Friday, January 15, 2016

Fruit Cake or Fruitcake, That Is The Question! Oh, and TTOT, Too!

Okay, so I'll admit, these were last
years fruitcakes sent to me by Ivy.
I'd already cut into this year's
before thinking about taking a
picture.  But, they were just as
big and just as good, if not
better!  Thanks, Ivy!!
If anyone has noticed, I've been absent since around Christmas.  

I could blame it on Ivy and the delicious Fruit Cakes she made from scratch and sent me for the second year in a row, but I won't.  (By the way, if you've never had scratch, you don't know what you're missing!)

No, besides satisfying my taste buds and increasing the size of my stomach, Ivy's tremendous pastries (for which I thank her with all the gratitude my heart can generate) cannot be blamed for my lack of appearances.  

I could blame it on some of the family illnesses going on to those close to me.  Illnesses that cost me many hours on the road during times I should be resting and preparing to be the best at my new day job, but I won't.  My love and obligated devotion take precedent and cannot be blamed.

The pain between my shoulder blade and neck that charges down my left arm and fills my left forearm and hand with electric shock vibrations could also be the culprit.  Many chiropractor visits later, I've almost got it to the point that it doesn't wake me four or five times a night ... or, every time my body moves during time that should be allotted for sleep.  Pinched nerves and injured forearm muscles can be hell, but cannot be blamed for one's inability to move forward.

And, if I had won the billion dollar lottery the other night, I couldn't even blame that.  I will stop all rumors right now that winning it was not the case.  I am strictly a contributor to the wealth of others, it seems.  C'est le Vie!

No, it's simply because I allowed all of the above to provide excuses for my laziness.  

Don't tell my wife I admitted being lazy, please.  I'll never hear the end of it!

See, justifications are excuses.  Root problems can't rely on justifications, or excuses.  To dismiss an act due to excuses is to deny truths.  Continue to deny truths and before you know it, there are none left.

I refuse to act like a television "shrink" or a ghetto dweller.  These, and many other groups, have blurred the lines between right and wrong by continually making excuses for behavior that is detrimental to society as a whole.  Nor will I live in the narcissistic realm of the politically correct where the "I" is always right and everyone else is always wrong.  I believe in the glory of individualism and the benefits it provides to anyone with a little common sense.  Keep your uniforms and acceptable word tracks as I refuse to accept your excuses for practicing them.

So, no excuses.  Laziness was my downfall.  All else only factors by the importance I gave it to validate my temporary logic to avoid sitting down at a typewriter and producing something worth perusing.

Now, if we could get everyone else in the world to live by such a rigid set of values, we might just survive the next century ... without killing ourselves or the Earth!

And, Ivy, those Fruit Cakes are absolutely the best I've tasted in decades!

With that behind us, let us move on to why we're really here!  It's time for 

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My last offering here gave many of you the idea that I'm a softy at heart.  I think "human" might be a better description.  I attempt to bring about a sarcastic look at what is happening in today's world by scraping away the sensationalism and political rhetoric and simply stating the reality of the situation.  I might come across as "icy" or "cynical" at times, but what I'm really attempting to do is to get the reader to think.  

We are told so much these days that many have stopped thinking about what is being said.  As long as we accept everything as stated, we allow ourselves to become a herd of cows lining up for the slaughter.  We need to listen to what is being said, use our powerful sense of reasoning to question it, and arrive at our own decisions.  It will keep us from copying the acts of the German citizens before World War II and being caught up in the emotions and propaganda for which their government was known for.  As long as one of you ignites the tender that creates a blaze there will be hope for individual thought and ideas.  Hopefully, government will never gain total control because of your inspirations.

So, this week ...

I'm Thankful For:

1)  ... the POTUS's final State of the Union Address.  It's nice to see that the President visits Facebook.  Two days before the speech, Princeton University releases a post about how a bill is really created.  Of course, it showed that the common citizen's opinion didn't matter to Congress.  Instead, Big Business and its funding of politicians wrote the bills that they wanted.  

The President ended his speech by talking about how the nation's faith in government had dwindled.  He challenged all in attendance and viewing to ensure that necessary changes would take place.  It was a good ending that touched Facebook viewers deeply.

Of course, politicians and Big Business were laughing underneath as they are the ones that could change things, but won't for obvious reasons.  Neither political party wants to be the one to piss off Big Business, just as you wouldn't want to piss off your meal ticket either.  So, it's been addressed, discussed and passed into the past.  Just as Obamacare is getting thousands of premium payers never seen by insurance companies before, Big Business is busy planning its next scam on the American public.  I think it's entitled, "Mein Kampf."

