Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hot Dog Lengths, Charles Manson, and Jeb Bush's Boo Boo ... It's Ten Things Of Thankful!!!

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To all of you that read last week's post, I salute you.

To all of you that read part of last week's post I understand.

To all of you that looked at the length of last week's post and said, "I'll be damned if I read all of this", I apologize.

Once again I exceeded the common sense length for a blog.  It is a chronic problem for me, and will probably always be.  

Nothing like being optimistic, is there?

So, I guess that's the short and long of it!

Of course, I've always heard, "It's not how long it is....", which I know is somewhat of a lie told to make the male gender less intimidated.  Most agree that foot long chili dogs with cheese, onions, and mustard are better than their 6 inch counterparts.  That is, if you eat hot dogs.

Sonic Drive-In's are now advertising a smaller type of hot dog called "Little Doggies".  They are supposed to start at $1.29, where their regular hot dogs are priced $1.99 and up.   If these are better hot dogs than the regular ones, and size doesn't matter, then why are the pups less expensive?

And, if size doesn't matter, why is Fifty Shades of Grey more inviting to some than Twenty Shades of Grey?

See, size does matter!

With that philosophy in mind, wouldn't a longer post be better than a shorter post?

A funny thing happens when we're on the web.  We expect everything to be short.  News reports and videos are cut down into one or two minute segments, articles are supposed to be short and concise, and thinking is reduced to short bits and pieces.

It's like in depth thinking resides only in books and college classes filled with memories of boring lectures.  Our concentration flies out the window unless we can complete the task within a ten minute period.

Kind of puts a time limit on eating a hot dog, doesn't it?

Of course, if your menu at home only has a little doggie, it probably doesn't matter.  However, if you're lucky enough to have a foot long on the menu, shouldn't you take the time to enjoy it?  Or, after ten minutes, do you simply stop eating and say, "Damn, that's all for now.  Maybe I'll finish it later."

Poor hot dogs ... being ignored never brings smiles to faces.  

So, wouldn't taking a little more time to relish the task in hand bring about a greater level of satisfaction to all involved?

Then again, it's all about the size of the hot dogs 

... and satisfied smiles.

That being said, 
"Let's see what this week brings in   
Ten Things Of Thankful!!!!"
(If that's not too long for you.)

1)  Charles Manson Stays Single!    

"When she said she wanted my body, hell,
I thought she wanted to have sex!"
Charles Manson is no longer getting married.  Seems that love wasn't the reason (as I posted months ago).  No, in a stranger than fiction ending, it seems as though his bride to be wanted his body to put on display and rake in the cash after he died.

Supposedly, Ms. Elizabeth Burton (romantically known as "Star") previously visited Manson with a request for his body's ownership after he passed.  After he refused, she quickly decided that if she was his wife, the law would grant her ownership.  Thus, the charade was on!

Looks like things have ended badly for her.  The marriage certificate has passed its cut off date so it doesn't look like the wedding is forthcoming.  At 80 years of age, Charles Manson looks to live out the rest of his life a single man.  That is, unless someone else enters the picture!

(So, if you're interested, Charles Manson is back in the marriage marketplace for the right person.  Send all inquiries to :
Charles Manson
I'm In Hell State Prison
Burning Side, State of Confusion   66666)

2)  Kanye West's Grammy's Debacle.  

Available at award shows everywhere!
Kanye West is continuing his never ending journey to prove to everyone that he's an asshole.  What else is new?  

When Beck's album won Album of the Year at this year's Grammy Awards, Beck, obviously surprised, walked to the stage.  Upon arriving at the microphone, Kanye started to join him there.  For a moment, it looked as though we were going to have a repeat of the time Kanye took the mic away from Taylor Swift and degraded her winning as he praised Beyonce's.  Luckily, Kanye stopped and turned around, which made the audience believe he was only joking.  

He wasn't.

After the awards, Kanye's mouth couldn't stop talking about how Beyonce's album was the obvious winner and how terrible it was that her album didn't win.  In doing so, he was also downgrading the quality of Beck's album.  

Beck, on the other hand, praised Kanye for his musical releases over the years.  We're still not sure if this was due to the fact that Beck is a gentleman, or just under the effects of a very good prescription drug.  

