Friday, February 19, 2016

Mountain Man Cave, the Pope, Donald Trump, Kanye & TTOT

I want to buy a mountain that has an elaborate cave system.

This isn't something that I've thought a lot about.  In fact, the idea just came to me.

Envision entering a cave in this mountain and discovering a sizable combination of underground passages that open up into chamber areas, each of which, could be used as different rooms.  Preferably, a fresh water spring would be found flowing throughout the system, taking care of life's necessities (drinking, cooking, washing, sewage, etc.) Of course, arranging these properly in the right order would be a must.  (Bathrooms would definitely be the closest to the door and the cave's drainage system!)

This could become my Fortress of Mental Solitude.  I'd spend my days reading and writing, exploring the tunnel system, and creating a map of the world inside of the mountain. (Okay, so that's just an excuse to get away from my wife every now and then!  You try staying in a cave with her 24/7 if you think it's so damn easy!)  With the underground temperature always being constant, it would be simple to create a "warm" area with a solar heating system piped in from outside.  

Heating system? 

Of course!  One would just have to be careful not to dry out the dirt holding all the stone in place.  Too dry and the whole thing could tumbling down!  (Think of what that would do to property values!)

I've lived too long with the luxuries of civilization to become some old hermit scrounging through the dirt and living like a caveman.  What better area to have a constant breeze than atop a mountain pass?  (Especially since the Senate Chamber only has stagnant hot air!) This could easily power an electricity generation windmill.  Using storage batteries and generators, standard power could be utilized to provide all the comforts found in more conventional styles of homes.  

Bring in the appliances and wide screen televisions ... satellite dishes are always available for the asking.  (The wife has to have her porn, you know!)

An area could have a pool table, video game area, and bar (just in case I ever decided to take up drinking.)  Another area could be for music enjoyment and mixing. (Imagine the acoustics!)  Still another could house a swimming pool, hot tub and fireplace.  And, if I can locate it in the right state, let's not forget about the marijuana grow room!  (The hell with drinking!  Bring on the smoke and a fifty pound bag of Oreo cookies!)

Of course, security would be a must.  Since I'd probably be too high to make valid decisions, a six inch thick steel door would allow those invited (hookers, mostly) entry while keeping those unwanted pests outside.  This could also come in very handy for eliminating frustrating conversations with salespersons, religious fanatics, and political campaigners.  Perhaps a slot for a machine gun turret would be a viable feature to assist this, especially with the politicians.

Damn, I think I just purchased the Playboy Mansion, 
complete with the grotto and Hugh Hefner!
Naw, I hear it's still haunted by the ghost of Joe DiMaggio!

Of course, affording a purchase of this nature is going to take funding.  So, I'm announcing a non profit organization entitled, "Let's Put Rich In The Ground."  Contributions can be sent to the address below.  And, if you've a solitary heart in your body, how could you refuse to put Rich in the ground?  It just seems like the Christian thing to do!  

So, while I'm awaiting your contributions to start flowing in, let's take a look at why you're really here and go to this week's edition of

This week, I'm Thankful For ...

1) ... Kanye West.  Let's see, he ranted at Saturday Night Live after his special floor couldn't be used because of lighting issues, has recently renewed his attack and made several negative and profane statements about Taylor Swift, and he's also stated that he's broke and needs to borrow a million or so dollars from Mark Zuckerberg.

You gotta give it to him, he sure knows how to prove that America's 
education system is creating the land of the dumb and the home 
of the ridiculous.  But, then again, when you have an internal need to 
prove you're as big as ass as your wife's, you live up to all expectations!

2) ... Pope Francis in announcing that using condoms is "okay" in countries where the Zika virus is spreading.  In looking at abortions as the other alternative, the Pope figured that it would be easier to pass out condoms in Catholic schools than to have the school's buses seen parked outside of abortion clinics.  

Okay, so I was born Catholic, saved by the Baptists, and fine tuned by the Pentecostal Holiness.  It meant I could go out and get totally drunk without feeling guilty about it until the next day when I could repent in a tongue that no one could understand!

Whatever happened to abstinence?  
Didn't the church once preach that? 
 Oh, that's right ... that's one of those forgotten concepts like eating 
fish on Friday, speaking only in Latin, and letting Michael Corleone
 be your sister's godfather.  
My bad!

