Friday, September 4, 2015

Ky Co Clerk, Miley Cyrus VMA's and Peeing in the Pool ... Ya Gotta Luv 'Em, and TTOT!!!

A clerk has refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples in Kentucky and the whole world is watching.

Obviously, MTV's Video Music Awards were broadcast on the wrong day!

Some call her a martyr, some a hypocrite, some a tight ass bitch, and so on and so on.

I'm talking about the County Clerk, not Miley Cyrus
 (who hosted the VMA's).

Yet, in consideration of the week and the events we're starting to discuss, 


Yeah, I'm gonna piss some people off with that one!

Seriously, let us look at this scenario.

Miley can wear what she wants, pretty much say what she wants, and dance with anyone she wishes and only suffer minor critique.  Of course, there are those that are making a big thing of the word "mammy" in one of her sketches, but there will always be a few assholes with something to say since the world is now made up of so many "experts" that have never worn the shoes of those they slander.

She's paid to do it and earns her money.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of hers, but I have to admire her tenacity of seeking and reaching the extreme in most she does.

Now, Kim Davis, the Rowen County Clerk in Kentucky, can do pretty much what she wants, as long as she follows the same guidelines as Miley in as that it's in the performance of her job.  She can tell jokes, compare signatures, check identifications to ensure those in front of her are of age, and issue licenses to those the law states are legally able to receive a marriage license.

She's earning her money ($80,000 a year) by doing this.  Trouble is, she suddenly isn't following the laws that have been set down.  So, in reality, she's really not doing her job.

What if different religions only issued licenses to those that were of the same belief structure?  Wouldn't that be a mess?

Jews could turn down Christians who could turn down Muslims who could turn down Buddhists who could turn down Hindus who could turn down Atheists who would turn down everyone!  

No one would ever get married!  Thousands of lawyers would be out of work as with no weddings come no divorces!  And, we just couldn't have that, could we?  Poor, poor divorce attorneys need an income, too!

Now, no one recognizes how wonderful it is to be married until they're married.  

(Of course, it's too late to do anything about it then, but that's another story.)  

So, when can religion prevent a person from doing their job?

Whether you agree or not, it shouldn't.

If your personal beliefs keep you from performing the responsibilities of your position, then you simply need to find another position!

If you're not a prostitute, I wouldn't pay you for sex.  (Maybe that's why I might as well be abstinent.)  If you're not adept in working with snakes, I'm not going to ask you to extract venom from one. (Unless I don't like you.)   If you're a not a proctologist, I'm not going to ask you to put your fingers up my ... well, you know where.  (However, if I'm paying and you're a prostitute...)

What makes it even worse here is that it is a so-called "public servant" that is refusing to do what she took an oath to do.  "Public" is not just those of your personal belief circle, it's everyone.

I really don't care who gets married to each other.  We all deserve our time in Hell and marriage is one sure way to experience it!  If there were two aliens from the planet Humpa Humpa that became legal residents of the area you are sworn to serve, you gotta do it,
 or get the hell out of Dodge!  

Living in Kentucky, I'm not ashamed of this woman standing up for her beliefs any more than I'm upset over what Miley Cyrus said or wore at the VMA's.  Everyone has a right to believe in what they wish.  I am pissed off that she let those beliefs stop her from doing what my tax dollars pay her do, and in this, brought forth unnecessary negative attention to the state whose laws she swore to abide by.

I wish Kim well, as I do Miley.  Both have performed beyond anyone's expectations.  However, it's time to either earn your pay, or pay for what you fail to earn.  

I hope your time in jail is short and that you get a great job with a church, Kim.  It's really where you belong.

And, Miley, remember, it's not always what you show, but what you either have or don't have to show.  Can you say, "Implants?"

Now, let's get on to 


Damn, what am I going to slam this week?  I've already hit on a couple of real winning topics I could have attacked.  (Talk about poor planning.)  So, now I've got to come up with ten more.  Let's give it a shot and see what I can do!

This week I'm Thankful for .....

1)   ... Donald Trump's inability to stay strong and ignore the Republican Party's request for him to sign a statement in which he would not run for public office if he didn't receive the Republican nomination for President.  By indicating that he will sign this, he has proven himself to be a typical snot nosed politician that needs to cuddle up with those that make him as wealthy as he is.

I'm thankful for this because I was almost believing that someone would finally stand up to the two party waltz and show them a thing or two.  This has simply assured me that my feelings that all politicians, regardless of the party, are scum and only looking to improve their own financial position in life.

2)  ... the continued absence of AllLivesMatter from any of the news broadcasts concerning the murder of police officers. 

 Funny how "all lives don't matter" to them, isn't it?

3)  ... CVS Health Corp announcing Thursday that their decision to stop selling tobacco products led to a 1% drop in smoking in some states where they have a sizable presence.