Beck also wrote and produced every note of his album in his home studio.  It's what is called "Original Material."  Beyonce used common Pop Music beats that are more than familiar, had most songs written by other artists, and only performed the vocals.

Who would you say deserved to win?  

Kanye has been called an asshole, a disrespectful piece of El Toro defecation, and an unwanted attendee at any future awards event.  I agree with all of the above.  Personally, I'd like to see a star jam a mic stand up his butt sideways, attach a live electrical cord, and watch him fry while Jackie DeShannon's, "What The World Needs Now Is Love" plays in the background. 

Luckily, my wife and I had DVR'd the Grammy Awards, so we were able to fast forward through his two performances there.  They were the only performances we skipped during the entire show.

I believe we're better people for it.

And Kanye West is still an egotistical asshole.  

Of course, you already knew that, didn't you? 

3)  AirAsia Plane Crashes.

None this week!

Aren't they lucky?

More people took my advice last week as elephant ride rentals are reported up 200%!

Of course, extremist animal rights activists will soon be getting ready to fly to Asia to protest the elephants usage.  AirAsia will offer them discounts if they all catch the same flight.

We may have just solved 
TWO problems.

4)  Same Sex Marriage Licenses Denied.

Only twenty-three of Alabama's 67 counties are issuing marriage licenses for same sex couples despite the ruling and orders of a U.S. District Court Judge.  Eighteen counties are ignoring the judge's ruling entirely, and in direct response, twenty-six counties have stopped issuing marriage licenses to anyone!

Said one Alabamian, "This is our state and we'll do things the way we want here.  The Feds and the liberals might not believe in God or God's word, but we do."

In the 1960's, similar stances were taken against integration of schools by the state's then Governor George Wallace.  Federal insistence took many years to bring about complete change.  Several vow this might take even longer as many religious leaders in the state are standing firmly against it.

From a religious and regional viewpoint, I understand their stand.  From a human rights viewpoint, I understand the other side of the table.

I'm against Federal intervention most of the time.  I feel as though if we lived in a democracy, the people of the community have a right to decide what's right and wrong for them, not people hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Yet, we don't live in a democracy (as I've been reminded many times).  We live in a republic that only uses the idea of democracy as a guideline.  

The laws of freedom apply to all, regardless where they live.  Again, tolerance must be recognized.  I know that concept is rare in this day and age, but it still is important.  If a parent can't explain intelligently to their children about their exposure to life situations, then they are a failure as a parent.  They shouldn't depend on the government to do their job for them.  

Regional attitudes that state, "If they don't like it let them move to where they're with those of their own kind" are against the basics of the Constitution.  It's like in my state, where even attitudes towards driving ("This is my lane.  I pay taxes to be here so don't try to move in it or I'll ram your butt.") bring about a selfish context.  It is wrong, but the people in many of the areas truly believe they're right in thinking this way.

So, what will happen next?  Sooner or later, money from the Feds will be threatened to be cut off and the ACLU will threaten big money lawsuits.   Money talks!  At that point, all the refusals will end and everyone will be allowed to marry the partner they want.  Community desires will be cast aside for the cold hard cash the politicians want.  The majority will find themselves shaking their heads in disbelief, and the minority will be laughing at them for fighting what was bound to happen.

But, as most will find, old feelings will be hard to forget and life will not be a "happily ever after" ending.  There will be conflicts on an individual note, preachers will have topics for Sunday sermons, and new debates will arise when adoption rights are discussed.

And, the politicians will get more money 
as every conflict comes to an end.

Don't you love the American way of life?

5)  LAPD Screws Up Big Time.

Police arrived on the scene to find a young man holding what they thought was a gun. 

 Ordering him to put it down, they opened fire when he refused.  Their bullets hit a young man standing next to him in the back.  The weapon turned out to be a replica weapon, not a real gun.

Before the rioting starts on this one, let's ask some questions:
  1. After all the press concerning police shootings this last year, why wouldn't you put down the gun when ordered to?
  2. If the weapon wasn't being pointed at the police or another person, why did they open fire?
  3. How much target practice does the LAPD require of its officers to have them miss the target and hit a bystander in the back?
Perhaps the LAPD might need to stop worrying about the 
appearance of their officers and start concerning itself 
with their abilities to judge and shoot.  For some reason,
 this seems like it came out of an old
 "Police Academy" movie.  

