look forward to, but you've so much life to experience and enjoy. Face the adversity, keep your confidence up, and drive forward! You've a friend, fan, and supporter here that wants to see you reach heights you've yet to see! Keep it going, my friend!

  7. Best of luck with your new job Rich! I know it will be more difficult to keep up regular blogging, but when you do, I'll be sure to read! We'll be here supporting you in any way we can...

    1. Emily - In the short time we've known each other, I feel I know you and your family (and No, I'm not the stalking type, lol). It's really good to have made friends like you that understands, and will continue to be there. Many Thanks!