CVS proves its ego!  Cigarette prices were always outrageous at CVS (as are prescription prices), which meant only two groups purchased them there ... those with extra money or the drunks visiting the huge liquor departments the stores present that didn't care how much they were spending, as long as they didn't get stopped by the cops on the way home.  

4)  ... Spotify for naming Major Lazer's "Lean On" the most streamed Global Song of the Summer.

This once again proves that those that listen to today's music have no taste whatsoever!  
(Where's a good Miley Cyrus song when you need it?)

Please, no Miley songs!  Just joking here!!!

5)  ... Kanye West almost acting like a human being after being introduced by a praising Taylor Swift during this week's VMA's.

Of course, this only lasted for a few seconds before his ego got the better of him and he once again became an asshole announcing that he's running for President in 2020.

6)  ... discussions at the end of Summer about peeing in the pool.  After a season spent splashing in the water, Purdue Professor Ernest R. Blatchley III mentions that excessive peeing in the pool can create a chemical agent known as cyanogen chloride which has been used as a chemical warfare agent.

The only recommendation given is that you always take a break and pee where 
you're supposed to, and make sure all those you're with do the same.  

Ex-President Bush proclaimed, 
"I knew we'd find the WMD's one day, damn it, I knew it!"

7)  ... a U.S. District Judge condemning the NFL's suspension of New England's Tom Brady and throwing the "Deflategate" ruling out.

Now, all you have to say is that you didn't have any knowledge of a violation
 taking place and you get a "Get Out Of Jail" card FREE!!!!

8)  ... U.S. Defense Department laboratories sending out anthrax to five unsuspecting labs this last week.

I can see the Generals up in arms now.  "Why send them Anthrax, damn it???"  Hell, just mix some pee with chlorine and you'll get rid of your competitors the easy way!"

9)  ... "Here's a story, about a famous pitch man, he was fat but slimmed down eating smart,
And a story, about one of his friends, who liked sex with kids and liked to be tied up tight!"
It's a story, about how the cops caught them, saving kids and dogs and other animals, too,
Just a story, it'll make you hungry, ..." so go order a damn pizza!

Okay, Jared will be going to jail.  Twenty years ago, it wouldn't have happened.  Why?  Because his friend's texting the wrong person brought the investigation right to his doorstep.  For that, I'm thankful.  No more having to look at size 895 sized blue jeans and wondering how many kids he made wear them.

What scares me is that one of the kids will suffer a trauma 20 years from today and start killing people with footlong meatball sandwiches!  Oh, the heartburn!

10)  ... AOL's headlines "Dangerous Storm Season May Set New Record In 2015".

And, then again, it might not!

That's going to do it for another edition of TTOT!   Hope you enjoyed!  
If you didn't, I'll understand.  After all, not everyone likes Chocolate Ice Cream
 ... wait a minute ... yes they do!!!!   

Please leave your comments below!



  1. Im more of a coffee ice cream girl....funny that...hate coffee ...hmmmm...I am in total agreement with you about the KY clerk... then its time for a new job. Make a stand from the meantime youre doing another wrong by lying and not doing the job you said you would do when elected. I do feel as you do about it... meh...and Jared... so disappointed in Jared. How sad... and Trump... so disappointed in Trump... ahem... actually not at all... knew he too would sell out eventually... even the biggest idiots can't hold it to the entire party. Have a good weekend... aiming for 250,000 right now its 200,001... taking bets... kinda like a baby pool...

    1. Hey, Ivy! Good to see you!

      I can't say that I agree or disagree with the law, but it is the law. When we start choosing what laws apply to us and which ones don't chaos will be the result. I do feel she has a responsibility to her office, and if that can't be met because of her personal beliefs then she needs to step down. Unfortunately, we're obviously dealing with a very small minded person that can't understand that there is a separation of personal and professional responsibility.

      Jared and Trump are really two of a kind, too. Both are/were in it strictly for the money and the fringe benefits it provided/provides. Sad, but true.

      Good luck reaching 250K! I'm betting on you! :)

      Many Thanks!

  2. I actually don't like chocolate ice cream - which is absolutely not a reflection on your post. I truly don't. Never did. It tastes...not at all like chocolate.
    Oh Miley..she is a piece of work. But true that you have to give the kid credit for having the whatever she has to put herself out there. The KY clerk...I think you're spot-on there. If you can't do the job because your beliefs are in conflict, then you gotta go. It's no criticism or condemnation of anyone, just a simple statement. Live and let live, you know? I think the problem with this and so many other similar tales is that people just can't accept that philosophy. We can all leave peacefully and cooperatively and believe what we each do without insulting and condemning anyone else.
    Trump...ugh. I can't even.
    Have a great week!

    1. Lisa, so good of you to stop in!

      What??? You don't like Chocolate Ice Cream??? OMG, I didn't think there was anyone alive that didn't like it ... besides me. Oh, I'll eat it, but Butter Pecan is definitely my fav.