Btw, what's Bobcat Goldthwait doing these days, anyway?

6)   Heath Insurance Deadline.

February 15th is the deadline for having some sort of health insurance for every person in the United States.  There are still many who have yet to sign up that will be facing a penalty of a minimum of $325 per person.  
"Didn't pay for Health Insurance?
We're coming to get you!"

Let's be real.  What this really does is to make sure the insurance companies make one hell of a profit.  It's just another favor being done for big business.

You think I'm crazy?  Look at it this way.  Insurance companies are now receiving money from thousands that did not have insurance.  Rates are high and benefits low for the most part, so the profits will be very substantial.  Thus, the companies will prosper, and the little man will struggle to pay for what he never could afford, but now faces government penalties for not doing so.

I'm well aware of the ideas that have been tossed out by the government to entice people to buy into this.  Still, there are some families that simply can't afford it.  Yes, there are supposedly places that will assist income deficient households.  Yet, still there are those that simply don't have the money.  

So, now we'll impose fines on those too poor to pay for insurance.  Sounds like forced servitude to me.  Why not just call it a tax on the poor and leave it at that?  Or, is this actually a form of slavery as freedom of choice is no longer allowed?

Damn, why didn't I become a doctor?  
To have my income guaranteed by threat of penalty 
or possible imprisonment to others must really 
be a warm feeling of job and income security!   
Country club, anyone?

7)  Illegal Immigrants To Receive Tax Breaks

With Obama's new executive actions, illegal immigrants may be able to collect earned income savings and refunds ... without ever having paid the first tax.  

This can actually be very confusing, so let me say it this way ....
Jose crosses the border one night, finds a place to stay, illegally gets hold of a Social Security number, files a false statement of income and dependents, and receives earned income credits towards taxation and reaps huge refund check for up to three years prior EIC's.

I'm going to move to Mexico, give up my U.S. citizenship, 
come across the border one night, 
and follow in Jose's footsteps.  

Sure beats working and paying taxes the legal way!

8)  Jeb Bush Does A Big Boo Boo.

I really didn't mean to
do it.  But, I know a man 

that's very happy I did!
Where you at, Jose?
Jeb Bush is not a child of the electronic age.  He tries, but like his brother, is more apt to screw up than succeed.

So, what did he do?  He released emails that he received during his tour as Florida's governor.  What did they include?  It's estimated that a certain PowerPoint slide contained over 13,000 names, birthdays, addresses, and Social Security numbers of Floridians.

Hey, Jose!  
Need a social security number ... cheap?   

And the Bush family traditions
continue ... as always.

9)   Boko Haram Attacks Chad.
This way, men!  No, this way!  No, this way!
Damn masks ... who forgot to
cut out the eye holes?

The Nigerian militant group known as Boko Haram has attacked a city in Chad.  Many innocent residents were massacred during this attack.  This is the same group that kidnapped 300 females several months ago and sold most into sexual servitude, as the rumor goes.

The United States is not attacking Boko Haram.  Why?  Because there's no profit in it!  Nigeria has nothing of great value that the United States government wants, so they're kind of sweeping them under the carpet.  Now, Chad ... has nothing either.  So, the U.S. is still ignoring the atrocities of the militants.

So, the next time the politicians tell you we'll take the battle against violence and injustice to the ends of the Earth, ask them which end Chad and Nigeria are on.  I'll bet the topic changes immediately!

10)  Cinderella's Waist ... Has Shrunk!

I was ready and waiting ...
and YOU NEVER called!
Disney Studios are being accused of using CGI to shrink the waist of Cinderella in the soon to be released film.  No one will admit to the deed, but an in-house artist was the first one to call them out on it.

Plump people are complaining continuously about this move.  Perhaps, Disney's choice of Lily James of Cinderella was indeed a wrong move.  I understand Melissa McCarthy was available for the role, but was never called even after losing a tremendous amount of weight.

Sometimes you just can't please people no matter what you do!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

And that's it for another TTOT!  
See you next week!



  1. As one who read this week and last....ARGH! do NOT start me up! I will have to come back feeling a bit more rational. ...other than the hot dogs there's very little I can comment on and stay sane here....I'll go chill and return!

