Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Woe Is Me, The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling

Initially, I wanted to laugh.  Then, I decided that crying might be a better option.  Then, the tears turned to feelings of empathy.  Finally, I just sat back, let out some gas, and shook my head.

Facebook and other social media was filled with so many prophets of doom that one would swear Nostradamus had been running sexually rampant amidst the masses within recent years.

Trump had become "President Elect Trump" in the wee hours of the morning.  Clinton had conceded and the title was now Trump's.  He had given an acceptance speech, but as of six hours later, she had not given her concession speech.

Guess those items taken from the White House when the Clintons left years ago will remain missing.

Probably just as well.  Trump will probably redecorate anyway.  I understand there's quite a bit of shiny brass and multiple velvet curtains left over from the last casino he shut down.

I'm awaiting the news media to present cartoons of Trump's family marching the goose step behind him as they walk up the podium to be sworn in this coming January.  They've done a great job of underestimating and poking fun at him to this point, so I imagine they'll continue.

It brings in ratings and sells newspapers ... to those that can't afford cable.

Female Clinton supporters now fear for their lives.  Trump ... the male, chauvinistic pig of today, will bring forth a multitude of changes ... including allowing today's male to carry a club and "conk" the female of his choice and drag her back to his cave to have babies and clean the dirt from the rock furniture.  

Many of my minority friends, as if labeling was necessary, feel the fear in the air.  Visions of stormtroopers, smashing down doors in the middle of the night, collecting them and herding them like the Nazi's did the Jews during the years preceding WWII fill their heads.  Sounds of gunshots fill the air and lead finds its mark in the bodies of the innocent members of their family and community members.  The nightmare is to become a reality is to become a nightmare.

The airwaves of the Northeast and West Coast are filled with the sounds of R.E.M. ....
"Oh, woe is me, ain't this fun, 
 Trump is King, we all are done!!!!

Get out the BBQ grills ... our goose is cooked.

Or, is it?

First off, I didn't vote for either Trump or Clinton.  I couldn't validate voting for the lesser of two evils, so I didn't vote for either evil.  I, instead, chose to cast my vote for Gary Johnson.  

Now, Clinton's supporters are saying that a vote for Johnson was a vote for Trump.  Not so.  I wasn't going to vote for her anyway, just as I wasn't going to vote for Trump.  I had to cast my ballot for the only one I trusted ... and neither of the major candidates fit that requirement.  

Of course, Trump supporters are saying that I took the easy road and almost put Clinton in office by not voting for Trump.  Amazing how small minds all think the same, isn't it?

Folks, the world is not going to end.  It didn't end when O-Bam-Bama took office, and it's not going to end when the flaring Trump-ette takes the oath.  You forget, he's only the president ... not God (as some of O-Bam-Bama's supporters would like you to think).

Members of the male gender are not grabbing clubs and changing their ways just because
of the election results.  If they're asses to you, it's because they've always been asses.  

In fact, they are just as shallow as the women that voted for Clinton only because they were the same gender as her (yes, there were many).   I think these two gender groups kind of balanced out the negatives of each other's votes.  You know, "stupid is as stupid does."

Oh, come on, please don't sit there and tell me that being a member of the female or male gender makes you an automatic vote getter for the office of P.U.S.A.   I would hope you researched the candidates more than that prior to casting your ballot.

We have four years in front of us to judge what influence Trump can impose upon Congress.  Hopefully, he will make some changes.  There are necessary reforms that must be installed to social programs to eliminate freeloaders and those that haven't earned the right to participate.  There are corporations that need to be challenged about moving jobs and factories overseas and spitting on America's workforce, all the while expecting these same people to purchase the product they produce.  The forecasted rate hikes for Obamacare are astronomical and changes must occur or fines will be imposed those who can't afford the premiums.  And, racial tensions must be addressed in all areas.

Then again, he's only the president.  Congress is where most of these changes must occur.  Getting big business out of the pockets of these representatives and turning them around to really concern themselves with the needs of those they represent is an almost impossible challenge to take on.  