2)  ... the passing of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.  It's nice to see people go out on top, instead of hearing about how decrepit, sad and lonely fading stars are in their later years. We'll miss them both.

 "Major Tom meets Snape on the Road to Purgatory"
 ... now that's a movie I'd pay to see, 
and I'd damn sure buy the soundtrack, too!

3)  ... the pictures of American Navy personnel on their knees after being detained by Iran.  Why?  Because they're alive, not dead!  

Remember, the U.S. and Iran are not the best of friends.  Now, one of our boats ventures into Iranian waters.  They get caught.  Once upon a time, Iran would have shot first and asked questions later.  Instead, they take the prisoners, ensure our people aren't armed and ready to blow up their captors, feed them, and then release them.

Stop bitching, people!  That's what I call "Progress!"

4)  ... Alabama barely defeating Clemson in the quest to win the college football playoffs!  Yes, I'm sick of Alabama always winning!  Yes, Alabama has a fine coach and a team that's a well oiled machine.  Yes, my wife is from Alabama and thus a strong Alabama football fan.

However, to see Clemson come as close as they did gave me hope that the underdog still has a chance in this world, regardless of the strength of the machine they face or the money that supports it.  Kind of sounds like the common man vs. Big Business and tainted government employees, doesn't it?

5)  ... the Ebola epidemic is gone!  After years of battle, the World Health Organization has given the "all clear" to the three countries in West Africa.that suffered over 11,000 deaths by the virus.

Any guesses what's up next on the "Deadly Disease" agenda?  Betcha it has to do with ingrown toenails.

6)  ... John and Mary have been found in a study by to be the most common names of geniuses.  
That's El Toro Defecation if I've ever heard it!  
Everyone knows Richard is the number one name.  (cough, cough)  

And what in the hell is  

7)  ... the Druid Hills Academy in Charlotte, N.C. for banning their teachers from using the word "Please" when dealing with students.  Officials of the school say it's to make the "bratty" kids behave.

I guess schools have figured out that if the kids aren't taught the basics 
of manners at home, it's not their job to teach it at school.

Next week, the school board is to vote on installing "Waterboarding" as a viable 
form of punishment for shooting spitballs at the ceiling over the teacher's desk.

8)  ... the 8 glasses of water a day rule controversy.  Doctors seem to be at odds over saying how much water it takes for a person to stay hydrated.  Some say 8 glasses a day may be too much, where others stand by the rule.

I say, 
"Have a beer and don't worry about it.  
And, if you're still thirsty afterwards, 
have another!"

9)  ... water for being found on the Rosetta Comet!  First, it was oxygen.  Now, water has been discovered on the Rosetta Comet!  

What Next?

How about instructions on how to speak Spanish?

10)  ... Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky for flipping off the media.  After not being allowed into the latest presidential debate, Rand's followers have called in masses with not so nice comments for Fox News.  Simply explained by Rand, he raised his middle finger in expression of his supporters to the media.

A man of few words, yet, one that gets his point across precisely.  Hmmm, I may have to look into this candidate a little deeper!

Oh, and Rand, I couldn't have said it better!

So, with laziness behind me, I submit to you this Ten Things of Thankful.  
Or, in the words of a once wise man, 
"That's All Folks!"


*** I just noticed that several of you wrote in after I'd put the blog aside last time.  My most sincere apologies for not answering or acknowledging your comments in any way.  I do ask your forgiveness as I am usually good about responding as soon as I'm able (weekend work schedules and such).  Again, I'm very sorry for my neglect!


  1. Sorry for that pain. Sounds awful.
    I like numbers two and five. I am writing a tribute to Rickman right now. I like that movie idea you speak of.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Kerry, thanks so much for stopping in!

      Actually, it's the worst pain I think I've ever had considering the length of time and the degree of intensity it has sustained. Still I've been in pain before. I just have to block it from my consciousness and continue as I must.

      Rickman was so much better of an actor than given credit for by most. Unfortunately, he'll be remembered for being the "bad" guy in most films he starred in, but he was so much more. I'll do my best to get to your tribute post!

      I'm off work until Monday, now, so I'll do my best. You have a great one, too! :) Many Thanks!

  2. I ascribe to fruitcake. Hope all is well... I too got hit with a hhhhuuuuuuuugeeeeeeee case of the lazies... gotta get a regroup on... I will if you will... deal?