    1. okay so I have to go on a news boycott before I have a stroke! In the meantime... we have this place called the Hot Dog Ranch that people here rave about ... you have to buy six dogs at Whack... they must be cocktail sausage size is all I can figure...dont eat dogs so dont know.... take care Rich! Im still in the 60s and loving every minute of it!

    2. Hey Zoe, good to see you! Still in the 60's? My gosh, you've only just begun (as the Carpenters would say). lol

      I haven't seen the need for six hot dogs at once since an orgy I once attended while in college. lol They gotta be tiny ones for sure.

      Don't have a stroke! Just look at the news as I do. There's a lot of stupid people in the world and the news just brings them to light! :)

      Many Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Lisa - So good of you to stop in!

      I think I'm the undeclared king of long posts. There are some topics a person just can't give full benefit to unless the topic is somewhat long. Unfortunately, I also seem to be the king at picking those topics to write about! lol

      Glad you enjoyed this! Many Thanks!

  3. Oh, dear. I thought Jeb was the bright Bush boy. Guess it is all relative!
    That photo of Charles Manson as well as the woman's plan both make my skin crawl. Eww. ~May@AchievingClarity

    1. Hello May - Thanks so much for commenting and reading today!

      I seriously believe it's a family gene thing with the Bush's. Either that or there was a lot of LSD damage passed on by the old man. lol

      Manson should not be getting any coverage as he was really never a very important man. Still, people seem interested in him. We gotta admit, there's not many that can maintain an audience as long as he has behind bars.

      Many thanks!

  4. I am not sure if I save this for last because it is so snarky and sassy or if it is long. probably a bit of both.

    Love mansons address

    I can't even with Kayne. CAN'T Even

    Same sex marriage and alabama....don't even get me started.

    Insurance wise....I think I am gonna keep my mouth shut on that too.

    I really don't get all riled up about the waist issue...meh

    1. Erin - Thanks so much for stopping by my humble abode again!

      Me, snarky and sassy? Whatever would give you that idea? lol

      Manson's address just sort of came to me in a flash, so I added it. It probably could have been a little better, but I was so damn late in trying to put everything together this week I just didn't have the time to work with it. Kanye? Well, he's one of those individuals I wish would just disappear. I seriously feel his days are numbered as even members of the rap community are getting fed up with his mouth and antics. Same sex marriages in Alabama ... will happen soon, I'm sure. Alabama is still pretty redneck in areas so I'm sure the welcoming committees won't be working overtime on the Welcome Wagon, that's for sure. Still, rights are rights. I personally don't really care. They don't bother me one way or the other as I'm perfectly secure in my relationship and sexual preferences (if I could just find someone to practice with, lol). Insurance, well, the principle of insurance is for the whole to offset the losses. Somewhere along the way, bottom line profits entered the picture and prices skyrocketed, increasing profits. The biggest joke pulled on the public by the insurance companies and medical profession in the last decade was the need of a second opinion. This way, two doctors can be paid for services instead of one, doubling the cost to the insured. Cinderella ... just one for fun. I figured some full figured person would be upset and hated to deny them that privilege. lol

      Many thanks!

  5. I don't see eye to eye with you politically but you are a clever writer and this week there is something I agree with you on - Kanye! He IS a douche of epic proportions.

    1. Jen - Even though we don't agree, I'm happy you stop in!

      Don't worry, I don't see eye to eye with many politically. I truly believe all politicians are simply actors using their positions for self wealth and purposes. I proclaim no love for either party either, as both are basically the same, just wearing different colored hats from time to time.

      My whole goal is to get people thinking and looking at what's put in front of them in a different perspective. What if what I say just happens to be right? That would bring about a whole new outlook, wouldn't it?

      I don't know if I'm right or wrong, and some of what I present is simply in the guise of a devil's advocate. If it works to the point where people stop accepting whatever they're told and start analyzing what is really happening, then the drive by our government to dumb down America will hit a stumbling block. Wouldn't that be nice? :)

      Kanye - Yep, we agree!!! lol

      Again, it's really great to have you here and commenting! Many Thanks!