3) ... Pope Francis calls out Donald Trump's views on immigration as not Christian!  In retaliation, Donald Trump calls the Pope's comments "disgraceful" as far as judging his faith.  In addition, Trump made comments about the Vatican falling to ISIS and then the pope would wish he'd have seen things differently.

Damn, I don't know much about the fighters here, but I do know that 
the pope has a great corner and cut man.  Donald, pretend you're
 not Kanye and shut up and go sit in a corner!

Besides, Donald, if past popes had pushed condom usage decades ago, 
you might not be around!  Hell, neither would Kanye!  

I'm beginning to like this guy!

4) ... The Grammy Awards were held this week.  Mostly, they were ignored by those that still held onto a thread of intelligence.  However, Natalie Cole's family were shocked and are making a public complaint over the fact that Natalie didn't have the tribute given her career that other "passed away" artists did.  

Natalie, being dead, couldn't be reached for comment.

Maybe they should contact Pope Francis to see if she's sent them a message.

5) ... French could become the most commonly spoken language in the world by 2050.  Right now, this is the order of most spoken languages:

  1. Arabic
  2. Hindu
  3. Spanish
  4. English
  5. Mandarin Chinese
  6. French
However, due to a boom in African nations speaking French, it may only be a matter of thirty years or so before it becomes the most common language in the world.

Tell me that's not going to piss off Donald Trump!
By the way, Kanye, can you rap in French?

I think I see the pope laughing right about now.

6) ... film showing Presidential 
hopeful, Senator Bernie Sanders, being arrested.  You can always depend on film makers to help out when it's needed.  Fifty-three years ago, Bernie was arrested protesting for civil rights.  A film of this arrest is making its way around the Internet in hopes of destroying his chances for the campaigned position.

Now, if you're an adult, I'd like to ask you one question.

"Did you ever see something so wrong that
 you'd put yourself in a position of being 
arrested to attempt to change it?"

There were many of us that protested and marched in hopes of righting the wrong of civil rights.  We put ourselves on the front lines to bring about an awareness that things needed to change.  Being arrested was not the worst thing that could happen.  Being murdered by those that opposed civil rights was much worse.

I'm not a "Bernie" fan, nor do I support any politician in office today.  Our system doesn't allow for the "best" to reach public office, only those who find, or are born with silver spoons.  Where it's common knowledge that our last President was somewhat "wild" during his youth, I don't see any disgrace in the "arrest" film of Bernie.  In fact, I think more of the man than I did before knowing that before he was a part of the American political machine, there might actually been a shred of common decency in the man.

And that, for any politician, is one hell of a rare thing!

7) ... Texas approves concealed carry laws for public college campuses.  As of August 1, 2016, anyone enrolled in a public university that is over 21 years of age and has passed all qualifications for a concealed carry permit will be allowed to carry weapons anywhere on campus.  This act is in hopes of stopping acts of violence by providing a known barrier of resistance to anyone considering a heinous act.  

Since parents have constantly failed in their responsibilities to teach, 
or allow their children to be taught right from wrong, we are now reaching the crossroads where laws like this one are beginning to sound like good ideas.  

The premise that criminals always seek the easy target takes public 
universities out of the sights of those wanting to maximize their killing 
efforts and minimize their chances of being blown away by gun toting 
students.  Of course, as colleges lead the way, it won't be long before 
grade schools follow their lead.  And, let us not forget those in 
pre-school institutions.  Why, even day care centers will have 
three-year-olds armed before you know it!

We live in a violent society.  We've made our bed with parental 
permissiveness, political nurturing of pre-teen childbirth, and a removal 
of any type of spiritual guidance or rules to follow.  We have youths 
attacking a military vet at McDonald's this week in the name of 
"Black Lives Matter", ISIS feeding as much propaganda to our 
youth as our government does, and leaders of the land ignore 
the violence and bark like dogs on television.

Perhaps, this is the answer.  Just remind me to stay away from any 
college frat keg parties from now on in the state of Texas.  

It will be a shame when "Remember the Alamo" becomes "Remember Tom, 
or Judy, or Shemika, or ...", or any other college kid that is killed 
by bullets that never should have been fired.