      You bring up a good point. I tried to be nice and not insult the clerk or Miley tonight (I must be getting a fever.) I did so because none of us have the right to insult a person for standing up for what they believe, as long as it doesn't affect others. She's simply in the wrong career at this time, and needs to go somewhere that she can work without conflict of her beliefs. I really think her lawyers are telling her to drag this thing out and then sue the state for some kind of unlawful act. Now, we know the lawyers won't tithe what they get out of it, but I'm curious as to if she would? Unfortunately, this story is not over yet.

      I'm not a Trump fan, but then again, I really dislike all politicians, regardless of the party. They're all a bunch of crooks that simply change the color of the hats they wear periodically to make the public think they're doing something. lol

      Greatly appreciate you commenting. Hope your week is a great one, too!

  3. Actually, I'm not a huge fan of chocolate ice cream (vanilla, please) either although I did enjoy your post! Ah, Donald Trump...well, I'm thankful he's running since his comments have at least led to some interesting discussions on politics and the constitution with our teenager.

    1. Jean, good of you to come by today!

      I'll let you pass on chocolate ice cream since you gave me a great compliment (and much appreciated I must add). Glad you enjoyed this one.

      If Donald serves no other purpose than to open the eyes of a youngster then fantastic, he does serve a purpose! (Sometimes I wonder.) Seriously, discussing the world events with a member of tomorrow's leaders means that he'll have some common sense to combat the sensationalism that the news agencies try to force feed everyone. Congratulations!

      Thanks so much for commenting! Means a lot!

  4. I had not heard the latest with anthrax or pool weapons. The world is just not safe any more, is it?!

    1. May, thanks so much for commenting here!

      I don't know that our world has ever been safe. There's always been some sort of scare to get the public riled up. In the 60's it was the nuclear weapons blowing up everyone. In the 70's we still feared that communism would spread throughout the world. In the 80's it was the Middle East hostages and the Star Wars weaponry by the Hollywood President. The 90's was the start of terrorism and global warming. 2000-2010 brought us true terrorism on American soil. And, 2010-2015 has shown us what happens when Hannah Montana sheds the wig and becomes Miley Cyrus!!!! That may be the worst one yet! lol

      Please don't be a stranger. You're welcome here anytime. Many Thanks!

  5. I love chocolate ice cream. I love chocolate frozen custard even better.
    Kim Davis has an interesting set of beliefs, since she's okay with divorcing three times and marrying four times. Maybe she should try it with a woman on her fifth marriage? Wait, she could very likely end up with a prison wife before all is said and done....

    1. Hey, Dyanne, good to see you!

      Kim would be the last person I'd want for a cell buddy. I can hear her whining about being made to do something she didn't believe in, all the while collecting her weekly paychecks without fail. She creates a stereotype of the people of Kentucky that are in the minority, but so sensationalized by the press. I really believe she's going to be knocked out of her job, but will be so with a nice separation check. It's a shame that she'll be rewarded for not doing her job, but it happens with CEO's every week. lol

      Great to hear from you! Many Thanks!

  6. I'm hoping that storm brings rain to California! :-)

    1. Kristi, thanks so much for dropping by!

      I, too, hope that California sees some rain shortly. I hate to think about all the bottled water that some of the well to do are using in taking showers at present. Although, according to a gossip rag, some of them may not be the best when it comes to personal hygiene anyway! lol

      Appreciate the comments. Many Thanks!

  7. Now this is one list that made me smile a lot! Who knew about peeing in the pool causing such havoc! ;)

    1. Corinne, so good to meet you!

      It's always nice to see a new face here. As you can see, my TTOT is a little different than most. I attempt to cut through the bull the American press loves to sensationalize and get to the heart of the matter, usually with a little sarcasm. Please don't be a stranger in the future.

      Again, thanks for commenting! Greatly appreciated!

  8. Learned a lot here today, thanks!
    And although I love chocolate, sadly chocolate ice cream I do not like.

    1. PP, thanks for stopping by!

      What? Not a fan of chocolate ice cream??? OMG, another one! How could I have ever of been so wrong? lol

      Really appreciate you stopping in! Many Thanks!

  9. I am appalled. APPALLED I SAY! To see the number of people claiming to not like chocolate ice cream.
    Miley just proves that all the money in the world doesn't make a person happy.
    The KY woman should have quit her job. If she can't fulfill her duties, (my kids would be howling with laughter that I wrote "duties") she should leave the job. She is a government employee, and religious views can't be a reason for not doing her job.

    1. Christine, nice to see you again!

      I, too, am appalled. I thought everyone liked it. How things have changed from the decades passed since I was a youngster. :)

      I really believe that Miley needs help, just to put her on the right course. Her parental guidance has obviously been absent for many years. Actually, it's kind of been gone in the wind like her father's "Achy Breaky F...".

      Thanks again for stopping by! Greatly appreciated!