    1. Ivy, Ivy, there's so much gratitude for what you've given both in time and money. (And, they taste damn good, too!) Lazy is true, but time is limited drastically right now, both for writing and getting you some thank you's done. Hopefully, some of my driving time will be cut back in the next two or three weeks and I can get back to normal. I promise to do my best, seriously! :) Many Thanks for everything!!!

    2. Do you know how many fruitcakes i still have in the freezer... I think I have six left... I cant give fruitcake away...people dont know the goodness! Its my pleasure just to send them so dont be putting all kinds of pressure on for thank yous... Im just thinking Im too lazy to even breathe and out all day long for God's sake!!!!

  3. I'm glad for number 5! Bye, Ebola.
    from TToT

    1. Carin, so good of you to stop in!

      Yes, Ebola should now be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, there will always be something develop in the near future to again scare the world into thinking we'll all turn into zombies and create the final apocalypse. Maybe we should write a movie about it! lol Many Thanks!

  4. So glad to see you! And somehow your posts always make me start thinking in overdrive and have one big, huge, long comment. And so I begin...

    I hate fruitcake. My mother--in-law tried to feed me some last week and I started to gag. HAHAHA. But, if you like it, well, perhaps I'll send you some with the next blog award you get.

    Marilyn Monroe and Elvis were on top, too. This means their memories will be seared in the collective consciousness as young, bold and awesome - forever. So now, I think David and Alan will join their ranks. Oooh, the Snape impersonator sounds pretty awesome, actually.

    Ebola - hooray. But yes, I'm with you. The world's deadliest viruses seem to come from the African jungles: AIDS, Ebola, and there was another...can't remember what - due to the biodiversity and proximity of humans to animals. But yeah...we humans are due for some horrible plague-like virus to wipe out half the population... a great name. HAHAHA.

    And banning "please?" Can we just start treating everyone like slaves next? PLEASE? Jeez. Personally, I've found that when I treat students like I'd like to be treated, I get some pretty stunning results. Not always, but most of the time. Just saying.

    And...I think that's it for now. :)

    1. Cindy, you know I always love it when you drop by and comment. You've been with me a long time now. One day, us and our spouses will have to meet in person. Visiting any old age homes lately? lol

      I actually love fruitcake. I can't eat it year 'round, but holidays just aren't the same anymore since it's become an item that is quickly being forgotten. (And, I'll take it from anywhere I can get it, lol.)

      I've been surprised as a couple of others have passed this week. If this keeps up, the Academy Awards will have to be extended an hour just to pay their usual tribute to the departed.

      So, have you got your supplies stored up for the zombie apocalypse, yet?

      Thank You! I've always kind of despised the name as it was also my father's. Being a "Junior" is not the highlight of my youth, by any means, nor is it great to be a 61 year old "Junior" either. Still, I've kept it too long to change it.

      Now, the banning topic. History has shown that every great change starts with a minor occurrence. Could this be the event that starts a trend in rudeness? Or, could it simply be the manner in which people will treat those they consider "underlings" in the future? Step One has been taken. Now, when will Step Two follow? Just a thought. :)

      Awww, and we were having so much fun. Such a shame it's over. Please don't be a stranger. I feel like the little boy in the old western movie entitled, "Shane." "Cindy, come back, Cindy ... come back! lol Many Thanks!

  5. I didn't know Ebola had gone from those countries - that's awesome news! Also, that picture makes me wish I liked fruit cake.

    1. Vincent, so good to see you here! Please feel free to come back any time!

      The Ebola news was passed by this week as the national news agencies felt that describing the dress the President's wife wore to the State of the Union Address was a more popular topic of discussion. (God, where's Walter Cronkite when you need him?) It is good news, though. Hopefully, we'll be able to put aside the virus and disease killing people news for a while so that the news agencies can concentrate on the "man killing man" news again. Anything for ratings ... right? :)

      Seriously, love to have you here. Many Thanks!

  6. Early in our lives together, my dear husband got into making fruitcake and it was delicious and it was a LOT of work. Not sure if I miss it or not. Glad you got some very good fruitcake. This was a very good list..

    1. Summer..., Thanks for stopping by!

      I like to cook, but baking is beyond me for some reason. Brownie mix is about it, and even then the results are questionable. Kudos to your husband and his talents, for sure.

      Glad you enjoyed this! Many Thanks!

  7. I love fruitcake. Always did. It was at its best with a mouthful of tangy, crumbly, Wensleydale cheese. A true gastronomic delight.