Society needs to seriously take a strong look in the mirror.

8) ... Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center computers taken over by hackers!  No fear, the hospital paid a $17,000 ransom and all was fine.

Let's see, you hack into a hospital computer system, encrypt all records, 
and only ask for $17,000 ransom to make things right again.  Sounds like 
a teenager who needs a car for college to me!

9)  ... Len Goodman will be returning as a judge to Dancing With The Stars.  That means Julianne Hough hits the road and says "Bye-Bye" to her position there.

Sorry, but all I can say is, 



"I wonder how the Pope feels about this?"

10) ... 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.  The Rolling Stone magazine has put out their latest listing of great guitarists.  Many will debate it, I'm sure, but the top three are as good a picks as any.

#3 - Jimmy Page 
#2 - Eric Clapton 
#1 - Jimi Hendrix

So, until next week, 

Keep On Rocking!!!!!



  1. The pope also said it was okay for a certain group of nuns in a war zone to take contraceptives because they kept getting raped.... Really??? Makes as much sense to me... lets not do anything about the rapists ... lets just leave the women at risk.... I didnt even get past the pope this week ... I gotta come back... You may want to consider moveing him to the end so people at least get through the post... hahahahhaaha... Hi RIch, good to see you though! I WILL be back but gotta get to work... Ivy.

    1. Wow now i know why i didn't make it past the pope cuz if i had read about that hateful bag of wind Trump right then i may have stroked out...see God provides...mysterious ways....but hey the "put Rich in the ground fund" ??? Im all in!!!

    2. Hey Ivy, so good to see you!

      This Pope has been like no other. He started off getting the Vatican politicians ticked off at him, and hasn't stopped. At least he's not one to sit back and let things just go on and on and on. We'll see how long he can make it in his post. I'm still laying odds that this might be the one to have a mysterious passing in the near future. Just too many toes have been stepped on in the Vatican's inner circles, as well as others.

      I'm almost to the point of being able to get things together for you. Too many trips back and forth to Indy recently, as well as another job change. Been a hell of a three months. Will do my best! :) Many Thanks!

    3. give it up and let yourself just say thanks (which is enough and youve already done fifty times...) no worries... Im good... Hope all calms down for ya soon though... you could use a break!

  2. Always love to come by - you know, I actually get some great news information while I'm here.
    Anyways, yes, the Pope stuff I did hear about. Giggle. Trump - of COURSE he would have that reaction. And the condom thing? Let's just say I immediately thought of the Gangham Style song - or however the hell you spell it - because that's what I thought he said for the longest time. LOL
    As for the rest...this country is slipping. Is it time to get out while we still can? lolol
    Overheard on a college campus near you: Guy: do you like Bon Jovi? Girl: No thanks, I don't like Italian.
    Anyways...maybe I'll do a writing over at the 'Tude this week...have some pent-up writing energy...

    1. Hey Cindy, I love it when you stop in!

      The news is really quite sad when one takes a look at it. We tend to accept the ridiculous as normal anymore, instead of wondering how in the hell these people are even considered to be newsmakers. It makes a person want to laugh, but then, when you remember people are actually buying into this crap, it just makes you sit back in awe of the stupidity of the day. Great example, btw! lol

      I've got your email for the tude. Going to get there as quick as I can get a second. Thanks for stopping In! Greatly appreciated! :)

  3. That Donald Trump hasn't been removed from his position as a politician, never MIND a presidential candidate, just makes me worry hugely. I think in any 'normal' job, anyone spouting the crap he seems to proliferate, would be fired or at least put on disciplinary measures for being an unmitigated prick.

    I like the idea of your cave dwelling, especially the bit with the underground pool and the oreos. Not so keen on the cool breeze though. I'll stay in the hot-tub bit!

    I do like this pope, but...I dunno. I read the thing about the nuns and the contraception, too, and...that's worrying. That said, I guess the nuns have the option to move, even though it shouldn't come to that. I'd far prefer to see the pope backing measures to support women at a legislative level.

    P.S. I read a meme today on Facebook that said Trump is the Kanye of white people. That kinda made me laugh.