Regardless of who won the election, we were going to have to wait to see how they did. 

 That takes four years to take place.
Let's hold off forecasting doom and gloom until it's over.


C'mon ... say "Okay!"



  1. Oh Rich. I'm so disappointed to read this. Maybe members of "the male gender" have always been assholes, but the difference now is that they have been given free reign to openly display their assholeness. You know what, Rich? I was threatened twice this week. By men. Trump supporters. Such big, macho men picking on a 5 foot tall woman. Do you think that's okay? You've got it wrong. This is so much more than just an election. A racist, misogynist, bigoted, xenophobic, narcissistic, failure of a businessman and all around nasty guy has been elected president. He wants to take away our rights. And your flip, sarcastic attitude is appalling. Obama has shown grace, integrity, intelligence, courage and an even temperment. I get that those are qualities you don't grasp.

    1. Linda, so sorry you feel that way. I have no compassion for anyone that picks on anyone, regardless of gender. Your experiences were horrible, I'm sure. Regardless of your opinions of me (or this piece) I'm very happy that you're safe and unharmed.

      My wife was physically attacked a few years ago while performing her job tasks at a pharmacy. A 16 year old individual hit her in the face and pushed her into a rack while attempting to escape while shoplifting some alcohol. The individual was a minority group member. If I were to follow the example you seem to feel proper, all members of that minority would be looked at as criminals that serve society no purpose and should be incarcerated.

      I consider myself more open minded than that, as I know better.

      One cannot clump the actions of a few into the norm of a group. It makes it easy to find excuses and allow hate to breed, but it's simply not acceptable behavior.

      It's difficult to understand how it becomes acceptable because of an election.

      I, also, have a hard time believing that a person's personality changes because of an election. Assholes, as you describe, are developed over a long period of time, usually because of environmental conditioning. (Hence the "Bullying" police officer that was picked on by kids and loves to use his power to now get even.) A normal person has no desire to go against their upbringing and become such as you describe, regardless of who becomes president.

      Also, no where did I validate Trump. Neither did I vote for the man. He is no role model to present the goals of the United States in any definition of the position to which he's been elected.

      However, Obama has been a tool of big business, like all the others that preceded him. Obamacare provides insurance companies with guaranteed customers and millions of dollars they never saw prior. The penalty, which will be enforced upon those struggling to make ends meet, when the rates skyrocket. The national healthcare program was put together way too fast and has way too many loopholes for the medical insurance industry to thrive. Now, after eight years, he's getting ready to leave the loopholes for someone else to fix.

      There are other areas in which I feel he let down America at times. Never before has America paid to have hostages released. Nor, has a president not visited a disaster area when immediately able to do so, especially because of a vacation. He carries himself well, and is vastly superior to his predecessor, but is far from as perfect.

      Flip, sarcastic attitude is my trademark. Life is too short to believe life is over because of one event in history. The sky would not have fallen regardless of who was elected. Disappointment is always present when one's side fails to win, but it's part of our country's voting system.

      I've been through 15 presidential elections in my life with the Nixon / Kennedy election being the first that I remember in detail. I've seen terrible presidents that kept wars going so that big business could thrive, a president that couldn't handle the job at all, one that believed the only way to keep Russia at bay was to develop a Star Wars laser weapon, and several that became puppets of OPEC after they left office. Bush was the worst as he actually started the trend to dispose of our rights with the Patriot Act.

      I take your comments to heart, but cannot believe that this is the level headed Linda Roy I've grown to know so well. This is a Linda that is hurting and striking out. Again, I'm happy you're okay and hope you experience no more negative occurrences.

      However, I simply ask that you respect my opinions as I have respected yours. Never did I post a negative comment on any of your posts prior to, during, of after the election. I believe that you have a right to post as you wish. Whether I agree or disagree doesn't matter and shouldn't matter. It is your right to express your views as you see fit.

      As it is mine.

      Many Thanks!