  6. There certainly is no lack of material for your posts!

    1. Kristi - How are you this week?

      Actually, I was scrambling like crazy trying to find something this week. The illegal alien and Jeb Bush additions weren't good enough to make the grade on their own, and then I figured out a way to link them together which helped with the punchline. lol I hate using Kanye material as it's always more of the same, but it was so prominent in the news after the Grammy's that I couldn't ignore it. Until 8 pm last night, I only had five items to use. I was looking at every news source I could come up with trying to find the other five, fell asleep at the keyboard, awoke a little after midnight, and put the rest together. I think I make these things look too easy at times, but they're a lot of work. lol

      Glad you could make it. Many Thanks!

    2. I never would have guessed you had a hard time compiling a list this week. If I come across strange news stories, I'll have to send them your way. Actually, I had a photo of a news-making owl on my blog this week. You can read a news report of the owl here:

      Besides hoping the owl in my backyard is not related to the owl mentioned above, I'm fine. :-)

  7. Someone give those Nigerians some oil, FFS!

    And the insurance thing is PATHETIC. Good GRIEF.

    As for politicians making sure that the rich get richer and the poor stay poor - well, ain't that why they take the job in the first place?

    1. Hey Sis, Good to see you again! Happy Valentine's Day!

      It's a shame that the Nigerians don't have something the U.S. wants. Our government has always been kind of weak when it comes to helping an African country. I guess the politicians don't like helping poor, helpless people unless there's something in it for them.

      The insurance bit is a joke. Instead of a national healthcare plan, we've been tagged with a national pay the premiums or get fined plan. In comparison to other plans that citizens of other countries have, this one is a joke, and definitely geared for big business to scarf up the profits.

      I guess what bothers me the most is that people are so wrapped up in reality television and the propaganda that they're being fed, they don't even see what's going on. Or, maybe my years in the Middle East and Europe just opened my eyes a little bit more than the common American that still believes in the politicians false promises and intended deceit. The sheep are almost prime and ready for the slaughter and don't even care. It's scary.

      Many Thanks!

    2. It's worrying how willing people are to get riled up about something like Kanye's behaviour at an awards show rather than their government's behaviour on their behalf *sigh*

    3. Lizzi - I'm with you, but have seen the minimal importance items take over the news so often I'm somewhat immune to it occurring. Often, I look for government goings on when a distraction such as this one takes place. This week, while the public was concerned about Kanye, the House of Representatives sent a bill to the Senate to do away with millions of dollars of public aid, it was announced that there may be another government shut down do to funding, and Obama, well Obama was being Obama again. No one noticed though, as Kanye was madating American headlines. Sometimes, our stupidity is amazing. lol Many Thanks!

  8. a disrespectful piece of El Toro defecation--love that!

    1. Sarah - Nice to see you back!

      "El Toro Defecation" is a phrase I developed years ago when I played in front of audiences at clubs that didn't allow one to use profanity. Actually, it came from a phrase I used when doing television news. One night, after a particularly wild city council meeting, I reported, "Tonight, at the ____ city council meeting, the defecation really hit the oscillator!" The station had more calls than ever before about that one ... 90% were positive and laughing about it! Of course, I got a warning from management. It wasn't the first or the last. lol

      Many Thanks!

  9. I love a good long ramble and I always learn something here, Rich.
    I'm with you on the Kanye thing. I saw the image and thought "is he really calling him that?" Yup. Appropriate.
    Have a great week!

    1. Lisa - Welcome back once again!

      Well, I appreciate you enjoying my rambling, whether it be long or ... well, it's always long. lol

      What makes me really sit back and appreciate your comment is the "I always learn something here" statement. You'd be surprised how much that means.

      I don't try to be a teacher. I just attempt to present the news in a different light, one in which makes people think. When most look at the news, they read it as an individual item and then forget it. I do my best to show how many things link together once you cut away the sensationalism. My belief fo the blog, which is "nothing is too sacred to discuss", cuts through the crap that news agencies and politicians spew to get ratings, or to get over on the public. I just want people to see another view, stir up feelings of questioning what they're watching everyday, and do away with the "cow to slaughter" concept. I really appreciate knowing that happens.