    1. Just gotta jump in here. The nuns and the conctraception...It wan't Pope Francis. It was in the 1950s and 60s in the Congo, and in fact, there was never any "rule" written that said it was ok for the nuns to do any such thing. I can get you links that explains way better than I can if you want them. The fact that Pope Francis brought the Congo nuns up when talking about the zika virus has most Catholics completely befuddled.

    2. Hey Sis! Good to see you!

      My only explanation as to Trump's popularity would be that Americans are so fed up with what has been running the country and the lies they're fed that Trump's candidness brings about a welcome change for them, even if what he's saying is outlandish and crude.

      The Pope, well I can only say that God picked a decent middle man this time. He's not one to let things ride. In fact, his enthusiasm in attacking topics without concern almost reminds me of a mellow Trump. lol

      "Kanye of the White People" ... I can see that. lol

      Great to see you! Many Thanks!

    3. Christine - You're always welcome here, my friend!

      I took my information from a CNN report, which could've been wrong as you've stated. I don't trust any of the news agencies, these days, as sensationalism is their forte instead of truth.

      I actually like this Pope Francis, but have had questions about the Catholic religion for decades. Even though I've visited the Vatican and seen all it offers, I can't understand why the elders in Rome don't use some of its wealth to help the hungry of the world. I left the church because of the "middle man needed to talk to God" concept, which has been explained many times but still doesn't make sense to me. But, I know it's home to the basis of faith, and many believe accordingly. I hold nothing against it, and feel about it as I do other denominations ... necessary, but self serving for the most part. Still, we see what our world is becoming as faith isn't taught to our youth as it once was.

      Great to see you! Many Thanks!

    4. Rich, I don't blame you. The media goes bonkers whenever Pope Francis opens his mouth, picking and choosing what they say in order to get more traffic. Pope Francis likes to chat, and so gives the press plenty to pick and choose.
      Many people have the same question you do about the wealth of Rome. I have never been to the Vatican (yet!), so I haven't seen it all firsthand. But my first question is, what are they supposed to do? Their wealth, for the most part, is in the artifacts and art and buildings and other things held onto for hundreds to thousands of years. They can't simply sell it to the highest bidder and use the money to feed the poor. Are there excesses in current spending? I'm sure there is. There always is. But they have to keep up to some degree. They can't very well cut out security. Pope Francis has certainly started to call out the excess, though. One of the first things he did was choose to stay in one of the small apartments instead of the traditional living quarters of the pope.
      You look around, and who is there, wherever there are people in need? Catholics. In prisons, in homeless shelters, in hospitals, on the streets, taking care of elderly, in disaster areas. Catholic organizations are where they are needed most, in the most difficult situations, all around the world, helping. Feeding the hungry, too. There has always been hungry people, and there always will be. Catholics and the Catholic Church has and always will be there to feed them.
      Well, I guess you got the short straw today. While I know you are not one of them (You have questions and concerns, which is normal and something we all have), I've been seeing way too much bashing of the Catholics lately, and I just needed to get it off my chest. Sorry about that. :)
      As for the rest of your post...

      Kanye West...have mercy. I just can't even talk about him without being unkind.
      Donald Trump...oi. Ditto.
      Len Goodman...Yay! He's the best judge they had on there.
      The hospital hack...Did you hear about the (I think it was a) college (but I'm not sure now.) that also got hacked. They refused to pay, because they didn't have to. They were very good about backing up their system and didn't need to pay. It pays to back up your computers, people!

    5. Christine - Thanks for the comments!

      My mother was Catholic while my father was a member of the Chambersville Christian Church. Strange combo, I know. So, I had a mixed upbringing religiously. In addition, I attended various Baptist churches, Pentecostal, and even A.M.E. services. That's probably where my views come from.

      My beliefs stem from knowing most Catholic churches, and the societies they provide, are self sufficient as the funding comes from within the congregation, not the Vatican. It is the efforts of good folks like yourself that these organizations are able to provide food, education, and services.

      Please believe me when I say I'm not bashing Catholics. The Vatican is a museum of art treasures beyond what most would ever imagine unless they've been there. The upkeep alone would have to be in the millions. Still, with the wealth they have collected over the centuries, it simply seems that they could assist local efforts in more ways than they do.