    Alas, none of it's vegan, though I've no doubt it's delicious. I love Ivy, and her kindness, and how thoughtful she is, and I love that you get her fruitcakes. It's a little thing which makes my heart glow and somehow gives me hope for humanity.

    Unlike the governments, which just DON'T!

    Glad for ebola and Iran and schools which don't pander to entitled kids (though, manners is manners is manners, and perhaps they could set a better example), but the thing which I MOST like is yon tv presenter flipping the bird.

    We had a weathergirl here who last week told the nation that the hillside she was standing on was "cold as fuck", and then elaborated that it was "bastard cold" and "colder than a witch's tit". The BBC reportedly did NOT require an apology from her, because (having researched) they discovered that her location, on that night, was in fact as cold as fuck.

    1. Hey, Sis! Really good to see you again!

      I'm thinking the fruitcakes here are much different than in England as they are not meat pies at all. Strictly a pastry item made of various flours, candied fruits and such. A Vegan treat if so desired! lol Ivy's a dear friend and a great person, for sure. She's always there for her friends and really goes beyond the call of duty to take care of them. Personally, I'd love to see manners taught in schools as they seem to be absent in the home instructional teachings these days. Sad that they'll soon be forgotten, I'm afraid. The TV presenter is actually a candidate for President of the United States. Although somewhat crude, I have to admire his honestly in expressing his opinions. lol Just curious, how cold is "cold as fuck"? :) Many Thanks!

    2. Cold as fuck is pretty much anywhere in the middle of Snowmageddon at the moment.

      I think knowing manners (and rules) means you know where they can be left or bent, without causing vast offense. I'd always prefer they were known first.

      And vegan fruitcake...might be worth looking up. They do amazing things with oil and egg substitutes. That said, those things cost more than my budget runs to and I'd probably rather save the money and eat muesli.

  8. What an interesting post you have written! The very thought of a possible repeat of Mein Kampf is so frightening, but those who have lived through a portion of that era and those who have studied history, know that something like that could happen again. Please no!
    How much water to drink, what foods need to be eliminated from the diet, etc. pretty much anything health related doesn't seem to be written in stone. It is kind of like the many theories on how to parent. If one lives long enough, what was once claimed to be unhealthy, will gain acceptability sooner or later.
    My Mother used to make a very dark fruitcake that was mostly fruit and nuts, with just a little cake to bind it together. The cake was cut into very thin slices because of how rich it was. My husband's family wasn't fond of fruitcake, so we didn't continue the tradition.

    1. Pat, thanks so much for stopping in!

      Glad you enjoyed the post! I'm fearful of what power the government has gained over the last two decades. We seem to be giving them more and more ability to rule, instead of solving problems on the local level by ourselves. Political correctness has replaced common sense, so now the legal system can dictate how our behavior should be, removing the importance of the individual from our society. Sounds like a very similar route that the Nazi Party followed in Germany, doesn't it? Next week, Congress begins wearing swastika armbands. lol

      My grandmother always made a fruitcake. Like yours, its filling surpassed the cake portion by leaps and bounds. I loved it, even though most of the relatives didn't care for it. I hadn't had one for years until last year after posting my desire to have a homemade one. Ivy read and delivered, and immediately did the same this year without being reminded. Hers are very heavy, she uses only natural ingredients (except for the three candy pieces atop each, and they are delicious.

      Again, appreciate you stopping in and leaving such a great comment. Many Thanks!

  9. Pinched nerve type pain sucks. Hope you're in a lot less of that pain by now.
    I've heard that Ivy's fruitcake is legendary but have not had the pleasure to try. The photo looks amazing - none of the technicolor fruit stuff in there. I love a good fruitcake - even though most don't - and I think I may have to plan for making some again this year.
    I am also thankful for POTUS' last SOTU. See ya...although I do have to say I fear what may come next. Good lord.
    As for #6 - really? John and Mary? You'd think it would be something much more vanguard.

    1. Lisa - Just saw your comment. Appreciate you stopping in!

      The pain is better, but the tingling/numbness in the arm and hand sometimes feel like an electric wire is attached to the elbow. Very strange indeed, especially when you're typing.

      Ivy's cakes are fantastic. All natural ingredients and such. She's a true dear with a humongous heart. Your fear may be justified considering what is currently running for president in both parties. It may be a long next four years, for sure. And, I still like Rich. lol Lisa is cool, too! Maybe we should ask for a recount.

      Again, great to see you here! Many Thanks!