      Kanye, well, as you can tell I'm not a fan. I have purchased three or four of his albums before, attempting to appreciate him as an artist. Alas, those albums sit on the shelf as the man supercedes his art, and really takes away from any enjoyment they could bring. He really needs to be brought back to Earth, somehow, as his bloated ego has him floating in a land of hot air balloons and body gas remnants.

      You have a great week, too! Many Thanks!

  10. It is always a good time reading your posts and I learn more about the current events here as I tend to skim over the headlines in the paper. As for Sonic, I have never eaten at one even though there is one a few miles from my house...maybe size does matter. ;-)

    1. Pattie - So good to see you here!

      Thank you for your kindness here. I just try to get to the heart of the matter and put the topics in their place, instead of making more out of them then what they are. There is so much lunacy in the sensationalism we view daily, that cutting thru the crap is fun. It tends to expose, present the truth, and lay it out there for people to actually see what is happening. But, it's only one point of view, so I really aim to get people doing it on their own, whenever they're watching or reading the news. If more people would do it, we wouldn't be in the mess we are today.

      I've had a Sonic breakfast burritos, but it's been awhile. It seems to be good food, as far as fast food is concerned, but I try to limit my intake of that. Still, I wouldn't even consider eating there if it the quantity wasn't there. I'll stay away from hot dogs though, lol.

      Many Thanks!

  11. Ok Charles Manson should just die already, I wouldn't fly Air Asia if the flight was free, and the other things just make me wonder what the hell

    1. Jo-Anne - Thanks for stopping by once again!

      I'm with you on Manson. His celebrity status, being based on his ability to manipulate evil inside of others, makes me wonder every time he hits the news. I'm a student of the events of the killings he was involved with and can't see him as a popularity figurine of any type. Still, it's the dark side that draws people to him, and the news people follow.

      I don't try any airline. There's something about using a seat as a flotation device when I'm doing a coast to coast flight that makes me see the pilot, when just about to crash, screaming, "Aim for the creek! Aim for the creek!"

      Many Thanks!

  12. Our government is a mess. Unfortunately, I see no way of fixing it. Sometimes really good candidates come along. They don't last, though, because none of their smart, perfect ideas will ever happen.
    Kanye is in dire need of some humble pie. At least 10 pies worth.

    1. Christine - Thanks so much for coming by this week!

      I agree with you. In its current state, our government is a disaster. If there is a unique politician that hits the hill, they don't stay that way long. (I sometimes wonder if they were truly unique, or if they were just a better actor than most.) I believe that may be the case as their party wouldn't back them for their initial candidacy if they weren't willing to play the same games as the rest do.

      I predict that Kanye will have a major trauma take place in his life, forsake his career in pop music, and become a Christian rapper. (I also believe that fruitcake has the same amount of calories as other cakes. Ooops! lol)

      Many Thanks!

  13. This is my first time here, and I did not read your last week's TToT, but if you read this week's for me, I'm sure it'll surpass any blog hop etiquette for length. I love your take on TToT. Have a great week!

    1. April - Welcome to the hop!

      Content is more important than length, but the Internet mindset is more concerned about moving along quickly it seems. I'll look at yours later today (Gotta get to work right now.), but don't worry that much about the length. It doesn't seem to hurt much if you make things interesting.

      Good to have you with us and the kind words are much appreciated. Many Thanks!

  14. I always enjoy your astute observations on the world around you. As for length, yes maybe conciseness might not be your strongest point but, hey, it is now a distinctive aspect of your writing, so don't change it. You remind me, in some ways, of a well-known British commedian called Ronnie Corbett who was renowned for starting to tell a short tale but then meandering - hilariously - onto many other topics.

    1. Gary - So good to see you again! Btw, I loved your blog the other day.

      I do appreciate your kind words. Yes, you point out something that I wasn't quite aware of. Length is a part of me and my writing. So many times I've attempted to shorten things up but always end up with blog post longer than most. Perhaps it is my path in life to write long blogs.

      You also bring up a point in mentioning the comedian. Having done stand-up, I'm aware of how jokes need the proper set-up. To reach the punchline too quickly lessens the impact. Where snippets bring giggles, punchlines bring laughter. Thus, it is only habit and previous experience filling my fingers with words to type to properly make the joke work, as I'm sure Mr. Corbett does. Well taken!

      Always good to see you here! Many Thanks!