      I look at most religions as businesses. It's all about the dollar instead of the word. Profit margins increase and the churches thrive. Yet, I am aware that many Catholic churches have been shut down as local funding dwindled and support from Rome was nowhere to be found. It is a sad day when it happens, but unfortunately, it's a reoccurring theme in some of the larger cities. But, it happens with all denominations. Perhaps, it's a matter of knowing Rome has the money to stop it from happening, but doesn't want to part with it that creates a conflict within me.

      I hadn't heard about the college being hacked. I guess someone takes the "Never Pay Terrorists" policies to heart, even if the government doesn't. lol

      Thanks again! Greatly Appreciated!

  4. I remember when I was in high school I wanted to take French as a lesson but didn't get into the class which sucked ended up taking Asian Studies instead, just thought you needed to know that, even though you really don't care.

    I kinda like Pope Francis he seems to be living in the 21st century and not back in the 19th century.

    Donald Trump, well can one say about him, ok I can't think of anything to say about him so I am just going to say nothing about him and move on.

    1. Hey Jo-Anne - Really good to see you again!

      I can relate to your high school experience. I always wanted to take French, but all that was offered was Latin and Spanish. I already knew Italian, so I figured that Latin would be a breeze. Boy, was I ever mistaken. lol

      I'm on your side about the pope. I don't think he'll be around long as he tends to make too many waves for the conservatives in the Vatican, but he's a breath of fresh air compared to most of them.

      Many Thanks!

  5. LOL to the Let's put Rich in the ground fund and to the hot air in the senate chamber. ACH to The Donald. UGH. Gross.
    But Hendrix? That's a guy I can get behind. I wonder how the Pope feels about him :)

    1. Hey, Sis, thanks for stopping in!

      I'll happily accept all donations. lol After all, it would probably be the only way I could come up with enough cash to buy a mountain since my male stripper days are well behind me. lol

      Can't you see Pope Francis playing air guitar to Foxey Lady in the Vatican? That would be something to see!

      Don't be a stranger! Many Thanks!

  6. All I can say to most of this is UGH! No criticism on you, Rich, of course, but rather on the ridiculous subject matter we are treated to in the news lately. Just ugh. The Pope stuff is too much misunderstanding and the Trump crap...well, I can't believe people haven't figured him out yet. I just don't get it.
    Anyway, the Rolling Stone list? Way better material. Way. All three are just as good as any for those top slots if you ask me.

    1. Lisa - Thanks for coming by and commenting!

      I agree with your "UGH". I get sick of what the news agencies put out as news these days. It seems like the more ridiculous they make the stories the more ratings they gather. It is almost like we can't accept things unless they go to the extremes. It does make it easier for me to cover though. lol

      I actually stopped my subscription to the Rolling Stone a few years ago. One day, I counted 32 pages of advertising that I had to go through before I got to the first story. That was way too much for me. I do agree about the top three. The list actually had Joe Walsh and Eddie Van Halen way down towards the middle, which I disagreed with entirely, especially for some of the unknowns they listed above them.

      Again, thanks for stopping in! Many Thanks!

  7. I live in an earth sheltered home, not a cave, and not sod overhead, but built so we don't have to worry about the dampness of the earth seeping through the walls. It stays much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than a conventional house. This works in the great Northwest.
    In defense of Catholics, I know that they do a tremendous amount of charitable work. I am not a Catholic, but my paternal grandparents were. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion about what various churches believe and do, a lot of it stemming from hearsay.

    1. Hey Pat, just saw you'd commented.

      I've seen several homes that were actually built and somehow sealed as sod was laid atop them. In fact, I pulled up to one and was shocked to see a giant German Shepherd come running over the roof to greet (?) me ... with teeth gnashing and growls rumbling. lol

      Appreciate the comments! Many Thanks!

  8. Oi to most of this stuff...religion, politics, celebrity culture. I guess, with one silly award show behind us we have another to look forward to coming up with the Oscars. Look forward to your thoughts on that next time.
    That sounds like quite the plan you lay out at the start of this week's post. Good luck with all that.

    1. Kerry, forgive me for just seeing this comment. I've been swamped at work this week.

      I agree with your opinion. I cover it because of the absurdity it represents in the level of importance arena. The Oscars are somewhat covered in my new post this week, or I should say the protests they present.

      Btw, all donations can be sent to .... lol Many Thanks!